"The Simpsons" MoneyBart (TV Episode 2010) Poster

(TV Series)


Yeardley Smith: Lisa Simpson


  • Marge Simpson : [watching Lisa practice fencing to get into Harvard]  Sweetie, you could still go to McGill, the Harvard of Canada.

    Lisa Simpson : Anything that's the "something" of the "something" isn't really the "anything" of "anything".

  • Nelson Muntz : She can do the kind of math that has letters. Watch. What's X, Lisa?

    Lisa Simpson : Well, that depends...

    Nelson Muntz : Sorry. She did it yesterday.

  • Lisa Simpson : Managers manage, and players play.

    Ralph Wiggum : Do alligators alligate?

    Lisa Simpson : I don't know! Yes!

    Ralph Wiggum : I'm scared!

  • Nelson Muntz : Hey, get a room, you two.

    Lisa Simpson : We're brother and sister.

    Milhouse Van Houten : So are my parents, I think.

  • Lisa Simpson : I need another player. Ralph is too juiced.

    Ralph Wiggum : [surrounded by juice boxes]  I didn't know what I was putting into my body.

  • Lisa Simpson : Bottom line: I need an extracurricular activity, and no one else will coach you loveable losers.

    Bart Simpson : We're not losers! Last year we finished six and five.

    Nelson Muntz : And we're not loveable. We had a tall freckle-faced kid on the team that we picked on 'til he quit.

    [sees the tall, freckled kid walking down the street] 

    Nelson Muntz : Hey, Splatterface! How's the weather up there?

    [Kid walks off, downhearted] 

    Nelson Muntz : It's too bad, 'cause he's a great hitter, but it's worth it.

  • Lisa Simpson : I was wondering if you and your friends could tell me about baseball strategy.

    Moe Szyslak : The only thing I know about strategy is that everything the manager does is crap. Unless it works, in which case he's a button pusher.

    Lenny : I hate people who just push buttons all day.

    Carl : You just push buttons all day.

    Lenny : You know, ever since Obama came in, you have all the answers, don't you?

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