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In pretty bad taste...but also funny and sick (in a good way)
MartinHafer30 December 2012
I met Bill Plympton a few years ago and he seemed like a nice guy. He even recommended I NOT buy a few of his DVDs for my daughter, as she was only about 16 and was a bit too young for some of his films. So, he seemed like a very responsible person. However, beneath the surface, he must have been a complete screwball as evidenced by "Santa, the Fascist Years"--a somewhat offensive but delightfully wicked short film.

This insane look back in history pretends that Santa dabbled in Fascism back in the 1930s and, like Hitler, was bent on taking over the world! In a cute scene, we even see Santa replicating the Charlie Chaplin scene from "The Great Dictator" as he plays with a giant balloon-like globe! But, thanks to the determination and blood of other holidays we were able to stop this menace! Like other Plympton films, it is exquisitely animated with the usual wonderful pencil drawings. And, the sick sense of humor and irony is something that makes this one of his better films. But, as I said above, it probably will offend some--especially with allusions to eugenics and a meeting between Hitler and Santa. Not for all tastes, that's for sure....but funny.
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Fun for Adults
Michael_Elliott15 May 2010
Santa, the Fascist Years (2008)

*** (out of 4)

Funny spoof is so anti-Christmas that you'd probably want to watch this short before SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. In the film we learn about a secret time when Santa got greedy and tried to take over the world, which included a stint with Hitler. After this he decided to start a war with all the other holidays. Narrated by Matthew Modine, this short is told in a newsreel like fashion where it seems like the footage was taken from a secret FBI film. I really found the short to be incredibly funny and especially the final war when Santa goes up against the other holidays including battling the Easter bunny, Halloween ghosts and the Thanksgiving turkey. Another high point is what happens to poor Rudolph. This certainly isn't the type of film you want to show children but what's here is great for adults and has some terrific laughs.
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