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  • Much to Jackie's surprise, Kevin's younger sister, Tunie, shows up in the girls' bedroom, freshly hungover and tragically heartbroken after being dumped by her pilot boyfriend. On their way to work, Jackie tells Eddie she thinks Kevin installed Tunie to monitor her in the wake of his intervention. Lenny prepares Zoey a romantic picnic lunch only to crack her tooth when she bites into a sandwich where he's hidden his house key. Zoey talks things over with God, who's set up a makeshift piano bar in the ambulance bay. At the hospital, a Jewish Orthodox husband fights with his in-laws to have his critically injured wife moved to Beth Israel for a necessary operation. Later, bedlam ensues in the ER when two street meat vendors are brought in after a comically brutal turf war.


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  • At home in the morning, Jackie makes waffles. Kevin comes downstairs and she announces she made him sandwiches. She's drinking tea because coffee makes her "too buzzy", she says, as she pops a pill behind Kevin's back.

    She goes up to wake the girls and finds Kevin's sister Tunie in their bed. She broke up with her pilot boyfriend. He dumped her via text. She used her key to get in. Grace says she's done it before. But Tunie says she's usually gone when they wake up.

    "I'm never scared," Fi says. "I just pretend she's the tooth fairy."

    "Aunt Tunie was s---faced," she says.

    When the girls get up to leave, Jackie liberates Tunie's watch from Grace. She gave it away in drunken generosity. Tunie offers to buy Grace fancy shampoo instead, which seems to be fine with her.

    Jackie tells Kevin she put in a good word for Eddie at All Saint's.

    When Tunie is alone with Jackie, Tunie says Kevin told her about their intervention. "I told him interventions are just f----- rude," Tunie says.

    She says Kevin can be overly dramatic because of their mother's drinking. She asks if she can crash at their place for a while.

    On the way to work, Jackie tells Eddie about the morning's events. He finds it weird to be involved in her life like this.

    "God" the crazy guy sees a piano installation art on the street. Rather than playing, he pushes it away.

    At work, Zoey tells Jackie they have a young mother of two who fell into an open sewer grate. Her husband's family is very orthodox, but her family isn't. They're arguing over where to have her treated. Jackie tells Zoey to take the in-laws into the waiting room and call ICU.

    Two guys are wheeled in yelling at each other in a foreign language. They're both street vendors, fighting over a corner. One guy has burns and the other has a kebab skewer through his face. Over burn guy, Cooper asks Thor for help with fantasy football.

    Jackie talks to the orthodox husband. He wants his wife moved to an orthodox hospital, but Jackie says it's dangerous with internal injuries. He says their beliefs are important.

    In her office, a priest tells Gloria that her chapel should have been deconsecrated decades ago during a remodel and he wants their statues back. She asks if he can look the other way. When he says no, she says she knows Michelle Obama.

    Outside, Lenny prepares a picnic for Zoey. He brought her tuna on raisin bread -- her favorite. She takes a big bite, but squeals. His key is inside. She thinks she cracked a filling, but he says it was his romantic way of asking her to come over when she wants.

    "Don't put stuff in my food, Lenny," she says.

    Behind them, God pushes his piano.

    Jackie and O'hara confer about the orthodox woman. Jackie goes to talk to the husband and her parents. They think he got her into a cult. She says Gila's injuries are life threatening and she can't be moved. As the parents rail against the husband, he calmly insists he's just trying to do what his wife would want. He asks Jackie to help him. She agrees and goes in search of an ambulance to transport her to Beth Israel. She pops a pill.

    Gloria watches the priest puts labels on the statues. He says they're going to a storage facility on Staten Island. She accuses him of pillaging a hospital chapel.

    Jackie finds the husband in the chapel and tells him the ambulance is there.

    The two street vendors continue to yell at each other through the curtain. Sam translates, saying they're worried about their carts --which get fined if they leave them.

    Jackie asks for their phones. She hands them to Sam, telling him to call their homes and have them move the carts.

    God wheels his piano out of the elevator.

    The drug dealer whose $12,000 in pills Jackie is still taking waits in the lobby. She sits next to him and says she doesn't have what he's looking for. He says he comes in peace.

    Jackie takes him to the pharmacy and has him give his wallet to Eddie. "I'm going out for coffee, if I come up dead, this guy did it," she says.

    Jackie goes to coffee with him. He says he's a recovering alcoholic and used to be a drug and alcohol counselor. But now he takes people to the brink, getting them as low as they ever thought they could go to push them into rehab. He offers his services.

    "I've dealt with addicts for 20 years, you took drugs off a man having an epileptic seizure. New low. Well done," he says.

    Hypothetically, she asks how far she is from bottom. "Not even close," he says.

    He takes a blue pill out of his pocket and puts it on the table.

    She walks away, saying she has lives to save.

    Jackie comes back to work and tries to get a minute with O'hara, but she says she's swamped.

    Cooper tries to bribe Thor with lunch to help with fantasy football. He wants in the doctor's $5,000 league. He says they're a--holes. Thor is unmoved. Cooper says they're like the bullies in fifth grade, who gave him grief for having two moms.

    Thor submits to the appeal to his gayness. God plays piano in a storage room for Zoey. She tells him about Lenny's sandwich key. She says she's conflicted. One minute she wants to rip Lenny's clothes off and the next she wants to stab him in the neck with a fork.

    God tells her to trust her gut and date other people. He confesses he wanted to ask her out. "Thanks, but it'd be too much pressure to date God," she says.

    Lenny tells Jackie about cracking Zoey's filling. "Please, help a bonehead out," he says. Jackie tells her to give Zoey some space.

    Gloria scores a minor victory with the priest, claiming two of the statues are "architectural embellishments that do not fall within the scope of the chapel." He agrees.

    "Jesus Christ," she laments, in front of His statue.

    Lenny tells Zoey he's an idiot and doesn't mean to pressure her. She smiles. "In this very moment, I have no desire to stab you in the neck," she tells him. We pan back and see the ambient music is provided by God at the piano.

    Gloria walks in and disrupts. She tells Lenny to get a haircut and asks God where he got it. He says he made it and she runs him off.

    She sits down and stars pecking out a song.

    Jackie comes to the bar. Tunie and the girls are there. Kevin says Tunie's going to stay there for a few weeks. Jackie says she saw Kevin's friend Eddie at work.

    Tunie recognizes the name. "That's the one you want me to go out with, right?" Tunie asks.

    "Just a thought. The last one broke his heart," Kevin says as Jackie looks on, horrified.

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