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Shark Night isn't fantastic, but it's a good enough time, and it'll never be better than when it's watched with a rowdy crowd in a theater.
Slant Magazine
It's refreshing to see Shark Night 3D director David R. Ellis try to pull off a semi-sincere second-generation "Jaws" rip-off, even if he doesn't quite succeed.
The equivalent of a skin flick in which all the sex scenes are tastefully obscured by blankets and sheets.
Unlike his "Snakes on a Plane," director David R. Ellis' sharks-in-a-lake thriller displays little sense of its scenario's camp potential. Gore, too, is in short supply on account of the pic's PG-13 rating, which renders the attack scenes nearly toothless.
The PG-13 film is heavy on scenes of cloudy blood in the water but almost entirely lacking shock shots of flesh torn asunder. (And while marketing relies heavily on bikinis, the movie's light on that kind of flesh as well.)
Orlando Sentinel
The worst movie of the summer, arriving on the last weekend of the summer.
A ho-hum series of kills and lulls so predictable that it doesn't even look like much fun for the sharks; when they open wide, they might as well be yawning.
The one crime a B-movie should never commit is boring its audience. By even these low standards, Shark Night 3D is dead in the water.
Boxoffice Magazine
A thoroughly shabby attempt to piggyback on the success of last year's "Piranha 3D," Shark Night 3D embraces convention with a voraciousness matched only by its predictability, amateurishness and all-around tameness.
Shark Night 3D barely bothered to show up, let alone deliver the minimal goods.

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