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  • Ray's new co-partnership with Tanya and Lenore gets off to a rocky start when he "holds back" during a tryst with Claire, a client, so he turns to Tanya for advice. Later, Ray and other teachers picket the school in anticipation of summer layoffs. Jessica, already filled with doubts about her marriage to Ronnie and refusing to take calls from Lenore after her experience with the no-show gigolo, is stung by criticism from Darby and Damon. Looking to get an edge on Lenore and regain Ray's trust, Tanya ventures into a tough neighborhood for liberating pimping advice from a real pro.


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  • "Hung" - "Just the Tip" - June 27, 2010

    It's official: Tanya, Lenore, and Ray are in the happiness consulting business together. A threesome if you will.

    Ray rises, his home has been partially reconstructed so he's inside now. He dresses and wonders in voice over why Jessica is unhappy, willing to pay for sex, unwittingly with him. (He stood her up in the last episode of the first season. She still doesn't know what he does). He talks about fixing the house and his kids. He hopes this will be a good year for him and his family and baseball team and if not, they'll all go down fighting.

    He rolls the baselines out on the diamond.

    Mike arrives with protest signs for the picket lines.

    Ray leaves a message for Jessica imploring her to call and talk about anything she needs to talk about.

    The teacher's protest the layoffs in front of the school.

    Jessica drops off Damon and Ray tries to talk to her. She drives off.

    Lenore, Ray, and Tanya meet up to talk about their business plan and Ray's repertoire. A woman named Claire complained. She was very pregnant and he went "delicate." ("Just the tip.") They realize he thought his penis would hurt the baby. He also stood up Jessica says Lenore. (He doesn't let on why about that one.) Lenore says he has to give it his all, literally.

    Ray and Tanya leave and Tanya complains about Lenore and her BS. Ray pays Tanya her "cut" which is coming out of his cut. (Lenore is getting 40 percent, Ray 60, and he's giving Tanya 20 of his).

    Tanya skulks in her car outside a donut shop observing hookers. They mistake her for a woman from a Catholic mission who often brings them sandwiches. They're mad when they find out she isn't. She runs after them to ask them some questions. They're not interested.

    When she returns to her car she encounters their pimp who tells her to scram. She does.

    Lenore leaves a message for Jessica saying she wants to give her a full refund.

    Jessica's mother plays cards with a friend and complains about Jessica's dermatologist husband Ronnie and her grandchildren, saying their weird, saying Damon is always following Darby around and Darby masturbates too often and too loudly. Jessica hearing all this gets angry and says they should be grateful since the kids get along and it's great that Darby masturbates.

    At school Ray is having budget troubles for the baseball team getting to and from away games and he fights with the principal. She says he should worry about his job. He says this is his job and that some of his kids are great and they need the school's support. The principal simply says times are tough.

    Ray voices over that he knows about tough times and we're back inside the house as he continues to work on it.

    He meets up with pregnant Claire who isn't really sure what she wants. She thinks he was holding back. He says he didn't want to hurt the baby. She says he was holding back emotionally and wonders if it's the pregnancy thing. He says he's done it that way before and he liked it a lot. She feels better now.

    Jessica watches Ronnie try and landscape. She turns and surveys the kids who are just sitting around. Jessica asks Darby about Hammer. He broke up with her again because she's too fat. She asks after Damon, who says he has no romantic life. Darby tells her to back off. Jessica says she was terrible in high school but great with boys and she was the person everyone came to for romantic advice and wants to help Darby reel Hammer back in. Darby thinks listening to her might mean that she'll end up with Jessica's life: a life lived through men. Darby says she doesn't think Jessica even really likes Ronnie. Jessica disagrees. Darby says if Ronnie left Jessica would die though right? Jessica disagrees saying she would be strong and develop other interests. Darby asks "like another man?" Darby says she doesn't mean to be mean but Jessica seems totally lost to her.

    Tanya goes back to the donut shop and confronts the pimp. She tells him that she's a pimp also. He thinks she's trying to mess with him. She asks for help in solving her "pimp-type" problems. She wants to know how to get her prostitute to be loyal to her. He laughs at her lack of control over her ho. He tells her to get him on a tighter leash by making him want the leash, to be there when nobody else is there, know him like no one else does, find out what his problem is and fix it for him. Tanya thanks him, his name is Charlie.

    Post-romp with Mrs. Koontz, who was in the Israeli army, Tanya shows up. As they dress she berates him for having to do it on the floor.

    Tanya has brought him burgers and beer. He likes. They chat about his living conditions. She tells him she's not going to take her commission. Not forever, but until he sees she's a better pimp than Lenore. What if that day never comes, he wonders. Tanya says it will. She asks after Claire. He thinks he left her happy. He admits the pregnant lady reminds him of having sex with Jessica when she was pregnant and it's messing with his head because he loved it so much. He says he tries not to think about it with Claire but it reminds him of his happy youth and once bright future. She tells him to not fight it and to close his eyes and pretend it's Jessica back in the day. He's surprised that this is her pimp advice. She says it is and right now it's free.

    Ray talks to his baseball team about all the problems they face: transpo, bad equipment, poor kids on the team needing to work. But he says baseball is still important and when he looks at them he sees champions and he won't let them go down without a fight.

    Tanya calls Lenore and says that Ray's date with Claire is probably going to go really well and it's because of her so she's not a meaningless piece of the pie, she is the pie. We get a shot of a post-coital and contented Claire and Ray spooning.

    Jessica looks through photos of her with old boyfriends at high school dances, including Ray.

    She and Ray meet at the bowling alley. She says she can't stay long. She wants to talk about the kids and how it's hard for all of them now that they're teenagers. She says she doesn't know what to say to them sometimes. He agrees but says nothing else. She asks why. He says it's because he's listening. She thinks it's strange and wonders where he got the idea to listen. He asks if she wants to bowl. She says she can't she's married. He says he's not asking for sex, he's asking to bowl. She says it's complicated. He says it's simple. They bowl, and have fun. They're both very good. They high five.

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