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MPAA Rated PG for mild action violence, rude humor, some language and brief sensuality.

Sex & Nudity

  • There are 2 or three scenes where an attractive woman undresses and shows off her bikini body seductively to the protagonist. There is a short scene where they are in the spa together. No sex or romance is implied.
  • There are two scenes where Johnny drags a boulder that appears to be tied to his scrotum, although no exposure is shown.
  • There are two scenes where Johnny revisualizes what happened at Mozambique. In both cases, he sees a woman taking off her business dress and showing off her bikini body with cleavage. The second scene is more lengthy with him in a jacuzzi with her.
  • Kate administers Johnny hypnosis to help him visualize what went on in Mozambique. In his first recount, he says "plump pillows" followed by other descriptions of the female form. From there, it leads to his visualization of the bikini woman in point #1.
  • Agent Tucker requests for assistance from an aviation authority while in a helicopter. She asks him what his elevation is and he replies, "18 inches", and she hangs up. It can be interpreted different ways and young kids may not get it.
  • Johnny and another man are dining when the waitress asks if they want dessert. The other man says "yes, you" and Johnny adds "and bring two spoons."
  • A man is shown (from the side) using a urinal, you can hear him urinating and then discussing having problems urinating. Nothing shown.
  • Johnny ends up at Kate's house after being shot and chased by MI7. He passes out and later wakes up with his trousers off, apparently due to Kate's assistance. He's shown in his underwear in her presence (although her back is turned to him) and fumbles putting his trousers on. He ends up putting them on backwards and she glances over at his crotch.
  • Johnny and Kate are about to kiss when they get interupted by the doorbell. Kate tells Johnny to go to the bedroom, to which he believes they will have sex (not for hiding)
  • Kate gives Johnny mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and after he wakes up, he resumes kissing her.
  • Groin kicks are exchanged multiple times.

Violence & Gore

  • A man dies while gambling when another man passes behind his chair and stabs his neck with a poisoned drink umbrella.
  • TV footage is shown three times of an assassination with an automatic rifle of an African president and we see a small dot of blood on his chest; many people panic and shout and we see a bodyguard convulse and then look blankly off into space.
  • An assassin shoots a man through the back of a chair; we see no blood but hear that he is dead.
  • A man flies a wounded agent to a hospital in a helicopter, while various assassins shoot at the vehicle and miss; we see the agent close his eyes and die in the helicopter as it reaches the hospital.
  • An assassin shoots a man on a golf course and he eventually dies; we see no blood.
  • An agent chases a man across high rooftops, and the man jumps across open space between buildings and over traffic in the street; they fight on a dock briefly with martial arts moves (no one is injured), the man is joined by three others carrying a large chain, a long staff and a hooked spear, and the agent fights them all (his assistant appears and is knocked out onto his back).
  • An agent chases a double agent by parachute, by snowmobile and by hanging onto the bottom of a ski lift cable-car into a crevasse: he gets inside and fights with the double agent, suffering no pain from crotch kicks and ending the fight with a kick to the enemy's groin; he falls out of the cable-car into soft snow as the double agent fires a handgun at him, and he shoots a rocket from a small umbrella to destroy the cable car in a mass of smoke and flames.
  • A man confronts a coworker in a high-powered wheelchair, they argue briefly and the first man takes the wheelchair, steals a helmet as he passes a parked bicycle outside and speeds through city streets while police and secret service vehicles chase him; many vehicles swerve, but no collisions occur, the man is shot at, he is struck in the leg and he hops away (another man discovers three drops of blood in a trail on a floor).
  • Two agents chase assassins to an outpost and one accidentally releases a large flare that attracts enemy agents; one agent punches another and pretends to shoot him, orders counteragents to place him in a body bag, once in the bag the agent hops and falls, drinks a drugged glass of liquor, and punches a woman in the nose and knocks her out.
  • An agent tracks an assassin but attacks other people by mistake, choking them and hitting them on the head repeatedly with a serving tray; one becomes angry and hits him in the head with a tray as well (no blood is visible).
  • A man escapes in a boat and an agent blows up the boat with a laser beam from a digital camera weapon.
  • A government laboratory is full of laser beam gadgets and guns and several accidents cause holes to be shot in walls and one man's buttocks (we see a small spot of blood).
  • A man dies as an iPad connected to him shows that he flat-lines even after CPR; a woman kisses him twice and he is revived.
  • A man builds strength by dragging rocks of increasing size tied to a rope that appears to come from his rectum.
  • A man kicks an opponent in the groin to end a fight.
  • A man stomps on a wooden floorboard to cause the opposite loose end to strike his opponent in the groin and win a confrontation.
  • A man is kicked three times in the groin by an enemy during a fight, without effect.
  • A monk demonstrates "strong crotch" training by kicking a sparring partner in the groin three times without effect.
  • Monks strike suspended heavy-bags and use a man as a battering ram on a bag (he is not harmed).
  • A man attempts to assassinate a Chinese leader with a lipstick that is a gun; guards shoot at the bulletproof glass that surrounds the room where he is.
  • A man in a power wheelchair speeds to an elevator beside a tall staircase on the street and finds senior citizens in wheelchairs, waiting; one tells him to get to the end of the line, he pulls a gun, and the seniors raise their hands.
  • An opening montage contains scenes of explosions and black smoke and yellow flames along with several handguns.
  • Throughout the film, we see various men and women point handguns or knives at one another.
  • An assassin poses as a janitor, vacuums her victims' homes and then adds attachments to make the vacuum into a rifle, a Gatling gun and a sword.
  • An agent suffers a twitch in his eye and meditates with his eyes turned back up in his head to cope with this stress.
  • English is knighted by a woman - but he finds out that she is a killer cleaner (the one who uses the vacuum cleaner). He tries to catch her hand but instead his own hand. He chases after her and mistakenly attacks the real Queen, captures her and knocks her several times in a head with a tray. The security catch the killer cleaner, English sees it and he finds out that he attacked the real Queen. The screen cuts to black and the credits roll.


  • 4 scatological terms, 5 anatomical terms, 1 mild obscenity, 10 religious exclamations.
  • While Johnny is in the wheelchair he comes across a button that says "F.Fast", some people may not realise that that stands for "Fucking Fast".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • We hear that an assassination group uses the drug Timoxeline Barbebutenol to influence individuals to kill others after an initial manic phase.
  • We see two different men ingest a drug in a drink or by injection and they twitch and then become docile and compliant to orders (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).
  • Men and women drink beer as they gamble in a casino.
  • A man drinks whiskey in his bedroom, we see a restaurant bar filled with liquor bottles.
  • An airplane drink cart contains several liquor bottles.
  • A yacht has a bar containing liquor bottles.
  • Several men and women sip from glasses of cocktails and champagne in three scenes.
  • A man and a woman drink wine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A cat falls out of a high window, but is found to be unharmed.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In the beginning of the movie Johnny is fight training at a temple and they show a man being kicked in the groin (clothed) repeatedly. Johnny is seen dragging a rock that (implied) is tied to his penis/scrotum. This is shown again later.

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