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(at around 6 mins) Another clue that this movie is a prequel occurs early in the film when Olivia's boyfriend makes a reference to Lisa Loeb, whose breakout single "Stay" debuted in 1994.
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Features the longest 'opening disaster' out of all five movies in the series. The bridge disaster lasts for 4 minutes and 44 seconds.
(at around 44 mins) The picture that Olivia knocks off her desk was taken at Devil's Flight, the roller coaster from Final Destination 3 (2006).
The name of the company the eight survivors work for is called Presage Paper. "Presage" means: "A sign or warning that something, typically something bad, will happen; an omen or portent."
Tony Todd starred in the first two films and provided a voiceover in the third. He was not featured in the fourth film, but has returned to star in this one.
One rejected location for a death sequence in the film was a water park.
The restaurant that Sam works in is called Le Cafe Miro 81. This cafe was seen at the end of Final Destination (2000) in Paris. When looked at from this angle, MirO81, and flipped, it's another reference to "180" - a number referenced throughout the franchise.
(at around 1h 25 mins) At the end, in the bar, there is a picture of Roy standing next to the #6 stock car which caused the crash on the track in The Final Destination (2009).
A music video for the song "New Romance" by Miles Fisher starring the cast of Final Destination 5 was made to coincide with the release of the film, and can be found on YouTube. In true Final Destination fashion, the video has the cast meeting their ends in very grisly ways.
Ashley Tisdale auditioned for the role of Candice Hooper.
Many of the main characters are named after famous horror directors: Peter Friedkin is named after The Exorcist (1973) director William Friedkin; Candice Hooper is named after Tobe Hooper who directed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) and Poltergeist (1982); and Olivia Castle is named after William Castle who directed The Tingler (1959) and the original House on Haunted Hill (1959).
(at around 10 mins) The video that the office workers are watching on the bus is describing the corporate retreat company they will be working with. The company's name is "180 Corporate Consulting," another continuation of the number 180 in the series.
Dennis' death was shown uncensored when David Koechner was a guest on "Lopez Tonight", making it the only death scene out of all Final Destination films to be shown on talk show circuits.
Producers have said that this installment will be darker (like the first film), as opposed to the almost comedic route that the 4th film took.
(at around 11 mins) On the coach ride they see a lorry carrying logs which caused the accident in the second installment.
The first film in the Final Destination series to be released in the IMAX format.
(at around 35 mins) During the gymnastics practice scene, Canadian Olympian Brittany Rogers plays the gymnast on the balance beam when Candace is on uneven bars.
All of the films in the series were released 3 years apart. This film closes the gap and was released 2 years after the previous installment.
This is the third film in the series to feature a male lead having the premonitions.
(at around 47 mins) At the spa, just before the needles are put on to Isaac, he jokes with the masseur saying, "All right, Let's do this! Two billion people cannot be wong" Apart from being a pun, it could also be a tribute to Final Destination's first part director, James Wong.
(at around 40 mins) The Hice Pale Ale that Nathan brings in to the office is a running reference to stunt coordinator Freddie Hice who worked on Final Destination 2 (2003). A Hice Pale Ale truck is seen in that film and and Final Destination 3 (2006). Hice Pale Ale cans are seen in The Final Destination (2009) and this movie.
The second film in the Final Destination series to be in 3D.
David Koechner who plays Dennis, also plays Tod Packer in The Office (2005) - his character works for a paper company in both.
(at around 23 mins) At the memorial service, the second name on the plaque (also the second name read aloud) is Chris Boylan. This is a reference to Christine Boylan, wife of the film's writer, Eric Heisserer.
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The collapsing bridge death sequence was created by using green screens, green mats, wires and digital compositing.
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(at around 58 mins) At the eye surgeon's office, a water cooler can be seen with the brand 'Woda'. This is a pun of water. (Woda in Polish is water).
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(at around 43 mins) The Asian masseuse spoke in Cantonese, the main Chinese dialect spoken in Hong Kong.
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The picture frame Olivia Castle breaks in the office as she leaves has a picture of her at the roller coaster from the third installment.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

This movie is not a sequel, but in fact a prequel to the first movie in the series, Final Destination (2000).
(at around 1h 23 mins) Near the end of the movie when Sam looks at his plane ticket right before the crash the date is clearly displayed as May 13, 2000 Flight 180, 9:25 p.m. which proves the movie is a prequel to all the others.
Clues to the twist ending (linking to the first film) can be found by the request to turn off pagers at the beginning of the movie, the old-fashioned office phones, the clunky keyboard in doctor's office, the Liberty license plate (on the coroner's van) which was used in New York until 2001, and the song playing on the radio, "I Will Buy You A New Life" (Everclear, 1997).
(at around 41 mins) The Chinese Massage Spa where Isaac died is called 'MING YUN' which means 'destiny' in Chinese.
(at around 40 mins) When Isaac is stealing the gift certificate from his deceased co-workers drawer, it can clearly be seen that it expires on 6/30/01, which gives another clue to the movie taking place years prior to its release date.
(at around 44 mins) Before she leaves the office, Olivia knocks over a frame with a picture of her in it. The crack in the frame is centered on her right eye. This is a foreshadow of what happens on the eye surgeon's table.
Most of the death sequences are based on real-life incidents. The opening bridge collapse is inspired by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Additionally, someone has died from an acupuncture needle stabbing into their heart after falling off the table.
(at around 16 mins) In the premonition, Olivia dies due to a car falling on top of her. In real life (at around 1h), Olivia dies when she falls on top of a car.
Isaac's cell phone is a Motorola StarTAC. These were high-end phones first available in 1996. This serves as another clue that this film is a prequel to Final Destination (2000).
In the Final Destination 5: Circle of Death (2011) special feature it is said that some of the actors from the first Final Destination (2000) were brought back to film the airplane scene but this is incorrect. Their footage was actually green screened into the film.
The third film in the series to end with all of the survivors dying.
(at around 40 mins) Before Isaac goes to the massage parlor, he is pricked by a thumb tack in his desk. This is a foreshadow to what happens at the massage parlor.
(at around 40 mins) When Nathan brings beers into the office, behind Sam you can see a model airplane, truck and race car, which are references to Final Destination (2000), Final Destination 2 (2003) and The Final Destination (2009). On Olivia's desk is a picture of the Devil's Flight roller coaster from Final Destination 3 (2006). Since this film is revealed to be a prequel at the end, this means that the events of all previous films are foreshadowed in this scene.
Since the 4th installment of the series is called "The Final Destination," it is a hint that the 5th installment will not happen after it, but before.
The Blu-ray release features two alternate death scenes. At the massage parlor, Isaac does not die because his head is smashed by the Buddah statue, but because he is standing in the puddle of liquid, and is engulfed in flames when it ignites; Olivia does not have one but both eyes burned during the eye laser procedure (although she still falls to her death).
(at around 25 mins) At the memorial when Isaac's name is announced and laughed at. What is said after is another hint alluding to it being a prequel. "I see dead people" is a famous quote from The Sixth Sense (1999) which in the time line would have just been released the year prior.
It has been stated that Molly survives the initial bridge collapse premonition, therefore death should not be after her. This however is ambiguous because when Sam dies, his version of events are over. During the plane crash in "Final Destination", Alex dies but the rest of the plane still perishes after him. Hence, Molly could still have been destined to die in the collapse, it just wasn't shown.
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In the film Molly is the only one on the bus who survives both versions of the bridge collapse, so Death should not be after her. According to the myth, if you kill someone, you get all of their remaining time. Peter kills Agent Block and Sam kills Peter, so Death should no longer be after him. Despite this, both Peter & Molly die in the plane accident at the end of the film.
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Actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood also stars in The Bold and the Beautiful (1987) in which her co-star is Texas Battle, who stars in Final Destination 3 (2006) in which his death is caused by malfunction from weight lifting equipment.
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