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So bad, it's back to bad again
Flexi31 January 2011
I don't know what I was thinking. Nothing about this film ever promised anything good. The years-long promises of this being an official sequel to Showgirls, having a budget north of 20 million dollars and so on and so forth, and the director's ludicrous display of aggression, bullying and plain stupidity...

Well, when I put in the DVD, I was fully prepared for a so-bad-its-good trash fest. But this is so bad, it's just plain bad.

There are literally no redeeming qualities here. The plot oscillates between laughable and non-existent, the direction doesn't even seem to realize what genre this movie is supposed to belong to, there is no sense of timing to speak of, no sense of place, it's mostly just random, headache-inducing imagery.

Which would still be kind of maybe OK if the images were interesting in some way. Instead the viewer is treated to badly lit scenes of rather plain looking women who clearly are not cut out for this sort of thing. These women are definitely no actresses, and I find it hard to believe they are even professional dancers.

And then there's the music. If you want to call it that. It sounds like a little boy got to play with a synthesizer in a store for a couple of minutes, pressing all buttons while hammering on the keys. In the 1980s.

Showgirls Exposed is not sexy, it's not thrilling, it's not even unintentionally funny. It just hurts your brain and makes you wish DVD-Rs were unaffordable.
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If this would be a better film, it would be Germany's answer to „The Room"
t_atzmueller26 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There are bad movies and there are "bad movies"; if you're a fan of Underground trash cinema, I'm telling you nothing new. There are films like "Plan 9 from Outer Space", "The Room" and the works of directors like Uwe Boll and Ulli Lommel. Some are so "bad, that they're good"; others are others so bad, that the only entertaining factor is reading the mocking critics, reviews and commentaries.

You can say everything malignant that comes to mind about those films, but at least they are still films; technically speaking.

The same cannot be said about "Showgirls: Exposed". You may have noticed the absence of plot-outline or synopsis for this piece of "work" – that's mainly because there really is no story or plot; only a loose connection of shoddily assembled shots and pictures, most feature strip-dancers in the seedier side of Frankfurt's red-light district. Intertwined are scenes 'borrowed' from "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", random people waving toy guns and the vaguest of suggestion, that this is a movie about murder, the mafia, drugs and, well, showgirls.

"Showgirls: Exposed" is not an easy film to find. Your best chance at purchasing the whole 60 minutes is at a popular online shop – but be warned: of the handful of people who had too much cash and bought the film, most have left bitter, vitriol-filled comments on the shops review section.

You may have read the other glowing reviews on this page and wondered, whether you had seen the same film; you may have come to the conclusion that those reviews had spilled over from a parallel universe, where Stanley Kubrick was born blind and Steven Spielberg never went beyond filming with his father's hand-held video-camera. However, the answer may be simpler than that and, perhaps you've guessed it already: director Marc Vorlander has personally graced this page, not only with one review but with two (so far).

See, Vorlander belongs to a rather strange assembly of Underground-Trash-cinema fans, for whom blogging, forum-surfing and producing films have become synonymous. Mostly those productions are figments of the imagination, (as are skills, talent and an imaginary budget of $25+ million), but the wish remains the father of the thought. A generation of directors for whom every video-clip recorded on a cell phone is worthy of an IMDb entry and to whom responding to every mocking comment made on the internet has become a way of life.

So, is this the worst movie ever made? I leave those, who've seen every single movie ever made be the judge of that, but I can honestly say that this is the worst film, which asks for money, that I've ever come across. And yes, giving that one unwarranted, yet mandatory point made me feel slightly nauseous.

PS: if the next review should mention that my review was the most perfect review ever composed by human hands and that chief-editors should rush out to hire this brilliant man – well, I'm not going to lie to you: it may have been written by myself.
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bullshit impostor fanfilm that wants to be artsy but fails utterly at everything
shiyosunderland28 August 2013
This is, simply put, utter crap. It's an inept try at making a "movie" but in a time where everyone can pick up a camera and shoot away it's just not excusable to sell crap like this. If the director likes to be around cheap girls for the time of the shooting, just switch of the camera next time. just not interesting for the rest of the world. please... damn is this stupid. I guess this guy even makes his own razzies to post on camera to prove he's part of the "system". man, just so sad. and stop posting reviews for your own movies. thanks. I'm not quite sure why stuff like this even got attention from newspapers three years ago. It must be because the guy who made this sent out "press releases" and started throwing big names around. It is pretty obvious that this backfired pretty soon... next time round he'll be marketing some other crap. Maybe the official prequel for Wild Things or something. Just pick a title and go for it. No problem!
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Disturbing. Provoking. Completely shaved.
amspeed-965-3491091 February 2011
If you like movies in the style of "Crank 2" this is for you! Crazy, sexy, cool sequel to Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls. Better soundtrack, more naked girls, more color, more darkness, more pervert fun!

There's even a "pool scene" (LOL), but this time the girls doing nothing else than just showing their bodies!!

It's eye-popping uncut! The tag-line on the cover: "Disturbing. Provoking. Completely shaved." - So true!!!

The girls are very young and damn hot, especially a blonde from Nomi's 8mm diary took my breath away.

I really like this bizarre music film crossover, but better keep away your children.
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charliechuck712 February 2011
all i can say is this DVD is awesome!!! the director is a genius!!! wow!!! i recommend this DVD to anyone who likes showgirls. 10 out of 10! if you have any spare cash you won't go far wrong buying this DVD!

this director is a class act! i can't wait for his next release, bring it on. :)

intriguing stuff not to be missed, and please check out this directors other work online. you will be stunned.

i have been following this guy for a few years now, and i love all of his work. he is very unique in his field.

this sequel is not to be missed everything is in the title of the movie!.
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