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Zero Expectations
adrian-limch23 September 2011
A friend of mine warned me to go in with zero expectations. So I did. I read a few reviews around the internet about the movie, going on about how the audience weren't roaring with laughter.

Well that simply wasn't what I just been through. There was a scene or two where the audience even started applauding!

Frankly speaking, this movie is a vast improvement over the first one, with heightened unpredictability and more genuine gags.

I think what you'll have to remember, if you're gonna catch it, is that Atkinson is best known for his slapstick (+silent) comedy, and not hilarious lines like Adam Sandler.

If you're expecting a deep plot and clever dialogue, you won't find it in this movie - though I must say that the move has gotten the balance of plot, dialogue, and comedy, quite right.
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Britain's Next Favourite Spy Is Back
Chrysanthepop20 January 2012
Britain's beloved spy is back in Oliver Parker's new spy adventure 'Johnny English Reborn'. Needless to say, the film spoofs the spy action thriller genre (the first titles that pop in mind are those James Bond flicks) and does an excellent job in doing so. And of course, Atkinson is playing the lead so one can expect at least some laugh out loud moments (and there are many of them). The script is funny and the amusing action sequences are remarkably shot. The title role was obviously written for Rowan Atkinson and he performs all guns blazing, tickling you to the bone. Very few can pull off slapstick as well as he does. He is accompanied by two smoking hot beauties, Gillian Anderson (who does a very impressive fake British accent as she stresses and stretches each word) and Rosamund Pike (as a professional behavioural therapist who inadvertently happens to know hypnotherapy). Dominic West does a good evil villain.

With a solid balance of story, dialogue, action and humour, 'Johnny English Reborn' is a terrific sequel. One doesn't have to have watched the first film to fully enjoy this one. I was enjoying it so much that I found myself wanting more when it finished.
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Great, brainless fun
iamincredible4 September 2011
Johnny English is back! The film kicks off swiftly indeed, with English being retrained for service. If there is one impressive thing, the pacing is spot on. Whilst the first film lent more towards witty dialog, Reborn relies more on visual gags. Standout sequences include English on a gadget powered wheelchair racing down the streets of London, along with the majority of action scenes. The chair gag in Mi7 is also most welcome. The music composer must be commended for a rousing score, frequently referencing the Johnny English Theme, particularly during the splendid opening titles sequence. The cast is solid, particularly Rosamund Pike. Whilst Ben Miller does not appear unfortunately, Daniel Kaluuya does an average job of replacing the sidekick role as Agent Tucker. The other performances are pretty spot on.

Overall Oliver Parker and Rowan Atkinson have made a fun, entertaining film, barely missing the heights of the first adventure. Stay for the after credits scene!
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Better than the recent comedies!
Dinosaw25 September 2011
For those sick of the recent high school/teen comedies and rom-coms we're bashed with these days, this film will be a breath of fresh air for you. Sure, the film has some rehashed comedic scenes, but a lot of the humour is pure laugh-out-loud type layered on very good bits of suspense and chase scenes. I really loved the well-choreographed chase scenes and the climactic battle, which was something the first film lacked.

The first film made me laugh so much back then and I've watched it a lot of times since 2003. Watching it now as I'm older, I thought its plot was too formulaic and the characters, beside Malkovich, were weak and bland. This film, however, had a great damn cast and a well written overall story. I liked how it had more darker elements than the first one - the violence, the suspense and the chase scenes were thorough, whereas in the first film everything seemed light and slapstick-ish, even the villains. The villains in this were top-notch and serious.

This film began a little unfunny and was been-there-done-that with its humour, but around 15 minutes later good humour started to kick in. The funny scenes in this film were pretty infrequent and laugh out loud type, while the funny scenes in the first film were more chuckle type and frequent. But I still prefer the humour in this one. Rowan Atkinson was still excellent with his humour, and I doubted that because I thought he lost his magic because of his awful Bean 2 film.

The film had scenes were I laughed so much. I really loved those classic Rowan Atkinson situations and his witty lines. The fight scenes were awesome and I loved how they made them humorous at the same time. The climactic scene in the mountains was just epic. What I loved about this film is that it mixed suspense and comedy at the same time, and that was awesomely done.

The music composer must be commended for a rousing score, frequently referencing the Johnny English Theme, particularly during the splendid opening titles sequence. The cast is solid, particularly Rosamund Pike.
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An amazing movie with little clichés and almost none of the usually expected slapstick
Raghav Mathur13 September 2011
Johnny English 2 is fantastic. I watched it before it came out and I have to say, once it comes out everyone MUST go see it. It is not a total slapstick, childishly funny comedy. Quite the contrary; Johnny English Reborn is an amazing movie that entertains all ages. My mother was in hysterics at some points in the movie. I highly recommend this to everyone and anyone. The plot is not the simplest but not the hardest to follow either. There are many funny moments, many of which are in the trailer. The action is There is no gore or excessive blood. Most of the deaths are portrayed humorously and have funny sides. My positive review comes with one warning. Be EXTREMELY careful, no matter who you are with, where you are watching it, or when you are watching it, as this movie may cause excessive laughter. :) Enjoy.
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One great comedy!
Helliar25 September 2011
Okay, I just saw Johnny English Reborn. It was excellent as a comedy. It had lots of funny moments.

I'll be clear: it's not the best movie I've ever seen, but, as I already said, it was excellent as a comedy. It is even better than the first Johnny English film, however, I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't include Bough from the first film.

Rowan Atkinson's performance was, of course, brilliant. All the other actors also acted great, and I have nothing against this funny, great comedy.

I highly recommend this movie because it is obviously worth seeing!
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Alise_shenle16 September 2011
This movie is damn funny. I didn't watch the first show, but I can assure you, when I went to watch it yesterday at 21.15, all shows from 20.45, 21.00, 21.15, 21.30, 21.45 were full. Also, during the parts where Mr Bean just talked something funny, the whole theatre was laughing. I almost threw my popcorn up into the air during the chair shrinking part, and my dad choked on his drink. The whole movie is funny and not in a lowbrow way like most movies you see nowadays with disgusting sex or poop jokes. It has the British humour. And the opening scenes imitate the parkour one in James Bond but it is much more realistic. I think, if you don't set your expectations too high, you will find it above your expectations.
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chris-smith-2011 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
My boys and I like the first film. Have the DVD; watch it regularly. It is laugh out loud funny even on the second, third, etc time of watching.

This second film could have built on that legacy. However, even from the previews it all seemed laboured; uninspired, and it was. Should have gone with my first instincts.

Even with Rosamund Pike and Gillian Anderson this film was predictable, tired, unfunny. So much less than it should of been.

The gag about the chair going up and down. Is that the best the writer could do. The wheelchair with fast, v fast and f fast. Possibly the worst chase scene I've ever seen. The kung-fu master scenes. Is there nothing in this film that is original.

Wish I could like it more but now beginning to think 4/10 was over-generous.
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Entertaining sequel in which Johnny English splendidly performed by Rowan Atckinson goes into the action
ma-cortes29 October 2012
Johnny English Reborn is a comedy spy-thriller with Rowan Atkinson as inept secret agent versus a nasty organization called Vortex . It maintains the slapstick franchise including a good cast as Gillian Amstrong , Rosamund Pike , Dominic West and professionally directed by Oliver Parker . In his latest adventure, the most unlikely intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service is recruited by MI7 and must stop a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos. Now that the world needs him once again, Johnny English goes into the action . In the years since MI-7's top spy vanished off the grid, he has been honing his unique skills in a remote region of Asia. But when his agency superiors learn of an attempt against the Chinese premier's life, they must hunt down the highly unorthodox agent. Now that the world needs him once again, maladroit klutz Johnny English is back in action. With one shot at redemption, he must employ the latest in hi-tech gadgets to unravel a web of conspiracy that runs throughout the KGB, CIA and even MI-7. With mere days until a heads of state conference, one man must use every trick in his playbook to protect us all. For Johnny English who stumbles through cases like a bull in a factory , disaster may be an option, but failure never is and he invariably and usually by accident manages to solves them .

Fun comedy spy-thriller in which Rowan Atkinson returns to the role of the accidental secret agent who doesn't know fear or danger . Amusing moments along with embarrassing in this first entry about ignorant secret agent Johnny English with a likable Rowan Atkinson , as he's a complete spectacle . This second installment is a passable and acceptable comedy because of the formula is well known with 'The Pink Panther' series and a shameless James Bond-spoof , a fun caricature of the world's most known spy . Bemusing screenplay by Hamish McColl based on the characters created by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade , being inspired by a series of credit card television . It stars clumsy Rowan Atkinson as one man show accompanied by a sympathetic and fresh agent well played by Daniel Kaluuya .¨ Johnny English¨ release was the first part of series as the inept and bungler secret agent from MI-7 , this following is a good sequel, intermittently hilarious , that results to be as good as the first . The movie gets entertaining and comical moments here and there. This slapstick picture contains amusing , funny scenes , fresh and diverting moments but also flaws and gaps . Rowan Atkinson steals the show parodying the ordinary international secret agent , James Bond-alike , including his ordinary faces , grimaces and gestures . Appears as secondaries some prestigious British/American actors as Dominic West , Gillian Armstrong , Richard Schiff , Isla Blair and Tim McInnerny as Patch Quartermain . The actors seem to enjoy themselves immensely giving funny interpretations . Lively and atmospheric Original Music by Ilan Eshkeri . Colorful and glimmer cinematography by Danny Cohen . The film was well directed by Oliver Parker (Portrait of Dorian Gray , Otelo, An ideal husband , Fade to black , The importance of being Ernest) . Several chuckles and gags , the result of which is one acceptable second entry . Sit back and enjoy the show of Johnny doing what he does best a funny caricature .The flick will appeal to Rowan Atkinson fans who plays stunningly the highly unorthodox agent.
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A real let down!
timonster014 October 2011
I really like Rowan Atkinson and most of his work. That's probably why I expected a lot from this movie. If you're 14 years old and are into watching corny movies with your friends this movie might be for you, if not AVOID! All the ''jokes'' have been done many times before and you can see them coming for miles. It's not a spy movie(i.e. exciting), it's not a comedy(i.e. funny), it's nothing really. I got really bored after 15 minutes and was looking at my watch through the whole movie and once again I'm really into Mr. Bean and Rowans other characters. Rowan looked tired, the film looked tired, everything about this whole movie looked worn-out. A real shame for such a great character like Rowan but no more Johnny English please!
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Someone please help me here.....
matt_loyalroyal12 October 2011
OK, can someone please help me understand why this film is getting 10 out of 10's? Im sorry, but I was a big fan of the first Johhny English. Without being too cynical, I thought it was good fun and gave you a few laughs, but I wasn't too sure whether there would be a sequel or not. Surprise surprise there wasn't and that was fine, they left it and it still stands well a few years on. However when Johhny English was announced this year, one thing popped into my mind ' oh great, Hollywood are cashing in again' just like on all the other sequels and remakes they've done year's after the originals. Now don't get me wrong there are some really good things about this movie. Firstly, some of the humour is very good: the meeting scene with the chair, the first meeting with the head of the spy organisation, some of the party scenes with the mistaken old lady and the fight scene with the man who uses loads of stunts to run from Johhny, whereas Rowan Atkinson just casually chases him using amusing stunts.

However, even these scenes aren't as funny as they should be. The chase scene near the beginning just isn't as good as it should be, it seems to lack atmosphere and gets very tedious. Now let's get to some of the things that are bad about this movie. The plot is just....ridiculous at times. Brain control, OK fair enough it's been done but it's original, but hte fact that Johhny English can resist it at the of the strongest mind control drugs in existence according to the movie and he can just go against it...OK right. The spontaneous romance with the blonde, which goes nowhere and is just so pointless. No indication is given towards it until Johhny runs to her flat after he is being pursued by the MI6. Some of the acting is very flat too. Agent tucker, is funny in parts, but he lacks charisma and doesn't seem to have much of a funny side character to accomplice Johhny. Not like Bough who combined well with Johhny in the first movie....and talking of Bough, he's listed in the cast, but I don't recall him in the movie. Unless he had a cameo which I missed.

Overall, this film is very flat and dull. Granted the humour is good at points, and some of the special effects are fun, but more often than not you're given boring dialogue, ridiculous story with many plot holes and flat acting that is uninspired and just not humorous. I think a 4/10 is well deserved for a film which I was looking forward to, but left me disappointed.
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Annoying and Unfunny
Claudio Carvalho10 February 2012
Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is retired in Tibet and in disgrace in MI- 7 after a washed up mission in Mozambique. Out of the blue, he is summoned by the MI-7 to stop the Vortex, an agency of skilled assassins that are planning to kill the Chinese premier Xiang Ping. Johnny English is back in action with the support of the rookie Agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya). But he is betrayed by someone that he would never expect.

The first "Johnny English" is a very funny parody of 007 movies. I had great expectations with "Johnny English Reborn", but unfortunately it is an annoying and unfunny. The character performed by Rowan Atkinson is too stupid and his excessive imbecilities are irritating. The writer has exaggerated in his parody and the result is terrible. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "O Retorno de Johnny English" ("The Return of Johnny English")
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Most poorly spent 9 Euros of this year
olga25511 October 2011
One of the worst movies i saw this year. I cannot believe why i let my friends persuade me to spend 9 Euros (for the cinema ticket) to watch it. The humorous scenes are so stretched out and so intentional that are not funny any more, all the actors are over-acting in a way that it's like trying to tell you "now...i'm going to do something funny now, be ready to laugh" and the sounds & music were so loud that i couldn't at least take a nap until it's over.

No reason to watch it, unless you need a reason to spend 1,5 hour standing in front of your TV set and eat a lot of popcorn, candies, marshmallows etc.
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Only gets good in the last half an hour of the movie
MegaMaverick8 October 2011
I literally just finished watching this movie with my dad and brother, came out rather disappointed.

Before I start telling you why I was disappointed I just want to say that I am huge Rowan Atkinson fan. I also want to say that I really liked the first Johnny English movie. I thought it was a great James Bond/Mission Impossible parody. 

..on to why I am disappointed with this movie. Instead of writing it in a paragraph I will bullet point it. 

•Very predictable- You know a movie is not great when you can figure out the plot in the first 10 minutes. Nothing surprised me or kept me having seconds thoughts.

•Cheap Humour- There's way too much cheap humour in this movie. I mean. When are people going to learn that getting kicked in the balls is not funny? The worst part was at the start of the movie where Johnny English has to drag some rocks with a certain body part I'm not going to name. It was cringe worthy and sick

•The Sidekick- I felt he served no purpose in the movie whatsoever, He was just in the way and didn't do anything. Johnny English done all the work.

•Nothing original- there was few funny scenes but overall- Every joke in this movie has been used a billion times

•Acting- Apart from Rowan Atkinson of course, everyone in this movie was terrible. Even Atkinson performance couldn't save this movie. 

•Really boring in the middle- There's one part of the movie where I actually fell asleep at how boring it was. When I woke up I looked around the audience, Everybody was fidgeting, looking around and generally looked bored out of their skulls. 

...luckily this movie gets funny when Johnny English and his sidekick go to the snowy mountains.. It went from a 2/10 to a 5/10 in the last half an hour.

Unless you got little kids with you, do not see this movie. It's not worth your hard earned money. Not even worth it for Atkinson. Which is a real shame because I really like that man.

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Johnny English's back
helmutty20 September 2011
I have no idea why the sequel to the funny Johnny English took at least 8 years to be made. I am surprised that there're no Direct-To-DVD sequels (It is smart not to). Guess what. This is bigger than the first one though I wouldn't say that this is more funnier than the first movie but this at least has some hilarious moments. Surprisingly, Singapore has this faster than in U.K and USA.

The story: The movie opens with Johnny English training with monks in a mountain. He is 'kicked out' from the British spy agency as he mostly messed up his mission. But Johnny is called back for the impossible mission...This is not like the first one. I have to admit that this contains some tense moments and sometimes, it is like the movie has veered off into the thriller/spy genre. It contains more serious spy stuff and people being shot and injured than the first one and the last half and hour seems to be taken from a serious spy movie like James Bond. This also amps up the action by having a number of chases scenes. This still has its fair share of funny parts due to Rowan. He may be getting old but he still has what it takes to be funny. Look at his priceless expressions. The movie mostly packs slapstick and tries to be funny at most times. Some jokes work and a few do not. One of the most amazing things in the movie is that all the actors and actresses can keep a straight face when Rowan acts funny in front of them.

Overall: I enjoyed this spy thriller spoof due Rowan. He is the perfect Johnny English, the underdog spy. I would be wishing for another sequel but again, it's the Box Office. Hope that this makes more money than the first one and voilà, another sequel in a few years time. But please don't make me wait for 10 years.
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Not as effective as the first film
irishm26 October 2011
I wish I could rate this higher. I also wish I had enjoyed it more. I don't think my hopes were unreasonably high; I was a huge fan of the first film, but I know sequels often don't measure up so I tried to keep that in mind even as I ducked out of work 15 minutes early yesterday afternoon to catch the first show. It was okay. And yet, Rowan Atkinson is capable of so much more than being "okay". What went wrong here? Well, the story didn't hold together as well as the first film. The gags weren't as creative. The writing lacked spark. There was zero chemistry between Johnny and the "love interest". The sidekick had no personality and might as well not have been there. In general I found the film very predictable, and that's kind of sad because I usually can't see things coming a mile away when everyone else can. Maybe it's because I've been a Rowan Atkinson fan for a long time and I can sense when a situation is being set up to accommodate a piece of his shtick. At times it felt almost as if the writers had a checklist of pieces of business to write scenes for. Facial tics? Check. Numb-lip babble? Check. Etc., etc.

My favorite part, that nearly caused me to leap to my feet in the theater and applaud, was to see Tim McInnerny in the role of Quartermain. Any time I can get two "Blackadder" stars in the same scene, no matter what I'm watching, is cause for celebration.

Adequate, worth a look for Atkinson fans, but nothing special here; much of it has been seen before. His follow-up to the first Mr. Bean film was such a vast improvement on the original, it's too bad the pattern wasn't continued here.
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Complete Enjoyable Trip!!
Arya Ros3 October 2011
Went on a Sunday to watch this movie and Rowan Atkinson makes my day. I don't mind all his bumbling's to put on a good show in the end. A fun family watch. It will leave you in a feel good mood.

I did not go with any expectations to watch this movie. Although I did feel that overall the movie was a bit tepid and would say that Mr.Atkinson's antics managed to pull in the laughs.

Rowan Atkinson looks lean and has lost some weight in the movie, a few extra pounds and a little hair color would have perfected his look. The salt and pepper hair makes him seem like the neighborhood uncle :-)

Those who do not like the character of Mr. Bean (I cant understand why) however may be heavily critical but I would recommend that you leave aside your logic and reasoning and you will surely find the goofs worth the ride.
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So Disappointed!!
chaitov27 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I actually fell asleep during parts of this movie. I loved Rowan Atkinson in his "Mr. Bean" episodes. I also enjoyed the first "Johnny English" movie.That one was entertaining,funny & enjoyable. It was all I had hoped for while this one was a big dud & really mindless.Aside from a few funny moments,it was boring, predictable,& a real sleeper.

Many of the ideas were copied from "James Bond OO7",& other movies. There was no originality or wit. I thought Gillian Anderson was terrible as a VP in the British Intelligence. She was unfunny,stilted,& lacking in any emotion.

Save your money & wait for it on DVD or TV. You won't be sorry! It is time for Atkinson to retire & enjoy the fruits of his other successes! I was extremely disappointed after seeing this film.At least we saw it on a reduced Tuesday.
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King of Slapstick 2011
minerva196112 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Took my two kids, 14 and 12 to see this at a free preview in Wimbledon (had to fill in a form afterwards) and honestly, both boys nearly fell off their seats laughing, and I have to be honest and admit to laughing to quite a few bits as well, it all comes down to Rowan Atkinson who seems to have cornered the Slapstick market, there are LOTS of visual gags, the trailer doesn't do the movie justice and there are lots of set pieces, it certainly isn't going to win any Oscars but the last scene had the whole cinema in near hysterics laughing - the disjointed body bit must have been very difficult to act but he pulled it off splendidly, well worth going to see on a rainy Saturday afternoon, the kids will thank you :)
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A Nutshell Review: Johnny English Reborn
DICK STEEL16 September 2011
Silly spies and comical cops are always a welcome treat to chase those blues away as far as my record goes, from the likes of Frank Drebin to Austin Powers , perhaps there is none other than Rowan Atkinson's Johnny English, a misfit of British Intelligence, that was much maligned when first unleashed into the world back in 2003. Atkinson is better known throughout the world as Mr Bean, his most successful creation to date, but his Johnny English didn't receive as much love, so a sequel to the film is somewhat surprising, yet anticipated because of Atkinson's prolonged absence from the big screen.

This of course gets explained in Johnny English Reborn, who had spent the last five years in a monastery after being dismissed for embarrassing MI7 in a mission failure at Mozambique, learning new skills such as mind over matter, training the weakest part of the body (his head actually, if you get the meaning), and strengthening parts of the body which got abused to slapstick perfection. And when all else fails, experience is something to put into good use to compensate for whatever's lacking when up against opponents. What you see in the trailer, forms the new, upgraded version of the British superspy, now recalled and reinstated, but not without his boss Pamela (Gillian Anderson) providing him with sidekick Agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya), and the usual host of wonderful spy toys.

As if to spoof the very obvious James Bond further which got reboot through Casino Royale, English begins his first mission at Casino Lisboa in Macau before jet setting back to Kowloon, Hong Kong, and back to Britain. And to add the feather in the cap, Rosamund Pike, who was a one time Bond Girl in Die Another Day, joins the cast as a typical Bond girl role as Kate Sumner the psycho-analyst, who reads body language for a living, recruited so as to assist in a diplomatic mission of helping the British Prime Minister react and respond to a one on one meeting with the Chinese premier, which a secret assassin organization known as Vortex is trying to disrupt.

Most of the time the story involves English and team running around trying to solve who the three key persons in Vortex are in an attempt to avoid a grave diplomatic row, so the scenarios painted contain plenty of slapstick laughs, and repetition at times when carrying on a joke for far too long, such as the cleaning lady gag. Toilet humour are part and parcel of its arsenal, although it goes to show how receptive audiences here can be whenever it involves a good dose of kicking the nuts (to rapturous applause I must add). It's an exercise of expectations and anticipation with spy movies like these, where every single gadget and skill introduced are a cocked Chekov's gun waiting to be unleashed at least once when the time is opportune, and always coincidentally, everything has its place in good time.

It's likely Rowan Atkinson's absence on the big and small screen contributed to the enthusiastic turn out as well as response to the gags he pulled, which is reminiscence of his abilities to perform facial gymnastics to pull a funny face, be it a twitch of the eye, or full blown rubbery effect. In some ways his Johnny English character has now aged like fine wine, being mellower yet no less bumbling in his tasks, being silly yet endearing, knowing that he'll pull out safely from any ordeal he finds himself in, from being chased by hordes of agents, to one on one fisticuffs. Daniel Kaluuya is also a wonderful addition in becoming the intelligence rudder for Team English, funny in his own right, although being a rookie character is hardly ever taken seriously, much less by his partner. Gillian Anderson doesn't do much with her M inspired role, while Dominic West had considerably greater screen time as the alpha spy and long time friend of English.

Should anyone be searching for a clear message or moral of the story, I'd say you're barking up the wrong tree. Surely there are elements of "brotherhood" and trust issues strewn around, but look no further than this film providing sheer entertainment while you're at it, since you're likely to forget what had exactly transpired or the jokes told in detail. If you haven't had enough of Atkinson and his Johnny English persona, then stay behind when the end credits roll for a short scene where he struts his stuff in the kitchen preparing a meal for two, synchronized to classical music. Welcome back, Rowan Atkinson!
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A really bad movie
dammi871 October 2011
I'm amazed. TRULY amazed how high this movie is scoring.

It starts okay, a few laughs here and there the first 5 minutes, but the jokes get really old and predictable really fast. It's almost as if the plot was written down on one A4 sheet, handed to Rowan and then tell him "Here, try and make this funny for us"

And to give him some credit, he does an okay job, I smiled a lot thinking of how that scene reminded of Mr. Bean and how much funnier that would have been.

Don't watch it in the theater! Wait until some unsuspecting friend accidentally rents it and you have absolutely nothing else to do except to watch that movie and wonder how and why this got made.

I'll give it a 5 for a few laughs, but I laugh more at 30s clips on youtube.
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Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer made me laugh more than this...
maximvit2 October 2011
Firstly, I would like to point out that this review is coming from a guy who likes such movies - comedies, that jokes can be so stupid that they are actually funny. I loved Spy Hard, Zoolander, Dodgeball: A true underdog story and of course, the first Johnny English.

The first part was really hilarious, so I had somehow high expectations for a long-awaited sequel, but they were already lowered, when I saw the trailer. And honestly, disastrous comedies from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, such as Meet the Spartans, made me laugh much harder than this.

It is basically not the problem in the humor, it is maybe a bit more childish then in the first part, but more that it LACKS in humor. I laughed about three times during the movie, because there are only three effective jokes in it (out of approximately six total jokes). Instead of the humor, Johhny English Reborn focuses (or better said, tries to focus) on the action and the storyline. Which isn't even that bad, but much more appropriate for a cheap crime TV-series, while the cheesy music and Gillian Anderson's bad English accent just make it worse.

Generally, instead of a bad comedy (which could result quite funny), Johnny English Reborn comes out like a cheap spy thriller.
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Predictable, Boring, Unfunny - and Painful,
Tim Kidner10 October 2012
Not quite sure why I bothered with this one - Rowan Atkinson (whose cameo in the Olympics opening ceremony I adored) is just an embarrassment, not only to himself, but also to James Bond as a franchise and to Britain generally.

I might have been having an off-day but a good comedy should have lifted that, not driven it to deeper depths of despair.

The aims - and nearly always resulting in misses - at every Bond stereotype, where I could almost have made a list from which was taken from which film are simply feeble and mixing in pseudo psycho nonsense about vortexes and other mumbo-jumbo just muddied it further.

Atkinson no longer has the physical dexterity to pull off the slapstick and his usual forte, vocal logistics are never fully realised, at least not in a clever way, which we all know he can do.

I'm not going to say avoid and all that, because that's a presumption that your tastes are the same as mine and they most probably aren't. It seems to be a popular movie and I'm glad that many enjoyed it. However, mild toothache is rather more appealing, for me, though the very final scene did raise half a smile, though...
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a movie that shouldn't have been made
elfakos28 September 2011
if one does not have a movie,one should not make (or even try)one.

the movie failed all over. the comedy was actually laughable,meaning that every joke was unbelievably common,cut and pasted from the book of jokes seen 1000 times.almost no use of the talented actor and his known talent for good silent jokes. no genuine content,the plot was clear before the first half of the film,surprises were not in order except the vast dullness i did not expect from a film that much advertised(yes,i should have known better).

directing was nowhere,every member of the cast made a really even performance with the rest of this miserable film. even things like music and photography let down.

all in all,the only thing that keeps it from total 0 is the known actor and character. smiling might be in order,even more so if while watching, you start realising how little thought was made in every scene. do not approach
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