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  • Dean and Bobby investigate the disappearance of teenage girls when Sam awakes after recovering his mended soul. Bobby still does not trust Sam and Dean and his brother travel to investigate further. They find that the abducted girls are virgins and that dragons are the responsible for the kidnappings. Dean calls Bobby and he tells the name of a specialist that may teach them how to vanquish the dragon. While Sam searches where the dragon might be hidden, Dean visits Dr. Eleanor Visyak that tells him that he needs a blade forged with dragon blood. Dean borrows a piece of the weapon with her and he goes with Sam to the sewage system where they find the missing girls. They also recovers a Fourteen Century paper and Bobby translates parts and discovers that the dragon wishes to open the purgatory's door to release the Mother of all.

  • Dean and Bobby anxiously wait for Sam to wake up to see if Death was able to restore his soul without causing Sam to lose his mind. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby investigate a disappearance of virgins and discover dragons are behind the kidnappings. Bobby sends Dean to a doctor who owns the only weapon in the world that can slay a dragon, but Dean must prove himself worthy enough to take it.


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  • Over Oregon, a couple is in a plane caught in a storm. The girlfriend, Penny Dessertine, looks out the window and notices something outside. Penny looks at her boyfriend Stan, and tells him there's something out there. Stan doesn't believe Penny, and tells to lean back and try to relax. Penny pushes her worries down and leans back and closes her eyes. Its quiet for a few moments and then the plane is ripped open, and Stan is ripped out from the cockpit by something. As the plane goes down, Penny screams in horror.

    The scene shifts to Bobby's Panic Room where Castiel emerges after checking on a comatose Sam. Castiel approaches Dean, who was waiting outside the room, and tells Dean that Sam's soul is in place. Dean takes a quick look at Sam and turns to Castiel and asks if Sam is ever going to wake up. Castiel responds by telling Dean he is not a human doctor. Dean continues on by asking if Castiel could take a guess. Castiel turns to Dean and says, "Okay, probably not." Castiel continues on by saying that he warned Dean not to put Sam's soul back in. Dean tells Castiel he wasn't about to let T-100 (Soulless Sam) walk around and hope he doesn't fire. Castiel walks up to Dean and tells Dean what Sam's soul felt like; like it had been skinned alive. Dean is surprised to hear this, and Castiel angrily tells Dean if he wanted to kill Sam, he should have done it outright. Then Castiel leaves, leaving Dean to think over his words. While thinking, Dean looks at Sam laying prone in the panic room. SamshassoulSam hugs Dean Mr.ComatoseAdded by Mr.Comatose Dean heads up stairs and shares a drink with Bobby. They talk about Sam's situation downstairs, and Bobby mentions how much Sam has been through and that Sam always somehow bounces back. Dean mentions that Sam has never been through this. Then Dean notices the case file on Bobby's desk, and asks about it. Bobby mentions that a couple went up in a plane and crashed. The pilot was found 17 miles away, torn to pieces, but the girl wasn't found. As they are about to further discuss it, Dean hears his names called and turns around to see Sam. Sam, very happy to see his brother, gives Dean a big hug, and then sees Bobby and hugs him too. Then Sam asks how Bobby is alive. Sam mention how he felt and saw Lucifer snap his neck. Bobby and Dean realize that Sam probably doesn't remember anything after jumping into Lucifer's Cage. Bobby tells Sam that Castiel brought him back. Sam is surprised and glad to hear that Castiel is alive as well. Dean asks Sam how is he feeling, and Sam answers, that he is hungry.

    As Sam eats in Bobby's kitchen, Dean asks Sam what he remembers. Sam answers by saying that the last thing was jumping into the cage and then waking up in Bobby's panic room. Bobby is shocked to hear that Sam doesn't remember trying to kill him, and mention this but is cut off by Dean. Sam asks how long he was gone and Dean answers about a year and a half. Sam is shocked by this and comments on how he doesn't remember anything from hell. Sam continues on and asks how he got back. Dean tells Sam he made a deal with Death and that everything is okay. Bobby comments on this is neat and clean and is once again cut off by Dean. Sam ask Dean if there is anything else that he should know. After a pause, Dean answers no and offers Sam another beer. 612BobbyDeanBobby mentions Sam will find out Mr.ComatoseAdded by Mr.Comatose Later on, Dean brings Bobby a beer while he is working. Dean talks to Bobby about Sam and Bobby tells Dean how is not comfortable with this. Bobby mentions how he still has misgivings about about Sam due to how soulless Sam tried to kill him ten days ago. Dean mentions how he is not going to look down on this gift, and is practically gonna send Death a fruit basket. Bobby says they could tell Sam the truth. Dean responds by saying that they can't tell Sam the truth and risk breaking the wall that Death created to protect Sam. Bobby warns Dean that Sam will eventually find out about this, but agrees not to tell Sam. He also adds that it won't be pretty when Sam finds out and returns to fixing the car.

    Bobby and Dean prepare to head out on the case, and leaving Sam behind to rest. Although Sam is not asleep and insists on coming along as well. Dean tries to talk him out of it, but Sam doesn't budge. Still uncomfortable with Sam, Bobby decides not to come and tells them to go on without him, due to some work that still needed to be done. This raises Sam's suspicions that things aren't as he is being told. When Sam asks about it, Dean responds by saying its just Bobby in a bad mood.

    In the Impala heading for Oregon, Sam confirms that two other girls have vanished and no connection between them, and the plane crash victims. Sam asks Dean if he kept his promise to Sam to go live an apple pie life with Lisa and Ben. Sam also comments that Dean is actually the same as before. Dean tells Sam that he did go live with them for a year, but it didn't work out and got pulled back into hunting. 612DeanHappy Mr.ComatoseAdded by Mr.Comatose Sam and Dean first visit Penny's sister, who is reluctant to talk to anymore people. Sam, tells he understands and talks her into letting them in, so they investigate the case further. The sister lets them in, and Dean walks in smiling at the fact that Sam has still has got his mojo. The sister takes them to Penny's room, and talks about Penny. She mentions that Penny only went on the plane because of Stan.

    At the motel, Sam is doing research on the missing girls. He figures that the first two girls did church work, but Penny wasn't a christian. Then Dean reveals he stole Penny's diary from her room. Sam is clearly angry and shocked by this. Dean mentions how he loves that Sam is shocked at this. Sam catches this and asks why wouldn't he be. Dean begins to read the diary, effectively creeping Sam out. From this, they figure out that Penny was a virgin/

    At a local college, Melissa is parting with friends, saying good bye. She is walking across campus on her own, when she hears weird noises. On edge she moves faster. When she looks up in the night sky and sees something descend upon her, and runs for it. Much to her luck, she trips and falls. ScratchesMelissa shows scratches Mr.ComatoseAdded by Mr.Comatose The next day, Sam and Dean visit Melissa in the hospital, and they ask her to describe what happened. Melissa tells Sam and Dean that her attacked looked like a giant bat, and then she passed out. When she woke up, it was gone, and had marking on her shoulders where it grabbed her. Melissa shows them where it scratched her. Melissa mentions also that her golden promise ring was stolen. Dean asks her if she really was a virgin, and Melissa angrily admits the boy she has sex with didn't count. As they walk out of the hospital and towards the Impala, Dean makes a joke, and Sam comments on how he has been gone for a year and came back, and Dean's jokes are still not funny.

    Back at the motel, Sam has hit a roadblock while trying to figure out what likes virgins and gold, and it all takes him back to World of Warcraft fan sites. Dean is confused and Sam tells Dean its Dragons and it can't be possible. Dean says it might and calls Bobby for a second opinion. Bobby is cooking in his kitchen, when the phone rings. When he picks up, Dean asks Bobby what does he know about dragons. Bobby insists they aren't real, and says he will make some inquries. He also asks Dean how is the lying to Sam going, but Dean cuts him off and hangs up. While waiting for Bobby's phone call, Sam and Dean look over their files. Sam looks through John's Journal and gets deju when he sees the Skinwalker page. Sam asks Dean if they took on a skinwalker recently, and Dean lies and insists they haven't. Although this doesn't convince Sam, then Bobby calls. He refers Dean to a expert on medieval studies, Dr. Visyak.

    The scene shifts to an underground tunnel beneath the town, where the captured women are locked up in cages. One of the dragons arrives, shifting to human form, and brings in a new captured girl. The new girl struggles for release, and the dragon breaks her arm, and tosses her in with the others. The dragon closes the door, and using generated heat from his hand, weilds the door shut. EleanorVisyak Mr.ComatoseAdded by Mr.Comatose Dean arrives at Dr. Visyak's place, and rings the door bell. She opens the door, and tries to get rid of him, but lets Dean in at the mention of Bobby's name. Once in the house, Dr. Visyak tells Dean to kick Bobby in the groin next time Dean sees him, which confuses Dean and Dr. Visyak suggests Dean ask Bobby about it. Dean asks Dr. Visyak about dragons, and she answers its been around 700 years since they were last seen. Dr. Visyak continues on by saying that only way to kill a dragon is to use a blade forged with dragon's blood, but there is only a few left. Lucky for Dean, Dr. Visyak reveals that she had acquired one and its in the basement. They head down to the basement, where Dean sees the sword embedded in stone. Dean attempts to pull the sword out, but is unable to. Then Dean gets another idea, but warns Dr. Visyak she won't like it.

    At the motel, Sam calls Bobby asking for help on finding the dragon's lair. Since there is no caves, Bobby suggests that Sam thinks of alternatives. Then it hits Sam, Sewers, since Dragons like dark hidden areas. Sam thanks Bobby, and then asks Bobby if he is okay. Bobby lies (since he promised Dean he won't tell Sam) and insists nothing is wrong in the last year and a half that involves Sam, and hangs up. This leaves Sam further curious, so he attempts to summon Castiel. To his luck Castiel appears, telling Sam how good it is to see Sam, and attempts to hug Sam. Castiel is unaware that Dean and Bobby didn't tell Sam he was soulless, and Sam catches on that he wasn't told everything. Castiel then asks Sam whats it like to have his soul back, and Sam is surprised by this, but plays along to get more information. Sam asks Castiel to fill in the blanks for him. 800px-SwordofbrunswickDean with whats left of the sword Daniel skogsbergAdded by Daniel skogsberg Dean is laying down the final preparation to blast the stone away from the sword using explosives. Dr. Visyak is concerned for the sword's safety, and Dean reassures her he knows what he is doing. She gives in due to they have no other choice. Dean sets the charge, closes the door and backs away. When ready, Dean hits the detonator button, and a explosion is heard from the other room. Now safe, they head back in the room, and see the stone broken in pieces, and the sword still there. Dean pulls the sword out though, but only to discover that he had broken it. Dr. Visyak looks at the remnants of the sword in horror.

    Dean returns from Dr. Visyak's to the motel room and Dean shows Sam whats left of the blade. Sam tells Dean he had found with Bobby's help, the location of the dragon's lair, which is the sewers. As Dean prepares to leave, he notices Sam hesitating, but Sam tells Dean its nothing.

    In the sewers, they begin to wonder if they are lost, until they find a pile of gold, signaling they are nearing the dragons' lair. Sam soon finds a chamber with a table with candles and a old journal on it. Sam grabs the journal, and then the boys hear women screaming and ran to investigate. Sam and Dean find all the missing women trapped in cages, and Sam trys to free them. The women warn Sam and Dean that the dragon will be back any moment. Then the dragon appears in human form, and attacks. Sam gets stunned, and Dean cuts the dragon with the sword. The dragon knocks the blade out of Dean's hand, but is stopped by the dragon. Sam lends a helping hand, and distracts the dragon while Dean goes for the blade. Then the second dragon arrives and attacks Dean. Then Sam goes for the sword, and manages to grab it, and stabs the second dragon. Seeing the death of his brethren, the first dragon flees. SPN612 1084 ThesilentpoethoseaAdded by Thesilentpoethosea After the case is finished, they head back to Bobby's Place, and Dean is looking at the gold they got from the dragon's lair. Sam comments that Dean should just roll in it. Dean resorts that he rarely has wealth. Then Sam gets serious and apologizes to Dean. At first Dean tries to hide it, and then asks who told Sam. Sam tells Dean Castiel told him, and Dean comments on how Cas is such a child. Sam angrily points out that Dean should have told him. Sam continues on by saying that he feels responsible for what he did when he was soulless, and he should make amends. Dean points out that it wasn't Sam, but Sam rebuts saying it was still a part of him. Sam asks Dean what he did. Dean tells Sam it could be dangerous due to Death putting a wall in Sam's head between him and the things he doesn't remember. But Sam points out that Dean would do the same thing if he were in Sam's shoes. Then Bobby calls Sam and Dean in. He tells the boys he has been translating the journal Sam found in the dragon's lair, and tells them its very old (the pages are made from human skin). Bobby tells them the book describes a place of blood and bone, filled with the souls of all the monsters slain.

    The dragon that got away meets up with more of its kind, telling them what happened. The other dragon reassures him that they have enough virgins to meet their need. They move towards the van full of young virgin women, and grab one out, and drag her to a nearby cave. Bobby explains book is talking about Purgatory, and its like a how to manual to open a door to it. Although there is one page, with specific instructions, is missing from the book. EveRisesDragons watch Eve rise Mr.ComatoseAdded by Mr.Comatose The dragon brings the virgin to the edge of the chasm and reads the inscription from the page ripped from the book. Fires ignite below, and the dragon cuts his arm and lets the blood drip down. Then the dragons grab the girl and toss her head first into the chasm and finish the spell. Bobby tells Sam and Dean that the book explains the ritual can bring something from Purgatory, but he doesn't what it is exactly. All Bobby can get from the book is the name: Mother of All. The dragons watch as the girl rises from the chasm and floats down, with her eyes glowing with power. The dragons greet her, and she answers they have much to do and its time to get started.

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