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A very bland and boring spin-off to the HSM series
neenahhh19 May 2011
"Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" was not needed and a shameful addition to the "High School Musical" trilogy. This movie was just a way to generate money from fans of the HSM movies.

This is NOT a movie targeted for teenagers. I felt like this movie's target audience was kids in the 9-12 year-old range! The plot was very shallow and it was so predictable. I already knew how the movie was going to end towards the middle of the movie. It's mostly about dogs falling in love with each other. Thank goodness they didn't add voice overs for the dogs. That would have KILLED the movie even more so.

I will say that the acting was pretty decent. Not as awkward as the acting in "Pretty Little Liars" or any other similar franchises. I was expecting the acting to be terrible, but I was pleasantly proved wrong. Actors like Ashley Tisdale and Cameron Goodman made the movie watchable, despite the bad plot. But I did find myself bothered by the horrible lip-syncing. It was just so obvious! That ruined most of the songs for me.

I disliked the plot and all its shallowness. But despite that, I'm not giving it a flat 1/10. I have the cast to thank for that. The producers were just lucky that they got real actresses who can actually act. Ashley really saved this movie.

Viewed on: May 19, 2011
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Another Disney movie with music in it...!
Paul Magne Haakonsen9 April 2011
Being a Disney movie, you know that you are in for some quality production and the movie does bear witness of that, and it does serve the movie well. But at the same time, the movie suffers under the typical stuff that Disney puts out for the teenagers, and "Sharpays Fabulous Adventure" is no exception.

The story in "Sharpays Fabulous Adventure" is about Sharpay Evans going to New York to follow her dream for fame and fortune, but it is her dog Boi's time to shine instead. And we follow the pair on their way to Broadway fame.

The acting in the movie is actually good, and there are are some nice characters in the movie. The most interesting performances are done by Ashley Tisdale (playing Sharpay Evans) and Cameron Goodman (playing Amber Lee Adams).

Now, bear in mind that "Sharpays Fabulous Adventure" is a movie for teenagers, particular starstruck teenage girls. I wasn't in the target audience, though, but I can say that the movie have potential to hit home with the teenagers.

As a Disney movie, I think they actually struck the nail right on the head with this movie, despite it wasn't particularly anything in my personal interest. However, isn't it time that Disney does move on from the carcass that is known as musical movies, haven't it been bled dry already? That might just be a personal opinion, though!

If you like movies with lots of music in it, have stardom dreams, and if you are a teenage girl, then "Sharpays Fabulous Adventure" is definitely something just for you.
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I Dunno. I Really Liked It.
johnstonjames8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
i dunno. what'ya say about stuff like this? especially when you find that for no apparent reason you find yourself liking it. as a 49 year old male i'm disturbed by the fact that i wanted to see this let alone end up liking it. i even purchased this movie at Target. but the only reason i did that was because i defaulted on my credit and bank cards and wasn't able to rent it at Blockbuster Express.

even though i really enjoyed this and thought it was wholesome entertainment for little girls, kids should probably be told that stuff like this is pretty much commercial brain rot and is usually aimed at the lowest common denominator. still, i like Disney movies and i'm one of those rare birds that actually really loves musicals. so i enjoyed this a lot. kinda double funny as well since i'm not a 'High School Musical' fan. i like this kind of stuff, but Disney 'HSM' movies are so gooey corny they push the puke factor. besides, everyone who knows knows the 'HSM' franchise appeals more to little kids and babies more than it appeals to older more jaded high school kids.

'Sharpay' is the same. it's about a young girl going off to college and a career, but it's primary appeal is mostly for the small fry. i mean Sharpay and some little kid sing and dance cutesy poo songs with little dogs and stuff. heavy baby factor. but still i liked this. the song numbers, although cutesy and aimed at children, were actually kind of adorable and had a lot of ooky appeal if you happen to like kids and little dogs. which i kinda do. plus Sharpay, er i mean Ashley Tisdale, was actually very good and not without engaging talent. Tisdale also has a better voice than Miley Cyrus.

look. no one in their right mind can make a argument that this is great filmmaking or contributes anything to society or culture, but it was cute. and it was very wholesome entertainment. more wholesome and clean than much of the kiddie'tainments offered on Nickolodeon.

little girls and their baby sisters are in good hands with little Sharpay, so their mommies and daddies needn't worry about this. the only bad influence here is possibly Sharpay's consumer obsession. but that also probably depends on your political viewpoints.

as a 49 year old male my main concern is becoming some kind of fem-bot by watching too much girly stuff like this. oh well, nobody is perfect and i hate the whole macho role anyway. Sharpay is right, the meaning of life is have fun and enjoy yourself and don't be too mean about it. hey Boi!! ooky.
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Sharpay isn't that great without her brother
Mandirenfroe4 September 2015
I'm a fan of the High School Musical movies, meaning I love the first one and could go without the second and third on my movie shelf. However, what I loved about Sharpay in the first movie was the scenes with her and her brother, Ryan. They completed each other. For example when it was their turn to go audition for the spring musical, Ryan starts to walk ahead but Sharpay stops him and walks in front of him. He let's her, but rolls his eyes behind her back. Without him, it was just be a self-absorbed Diva being non- humorously pushy with everybody else.

Which is what this movie was pretty much about. They tried to have her co-star be an adorable puppy, but it didn't grab the audience's heart or attention. In fact, I honestly could only watch about thirty minutes of this movie before leaving the room.

Side character spin off movies or television shows rarely work out. They completely flop if you don't include the things that made them awesome to begin with. In this case, her brother.
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Sharpay Meets Her Own Sharpay
bkoganbing22 May 2011
Ashley Tisdale who played the wicked Sharpay in the Disney High School Musical films gets to put the shoe on the other foot in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. By the end of the film you will hardly recognize the vixen of East High.

Very few people have been spoiled the way Sharpay Evans was in her adolescence with her rich parents giving her all at her command, except Zac Efron and they made a good try for him. But high school has been over a year and her parents expect her to grow up a bit.

Which is hard to do when everything's been handed to you all your life. But her father makes a bargain with her. He underwrites her living in New York for a month to see if she can catch on in the theater. He's in need of a reality check himself, I've known people all their lives who wait for a break in the theater who are talented, but never have the opportunity. Still Ashley Tisdale goes for it.

She does get a break, but it's for her dog, a well trained terrier named Boy who is needed for a musical starring Cameron Goodman. She's a grownup version of Sharpay and that's something new for Tisdale. And she's got young Bradley Steven Perry who has the idea his dog should star on Broadway. But she also has a new good friend in film student Austin Butler and who knows if things will turn out SharFabulous.

This is a Disney Channel production and no one will ever confuse this with more realistic backstage stories like A Chorus Line, Forty Second Street, or Goldiggers of 1933. But given the Disney parameters Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure is entertaining enough. Tisdale is certainly talented singing, acting or dancing.

But I'd love to know, we're there girls out there named Sharpay before High School Musical?
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This was stupid and boring.
ofpsmith16 November 2014
I haven't seen the High School Musical movies and I'm not really sure I want to after having seen this. This movie was boring, stupid, and just fell flat. Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) goes to New York to become an actress, but encounters rivals. Seriously. That's it. I pretty much just summed up the entire movie in one sentence. I haven't seen the High School Musical Movies but I'm pretty sure that Sharpay was supposed to be one of the antagonists. So why should fans of the franchise really care about if she makes it in New York or not. She acts like JP Morgan and pretty much just disapproves of all people not as rich as her for that reason. I'm sorry but why should we give a care about this character? The rest is all stock. In other words I really don't recommend this movie at all.
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joshminch28 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty standard fare. I didn't watch any of the other movies that preceded this besides the original HSM, and thought it was a decent kids movie. Its no Scooby Doo On Zombie Island. The one issue that I really had with this character was she's very annoying and has no character arc. Also she's named after a wrinkly dog which is not a redeeming quality. The dogs have medical issues in which their eyelids will slough off of their eyeballs and hang limply from their faces. Its quite horrific. I am a vet. In addition, the spelling of the breed is incorrect. I don't want people getting the wrong idea that naming your children after dog breeds is normal or sane. There's enough "Khaleesis" in the world already! WE don't need any Bichonfreeze.

WHY is she named after a wrinkly dog? A poor example for the future. I don't want Skynet.
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You Just Don't Have A Chance.
kylehaines9615 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Well this was a very good idea to make into a movie.

I can't believe that they made another High School Musical movie this time on the most annoying one of the bunch. Well lets just see how bad this movie really is.

The film follows Sharpay played by Ashley Tisdale who wants to make it big and go to Broadway all while having a huge fight with SNOOTY Roger played by Bradley Steven Perry.

This is a terrible movie and very unnecessary but Tisdale is not that bad and the last song is not that bad but the songs are not very memorable. Next time I review Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer.

Rated G.

1hr 29min/89min.

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Okay Fun, v1.00
annevejb13 October 2011
As with HSM, I found the first viewing to be empty, particularly at the start.

As with HSM, I found additional viewings to be okay fun.

I found it to be an okay Sharpay story. I do not have the extended version so other principals from HSM were not there other than her brother appearing twice in the soundtrack as background music. This story has several songs sung musical style and several as background, drama style.

I can like the music, just as much as I can like HSM music. As with HSM, I can really like some of the frocks. So there is storyline, but to me that is not the most important thing with these stories.
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Not as bad as I wanted it to be but still not a must-see film.
Kobe Busia11 June 2011
When I 1st heard about this spin-off of HSM, I had every thought in my mind that this film would suck at all cost and I really wanted to hate it so much. But to my surprise, it turned out pretty good and I must say that they really took Sharpay's character in the right direction in the sense that she evolved from this bratty, rotten, unreasonable, abusive, and self-centered drama queen to this hopeful, ambitious, yet caring and more sensitive and determined young woman who is so focused on fulfilling her Broadway dreams. She evolved so much that if you watched this film without seeing the HSM films, you would think that Sharpay's always been like this. My personal favorite part of the movie is the extended ending when her twin brother Ryan(Lucas Grabeel) comes to visit her because it brought me back to the old HSM days and this time she wasn't abusing him like she did in HSM 1 and 2, and occasionally in HSM 3. The music was acceptable, but not mind-blowing like any of the HSM songs, Lucas Grabeel even got to record Baby by Justin Bieber. Overall, I think this film was much more realistic than any of the HSM movies, but it was also more aimed towards girls. This isn't a terrible film, but it's not a definite crowd- pleaser either. A fairly good attempt Disney. I give this film a 7.5/10
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