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Clever, intense Sci-Fi spectacle; offers nearly as much humor as it does excitement along with a great, unexpected turn from Tom Cruise
gogoschka-127 May 2014
Wow - this was unexpected. The trailers had me believe that after 'Battle L.A.' and 'Oblivion' this would be yet another bleak, action- packed, special effects driven Sci-Fi blockbuster about an alien invasion - what the trailers failed to convey almost entirely is that over long stretches, this is also seasoned with nearly as much humor as 'Groundhog Day'. That it would invite comparisons with the Harold Ramis/ Bill Murray classic was obvious, given the time loop premise, but I never expected to what extent those comparisons would actually be justified and that this film would really tap into a similar kind of comedy. Luckily, it is all the better for it.

Most unexpected of all, the main reason the comical aspects during the first half of the film work so well, is Tom Cruise's character, Major William Cage. This is easily Cruise's meatiest role since his turn in 'Magnolia' as Frank T.J. Mackey; forget his usual stern, poster boy heroes: here he plays an entirely different character – and he really seems to relish the opportunity. I won't give away too much, but be prepared to chuckle and laugh when you see a new side of Tom Cruise.

Yet while this is not nearly as bleak as the trailers suggested, it certainly isn't a comedy either. And it absolutely IS an action-packed, special effects driven Sci-Fi blockbuster about battling an alien invasion (the trailers got that right), albeit one with a funny bone and great characters. Speaking of which, the rest of the cast is also very good, especially the gorgeous Emily Blunt. It seems that no matter what she does, she always comes across as genuine and real; here she succeeds in portraying her character - a tough, seasoned soldier other soldiers refer to as "full metal bitch" (no kidding!) - with just the right touch of vulnerability to make her that much more believable. Bill Paxton and Brendon Gleeson are always a welcome addition to any movie, and while they are great (as usual), character-wise, they don't do anything here that you haven't seen them do before.

As for the Sci-Fi spectacle that the trailers promised, I'm glad to report that the film delivers. The battle scenes are beautifully orchestrated (not the Transformer-style blur where you can't make out anything anymore), and there are moments when the intensity of the fighting recalls the landing on Omaha Beach in 'Saving Private Ryan' - without the gore, obviously (after all, this is PG-13). The design of the aliens - the production design in general - is incredibly well done, although I would lie if I said it was something ground-breaking and new the way the first 'Matrix' was (it IS breathtaking, though).

So my verdict: With one of the most inventive (adapted) scripts for an original (mega-budget) film in a long time and the best Tom Cruise we've seen in years, 'Edge of Tomorrow' will have you chuckle and laugh nearly as much as drop your jaw in awe: this is what Hollywood should take as a blueprint for exciting summer entertainment henceforth. 9 stars out of 10.

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This movie doesn't think you're an idiot.
Tehmeh4 June 2014
When I saw that Doug Liman was directing and McQuarrie penning, I was interested. I liked Liman's first Bourne film over Greengrass-directed nauseating shaky-cam sequels. McQuarrie is a wonderful screenwriter, and these two seemed like a perfect pair.

I got what I hoped: a movie that doesn't treat me like a 10-year old. "Edge of tomorrow" is smart, entertaining, exciting and fun. It's an original movie as well, not a sequel or a remake (although I hear it might be inspired by a novel or graphic novel).

Tom Cruise - who plays a slightly different character than usually - is good, he always brings his best. He cares about his projects and demands to do as much stunts as possible. His passion can be seen here too and he is again a joy to watch, but this isn't a movie for Cruise to carry. Liman and McQuarrie carry this movie with smart pacing, transitions and that certain magic good filmmakers seem to be able to harness at will.

Emily Blunt isn't a useless sidekick, but a strong and likable character. Not annoyingly strong on the surface like some feminist ball-busting fantasy, but a real character and deserves every minute of her screen time. Bill Paxton was fun to see as a hard-ass sergeant, and Brendan Gleeson was good as well - even though his screen time is limited. All the main actors work well together, if a scene is shared.

The movie flows in an interesting way and it likes to surprise you. I'm not talking about forced twists, I'm talking about that special situation where you don't know what happens next. I've missed that feeling. I didn't have to pretend to care about the movie, I was interested in every minute of it. This happens rarely. And when it ends, you're satisfied. No setting up sequels, no ambiguous crap, just a solid, fitting ending.

Unlike Cruise's last sci-fi film "Oblivion", this is definitely an action movie. At first glance it may look like a generic sci-fi action film - and granted, sometimes (suits, aliens) it does - but there's enough personality of its own. Action looks good and the camera doesn't shake around senselessly. Also, the action never goes into that overblown mode where your senses get tired and you just don't care anymore. Well done.

"Edge of tomorrow" is a thoroughly entertaining film. It's "just" a summer movie, but it's a smart, fun and exciting summer movie. You don't have to make excuses for its shortcomings to enjoy it. It's quality filmmaking and certainly a positive surprise.

9/10, will buy on blu-ray. I recommend this to everyone. Avoid as much spoilers as you can.
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Witty and thrilling summer blockbuster with Tom Cruise in top form
lornloxor28 May 2014
You could describe this movie as a dizzying combination of Groundhog Day, Starship Troopers, Source Code and The Butterfly Effect. Edge of Tomorrow borrows from these films and while some of the individual ideas may not therefore be groundbreakingly original, the way they're combined and put to use in Edge of Tomorrow by director Doug Liman certainly is. As aliens have invaded Earth, humanity's only hope lies in a cowardly PR officer Bill Cage (played by Tom Cruise) with no combat skills who is sent to the front lines. His only advantage? A save point, sort of. Are you excited yet? You should be. I don't want to tell you more specifics about the plot because it's best to experience and discover this great piece of work yourself.

You have to love Tom Cruise as an actor, he always gives his roles a 100 percent and he's phenomenal in Edge of Tomorrow - Physical, funny and determined. I'd say this is his best performance since Collateral. Emily Blunt is fantastically badass as the poster girl of the war, Rita Vrataski. This is her first real action film and she knocks it out of the park. Cruise and Blunt also have great chemistry together. Bill Paxton and Brandon Gleeson give great supporting performances and most of the supporting soldiers have distinct personalities even with their limited screen times.

Edge of Tomorrow's world building is slick and credible. The CGI and the special effects are seamless and bring the great set pieces and the relentless aliens to life. The action is really exhilarating (the cool exoskeleton suits definitely help here) and the script is very witty and inventive as it needs to be when you're dealing with time travel (or time resets if you will). Despite its action thrills Edge of Tomorrow finds plenty of room for character development both for Cruise and Blunt. The script also manages to pull off some quite funny scenes (especially in the training segment). I also have to mention James Herbert's snappy editing because it's that good. The the situations could get old really fast if it wasn't for the fast-paced editing that concisely and freshly shows the differences in each repetition Cruise goes through. The pacing is absolutely relentless and there isn't a boring moment in the film.

The tone of the film is pretty much perfect for a summer blockbuster. It's not overly morose or gloomy despite the backdrop of an alien invasion. Instead it opts for wit, fun and action thrills. I was really gripped from start to finish and I had this big grin on my face when I left the theater. I really liked the other recent blockbusters in Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past but Edge of Tomorrow surpasses them both. If only every summer blockbuster was such good fun.
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Hoped for a good movie .. got an amazing one instead (No Spoiler)
Jonas898930 May 2014
After watching the trailer i was really hyped about the movie because of its theme and potential to be a really good movie. But on the other side i knew how bad the most potential good movies in the past ended up. I was scared that they screw it up and give us another Oblivion or Ilisium with much cgi-effects and bad story and no real story and/or characters.

So i took my girlfriend and went in the movie with mixed feelings. But then, right from the beginning, i knew this movie would be fantastic. The first minutes really hooked me and i found myself in a funny, filled with perfect action and intelligent movie. You had the feeling like you were directly in it and you really feel with Tom Cruise from the beginning to the end. I don't like Tom Cruise in general but this role just fits him. Nobody who sees this movie could deny this. From minute to minute i was more and more in this fantastic story and wanted to last forever. But eventually the movie ended and i was really satisfied with everything.

Two main characters who played perfectly, a fascinating story well told and really fast and good looking action made it for me the best movie i watched in a while (and i watch pretty much movies). Even though i don't like to recommend movies because of different tastes I really want to do this with this movie. The story is well told and there are no boring repeatings. Even my girlfriend who normally don't like movies with much action liked it a lot and added Emily Blunt to one of her favorite actresses of all time.

Oh well, 10/10
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"You see this isn't the first time that we've had this conversation. "
Jan Kalina3 June 2014
Why do we go to the movies? To be entertained, to laugh, to be amused, to be pulled into situations that are far from ever happening to us. The only certainty in today's film world that the film that you pick to watch in cinema is Tom Cruise. If you go into cinema and see any of Cruise's films you can be damn sure that that film won't disappoint you. Tom Cruise sure picks great projects. Frankly, I have to say that I haven't seen a bad film starring Tom Cruise.

Edge of Tomorrow is described by the director himself as "Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers". The former mentioned is actually quite important since the trailers made this film look pretty dark, which is not the case. This is fun action film with lots of humor. Humor that perfectly fits this film. The time-loop allows the Cruise's Colonel Cage to remember exactly the situation he repeats over and over, which is many times very funny. At films with time-loop I am alway worried that the film might get repetitive. Well you don't have to when Doug Liman is at helm. The film has no time to get repetitive when it is moving at such fast pace. An action scene follows an actions and the scope is just mind blowing. This film packs in so much in just two hours. Other films usually keep the best scenes for the big finale. In Edge of Tomorrow all the action scenes are the best scenes of the film.

Tom Cruise doesn't act as his usual self here, he plays against type. He always tries to come up with something new in his films. So in what role you haven't seen him yet? A wimpy coward. He once again shows what a versatile actor he is. Emily Blunt, as the kick ass Rita, has never been more likable in any of her films than here. she handles the action and the drama perfectly. Bill Paxton mostly just repeats his commands and lines about victory, but he is just so great at that he ends up as one of the funniest characters in the film

To me this comes as no surprise, that Edge of Tomorrow is yet another sci-fi Tom Cruise film, which kick ass from start to finish. What roller-coaster ride! This will be hard to top in the upcoming summer season. There is nothing wrong with this film. It's got everything. Even a helicopter crash!
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A Summer Blockbuster Not To Be Missed
Calum Rhys22 June 2014
One of the most ingenious film concepts ever created, a cross between 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Groundhog Day', 'Edge of Tomorrow' is a gripping and clever blockbuster sci-fi thrill-ride accompanied with taut, fast-paced action and compelling direction. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt form a perfect chemistry that takes them from the training ground, to the battlefield through to the action-bound finale in Paris. The premise of the time-loop has been used many times before, but this time round there are enough exciting visuals and dynamic storytelling skills employed to make this one thrilling (and unexpectedly comedic) flick that is unpredictable and expertly designed. A model of cinematic craftsmanship.
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BETTER than I was expecting!
Kurt Nyffeler9 June 2014
I saw the trailer of this, but was expecting another campy "Independence Day" trying to be too funny, "War of the Worlds" that tried to be too serious or "District 9" that was FX for FX sake. I probably would have not gone, but my date said her daughter saw it and loved it.

Wow, was I surprised! The characters make the movie. Cruise's less-than-perfect, frustrated but determined "Cage" quickly got me rooting for him. Emily Blunt's serious "Rita" was a great mirror image protagonist.

The special effects were so clean and well integrated that they didn't overpower the story or become center stage. Instead, they added to bringing in me into making the unreal premise more real.

In the end, this is probably the coolest sci-fi love story I have ever seen. It is nice to see that Hollywood can still produce something other than the formulaic trash that usually keeps me away from the theaters. Warner Brothers, thanks for putting $178 million on the table to make this!
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Tom Cruise meets his Groundhog Day with a surprising, well told story and energetic entertainment
jigsaw-9128 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Edge of Tomorrow (EOT for me) will be the most surprising blockbuster of this year (maybe along with X-Men: Days of Future Past) for doing its job so well that beats every expectation about what it has to offer. A storyline about one man that is shown to us doing the "same" things every time could be dull. But EOT has a thoughtful script full of turns and fun that entertains and allows to Cruise to do new things inside that particular Groundhog Day.

I wont spoil anything because the movie is full of valuable twists, surprisingly good chemistry between Cruise and Emily Blunt (Full Metal B**ch) and it has an involving script aside of the spectacular action sequences. The first one in the movie is totally amazing. But the rest is as that good. The movie clearly develops in the action and the riveting pace. It offers what a great blockbuster should be and it reaches that superb goal.

Also Tom Cruise gives his best performance in so many time. Maybe, I'm not joking, this is his best performance ever. For the first time he is not doing an smiling hero. He is a coward. He is a scared and inexperienced soldier who has to learn to be more skillful (and to escape from his personal loop) every time he returns to the "same" day. And Cruise is wonderful in that role. You really don't recognize him. Forget his frequent smiling, his heroic or possible macho topics. This could be a new and groundbreaking role inside his career even if you are not a big fan of him (I'm not going as far as saying that this is his best movie or the most enjoyable one of all, but this movie could be one of his best ones too). And when a movie has a star doing his job properly and much better than expected, a great script and a riveting pace (the movie is never boring) the whole concept has the job done. And that's the case of EOT. Also the stellar performances from Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson are truly good.

In fact I'm glad that this one came after "Oblivion". That one was good, but this one is different and much better. Don't expect "Oblivion 2" or its same style because you will be wrong.

Please, trust me and go to the theater to enjoy this wonderful, original and surprising entertainment. It delivers much more than you could expect, delivers the best Cruise (in so many time that I personally think that this is Cruise at his best) and delivers a clever story with a good twist. Enjoy!
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This year's most surprising blockbuster movie so far
aldri-feb28 May 2014
With thrilling action sequences, clever sense of humor and surprisingly intellectual storyline, "Edge of Tomorrow" shows a real deal of summer blockbuster movie and proves itself beyond expectation especially after unconvincing trailers. Perhaps the theme and alien character looks familiar with some popular sci-fi movies but it's still combined perfectly as an entertainment. Doug Liman as director smartly exploited 're-setting the day' aspect without making it complicated and escaping it from being dull with some quality combat moments also inserting lovable drama that is commanded by memorable chemistry from Tom Cruise and Emilly Blunt have carried whole scenes in it. Overall "Edge of Tomorrow" feels more satisfying than it might have been in any ways and shows how the non-sequel-reboot blockbuster movie should be done. It's definitely much fun than I have ever imagined and pleasurable to re-watch it over and over again.
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The definite blockbuster of this summer
andynaik28 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Another sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise didn't interest me much. The trailer also didn't give me a clear idea of what this movie was about which made it even surprisingly good to experience it! The thing about movies like these is that there's a lot of potential to repeat the same things over and over and leave the viewer uninterested. However, every time there was something new so it didn't feel repetitive. There were also elements of humor that were refreshing. The editing should be admired.

Without giving too much away, I'll say that Tom Cruise (Major Cage) is an absolute novice in warfare, who is involuntarily picked for an assault on aliens who have taken over Europe. To combat these aliens, the joint forces around the world have developed a armor suit laced with heavy weaponry. He is baffled as to why he was picked when he knows nothing about warfare. That part wasn't satisfactorily answered. The first day after combat, he begins to develop symptoms of living the same day over and over again. Baffled, he tries to explain the situation to others who disregard his views. In Rita, he finds someone who can understand his situation.

There on, it's a thrilling ride of finding out what's causing these repetitions and finding a means to put an end to it. The movie is fast paced so no mulling over. Little details of changes in the scenery, how Cage modifies his behavior both to convince others and to find an answer, and how events unfold are put forth excellently. I'm sure enthusiasts can find plot holes aplenty but I found this movie thoroughly entertaining. If you're in the mood for watching fast-paced action sci-fi, then I definitely recommend this movie!
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What a Fantastic Movie!
somersetboy10 July 2016
Superb! I rarely get to go to a movie with my older son after his siblings came along. We did manage to go to this movie in the cinemas. Not only were we glad we chose this movie to watch, but two years later, we still recall the impact this movie had on both of us.

This science fiction story is deeply satisfying. The movie treats the viewers as intelligent people. It is not in the same league of a plethora of science fiction movies that hit the cinemas every year. For example this year we have Independence Day 2, a high budget sequel to a high budget b-movie from a long time ago. It is profoundly forgettable. That is in stark contrast to Edge of Tomorrow, which has stayed with me for so long and today motivated me to come here on IMDb to write a review after two years!

This movie is a must watch. Thanks for reading.
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Why bother on originality when the execution is so well-handed?
kshirad28 May 2014
There are multiple plot strands from other films gathered into a union. I won't give you any hint but you'll get it when you see it. Nowadays, movies are short on originality. But, in this case, you won't give a thing about it.

Premise: An inexperience military officer was sent to war to fight an alien race invading the earth. In the middle of the battlefield, he got into an accident which causes him to go into time- loop that repeats each moment when he dies.

The basis of the plot looks familiar... That could be a big problem. On the contrary, it succeeded to provide a big summer blockbuster satisfaction. The pacing is perfect, the acting is perfect. Oh, and did i mention the effects? It was ragin'!

See this movie with low expectations (2D or 3D doesn't matter)...
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Better than I was expecting....
nick-sultana28 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was lucky enough to watch an exclusive Premiere Screening in Sydney with a friend last night, I can honestly admit that it was better than I was originally expecting.

Storyline goes that William Cage (Tom Cruise), a military officer inexperienced in combat, is deployed into a combat mission against the aliens and even against his will. Though Cage is killed in minutes in a spectacular battle sequence that echoes the opening sequence in Saving Private Ryan, he finds himself starting over in a time loop, repeating the same mission and being killed. Each time, Cage discovers and remembers the timed events that he experienced and decides to learn better to fight the aliens, he teams up with Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) to defeat them but he will learn why as well he has this power and that he was not alone.

The storyline was strong all the way and it never loses itself or goes over-the-top, the acting from Cruise and Blunt is both epic and really a game changer for both (people have complained about the lack of emotion in the characters but I can admit it was not needed here much), casting as well includes Bill Paxton, Brendon Gleeson and even Australian actors Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones) and Kick Gurry (Speed Racer) and they all provided excellent performances.

The visual effects are really top notch and even at times remind me of Elysium and even Battle: Los Angeles. The action-set sequences are very well choreographed and are even tense in the opening minutes of the film. The aliens they fight are really incredible looking, scary and even remind me of something out of a Guillermo del Toro film (think Hellboy 1 and 2 or even Pacific Rim). The Exo-Skeleton suits are being more and more awesome whenever they are used in film, I just wish they had invented real ones by now.

Overall, EoT is a movie that will not only enlighten Sci-Fi fans but it will keep the action junkies glued to the screen and if you like or hate Tom Cruise, you may be in for a surprise
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Very Nice!
liverpudean28 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
1. Story-line is perfect. Its a brand new story. No copycat

2. Almost No Detail miss

3. Best expression from main character Cage (Tom). He can make us understand by silence

4. Good science put in it and its logical

5. nice visual effect and sound effect, good action

6. U just can't simply predict whats up next. Believe me, U can't

7. Repeat-Repeat But no bored cause he innovate his(Tom) movement every time he dead

8. Nice chemistry between Cage(Tom) and Emily(Rita)

9. No stupid Sex and unnecessary romance. Only One nice short kiss at the right time

10. Nice ending

OK 10 stars
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Great as a sci fi actioner -- perfect as a love story
A_Different_Drummer16 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Took 3 viewings before this review because I wanted to get it right.

On its face this seems to be Groundhog Day with a sci fi twist but in fact it is much more.

It is nuanced, and I give the stars credit for making those nuances work.

The way Cruise's character changes and matures during the film is something you don't see too often.

The riffs on time travel set against the "trope" of being sent to a battle with no preparation is also rare -- you literally would have to go to Groundhog Day to to even come close.

The big difference of course is that Murray in GD never really knew what he wanted to do -- except wake up.

Here there is a "mission" and that gives this actioner a real shot of adrenalin. The viewer is hooked like a trout.

Three viewings so far and I expect to revisit it again.

Blount's possibly best role, she doesn't have a lot of dialog but her face is like a watermark on the various scenes, making them unforgettable.

As a sci-fi actioner, it's a "9." As possibly the most existentialist love story ever filmed it is a 10 - in the course of the entire film, he propositions her and gets turned down, he tries to chat her up in a car and gets turned down, and then she kisses him just before she dies. All the elements of BOY MEETS GIRL are there. They are just really really really compressed.
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On the Edge of………….Groundhog Day?????
KissEnglishPasto22 April 2015
............................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL

This Review is dedicated to my student and friend Sebastian Portilla…Who really likes this movie and specifically requested it!

As regards EDGE, sorry, but it is pretty much of an impossibility for me to sit down and write a completely unbiased review. In my case, this film will always be viewed through the lens of Groundhog Day, one of my all- time favorite movies, my favorite film to share with my English students and, most definitely, my #1 Romantic-Comedy of all time! But despite the fact that I have seen Groundhog Day, from beginning to end, at least 2 dozen times, this is supposed to be a review of EDGE, so let's turn our focus there:

It is easy to understand why so many IMDb-ers have awarded 9 or 10 stars to this "EDGY" Sci-Fi near classic, I suppose if it hadn't been for the reason so clearly spelled out above, I, undoubtedly, would have done the same…Still, EDGE possesses many standalone qualities that have motivated me to give it a well-deserved 8 Stars! FIRST: Here, Tom Cruise's character, Cage, is a die-hard desk jockey PR/Marketing mature-media- pretty-face type, who seems, at least initially, to have an anaphylactic shock reaction to any and all bellicose activities encoded in his DNA! I find this an extremely amusing tongue in cheek poke at himself in some of his earlier Mr. Invincible, Super Macho, Ethan Hunt and Jack Reacher type roles!

Another critical factor working in its favor: EDGE is anything BUT a "leave your brain at the door" mindless Action/Sci-Fi flick, unlike so many of your typical Hollywood "Action/Sci-Fi" counterparts! If your focus wanders, you could be asking yourself, "OOPS! What just happened!?!?" This film almost constantly challenges you to re-evaluate your opinions and the relevance of what has transpired on screen! But don't get me wrong, EDGE has enough mind-numbing action to satisfy even the most exigent of action movie junkies! At the same time, it also presents us with some rather inspired and original plot twists. (Don't worry, No Spoilers AHEAD!) Speaking of originality, perhaps this is the perfect moment to mention that despite that its driving force idea seems to be a blatant rip-off of Groundhog Day, at least EDGE manages to impart a good deal of fresh spin to the concept, so as to give it quite a life of its own.

From a technical standpoint, as is the case with most Hollywood big budget productions nowadays, Cinematography, sound, sound mixing, editing, effects, pretty much everything is extremely professionally done. Screenplay, three people with long names listed, is actually engrossing and quite engaging. For those of you who usually "PASS" on this genre, I would venture to say that quite a good number of you might find putting yourself on EDGE might be more than worth your while!


Any comments, questions or observations, in English o en Español, are most welcome!
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One of my few 10 rated movies
claus-786-10505225 July 2018
Theres so much to say, the plot is so brilliant. And the acting is top too characters working very well together.

I can only pray they make a sequel to this one, massive potential. Truely a must watch for sci-fi fans
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Plot well established, action well packed, but lack of emotion depth
johnnylaiyee27 May 2014
Just watched an early screening last night, I was quite satisfied while my girlfriend wasn't so impressed.

Here are the things in a nut shell

1. Actions are top notch, nothing look a bit CGI generated (even aliens look fine), long shots are very convincing in 3D with good layer distances, but some of the close actions look a little bit too fast and hard to comprehend.

2. The whole LIVE! DIE! REPEAT! thing is well established with unlikely humor, it really draw me into the shoes of Cage (not Nic Cage, it's Cruise's character), sometimes it is just too interesting to look at and you almost forget the big threat they are facing. Liman did a great job here to maintain audiences' interest without being "repetitive".

3. Emotional development is somehow weak comparing to the action and plot. We know there is an alien invasion coming but we just "know" it, we don't "feel" it. Probably because we don't really know what Cage (Again, not Nic, nice try) cares about, we don't see him care about anything, except wining the war (maybe at some point we feel that he loves Rita, but it was not very well developed, things happened a little bit rush in emotional development).

As a male audience, I wasn't stunned but still completely satisfied, maybe I just care about the plot and action more than the emotion (Just like Liman's first Bourne, emotional development was lacking while the plot and action are stunning). But as a female audience, my girlfriend may fell a little hard to feel for the characters, to care enough for the plot and action.
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Overrated, but a fun film
Dragonsouls7 February 2015
I've been waiting for HBO to broadcast this film for quite some time and I had high expectations based on the positive reviews this film has garnered. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed, and I'll tell you why without spoiling anything.

Now I won't go on and mention the lack of characterization or emotional depth. That's not why some stories are told--especially science fiction stories--which are usually always plot driven. Still, after the first twenty minutes, which happened to be contain the most engrossing moments in the film, I found myself wondering if this story would wind up as some mindless circus film and it wound up being the case.

The villains were very shallow things, with no motives whatsoever. And if science fiction is supposed to be plot driven, then, this film's plot could have had more depth. As a matter of fact, this wasn't even a science fiction movie at all, but rather an action movie. And so if the villain is shallow and without motives, chances are, that the hero will be shallow as well. A hero is defined by the degree of the antagonist's villainy after all. And the hero, Major Cage (played brilliantly by Tom Cruise) was just a soldier in a war, with a gift. His plight was simple. Save the world from evil robotic aliens.

The action was fun. I bet this looked great in the theaters. I just hoped for something more. Something more politically driven, conspiratorial, or philosophical. In the end, it's a fairly unique story, with some clever directing and cool action scenes--but that's it. I admire the script and the slow dramatic buildup that the time loop creates. Each new day that Major Cage experiences led to new discoveries and new ways for him to defeat his enemy. I may watch this again simply for Tom Cruise's excellent performance--and of course--the impressive fireworks.
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The movie delivers much more than i expected and i expected a lot.
hisatog431 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this movie, i remembered last year's Now You See Me, which was an unexpected and entertaining movie.

This is very well paced and executed film. Tom Cruise seriously fits the character. I know the main character in the Japanese novel is a young man, but man i'm glad they cast Tom Cruise in this. I'm not a fan of Tom but to me he always give 120% in every film. If Hollywood wanted it to follow the original material, they would cast some pretty face teenagers that would have the same personality as the rest typical teenagers characters (Stupid, ignorant, selfish, arrogant for no reason). Thank God they didn't do that.

The story is excellent and it is nowhere similar to Groundhog Day except for the day loops. it is action packed and there are plenty of funny moments. You may expect the looping days would be boring after a while, but you'd be wrong.

I cannot comment on the CGI, because i think there is too much good CGI in every movies nowadays that i am not impressed anymore. But it does not mean the CGI int he movie is bad or anything. On the contrary it felt pretty real to me.

My recommendation : GO SEE THIS MOVIE. You will not regret it.

P/S : The only bad experience when i was watching this movie in cinema was the guy beside me who constantly open his brightly lit phone and even answered a call. another is a group of stupid teenagers behind me who keep commenting loudly on every scene, thinking they were funny. SO PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE OR TALK LOUDLY IN THE CINEMA DURING A MOVIE SCREENING. Thank you.
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It;'s Groundhog's Day
imuneak9 September 2014
Take the 1993 classic Bill Murray flick and make the short furry guy the star minus the comedy and include lots of guns and you have Edge of Tomorrow. Interesting in theory except it completely throws the entire concept of linear time out the window with the 2nd or 3rd revival. If the actions of a single person do not change the outcome of everyone around them then this movie makes perfect sense. Why altering ones choices does not result in a completely different outcome is completely against the theory it is based on (but it is still entertaining to watch which is why it got a 6 instead of much lower). If looking for something intellectually stimulating this is not the answer. Want stuff that blows up and is loosely based off of sci-fi folk-lore this is the movie for you!!!
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Like Groundhog Day with guns
Nokitron28 May 2014
So Tom Cruise has been back again with the latest sci-fi, Edge of Tomorrow. After his great performance in Oblivion, he made it again in this comedy-filled tasty Twinkie. Not to say this film is all comedy,and there was too much action to categorize it as nice drama movie. What I was going to say is, this movie has all the movie needs to be enjoyable.

Private Cage is brought down to warfare against aliens, without reading "Exoskeleton Suit for Dummies" first. But oh my, he had this curse that Phil had in Punxsutawney that he had to die and respawn, and over and over and (over) again that he granted from an alien he killed.

I don't know, but apparently, the screenwriter was inspired by "Groundhog Day", which is a good thing. The pace really done well by describing Cage deals with time-loop. There are many possibilities of a man's mind could think to take advantage of a powerful curse, and I think they explore this well, just like Groundhog Day.

Good thing comes from the characters. They are lovable and some of them have great quotes. Emily Blunt really nailed the character of a hard-soldier that shared same fate with Cage in the past. She really balanced Tom Cruise's performance.

But enough exaggerating, shall I? There are minus-es too. Always. The first one is the lack of pre-invasion imaging of Earth(I am not really sure for this one, because I missed first five minutes of the movie). Damn, they should have made the detail about the mimic's purpose and maybe, a little twist in the credits that could open a gate for sequels (duh!). The second, well, I think there is no second minus.

Even it is not perfect, I believe they have exceeded the edge of making a sci-fi well-balanced, either from the storyline and action. Really worth to watch in cinema. And btw, forget Godzilla, the storyline sucks.(no h8 kaiju fans)
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Aliens meets Starship Troopers meets Groundhog Day
MrDHWong4 June 2016
Edge of Tomorrow is a science fiction film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. It had a very clever plot and well-paced action scenes. What intrigued me about it was that it is based on a Japanese graphic novel (or manga) called "All You Need Is Kill".

The story is about an army officer named William Cage (Tom Cruise) who gets caught up in fighting a war against an elite alien race along side Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt). Shortly after dying the first time he is dropped into combat, he discovers that he is stuck in a time loop which repeats the same scenario over and over. Realising they can use this to their advantage, Cage and Vrataski hone their battle skills each time the loop occurs and hatch a plan to kill the aliens and win the war.

This concept was very cleverly executed. It was like Aliens meets Starship Troopers meets Groundhog Day. When the movie wanted to be funny with jokes about deja vu, it was hilarious. Even Tom Cruise, whom I normally despise, was very good in this movie, not taking himself too seriously and Emily Blunt was enjoyable as well.

I rate it 8/10.
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Single handedly the best Action/Sci-Fi movie in 2014 and the most underrated.
Aktham Tashtush17 February 2015
It is deferentially the best Si-Fi, Action, Drama and even comedy movie of the year ... amazing story, connected plot, unexpected satisfying ending.

The storyline is so thrilling .. every scene is intriguing in its own way ,, even if they give the same story in the scene, its repeat will have this small tick that makes it different.

Tom cruise did a hell of job, his face expressions on the movie just memorizing, makes you be in the movie itself. and those comedic, ironic bits on the movie made it more attracting.

If you watched it once you will definitely watch it again and again ,, then again some scenes !! ;) the screenplay writers are geniuses they made hell of twists all along the movie and bravo for Doug Liman for a fabulous directing. not being nominated for two academy awards minimum for best actor and directing or writing was just totally unfair !! well since we're here i'm off to watching the movie once again ;)
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