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characters were really good
belli8567 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Rhea Seehorn was really great in this episode and I want to see her in other work. I really liked her ability to seem innocent but still strong and sincere and super cute without being gross and cheap. OK....I'm off to see what else Rhea is in. The Closer always brings on good talent and that is what makes this show so dependable. They are so well rounded with a great cast and of course super direction and writing. Kyra always has a particular way of being strong but yet accessible. I think the character (Judy Lynn) that Rhea Seehorn was playing also had those elements of being strong but still there was a very obvious heart that was there.
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Great character development by two strong actresses, Kyra Sedgwick and Rhea Seehorn
ynotme27 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the latest closer episode and loved loved loved it. "The last woman standing" was really great and the entire story worked for me and kept me on edge. I really liked the actress Rhea Seehorn who played the struggling actress on the show and her character was really great with all of her different costumes and amazing looks that she had plastered on the wall. It was cool how she talked about how lonely it can be if you're a strong woman. That chick totally rocked it when she was talking about getting that creep outta her place asap and how foolish she felt. I can relate and I totally felt connected to her. From one blond hottie to another...you rock!!!

Kyra Sedgwick always puts in a fantastic performance and it was good to see two strong woman in the same episode....sorry Rhea Seehorn had to get murdered in this episode but at least Kyra caught the murderer and didn't just give up and go for the big important job interview leaving the murder to be solved by her team. Anyhow...no disappointments here. It was a great show.
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