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(2010 TV Movie)

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Samantha Horton



  • Samantha Horton : Oh, shoot! I gotta get ready. We're supposed to be at the bank.

    Brady Horton : Why do you have to be at the bank?

    Samantha Horton : [sighs]  Because we need money for stuff,

    [to Charlie:] 

    Samantha Horton : like your braces.

    Charlie Horton : But I don't want braces. I want a video game player.

    Samantha Horton : Charlie, your mama's gonna tell you something true. No matter what you choose to do or be, life is easier if you're pretty. It does a girl no good to be good at video games.

    [kisses Charlie on the top of her head] 

  • Samantha Horton : [in a hurry to get out the sliding door]  Oh! Dang it! I just broke my nail!

    Rex Horton : Sugar, no one's looking at your nails. Been married to you nine years, and I haven't gotten to your nails yet.

  • Doreen : Oh, and drinks and Viagra are on the house.

    Samantha Horton : You give away Viagra?

    Jacie : It pays for itself. The little blue pill keeps us in the black.

    Doreen : We were worried when the economy tanked, but turns out that this is the most recession-proof business there is.

    Samantha Horton : And what about the police?

    Jacie : Ah, well, let's just say doughnuts ain't the only thing they're getting for free.

  • Samantha Horton : Well, stop looking so shocked.

    Dee : I'm sorry, Sam, but this is my shocked face. If you want me to look different, you might need to say something a little less shocking.

    Samantha Horton : [shakes her head]  I was just hoping for a little sympathy. I thought Pretty Woman was like your favorite movie.

    Dee : Oh, God, I love that movie. When is Julia Roberts gonna make another one that good?

    Samantha Horton : Dee, focus.

    Dee : Sorry.

    Samantha Horton : Look, I just needed somebody to talk to. And I couldn't tell Laura 'cause she'd probably have to have me arrested. And, God, please don't tell Phil.

    Dee : Of course I won't tell Phil. What wife tells her husband that someone like you is available?

  • Samantha Horton : [sighs]  You know, I know you're not supposed to say it, but I just love having money.

    Dee : Loving it maybe just a little bit too much?

    Samantha Horton : Dee, come on, you know I have always dreamed of not having to look at price tags.

    Dee : And Rex doesn't suspect anything? I mean, the watch, the earrings, the necklace? What do you tell him?

    Samantha Horton : That they're all fake. Come on, men don't know from jewelry.

    Dee : Well,


    Dee : that's the truth.

    Samantha Horton : You know what's weird? Nobody even wants an explanation. It's like I'm Santa Claus.

    [shakes her head] 

    Samantha Horton : Just as long as I keep giving them presents, they can see me soaring through the sky with flying reindeer.

    [Dee gives her an uncertain look] 

    Samantha Horton : Don't worry... I know what I'm doing.

  • Charlie Horton : Mama, are you gonna get more Coke?

    Samantha Horton : [misunderstands]  What did you just say?

    Charlie Horton : [doesn't understand why Mama looks angry]  I want one too.

    Cassie Dale : I'll take a beer!

  • Samantha Horton : [to her kids]  Bye, skunks. I'll call you like a hundred times.

  • Samantha Horton : [back home]  The problem is it's just too darn quiet in here. It's not natural for a mother of three to be this quiet.

    [much later, after drinking tea, and a lonely lunch:] 

    Samantha Horton : It's not good for someone to spend this much time alone. I half wish a Jehova's Witness would stop by.

    [hears something outside] 

    Samantha Horton : I finally have a wish come true, and I wish that?

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