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Avengers Assemble…the right way
madbandit2000200027 October 2010
Being a comic book fanboy since I was six, I always hoped for an animated series featuring Marvel Comics's illustrious super-hero team, "The Avengers", since I thought they were cool (well…maybe not "X-Men cool).

When fall 1999 came around, I wanted to vomit when I saw "Avengers: United They Stand", a fourth-rate production that mishandled second-class heroes, sentenced first-rate heroes to guest-star status, used poor character designs and had a soul that was part-Power Rangers (ugh!) and part-toy commercial without decent plots(double ugh!).

Eleven years is a long wait, but "The Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes" is worth it.

Corralled as a unit in 1963 by co-creators Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby (both men co-created each individual with some assist from Stan's brother, Larry Lieber and the late Don Heck), the original five members are given good exposure here: armored crusader Iron Man (voiced by Eric Loomis); Asgardian thunder god Thor (Rick Wasserman); micro-sized troubleshooters Ant-Man (Wally Wingert) and the Wasp (Colleen O'Shaughnessy) and gamma-radiated behemoth Hulk (Fred Tatasciore of "Ben 10").

Earth needs them since many super-powered miscreants (name them all and win a prize!) have escaped from four maximum security prisons, this plot adapted from the "Breakout" arc from the recent "New Avengers" comic book. Guess having one of the lockups shrunken and stationed in the helicarrier headquarters of the counter-terrorist group SHIELD was a BAD idea. In future episodes, other heroes will enter the fray like World War II superhuman patriot Captain America; unconventional archer Hawkeye and African monarch/combatant Black Panther. Bring on the good and bad guys!

Though it won't surpass the monolithic "Justice League: The Animated Series" from long-time competitor DC/Warner Bros Animation, "Avengers" joins recent Marvel Comics animated shows "X-Men: Evolution" and "The Spectacular Spider Man" as good quality productions. You better assemble, true believers!
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The Avengers Animated show I've been waiting for!
jruby3524228 April 2011
I am a long time fan of the Avengers, and have dreamed of the day when we would see an animated series that could actually capture the best of the comic and bring it to life. I feel that this show really does that. I followed the comic for over 35 years, but finally stopped a few years ago, because I felt the book lost it's magic. They allowed a new creative team to make the book more "popular", at the expense of what made the book great. I believe this new animated series will delight long time fans, while bringing a new younger audience to these characters. It seems that the creative team behind this series is taking great care to stay true to the original material, while doing a great job of merging it with a modern spin. They've even taken elements from newer story lines, and worked them in very effectively. I like the look of the show a lot. I would have preferred a look more reflective of George Perez's style (my favorite Avengers artist}, but I do understand that a lot of people enjoy the more anime look. I will say that it flows very smoothly, and with so much action, it is very exciting. I just watched the first 13 episodes, and can't wait for the rest of season 1 to be released on DVD. On the DVD's they talk about some of the things planned for second season, and all I can say is it looks amazing. If Marvel could get the same excitement back into the comic, I would be buying it again! I'm hoping this series has a very long run, and continues to bring in more of my favorite characters and story lines.
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Finally Marvel's big team has a good cartoon to their name
OleFr-Skj11 April 2012
Both Marvel and DC have to an astonishing degree started to pick up these last few years, with several well-appreciated shows that I really enjoy: Young Justice, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Green Lantern TAS, and now this; The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

I'm pretty sure many of you reading this remember when back in 2001, Bruce Timm brought the Justice league into the DC animated universe. And I'm also pretty sure that everyone who does remember, can agree with me that it was an absolutely fantastic show.

Now Marvel's counterpart to the Justice League, The Avengers, have finally gotten a cartoon that really is something to behold.

Let me just make it very clear that I'm not much of a comics reader, pretty much everything I know about pretty much any character from Marvel/DC stem from their incarnations in television.

I'm a 17-year old guy with too much free time on my hands, some of that free time is mostly spent watching cartoons on the internet: more specifically, superhero cartoons.

I have seen superheroes of both Marvel and DC portrayed in wildly different ways on television: from the monumental Timmiverse incarnations of the Justice League and other DC characters, to Teen Titans and The Batman. From The 90s Spider-Man show to X-Men: Evolution

I was only vaguely familiar with most of the characters presented in "TA:EMH", so I didn't know what to expect. In fact, the only one I was at least somewhat familiar with was Iron Man, through the 2008 movie and the TV series "Iron Man: Armored Adventures".

I knew their names, their powers, and their origins, but I had literally nothing to say about their characters.

However, many people say that this show depicts the characters perfectly and 100% faithfully to the source material.

This is a good thing, because that gives me the opportunity to get to know these characters, to learn to understand them and interpret them.

This, coupled with outstanding story lines and great animation, makes "TA:EMH" an absolutely fantastic show that any fan should be able to enjoy.

My personal favorite characters among those I only vaguely knew are probably Ant-Man/Giant Man, and Thor.

I admire Ant-Man's's constant struggle to find "a better way" and his belief in the inherent good in every human being. It's really a great show of character to see him believe that even in such a violent world as the Marvel Universe, it's never too late to start again and try to put your life in line. And he's a good example for the kids watching this show. The kids need good role models too you know.

Thor strikes me as kind of similar to Superman in a lot of ways: noble, kind, powerful. But he's still a very different character. If I may point this out, I'm Norwegian, and it's something infinitely cool about watching one of the deities my ancestors (the vikings) worshipped portrayed as a noble and powerful hero of the modern day. A shame he doesn't offer Norway a thought though, oh well, you can't have everything.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is a monumental cartoon and a great achievement in animation. Absolutely worth watching.
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Avengers Assemble!
coolkycouple200427 December 2010
Finally Marvel comics has some quality work to compete with all the awesome DC animated movies/shows that have been coming out lately. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes takes everything that was great about the old comics and filters it through the modern Universe that Marvel is building through their big budget movies.

The artwork, animation and character design is spot on. The attention to detail paid in these shows to the story and characters is proof that the folks making this series truly love and respect the old comics and these beloved heroes and villains. And let's not forget the most important part...the action - which is fast paced and epic as almost any Marvel comic.

Story arcs and sub-plots abound just like the comics and the cast of characters is huge. I would like to see the Vision though, and Ultron would be nice as well...hopefully the show gets many more seasons to explore those options.

If Marvel could apply this sort of treatment to perhaps an animated Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four or even Spider-Man I'm sure millions of fans would rejoice! Avengers Earths Mightiest heroes is this fan's delight.
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Best Animated Show
kyle-benedict04288 July 2011
After watching so many TV shows, such as Chowder, Flapjack, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, I found a new series that is based on the comic books.

The Avengers have been my favorite group of heroes ever since "Ultimate Avengers" and "Ultimate Avengers 2". Those were pretty great films. And this show is of no exception. Call me a fanboy, but Marvel really knows how to satisfy its fans.


I found the voice acting completely good and really satisfying. Especially The Hulk, who is voiced by Fred Tatasciore. The guy has been voicing the said character for many times now. The other characters were the same. They sounded real, and so did the dialogs. They were okay, not just stupid good-for-nothing dialogs. Anyway, I give the voice acting and the dialogs a score of 9.


The best part of the series. The story really beats the story of other series, such as Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. Every single episode had action, suspense, and humor. So I give the story a 10.


Also pretty good, "Fight As One" by Bad City. I actually find it very cool. It's also not that long, which is pretty good. I give it a 10.

So, all in all, the show is very entertaining , clever, humorous, and full of action. I give the whole show a score of 10. It is no doubt the best animated show I have ever seen.
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My review for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched the pilot episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and I was entertained. I found the story to be well written and the fight scene to be excellent! The use of the original Avengers line up from the comics was commendable. I also was impressed with the use of a lesser known villain such as Graviton, as the main antagonist for this episode. I always felt that with his powers, he wasn't given his proper due. However, I was less than impressed with the character design for some of the characters (Wasp especially) and equally less than impressed with the overall animation. While I appreciate that they may have been going for an amalgam of retro and modern designs, with some things I feel they should have rethought it a bit. I would've preferred that the animation was a bit more detailed, and imaginative. This animation showed me nothing more than any of the other animated series produced by marvel over the past 15 to 20 years. Despite this, I do recommend this series to any comic fan, as it's sure to be a hit!
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After watching this series, The movie has a lot to live up to...
giftedCracker16 January 2012
So I just finished watching all the 1st season's 26 episodes of The Avengers: Earths mightiest Heroes (thank you netflix) and I've got to say, it is really good. I'm not going to go on about how I've read every comic ever made blah-blah-blah, because I haven't. I'm one of those pesky bandwagon fans that never heard of Iron Man until the movie came out, but I've loved it and every other Avenger movie ever since. And yes the main reason why I watched this series is because I'm excited about the upcoming Avengers movie. I also wanted to get caught up on the rest of the story. It wasn't long until the theme song was stuck in my head all day and I had to go back and keep watching. I've read a lot of the previous reviews and it looks like the writers have stayed pretty true to the original comics and that's not hard to believe because the story is really good, one of the best I've seen on an animated series. I can only hope that that the movie will do the same. I have faith in Joss Whedon but I try not to get too excited because I've been let down by lots super hero movies before. (cough- cough* green lantern) So I cant say whether or not a well versed Marvel fan will be satisfied with this rendition of the Avengers or not, I can defiantly say that a average popcorn eating summer movie fan like myself should enjoy it as much as I have- as long as expensive CGI and explosions aren't required.

p.s. has anybody else wondered how cool the theme song would sound performed by Metallica or something? Just throwin that out there...
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All aboard the Marvel Universe...enjoy the ride while it lasts
alanrayford11 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Simply put, "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" (AEMH) is a show I never thought would see the light of day. For one, the film and television rights to Marvel's characters all seemed to be owned by different studios. Secondly, the Avengers series from the mid 90's REEEALLY sucked.

So, when I heard about AEMH, I was highly skeptical. Then I watched the two part pilot and was shocked at how spot on it was. However, my cynicism quickly led me to believe it had to be a fluke. I wasn't ready to accept AEMH as the real deal until "Living Legend". Allow me to explain why I feel this show has the goods.

The animation style is more detailed than Justice League TAS, but not as gloomy as Batman TAS. In other words, it's outstanding. Part of this is due to the character design, which is 100% faithful to the source material. For better (Captain America and Thor) and worse (Hank Pym and Hawkeye), everyone looks like they should. The rest of this is due to the fast pacing and, oddly enough, the accuracy of the action scenes. Iron Man stands back and relies on his armor. The Black Panther plays it smart and studies his adversary before moving in. Hawkeye is always letting any number of arrows fly. Captain America just dominates his opponents in close quarters.

The baddies going up against the Avengers are truly worthy of fighting Marvel's A-team. Graviton, Enchantress & Executioner, Wonder Man, the Leader, the Master's of Evil and Kang the Conqueror are all A-1 threats. You really do get the sense they pose an inordinate danger to the world, not just the good guys. *Spoiler alert*—Ultron's going to become a nigh indestructible, homicidal robot that views organic life as a disease. When this comes to pass, expect to see the stuff hit the fan and then some.

The actors all hit their mark. Brian Bloom, Fred Tatasciore, Colleen O'Shaughnessy, James C. Mathis and, of course, Phil Lamar do Captain America, the Hulk, the Wasp, the Black Panther and Jarvis (respectively) justice. The only one who feels off is Iron Man (Rick Wasserman) who sounds a little too young for Stark. Also, the title theme kinda' makes me want to saw my ears off a little bit. But these are the only negative parts of this production I can think of.

Then there's the show's strongest aspect, which is the writing. The characters act just like they do on the comic page. Captain America is a soldier out of time. Hawkeye is standoffish. Thor is awed by the perils found in the mortal world. Iron Man is a bit of a douche. So far there haven't been any out of character moments for the heroes or villains that have come to plague comics. The writers have also gone out of their way to incorporate the larger Marvel Universe. Instances of this include: a WWII sequence featuring, a pre-Wolverine, James Howlett; a Daily Bugle headline concerning the Punisher; and several references to the Fantastic Four. Also, every single episode is led into by the previous one and leads into the next. It's basically the televised equivalent of reading a years worth of story lines—cool beans. Unfortunately, there is a major problem with AEMH.

Its airing schedule is highly irregular. I know it comes on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. (perfect for me), but its other airtime's feel random. A program like this should be targeting tykes and teens. The key times to do this are Monday through Friday, between 6:00a.m.—8:30a.m. and then at 3:00p.m.—5:30p.m. Batman TAS came on after school, five days a week, and quickly became the show to beat when I was a teen. For AEMH to become a hit or to just survive, it's going to have to air when its target audience will be both willing and able to watch it. Also, why are there only three episodes ON DEMAND for those of us who work long hours? So far eighteen have aired, yet only three are available. In short, viewers have to actively seek the show out to watch it—meaning that they probably won't. This is a problem of the highest order which has nothing to do with the production, but with Disney XD (here in the States).

"The Fantastic Four" (2006) was an entertaining show cut down by a ruddy schedule. "The Spectacular Spiderman" was an excellent show killed off by sparse airing. "Wolverine and the X-Men" was a so-so show decimated by a spotty schedule. All of these programs were based on Marvel properties. All of their airtimes were next to impossible to find. All of them were cancelled. If AEMH is to avoid this, Disney XD needs to get it out there to its audience on a frequent and regular basis. If they don't, history will most likely repeat itself. In other words, this will be cancelled before it hits its stride.

So, despite the extraordinarily high quality of the writing, the acting, the animation and action direction, savor this while it lasts True Believers. Because, if Disney XD doesn't start really pushing "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes", this will be just another excellent Marvel show pulled before its time. And to anyone who calls B.S. on my claim, due to the supposed 52 episode order, I have this to say. "Wolverine and the X-Men" was also rumored to have a second season in the bag, and it was dropped from production. On the plus side, should this unfortunate trend continue, I'm fairly certain AEMH will at least get a proper season one, DVD release.


Now that the first season has concluded, can us fans of this excellent series finally get a comprehensive, DVD boxset of season one that contains all 26 episodes.
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Best Avengers Series to date
ebissett30 August 2016
Fantastic series and the most true to the comic stories to date. Excellent action, characters, and story telling. The characters are so life like you'll forget you're watching a cartoon and get lost in the story line.

It's also fun to see the similarities between this show and the Marvel movies that have become so popular. If you have never had a chance to read the comics, this show is a great opportunity to see where the essence of the movies came from.

If you're a Marvel fan, you'll love this series. My only complaint is that they ended it way too soon after only 2 seasons.

Avengers Assemble!!
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The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes is the greatest Marvel adaptation to have ever existed.
manny-4678424 August 2016
Earth's Mightiest Heroes was the best of the three and it is one that ranks very high up in the comic ranks. I definitely say that it is Marvel's top show and it isn't likely going to be surpassed anytime soon.

Season 1's main plot is about the Avengers forming so that they can bring back a large group of super villains who escaped from Shield prisons all across the planet. It's technically the plot of the show, but it's mostly used as a backdrop. The season is pretty episodic, but it does begin a lot of plot lines that are explored in those episodes so it's definitely better than the average pre arc. Ultron, Kang, and Loki all get multiparters as well as the Leader. There may not be much of an overreaching story arc, but most of the episodes have a cliffhanger scene at the very end so the transition from episode to episode is actually pretty great. Season 1 is a lot of fun and you can count on many excellent battles.

Season 2 decided to go for a big plot and one that featured the Skrulls deciding to invade the planet. They have taken many people in powerful positions so they are all set for their bid to conquer the human race. The Avengers have to get past several obstacles and the lack of trust in their teammates to even have a shot at taking down the Skrulls. Other highlights of the series includes the return of Ultron and Kang. It should be noted that the Kree also get a multi parter as they finally make their big move. This season can get a little dicey since we have to miss out on Hulk, Captain America, and Thor for various parts of the season, which makes for a limited roster. The Guardians of the Galaxy do get to appear though, which is pretty intense.

I will admit that I was one of the many Marvel fans who was not a huge fan of the designs for the show when they first popped up. The characters just looked a little off. Thor was actually one of the biggest offenders for me. His build just didn't seem right and his arms were huge. The hammer looked so small when Thor was holding it and the handle should have been longer. That being said, you get used to it as you watch the show. I wasn't a huge fan of Captain America's design compared to United They Stand, but it is still a very good design in its own right. The Abomination was one of the characters who drew the short straw in terms of design.

I don't know whether this is a result of the character designs or whether it was the overall animation, but the fight scenes were pretty over the top in a great way. Some of the energy blasts looked like they came out of an anime. The action scenes definitely shine in this series and they put most of the other Marvel shows to shame. The first few episodes tried some unique things with the animation, particularly Iron Man's view from inside the suit. I think that the animation took a bit if a dip after the beginning, but it still looked pretty good overall. Season 2 certainly looks sharp and it was definitely an improvement. I wasn't sure about this at first, but I definitely am now.
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TheFunkyBass20 January 2015
This is the closest thing Marvel has ever done to the comics in any TV show or movie. The character development of each character and story lines are top notch. This interpretation of the Avengers is the one that should have been introduced in the big screen. There are some minor changes, but they work perfectly for the story. I strongly recommend this show to any Marvel fan, from a eager beginner to a veteran.

It's a shame the show got canceled by the second season. So many unfinished stories were pending...

What happened to the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Beta Ray Bill, Wonder Man, and the Ragnarok storyline?
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About the characters...
TUSHAR RAJ12 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Marvel fans, you are going to fall in love with this. This series stays extremely true to the comic-book version of characters, especially Ultimate Marvel. The characterization is brilliant. The story is carefully thought-out and layered. Even though the show is episodic, the episodes aren't totally isolated (like Justice League), and sub-plots run deep. It is highly recommended to watch the episodes in order.

The mainstays are, you guessed it, Iron Man and Captain America. Future and Past, their characters are beautifully juxtaposed. Then there is the arrogant God, Thor; the pacifist, Ant-Man; the comic relief, Wasp; and the loose cannon, The Hulk. Hawkeye and Black Panther are later recruits completing the roster.

The second season brings in Ms. Marvel and the less-known Vision, while Ant-Man and Hulk recede into the background. Also, Scott Lang becomes the new Ant-Man, while Hank Pym moves on to being Yellowjacket.

Nick Fury makes appearances in key situations. He looks like the Ultimate version of Fury, like Samuel L. Jackson. (Marvel licensed Jackson's likeness for Fury years before Iron Man II came out) S.H.I.E.L.D, and later, S.W.O.R.D, are a constant presence. Which allows Black Widow and Mockingbird to make occasional appearances.

Now, about the villains. After all, it's a mass breakout of supervillains that brings the Avengers together in the first place. Every hero has at least one nemesis to deal with. You can count on Loki and the Enchantress to play a significant part in giving the Avengers a hard time, as always. Later in the season, the main threat is Ultron.

Season 2 delves even deeper into the Marvel Universe, pitting the Avengers against the Krees, the Skrulls, Kang (who was briefly there in season 1 too) and finally, Galactus.

At various points, you'll see HYDRA, Masters of Evil, the Frost Giants, the Hulkbusters, the Serpent Society, and other villain teams.

What's more, the second season contains multiple extended cameos by many popular characters. Spider-Man, Wolverine, Fantastic Four... you get the idea.

Don't let the army of characters fool you. The stories are top-notch without being too convoluted, with just the right amount of action and a little dark humor thrown in. Beyond the obvious suspension of disbelief, the plot holes are few and far between.

I'd have given it a 10, but in season 2, the plots around mid-season get a little repetitive. All in all, one of Marvel's finest efforts, right up there with X-Men: Evolution and Spectacular Spider-Man.
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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Review
Nick Retzlaff9 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Watching this at first on Netflix I was skeptical and thought it wouldn't be good. Then after a few more episodes it was good. It introduces all of the essential Avengers like Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and even Ant-man, and the Wasp as well as Black Panther. Even deals with a lot of the story arcs like the Kree-Skrull War, Secret Invasion, and it even has the Masters of Evil in one arc. Even has Ultron's origin and the New Avengers too in a few episodes. My only problem is that it only was a few seasons and I wished it lasted a bit longer. The last episode also was amazing too and kind of ended it because they wouldn't top off anything like that at the end. In my opinion this is a real good Marvel show almost as good as the 90's X-men and Spider-Man cartoons. Those cartoon I think were the closest that Marvel got to good shows back then.
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A worthy introduction to the Marvel universe
Jimmy L.16 August 2011
"THE AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES" serves to introduce viewers to the expansive world of Marvel Comics heroes and villains. It blends very well the established comic book universe with aspects of the recent Marvel films (IRON MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, IRON MAN 2, THOR, CAPTAIN_AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER). A portion of the show's audience will not be comics readers and will be unfamiliar with the characters beyond the blockbuster movies, so this cartoon makes sure not to confuse anyone. And by reconciling the two universes, the show is able to expand the familiar movie setup into bigger and better things that can only really be brought to life in cartoons. The cartoon is free to indulge in the greater Marvel mythology. More superheroes, more supervillains, bigger organizations, better technology, more colorful costumes. The live action films try to stay grounded in semi-reality, while this cartoon show can tap into all the fantasy and science fiction that makes the Marvel universe so much fun.

Each episode introduces new characters and builds up the Marvel world. The show brings together heroes Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant Man, and Wasp (and later Captain America) to form the superteam The Avengers. This is a great way to bring these superheroes to life for a new generation (Marvel produced several separate animated series in the 1990s, some more successful than others) and it also builds up to the all-star superhero blockbuster Avengers movie set for release in 2012. THE AVENGERS will unite the stars of the separate Marvel films against a common threat, and this show allows viewers to see the different heroes in action together and sets up their relationship with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. (It also introduces Maria Hill, a character not yet established in the movieverse.) The show should raise excitement for the upcoming movie, especially among viewers who were unaware that the live action team-up was in the works.

I'm not an avid comics reader myself, but it seems like the cartoon is styled after the mainstream Marvel comic universe, with a few added touches from the movies (which were inspired, in part, by the alternative "Ultimate" comic universe). The Avengers lineup is like the original in the comics, and the character designs are faithful to the classic comics. (Nick Fury looks more like the original comics version, but is a black man like in the movies/Ultimate comics.) So I think the show strikes a good balance of bringing the comic book universe to life and keeping things compatible with the movies.

Needless to say "THE AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES" is action- packed. It should be a good time for superhero fans, particularly young ones hungry for all things Marvel. (Rival DC Comics had a comparable show, highlighting the various characters in its expansive stable: "JUSTICE LEAGUE".) It's a solid superhero cartoon, and faithful to the comics. It's not stylized beyond recognition or twisted from its inspiration. Marvel stays true to itself. And you get all of the heroes and villains populating the same world. (Except the X-Men and Spider-Man, maybe, but the Fantastic Four do make an appearance.) It is nice to see the comic book characters brought to life, in all their glory. This is shaping up to be a definitive Marvel Comics animated series. I'm just not sure I'm sold on the voice cast.
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Avengers Assemble!
Rectangular_businessman6 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" was, in my opinion, the best animated series based on based on Marvel Comics Universe.

The stories were pretty good, and very entertaining to watch.

The animation was excellent (I see some influences from the Bruce Timm's animations, but the result is quite good anyway, keeping a good level of quality through the whole series) The characterization was perfect, having each hero and villain from this series a fascinating personality and well developed roles.

The plot of each episode had a great balance of action, adventure and mystery.

This is an excellent animated series, which does a great job adapting the stories from the comics and those classic characters from Marvel.

Honestly, I enjoyed this more than the live-action movie.

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Mostly great, though Season 2 is a let-down in comparison to Season 1
TheLittleSongbird6 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Animation and superheroes are a perfect mix, and on the most part The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is a perfect example of why. The animation, apart from Iron Man's faceplate and on occasions the inconsistent character designs of Hawkeye and Wasp, is simple but still quite detailed and colourful. The music is intense, beautiful and atmospheric, and I personally found both intros catchy. The writing is smart and intelligent with some nicely judged humour, and the story lines while again simple are compelling with strong character arcs. In regard to the latter Season 1 is very consistent. Season 2 not so much, though The Winter Soldier episode was outstanding. The characters are great, I love Thor's nobility(his redesigned armour in Season 2 is also awesome), Hulk's broodiness and Captain America's heroism, while the antagonists especially Loki and Ant Man(more in Season 1 than in Season 2), whose motivations are quite refreshing for an animated show, are equally strong. The voice acting is very good, those of Loki, Hulk and Iron Man are the standouts.

Season 2 however is a let-down in comparison. It is still more than watchable, but is lacking something. It certainly has its good points, Ms Marvel is a worthy addition, she is strong, never loses her femininity and her character is refreshing. Spiderman and Wolverine's cameos are also delightful. The best character in this season is Captain America, he shows that he is a great leader and is heroic yet his quite dark story lines indicate a sense of torment. That is part of the reason why The Winter Soldier was so good. The cosmic theme is also interesting. What lets it down though is that some of the story lines are on the repetitive side, for instance the climax of the episode introducing Vision feels too similar to the arc shown in the Skull story. Some of the character designs are also inconsistent, while Thor's relationship with Jane is too briefly introduced and doesn't go anywhere and Ant-Man's motivations are not as well thought out.

Overall, mostly it is a great show, though Season 2 could have been more. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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I'm gonna rate it 10 stars because of its awesome ending music
Dark Sterix25 June 2015
Starts out slow and boring but grows on you as you watch every episode. Finally, a break from DC comics and more into Marvel(not that i don't LOVE the dc comics). The show pretty much sets a prequel to the avengers movie and the marvel's agent of shield. All they need to do now to complete the awesome trend is to make one more Iron man series( although there are way too many). Even though this show has some "surreal" things and not enough scientific reasoning behind the stuff that happens. for example they say that ion energy just disperses, and not describe the interesting parts as every sci-fi movies and TV shows do.
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One of the greatest marvel animated series!!
metal_giorgos-835-35976924 September 2014
What I love about this show, is that you get to learn the characters (good guys and villains alike). Having read quite a few comics (especially Thor and crossover events) it is faithful to the spirit of comics. It manages to do this as good as X-men and Spiderman did back in the 1990's. It is the equivalent of these shows, but for Avengers. The music is great and so is the plot. It has a great variety of characters. Actually, it's too bad that they produced only 2 seasons of it, as it is the best avengers animated series ever done. After several disappointments as Fantastic Four and Hulk animated series, this epic show is truly a masterpiece and is oriented to Marvel fans who either know or want to know about the Avengers history, and not so much to the average 7 year old child.
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Not a bad show..
adonis98-743-18650317 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After 74 villains break out of prison, Marvel's most powerful superheroes team up to capture all of them, and also to defend the Earth from widespread threats. Although some episodes weren't as good as others and sometimes it kept repeating it self and almost bored you to death "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" is really a pretty good show i liked the fact of how they showed Zemo or Black Panther entering the show or even that episode when everyone started slowly to turn into a Zombie, it's not as good as X-Men or Spider-Man but it will entertain you at the end of the day plus the theme song was pretty cool (8/10)
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The comic avengers cartoon
DCfan15 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this show. It had a great voice cast, some good character designs, and animation.

But there are flaws in this show like people are complaining that Avengers Assemble is not well written, the character designs are flat, too violent for kids and have no story. Neither is this is this show too be honest with exception of Wasp, Antman, Invisible Woman, Captain America and Iron Man most of the designs look badly drawn and this is a kid show?? In most of the episodes with Black Widow in her chest is showing, the black suit she wears looks too tight and it looks like as if the zipper on her suit will zip down and nearly show her breasts. A similar thing to Wasp happened I have to admit this is my favorite incarnation of Wasp and she is cute, huggable, funny, adorable and has a sexy design. But in one episode when her dress is torn off and when she is sitting up it looks like it is about to fall off and show her breasts. Falcon was just boring in his episodes. Hawkeye's design looked stupid.

The first season of the show was good but the second season became a letdown. The first episode of that season was good but later on, the stories became rushed, some of the episodes came out as too violent for children like when Surter was about to burn Amora to death. There weren't focusing on one story. Some scenarios never made any sense.

I don't hate this show but if they would have given it a proper ending then it would have been better and if they would have cleaned things up like Amora being a slave to Surter and Ronan the accusers plan and Galactus was lame in the last episode because he literally had no purpose and he didn't even talk.

My favourite episode of the series is A Day Unlike Any other and Powerless.

At least this show is better then Avengers united they stand (see my review)

If you are a fan of Marvel Comics then you might like this.
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Avengers: EMH falls too short compared to other recent shows
baronsambdi13 June 2012
Since the trailer comparisons with Justice League Unlimited couldn't be avoided. It basically looked like "a poor man's Justice League Unlimited" in almost every aspect.

The character designs are horrendous, overly simplified and in many cases don't make justice to their comic book incarnations. I can't see a point of making Thor's face look like a moai and giving him square fingers, Hawkeye's head just can't be described, and Tony's stark looks nothing like in the comics or the movies. Some of the villains look like Robot Masters for Mega Man rather than American superhero foils. Character designs just can't be defended. Colors of the show are, again, very basic and simplified and animation isn't sharp or anything. Maybe that was a move to appeal to the little children eyes with simpler lines, but I don't think it had to look THIS cheap. Because certainly everything looks cheap in this series, compared with superior quality animation like the WB productions for DC.

I already said this look like a kiddie show, well, the story lines are also very simple and lack of depth. There are some very basic dilemmas (for example, the Molecular Man loss of humanity, or Antman's thoughts on villain rehabilitation), but then they extend them through every episodes until they get too old, making the characters motivations look just plain and unidimensional.

What can be said on favour of this series is that they develop some storyline in steps along all the season, and season finale solutions are kind of exciting, but again, it doesn't give any depth, only evil villains trying to take over the world. No interesting character relationships, memorable dialogues (Damn, cardboard dialogues are plain bad!) or intelligent story lines. This series is very swallow, too little thoughtful of heartful. Simply kid stuff.

If I wanted to watch something kiddie, I would watch Superhero Squad.

Disney/Marvel studios simply didn't want to invest money and talent developing what could have been breakthrough show. Compared to the superior Warner shows, with better character designs, fairly decent budgets, intelligent story lines and great character development, this Avengers series just falls too short, and doesn't honor its source material like the DC series do.

Remember when Marvel made excellent series, like X-Men? Well, I feel a little bad for the fans who will miss this series, but I'm looking forward to Avengers Assemble. I hope Marvel delivers something satisfying with its next series, but I'm not entirely optimistic about that, specially with Loeb comparing it to Ultimate Spider-Man.
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Earth's Nerdiest Heroes?
Thomas E. Reed14 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This new series has several virtues. It starts out with the small roster of heroes that Lee and Kirby put together in the 1960's. They're drawn in a clean, uncomplicated style that owes a lot to anime. The voice actors work well, with Eric Loomis trying to sound as much like Morton Downey Jr. as he can.

The main problem is that Film Roman, Marvel Animation and ultimately Disney decided to fling as many villains as they could onto the screen as fast as possible. This is a flood of characters, whom only a dedicated Marvel comics nerd could recognize and appreciate. I'm guessing it was done to establish copyright or something, but it makes dramatic hash out of the show's story line.

Over the first thirteen episodes, the story line jumps between characters and time lines. There's little sense of growth or dramatic coherence as the team is formed in the first episodes. Jumping around in the time line also makes continuity a mess.

And in a stupid, politically correct move that Steven Spielberg might have inspired, they took out the Nazis. In the story line it's the terrorist organization Hydra that fought World War II against the Allies. This obviously helps the series to run in Germany (which still bans the use of Nazi iconography) but it betrays the connection of comics to real-world evil.

Comics were largely created by Jews, one of their great contributions to American culture, and they put their anger at the Holocaust and the prejudice they faced in America into their stories. To get rid of the Nazis and their real evil is a betrayal of their source material.

If Disney was hoping this would get kids interested in their upcoming live-action Avengers movie, they will be disappointed.
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The Black Widow's Pert Assemble
Cheese Hoven21 September 2014
For some unknown reason, Marvel have never been able to match the success of DC when it comes to animation. The Avengers is arguably their best work but falls well short of, say, the Justice League, a comparable series in many ways. Maybe it is because the DC series is more loosely related to the comics than Marvel; Marvel does seem to have a slavish devotion to reworking various classic comic book stories into their animated series, almost invariably weakening the original. And here the homage stretches to the naming of the episodes after well known stories, although the episodes have very little in common with the comic books of the same name.

Each series consists of two overarching story arcs, both related to each other although divided into many differing stories. The main invasion strand of season 2 is strongly foreshadowed in season 1 and the Asgardian War is season 1 is continued in season 2. These story arcs are very impressively handled, in fact, I can think of no more successful handling of complex narrative over such a span even in supposedly more mature programmes.

Not everything is so successful however. The dialogue is generally banal with everyone constantly being told to "stand down" all the time. Characterization is variable. Whilst I enjoyed the pacifistic interpretation of Henry Pym, the Hulk seemed rather too knowing. I prefer him as an innocent savage. Other characters are (intentionally?) annoying. Iron Man/Hawkeye/ Human Torch/Wasp among others have an interchangeable line in glib one-liners that quickly wears thin and it is a relief when the occasional serious person, such as The Black Panther, speaks.

In fact, a certain facetiousness of tone undermines any sense of real danger. The general plan is: bad guy shows up, heroes make some glib comment, someone is told to "stand down", then there's a fight. Or some variation.

For some reason WWII has been altered to remove any mention of the Nazis or Germany, instead having the allies fighting against Hydra. What is the reason for this? German sales?

The animation itself ranges from great to bad. Some imaginative animation early on but this tends to decline as the series progresses. Thor's hammer Mjolnir is depicted as comically oversized, one of several things which, I guess, is meant to appeal to children although it must be said that the Black Widow's derriere is lovingly animated throughout for some reason.

During the second season, each episode has a short prelude consisting of what appear to be rather randomly selected clips from the first season. I found them more confusing (I watched the second season first) than enlightening since they rarely have any relevance to what follows.
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Kirby Kibble: old Marvel stories changed around and retold again.
dstager-113 December 2010
What is being done here is taking all the best plot and character development from the entire history of Marvel Comics and writing it all over again placing the characters into the context they developed into right away without any actual development. Obviously, the writers know their Marvel. It's too bad there is no credit given to the original writers and creators who actually wrote these stories and developed these characters. (In season two a tiny credit now appears in the end titles acknowledging Jack Kirby and Joe Simon as the creators of Captain America.)

The original creators and writers probably wouldn't want to take credit for the cardboard cut-out versions of these iconic characters. They've got all the details, but none of the depth that made them icons to begin with.

Every plot, character, and conflict is from previous material. It is well done and loyal to "history." There are many many obscure references such as using the super-villain's true names when they are addressed - all quite accurate and correct. But the rendition of the old material is heavily padded with chase and battle scenes and only the bare bones of the great original stories remain as a loose framework holding it all together.

Unlike the originals which never insulted your intelligence, this version is written for a very young audience with no appetite for story or proper plotting or character development. The original Marvel Super Heroes cartoons from 1966 used voice actors who had been performing in radio dramas for decades and they acted out Stan Lee's dialogue straight. The old 1966 Marvel Super Heroes voices are unforgettable and utterly professional. The voice performances here are mostly amateurish and forgettable.

Marvel has always had the best characters. I don't think that today they have the best writers in their animation projects. They must write something that goes beyond rearranging classic material. What we're seeing here is more like a tracing over of old material. The plots are tight and the stories complete because the path was paved by the work and success of others.

The theme song is catchy, but the title sequence is poor and mostly confusing they way they edit it in. They changed it partway through the first season, but it's still looks confusingly like an end credit abruptly interrupting the opening teaser. The theme song and narrative explanation of the back story is out of place. They need a real title sequence and a better musical performance of the catchy theme song they came up with and to cut out the unnecessary narrator.

I'm left wondering how many times can the old Marvel stories be updated, retold and presented as if they were new? The only reference to the original artist and writer of much of this material, Jack Kirby, is a dog food commercial the Hulk is watching on TV, "Kirby Kibble." It seemed like it might have been almost an intentional slap in the face rather than an homage.

Disney used to represent the highest quality and they've allowed a mediocre program to be produced. Look at the little details and you know the writers know the material very well. Knowing the details isn't enough. Disney needs to scrap the entire creative team and start over for season 2. It looks good, but it's so superficial when the basis for the popularity of the heroes is their "realism" and their human flaws and conflicts. What we have here isn't even close to capturing the Marvel magic. It's a standard and almost mindless children's cartoon that will be aired and forgotten. And who's fault is that? And don't tell me the standard, "this is what the audience wants." Disney does not know its audience. This should not be kiddie video. Once again, someone has dropped the ball on something that could have been really, really great.
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Consistent with Marvel's animated series
willz18710 November 2014
The Positive: The artwork, lots villains/characters

The Negative: If you are familiar with these characters, this show is BORING.

I'm afraid the negatives heavily outweigh the positives for this Marvel outing - though I do agree it's one of the best they've produced. I almost got used to the weird twang that Tony Starks speaks with, but never did. Hulk/Banner is annoying in every way, as is much of the supporting cast.

I sought out a good series after completing every other higher rated superhero animated show (Batman the Brave and the Bold, Teen Titans, Superman TAS (note:all DC))and ended up with AEMH. A lot of potential is wasted here. Not sure if I can even finish the series. Blame the director, or the writer, but I just can't get into it. There isn't the suspense, drama, or intrigue of the DC series's. And I was a die-hard Marvel fan growing up. DC has surpassed Marvel in leaps and bounds. Why am I still getting origin stories with every Marvel product? Do they have no good stories to share? Live-action and animated. Marvel has lacked in originality, banking on their iconic characters to set the story (with the exception of the Thor major motion pictures, and Winter Soldier, which were great). I'm a convert! DC all the way. Bruce Timm all the way.

If I never watched a Marvel cartoon after the 67 Spiderman series I'd be OK with that.

But I'd be poorer not having seen Justice League Unlimited, Batman TAS, Batman Beyond, Young Justice, etc. Watch these instead.

But if you loved Spectacular Spider Man and Wolverine and the X-men, you will be happy with AEMH

Update: Kept with it and it gets better. Some people don't like the second season as much but I'm totally into it. I know I'm watching a good cartoon when I start wanting to sketch the characters and dreaming up new hypothetical stories for them. I changed my rating from a 5 to 7. Stoked on some cameos from some other Marvel heroes (won't say who).
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