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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence and terror, disturbing images, sexual references, partial nudity, language and thematic material

Sex & Nudity

  • The sheriff crudely uses the term "pop our cherry"
  • Blake poses fully nude in an art class and we see his bare shoulders, back, buttocks and legs while he winks at one of the female students.
  • Beth and Maya dance and undress and the sides of their bare breasts are visible as they put on their bikini tops.
  • Keith and Jess are seen wearing swimsuits splash in a lake, hug and kiss and he unties her swim suit top and throws it into the water (we see her bare back when she goes to retrieve it).
  • Dennis with a gun forces Beth to undress to her "bra and panties" while he and Red watch and make crude remarks about her.
  • A man watches Sara and Beth in a bathroom over a security camera (we see Beth fastening her shorts after using the toilet and her bare abdomen is visible).
  • Jess walks into water the camera focuses on her bikini-clad buttocks.
  • The camera focuses on a woman's clothed buttocks as she walks.
  • Blake sprays his genitals with a squirt bottle (he pulls the waistband of his swim trunks).
  • We see Beth being tattooed on the lower back.
  • Many women are shown wearing bikinis that reveal cleavage, portions of bare buttocks, bare abdomens, bare legs, bare backs and shoulders.
  • Gordon asks Beth to have sex with him on a pool float (she jokes and changes the subject).
  • Gordon talks to Nick about "tickling a woman's privates," that he should "see a woman naked," and that he's going to "have to get a woman drunk" to get anywhere with her (Sara.)
  • Gordon tries to dissuade Malik from becoming engaged and talks about all the strip clubs and groupies that he'll have when Malik is a professional football player.
  • Beth talks about a man and that after being with him (presumably having sex) she had stains all over her clothes.
  • Red shines a light on Gordon and Beth's cleavage and says "how big?" (referring to a shark).
  • Nick tells Blake (a model) "I had the pleasure of sketching your genitals every Tuesday and Thursday."
  • Red licks Beth's neck after nearly biting her.
  • When Blake says "Someone got hurt!" Dennis makes a remark "What happened. Did someone get injured while playing "Spin the Bottle."
  • Sara kisses Nick.

Violence & Gore

  • During the opening credits we see red-tinged water with sharks and people swimming, a shark bites a large piece of bait on a line and a shark is shown biting a diver's arm and thrashing (no blood is seen).
  • In a lake, Jess is grabbed by something that's under the surface (it is not shown), she screams and is thrashed back and forth as the water churns and turns red; she swims toward a floating dock, she is pulled off the ladder and back into the water, she is thrashed briefly, and is pulled under (we see the water turn red and she does not re-surface).
  • A shark bumps the ski that Malik is on causing him to fall in the water and when the boat comes back around to get him, they cannot find him until he is shown on the shore with one arm missing (we see a bloody stump as he collapses).
  • Malik carrying a spear walks into a lake, his arm is bleeding and blood drips into the water, a shark speeds toward him, he throws the spear and missies the shark, the shark attacks him and bites his leg. Malik pounds on the shark with his fists, finds the spear and stabs the shark 2-3 times; we see the bloody carcass on the beach later and he has a bandage on his leg.
  • Sara is locked into a shark cage and lowered into the water, a bucket of blood is poured on her, and a shark breaks through the bars of the cage and is shot through the head before it reaches her (we see blood and matter floating in the water).
  • Nick retrieves a severed arm (we see it, and the blood and tissue at the stump) from a lake and is chased by a shark; he climbs onto a ladder and the shark runs into the pier (no one is harmed).
  • Nick is tied to a chair next to water where there are several sharks swimming, Greg cuts him on the leg (we see the bloody gash), he is raised into the air and lowered into the water, and a shark spots Nick and approaches as he is raised out of the water.
  • We see a video of a shark attack and Jess thrashing in the water as it turns red.
  • Dennis talks about "cookie cutter sharks" and we watch them biting and tearing pieces off two fish heads in the water.
  • Dennis with a gun threatens Gordon, and then shoots him in the shoulder causing him to fall back off a boat and into water.
  • Beth stabs Red in the chest and we see a spot of blood on his shirt.
  • Red throws Sara's dog in the water presumably to be eaten by a shark (we see the dog unharmed later).
  • A boat runs over something in the water causing the steering and throttle to malfunction; Malik, Sara and Nick onboard jump off before the boat crashes into a dock and bursts into flames (pieces of wood are thrown through the air but no one is harmed).
  • We see Malik wounded with a very bloody arm wound and many blood-soaked towels next to him.
  • Malik with a cleaver hacks a large hammerhead and we see blood on the hammerhead and the table around it.
  • Maya cleans the blood off Malik's hands.
  • Dennis is shown with a large, jagged scar on his face.
  • Red is shown with sharp front teeth and he is seen filing them in one scene.
  • Dennis with a gun threatens Beth and forces her to take off her clothes down to her "bra and panties."
  • Red with a gun threatens Blake that takes it and points it at him and says, "Bang."
  • Sara with a gun threatens Dennis that takes the gun and points it at her.
  • Red grabs Beth around the neck and is about to bite her (his teeth are sharpened to points) but is stopped by Dennis and licks her neck instead.
  • Dennis touches Sara's face with a large knife blade.
  • After a confrontation Malik shoves Red against a truck and when Dennis gets involved they nearly fight.
  • Beth yells at Sara and shoves her.
  • Malik barges through a door, yells at Nick inside the room and he looks frightened.
  • Red talks about having made a "blood smoothie" out of Beth.
  • Dennis talks about another man's head being torn off by a shark while others watch.
  • Red makes numerous racial remarks to Malik and Maya about "letting the help sit in the front," "we could use some vacuuming on our yacht" and "I could give you English lessons in the back of my truck."
  • Sara talks about nearly drowning in a diving accident and that she cut Dennis' face open with the propeller of her boat after she surfaced.
  • A man accuses another man of "PMSing."
  • Red demonstrates a gun that can be used to kill a shark (it blows a hole in a padded bumper).
  • Blake shoots a gun in the air to attract help.
  • Beth pulls down her shorts and sits on a toilet (we see her bare abdomen and do not hear any sounds).
  • Sara spits out water after Nick performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her.


  • About 2 F-words (one mouthed under water), 5 sexual remarks, 1 sexual hand gesture, 1 obscene hand gesture, 15 scatological terms, 13 anatomical terms, 19 mild obscenities, 2 religious profanities, 9 religious exclamations.
  • We see the word "expletive" painted on a piece of furniture.
  • Name-calling (bony, scar face, hopeless, bastard, asshole, "mamasita," loser, sick, swamp thing, cup cake, freak, tattooed chick) and exclamations (shut up, poned.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman makes a comment about another woman taking a Xanax.
  • Sara is shot in the back with a tranquilizer dart and falls to the floor unconscious.
  • Greg is shown downing a can of beer.
  • Nick drinks a beer.
  • The seven friends toast with beer cans and bottles (they are not shown drinking.)
  • Red introduces himself as an alcoholic.
  • A man says that another man has "had too many today."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Red throws Sara's dog in the water, but we later see him at the end unharmed.
  • The deaths of the characters may frighten some young viewers.
  • Some "jump" scenes, when the sharks suddenly leap out of the water and eat the characters.
  • The sharks may seem frightening to some young viewers.
  • Many intense scenes in (and out) of the water where someone may or may not be shark food.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Beth is pushed into a lake, several small sharks surround and bite her, she screams, we hear crunching and she pulls them off, leaving bloody patches on her body; many more sharks bite her and she floats motionless in the water.
  • A shark leaps out of water and snatches Blake off a jet ski (we see the his head and torso go into the shark's mouth).
  • Nick ignites a puddle of spilled gasoline with a lighter and Greg standing nearby catches fire and falls into water, where sharks are swimming; we see Greg in flames and then pleading for help, and he is pulled under the water by a shark and the water turns red.
  • Blood drips from Malik's arm wound and seeps through a drain on a boat and into lake water causing a shark to chase the boat; the shark rams the boat causing Maya to fall off the back and into the water, she screams, she holds a life preserver and is pulled in the water until the shark attacks her and she disappears.
  • Malik on the back of a jet ski falls into a lake, a shark speeds toward him and attacks him, we see Malik jerk forward when the shark attacks and the water around him turns red as he is pulled under the surface.
  • Gordon with a bleeding shoulder wound in a lake is chased by a shark, he climbs up a tree growing in the lake andthe shark leaps out of the water and snatches him; we see him being thrashed briefly, he screams and is taken under water as it churns and turns red.
  • Dennis is lashed to a shark cage and struggles to free himself as a shark approaches and attacks him (we see the water fill with blood).
  • Dennis with a gun shoots Sara in the back with a tranquilizer dart.
  • Dennis and Nick fight on a boat and Red is stabbed in the chest and falls into the water where he is presumably eaten by a shark. And then Dennis is punched and falls into the water.
  • Sara with a knife moves toward Greg and is grabbed by Dennis before stabbing him (she bites his hand and gets away). Then Dennis with a gun shoots her in the neck with a tranquilizer dart.
  • Nick tells Malik that Maya is dead and then Malik yells.
  • Nick collapses after being drugged.
  • Sara in a boat speeds while being chased by a police boat causing the passengers on her boat to become nervous (it turns out to be a game).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • At the end a Great White Shark jumps at the screen, meant to be a jump scene.

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