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An Intelligent, Sparkling New Television Series
gradyharp29 June 2011
SUITS is smart, sassy, clever, sophisticated, timely and immensely entertaining! The new series debuted with a full 60 minute story that establishes the characters very solidly, opens pathways for many story lines, and boasts an exceptional cast of fine actors. Here is hoping it makes it as an ongoing series, especially since it is not yet another crime drama! Not that Criminal Mains, The Mentalist, Without A Trace will lose their place among the best show on television, but with all the spinoffs on the crime shows, the available choices have been dwindling lately.

SUITS is a lawyer show. Set in New York (captured, by the way, in beautiful cinematic vistas) it focuses on a very successful law firm, managed by Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) who balances the talents of her two top lawyers, the smarmy Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) who is a control freak, and the very brilliant but egotistical Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht). There is a particularly appealing and very bright secretary Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and a beautiful paralegal Rachel (Meghan Markel) and last but certainly not least by any means there is Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) - a young lad who is extremely bright, has a photographic memory, dropped out of college because he took tests for fellow students and got caught, fell into marketing drugs by default for need of money so that he could pursue his dream of being a lawyer, and falls quite by accident into the role of being selected as associate to the brilliant but self absorbed Harvey Spector. This is the team of characters who are destined to provide fascinating substories as they interact.

The dialogue (Aaron Korsh and Sean Jablonski) is clever, bright, snappy, unclichéd, witty, and helps define the complexities of the characters. The pacing is exceptional (directors Kevin Bray and John Scott) and the series has the appearance of a high-end movie - excellent cinematography, expansive development of story in well-selected locations - but most of all this is a cast that is worthy of attention every moment they are on camera. It will be interesting to watch how Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht grow into our psyches: both are exceptionally fine and provide a spectrum of the lawyer personality we haven't seen on a series before. This should be a major hit!

Grady Harp
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A refreshing dose of smarts and laughs
xoxfallen-angelxox7 July 2011
It has been a while since I have discovered a series I truly enjoy watching. Some are way too stupid and then others are way too boring, and then some have horrible actors and the list goes on.

However, in this little gem, everything is exactly right. The script matches funny and serious, silly and smart, everything at exactly the right amounts. The actors act well. Watching this show is a generally enjoyable experience which, I think, is a lot when it comes to some recent series.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes 'House MD', 'How I Met Your Mother' and other series that are often watched to feel better after a long day.
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Just what I was looking for
tomcatjak20 July 2011
After finishing every available episode of House, Bones, Fringe, and Prison Break, I found myself at a loss of what to watch. So as I was browsing for new TV Shows, I stumbled on this one and decided to give it a go.

I am very picky about TV series' but this one really captured me. After not expecting much, it really caught me by surprise how great this was.

It reminds me of Law & Order but with more drama and a following into the characters lives. It reminds me of "House" in many ways. It features a strict boss that will do anything to get the job done, and an employee willing to do anything for his boss.

It is certainly a new age show that will bring in audience from all ages from teenagers to seniors. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this show, as many new shows have disappointed me.
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Quality you can appreciate
reneweddan26 June 2011
Patrick J. Adams & Gabriel Macht both give convincing performances in the pilot, something sure to excel even more throughout the series.

The script, acting, and quality are all flawless, as far as television goes. If you're looking to be highly entertained on Thursday night, then look no further. The subtle humor, creative plot, and enjoyable dialogue entices the viewer more with each passing moment.

If you're into legal shows that include all aspects of human nature, including compassion, then Suits is for you.

Hopefully this show continues to have the opportunity to thrive; it has definitely drawn me in and I won't miss a second of it.
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Started out as a brilliant, promising idea, but it declined along the seasons
maria-ricci-198313 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am writing this review while the series is on its fourth season, so I will try to avoid very specific spoilers for those who are about to giving it a chance. Even so, I have to refer to the development of plot lines, so if you are a beginner, perhaps it is better to stop reading.

Suits' Pilot was frankly very engaging and interesting in terms of characters and situations, bringing a new turn on "another lawyers' series". I loved it instantly. It was frivolous but witty and sassy, the dynamics between Mike and Harvey was magnetic, the production was elegant, and the constant threat of revealing a serious secret was a compelling argument to keep watching a show. It also had humor and certain characters (like Donna or Louis) added enriching details.

The series had a bright first season, in which Mike's ordeals and his master-disciple relationship with Harvey were at the center of the plot, and Mike's exceptional gift with memory played a fundamental part in the development of the plot line, justifying why the cheating was sustainable and why he could actually be an asset at the lawyers firm.

Suits maintained interest and quality in the second season, with other characters gradually becoming stronger and widening the plot.

But starting from the third season I started to observe a gradual decline in the plot line, and the exhaustion became conspicuous in the present, fourth season, the weakest of all so far, to the point that is has now, really, become "yet another lawyers' show".

Mike's exceptional abilities have completely disappeared from the action in seasons three and four, and now he has become a bland character with nothing standing him above any other ambitious young executive. Jessica's new romantic interest is utterly unbelievable and it has negatively weighed in the show. Louis has been portrayed as a clown in seasons 3 and 4, and instead of being funny, he has become anti-climactic and unbelievable. Donna's place as Harvey's "counsellor" has been overextended and her "knowing things in advance" is, in my opinion, overused as a clisé.

In short, the series had something different at the start, and it has veered into the road of losing its original allure and interest in a very noticeable way.

PD: Jessica's amazing wardrobe, though, is always a pleasure to appreciate. And yes, as others have remarked, all the female characters seem to be cut with a same stereotyped template.
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Fading fast
t_ritz15 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked the show for the first several seasons. Mike and Harvey made a great team that was fun to watch. Add in Donna and Louis and it was a really entertaining show. With Mike's trial they took a real turn to heavy drama. Then when Mike and Rachel leave the show, it goes downhill fast, and you can see why it's now canceled after a concluding season. There is no humor after Mike aside from occasionally Donna, and instead it is just one argument then backstab after another.
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Suits is brilliant
michael-mcgee-969-35731913 February 2013
Suits is a compelling legal drama set in the heart of New York City at one of the city's most successful law firms. The story is centred around the firm's best lawyer, Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht), an egotistical, uncompassionate, charmingly witty Harvard graduate who will do whatever it takes to win – "The best closer this city has ever seen"; and his associate Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), an under-achieving compassionate genius with an eidetic memory who strikes lucky by having the opportunity to work at one of the highest profile legal firms even after being caught for attempted drug trafficking and without the required qualifications. The show follows both characters as they face different legal and personal challenges in each episode whilst maintaining the gregarious and quick-witted rapport between the two.

The show offers plenty of variety besides the law by developing the relationships of many characters inside the firm, "Pearson Hardman", managed by Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), a career-minded powerful woman. Jessica must balance between her two best lawyers, a devious Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Harvey, whose relationship is filled with rivalry and playable banter, is certainly one to make you laugh. The show also follows the stories of the beautiful Rachel (Meghan Markel), a paralegal whose test anxieties are stopping her from fulfilling her ambitions of going to Harvard to study law and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) a smart, sexy secretary.

Besides the two leading characters, Suits is balanced excellently with an ensemble cast filled with intriguing relationships and an original and sharp script combined with the beautiful backdrop of New York City to make this a thoroughly enjoyable TV show which I can't help but grin ear-to-ear from start to finish and I hope it continues its high standards for seasons to come. Suits is brilliant.
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Worth watching past the pilot
mastonae114 July 2011
I am very pleasantly surprised by this show and will certainly continue to watch it. The characters are likable and, with the exception of "Mike Ross," a page out of real life. I can guarantee you that there is not a single lawyer at a high power NYC law firm that didn't go to law school. Additionally, no lawyer as green as Mike would be given so much attention. Here is where I will cut the show some slack- without such deviations from the truth there would be no show.

Some reviewers liken this show to House but with lawyers. Sure, there are some common elements surrounding Harvey being cold-hearted and cocky yet excellent as his job. But this is where I want to draw the distinction: characters like Harvey actually exist in this world (minus the likability). There are charming, proud, extremely competent, rude, driven, and ruthless lawyers in every major firm in every major city. At some point it becomes a requirement of the job. Doctor House meanwhile is too much of a self-destructive train wreck for my taste.

If you want to get a glimpse into working at a high power law firm, an investment bank, or any other high stakes pressure-cooker job look no further. Keep the insane hours, lose the friendliness, and amplify the cockiness and voilà: a glimpse of reality. This show keeps the bad but throws in the good, so instead of feeling like work, the show instead feels like entertainment.
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Good looking series
lamont-hard25 June 2011
After watching the pilot episode I was pleased from what I saw. The episode was long enough to give us a glimpse into some interesting characters. There seems to be a lot to go around with both leads social lives and how they impact the secondary characters. There Is no shortage of eye candy. I did find some of the time lines a bit of a stretch, but nothing major. I most enjoyed how the writers took the time to give good background material on just about the whole cast witch I think Is becoming so rare, knowing this info helps to get into these characters from the start. I recommend this show to viewers who like a lawyer type show with just a touch of softness.
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Same story over and over again
LeeJHobb7 September 2017
When I started the series, I enjoyed suits and would probably give it an 8.I quickly realized that it fell into a cycle that was unbreakable :The same things seem to happen over and over again . It just becomes so repetitive that the " new " narratives just aren't interesting enough to satisfy you as the viewer.They also seem to exaggerate quite a bit at times so it really does not feel realistic at all.
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Slow Scream
tinyone218 August 2017
I have watched all seasons.... unfortunately.

Originally the drama was tense and fun. The bromance between Harvey and Mike was also really interesting. However, over time the sparkle disappeared and the magic of Mike's amazing memory seems to have disappeared alongside it. Instead of being fun yet tense, the show has evolved into a continuous screaming match and people panicking about mundane nonsense. Made up drama that feels too forced to be entertaining.

Live. Die. Repeat.

Every episode seems like a catastrophe for the firm or the people. They resolve this by yelling at each other or trying to be really clever. Unfortunately the clever seems to have turned into everyday unspectacular. The characters are now just bumbling ants without direction and without any capacity for passionate relationships. Even Mike and Rachel or Harvey and Donna are washed out.

Worth a watch up to about season 3. Thereafter, it turns into a slow and agonizing death of a show.
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one lawyer , one genius equals trouble .
mendelman-jacobson24 June 2011
when i first heard about this TV series i thought why bother its probably stupid ! how good could it be ? but then i thought you know ill watch the pilot and give it a shot , why not ? before i knew it my eyes were glued to the screen from beginning to end and i enjoyed it to the fullest . this show in a way reminds me of "house MD " a TV series with a lot of knowledge and brains and in the future will show many law cases which will be won by these guys , a top of the line lawyer named Harvey and a genius without a degree named mike who when hears anything or reads anything remembers it forever . and i strongly recommend this TV series to anybody who likes to enjoy themselves because trust me this TV series ain't boring !
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It follows a young adult who is struggling with his life who finds himself thrown into a job as a lawyer after he is hired by a big shot, charming 'closer.
mapache-nation24 June 2011
This was an amazing show with a cast of actors who have great chemistry together.

After setting aside the hour and a half allotted for the show, I was happy I did!

It follows a young adult who is struggling with his life who finds himself thrown into a job as a lawyer after he is hired by a big shot, charming 'closer.

After the pilot episode, I am hooked and look forward to seeing this show on USA every Thursday!

As long as they keep the comedy and drama coming, I will be an avid watcher for life.
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One of TV's best to one of the worst!
dwmckone587322 August 2018
Began as an amazing show. Each season got worse and worse. Must have changed writers, producers, and directors multiple times. I think it was around seasons 5 or 6 where it had just become painful to watch. Spectacularly ruined!!!!
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Unrealistic with many flaws, but with a lot of character.
thefatguy-1290026 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I heard about this show back in 2012. Never watched because I already assumed it would be terrible or it just didn't interest me this much. Multiple years later, Meghan Markle got married to prince Harry and suits became relevant again. I once googled the show. Read the summary. I never realized the show was about lawyers. Once I did, I got interested and decided to give it a try.

The pilot was amazing. It tells you exactly what to expect from the show further on. A lot of hiding, a lot of humor, a good dose of unrealistic drama and some interesting law suits with many interesting characters.

Even though this show is about corporate law and how wicked lawyers can be. The characters never feel nasty. The driving emotion is so genuine and pure. Which, is very refreshing. In some way, that makes you feel for the characters. You actually root for mike no matter how much in the wrong he is. I've personally never been more invested in a melodrama.

The first six seasons on the show had a great run, because they still centred around Mike's fraud. Once that part was gone, everything in the show felt unnecessary and draggy. Sure, there are still some nice character moments, but there are still many, many horrible and underdeveloped ones.
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Hardly watchable to fans who enjoyed the intelligence and wit of Season One.
Mr_Blond2315 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watch a fair amount of TV and think that I have fairly selective tastes in shows, but Suits was one of my favorite recently produced shows. The first season was bold, smart, and very polished. This is one show that definitely deserves HD. Harvey Specter was by far one of the best fictional lawyers out there. One of the best parts of the show was the focus on the "case of the week" idea, and all the clever dialog and intricate legal drama that came with it. The third episode with the boardroom battle over control of the car company was a kind of 'everyday-epic.' Another highlight was the inclusion of three very smart female characters: Donna, Rachel, and Jessica. Most notably, the primary characters had a powerful and flawless way about them that justified their "it's not about caring its about winning" attitude.

Sadly, the subsequent seasons have quickly degenerated. The smart female characters were transformed into gossipy shrews who now appear on screen just to spark inter-office drama and occasionally look good. Gone is the intricate legal maneuvering (ie crown jewel defense), replaced only with on-screen commentary on supposedly brilliant off-screen meetings or court appearances we never get to see. The witty banter has been dulled by a sheer lack of originality, such that the characters seemingly make the exact same jokes, only with different pop culture references. Worst of all, the writers (who must be high off the first season's success or the weed they purchased with the money from it) have turned all the powerful characters (Harvey, Jessica... etc) into flawed shells of former characters hardly fit for big firm life. This done of course to pander to the "average viewer" who tunes in to follow the lawyer version of days of our lives with pretty girls lusting after handsome men. Based on the level infighting in the firm, its a wonder how they log any billable hours at all. The only saving grace of Season 2 was Louis Litt's mostly solid character development.

The end of the second season allowed the show to reach a new low by introducing a British takeover of the firm with a host of odd new British characters (ie Louis's big eared British counterpart) thrust into the show just for simplistic comical value, which I'm sure a select group of slack-jawed simple viewers might thoroughly enjoy.

I write this review in the hope that some executive, writer or actor on the show might happen upon it, realize that their show is rapidly in decline and right the ship before even loyal viewers like myself simply tune out all together. The show achieved a lot in Season 1, but much of the acclaim was lost by way of lazy writing and lack of imagination.

Lastly, its a law show, you'd think they would cover the legal side a bit more than as a basis for Donna to bang a Brit or Rachel's dad to meet Mike.

UPDATE: This show has devolved to nothing more that a nicely filmed soap opera that has little connection to legal reality nor to intelligent discourse of any kind. I just removed it from my DVR.
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No substance
Oneillmike12 April 2013
I have watched all the episodes and became increasingly disenchanted with the show. Too much melodrama, not enough substance. I am a person who loves legal dramas, anything with convincing courtroom scenes. The initial premise of an unqualified lawyer with a photographic memory was interesting but this plot was quickly relegated to the back burner. Instead each show became more typically an average soap opera where the main characters were routinely thrown into conflict with each other and starting keeping secrets and telling lies to each other. This is the staple diet of any soap you care to watch and the easiest way to create tension and drama. The love affair between Rachel and Mike was juvenile and it got to the point where I would fast forward when Rachel came into view - all she did was to complain about Mike and life in general. Finally I have to say that at the end of season 2 I lost any interest in Harvey, he seemed selfish and isolated and I could not understand his position at all. He was fighting everyone and for what reason ?
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Good looking cliché's bore me to death
eddy14722 October 2013
Suits is about a lawyer Harvey Specter, the best closer in New York who gets an apprentice, Mike Ross, a kid so intelligent who remembers not only everything, but also seems to understand everything.

So far so good.

But that's where the interesting part ends. The rest of the whole show is about cocky, faceless robots who want to be the the biggest smart-ass in the room. Even that is not so bad, but the quality of the dialogs are of a 14 year old.

The show lacks humor. Of an adult that is. The show misses also excitement, because really everything is predictable. Every episode is almost the same, just the topic is slightly different, and different clients.

Don't see it. I did, but found myself staring at my phone or the newspaper most of the time. "I am missing something. It has an 8.8. That's higher than Boardwalk Empire. Which is a good series." But no I wasn't missing something. It's bad.
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Too shiny... Is there anything they can't do?
i_v_harish31 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Suits does start well, although a bit clichéd. If you can ignore that, you probably can enjoy the first season. But, that's it and nothing more. It just keeps getting more shiny by every episode. You can see the pattern even from the first episode. But by the end of second season, it gets too self-inflictive and boring.

Obviously its about a law firm and we have two protagonists who are nothing less than super humans. One is a pro in the field and have a little boring troubled past and the other is a highly intelligent junkie who drops out of college but finally ends up joining the firm. We also have some more professionals in our firm and some rivals, none too strong. Every one is of a different personality but none of them have any depth. Well, the entire show doesn't have much depth. Our two protagonists are almost always way too cool for you and me or for anyone else for that matter. Well, Ross is a little less cool, but he makes up for that with his superhuman abilities.

So, who can stop them from winning every case? Of course, NONE. Remember, they are studs. All you'll be watching is the other characters scheming and whining around while our heroes crack down things and get their way.

Can't say much. I just lost interest in it. If you care for some character depth, I'd suggest you to skip this. The first couple of seasons are a bit watchable, nothing more. However, there are better shows and this might not be worth the time.
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This series has gradually become a hollow one
CyniLogical20 September 2018
Update on 8/21/2019

There's no sense to go on. These characters leftover now only delivered hollow dialog to each other by verbally creating situations in those empty office buildings. This series should call quit when Mike and his wife seek new location to have a new life and lifestyle. It's already become a nuisance to watch this new season's every episode so far, so painful and annoying. Please call it off whenever you could. Have a new life...... ======================================================== Well, after some of the most important roles in this series left, the newest Suits S08 has become such a painful hollow slow cooker without any tasteful ingredients in it and kept deteriorating episode after episode. We can see so clearly that this series' budget has been cut and decreased hugely, so what we see in Season 8 is just a bunch of the familiar faces added another two walking around in an almost empty leased office space in business suits, yadayadayada like a bunch of old wives just delivering boring dialog to each other, or some boring internal fights over "whose name should be added on the wall" and nothing else. The office is almost as empty as a theater stage with some furnitures and several actors. Nothing worth seeing anymore, just like the Emperor's Clothe, under it, Nothing. It's time to wrap up and beg off.
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a crisp new show that's sure to entertain
uzumakisakura32225 June 2011
By chance and luck, Mike Ross is saved in the nick of time by a lawyer one night during an escape from a shady marijuana dealing that had gone wrong. Harvey Specter, renowned as one of the top lawyers in the city, is in the midst pf recruiting for the "right" law associate.

Coincidentally, Mike is faced abruptly by this job opportunity that is definitely able to bestow him the money he urgently needs to cover up for his grandmother's medical funds. Facing a major life-changing decision, Mike decides to go for it instead of partaking in illicit activities for the rest of his life. Mike affirms he makes the appropriate position for Specter, and manages to impress Specter with his deftness in retentive memorization. However, having no genuine degree from Harvard, needless to say any formal college degree, lingers as an ever-present issue. Realizing no other man Specter had interviewed so far possessed the same sense of intelligence quite like Ross, Specter is willing to cover up for Ross and his background to land him the job as his associate.

I am fairly pleased to see this new show making its way into a hit television series. It's been time they've come up with something new since Law & Order.
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It was a Good show, now it's just a show trying to earn ratings by all means
programmeraditya10 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When I watched the first season, I was so impressed and excited at the same time, because I thought I stumbled upon a classic series, but, boy was I wrong. The first season is amazing, the second one doesn't upset you, but from the third season, everything becomes boring. More and more people know about Mike's secrets and everything supposedly becomes okay when Mike is back to the firm. The show talks a lot about "real world", but fails to make itself connect to one after the first two seasons.

The fourth season is not good, but it's not bad either. You could watch it, and not kill yourself, but from the fifth season I am not sure.

One thing I really LOVE about the show is the characterization. The characters are some of the best in the TV industry. But, the whole plot and the stories with the same old antagonists and motives are really boring. I think the show should have ended in season 2, or 3, because after that it's just not the Suits that everyone loves anymore.
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fredmelden-14 June 2016
Sure, the genius who got kicked out for taking a test for someone else could never find another law school that could ever accept him. Ever. Uh huh.

And sure, first-year lawyers within a firm are always trying to undermine one of their own - how else to be competitive?

But then, we've always got the parents to come along and admonish the kids to get back to work: "Jerry, have you got that Loughton case ready?" And like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Jerry stops smiling and scurries back to his desk.

And everyone spends a huge amount of time out-snarking the next guy. After all, how are you going to make the day go by without a few awkwardly-veiled threats, criticisms, and more than a little boasting? Even mommy has to threaten to fire someone for underperformance at least once each episode.

Snark passes for wit; undercutting another passes for work; winning at all cost passes for contributing to the firm; and unrealistic interaction passes for drama.
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Hard to swallow
dirtphelia3 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Edited to 1 star because it's just GARBAGE. Doesn't even deserve 1 star but it's the lowest rating allowed.

--- The show is entertaining up to the point that it questions the viewer's intelligence.

A legendary lawyer in what's probably the most competitive city in the world takes a chance on a drug-dealing pothead, who pretends to be a Harvard educated lawyer. OK, sure, what the hay.

Except the pothead, Mike, can't get his excrement together. He can't even *look* like a lawyer, which could be easily done by getting a decent suit and stopping riding that ridiculous bike. Sorry, but in New York City lawyers working at top firms don't ride bikes to work, especially not with messenger bags slung across their chests. He looks like a frat boy working as a bike messenger.

Then Mike starts messing up left and right. He has no sense of professionalism and his boss as well as the managing partner of the firm - seriously - keep putting their butts on the line for him. That simply would not happen. And every time Mike messes up big his superiors threaten to fire him but instead of firing him they keep giving him more chances and letting him handle/interfere in high profile cases.

Mike's unlikable and arrogant, and I just keep hoping he'll get hit by a truck and die. By the second season Mike, the pot smoker who used to get paid to cheat on college entrance exams for other people, the guy who kissed his best friend's girlfriend, the same one who sleeps with a married woman etc. etc., starts his right/wrong tirades, believing he's doing the right thing by betraying client privilege when he shares confidential information with the prosecution. And his top dog boss still doesn't fire the guy.

Like, no.
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Another fast-paced, unrealistic legal drama "based" in New York (yawn)
martajankovic16 December 2013
I thought that Suits might be something of a mix between The Good Wife and Damages while being primarily about men (because women don't really wear "suits") but I was disappointed to learn that it was none of the above (other than just a show about men who wear suits and 'powerful' women who only wear revealing dresses). The characters are unsympathetic and the plot is all-too mainstream. Frankly, it has been done before (like in the late 90s).

In the world of Suits, a young rebellious genius without a law degree (he was expelled from college) is hired to be a lawyer at a prestigious law firm that "only hires Harvard graduates". Seriously? Give me a break. This is the first problem with the show: unrealistic, unimaginable, and yet overly pretentious all at once.

While it is "based" in New York, the scenes are clearly shot in Toronto (Second Cups in the background, and a row of yellow taxis lined up on Bay Street, as if taxis in NYC just hang around outside of office buildings in the financial district). I find the show cheesy to put it simply, and somewhat of a wannabee in the legal drama genre.

I generally agree with the majority view on IMDb (for the most part, broadly speaking) but the ratings for Suits are off the charts and I have no idea why! Am I missing something? Suits is not a high quality show. Have a closer look for yourself and see what you think.
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