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  • Biology teacher Simon Williams (Kevin Zegers) likes to drink blood. In all other ways, however, is human and does not enjoy killing. No problem, though. There are many suicidal young women, such as Jellyfish (Keisha Castle-Hughes), Ladybird (Adelaide Clemens), and Maria (Kristin Kreuk), who frequent an online chat room named 'Side by Cide' and are willing to allow him to end their lives. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Vampire is based on a screenplay by Japanese film director Shunji Iwai. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Simon stops by the Intensive Care Unit to see his Japanese exchange student Mina (Yû Aoi) after her attempt at suicide by slashing her wrists. Simon is told that she is in need of blood so, after learning that he is O+, he agrees to donate, but it leaves him feeling light-headed and 'anemic'. He returns to his apartment to find his mother (Amanda Plummer), who suffers from Alzheimer's, slowly descending to the street from their apartment window, buoyed up by the many balloons tied around her waist. When he calls his name, Simon begins to run in the other direction, but the police eventually catch up with him. The police finally make Simon place his mother in private care because, in the final scenes, Simon is shown living alone and interviewing another young woman who wants his help assisting her suicide. As she lies on top the freezer preparing to be exsanguinated, she tells Simon that, if this was her dream, she would not die. 'What if this isn't your dream?' Simon replies. 'What if it's mine?' Edit (Coming Soon)


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