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  • Final Destination 5 is a prequel to the first movie Final Destination (2000) (2000), which is subsequently followed by three sequels: Final Destination 2 (2003) (2003), Final Destination 3 (2006) (2006), and The Final Destination (2009) (2009).

  • The opening scene takes place on a suspension bridge. The scene was filmed on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas.

  • First, Candice is working out in the gym. A screw from the AC unit falls on the board Candice is practicing on, but she completes her board training with no problems. When she goes to a pole spin exercise, another girl goes on the board (with the screw still on it). As Candice is getting ready to complete her flip, the girl on the board accidentally steps on the screw. In pain, she stumbles off and knocks over a container of hand chalk directly into the path of a fan which blows the powder onto Candice. She loses concentration and falls off, landing and twisting awkwardly, snapping her body in half and breaking her spine and leg bones. Her hand twitches as people surround her broken body.

    Next, Isaac goes to a Chinese massage parlor after stealing a deceased coworker's gift certificate to the spa. He goes in expecting "an erotic massage with a happy ending", but is given acupuncture instead. He is told to go to sleep for 30 minutes and the therapist leaves the room. Soon after the door closes, a fire starts. Isaac is yelling for help, but the table Isaac is on breaks and he falls onto the floor, pushing the needles into his body. As he lies on the floor, a container of alcohol (used for sterilizing the needles) pours across the floor. Isaac sits up, agonizingly trying to pull the broken and bent needles out of his body. The fire starts to spread and in panic, Isaac slams back into a wall, just out of the fire's reach. He breathes a sigh of relief as a Buddha statue (weighing about 30 pounds [14 kilograms]) falls from a top shelf onto Isaac's face, smashing his head like a grape.

    Afterwards, Olivia goes in for eye surgery and is strapped into place underneath the laser eye surgery machine. The doctor mentions that he doesn't have a complete file and walks out for a moment. Meanwhile out in the hall, a cup of water falls and pours onto an electrical socket. The resulting power surge causes the laser eye surgery machine to malfunction. Olivia, in a panic, tries to reach for the emergency shut-off switch. Instead, the switch falls off and when it hits the floor, it presses the on button. The laser then activates and starts to cut out Olivia's eye. Screaming, she tries to block the laser with her hand but the laser starts burning and cutting her hand. She finally frees herself. When the other characters arrive to help her, she accidentally trips on a teddy bear's eye and falls out the window, falling several stories and smashing onto a parked car. An eyeball is dislodged and rolls into the street, promptly getting run over by traffic.

    Death comes for Nathan when a crane malfunctions in the factory he works at. The crane's massive hook falls down towards him and Nathan pushes a nasty coworker into its path instead. The hook smashes through the catwalk and the coworker falls, trying to grab the hook's cable to stop himself. He stops just before getting impaled by metal spikes but, as the camera pans upwards, it is revealed that the hook went through the coworker's head. Nathan is skipped.

    Shortly afterward, Dennis comes down asking what has happened. Before they can explain, a huge wrench hits a rotating machine which projects it at Dennis's face. Dennis flies backwards as the others get covered in blood. Dennis's body is shown on the floor with the wrench wedged halfway through his head where his eyes used to be.

    Peter thinks that to save himself (and to get revenge at Sam for saving Molly in his vision and not Candice) he should kill Molly. He attacks Molly with a gun and as she hides, Peter shoots and kills Agent Block. Peter continues after Molly because she was witness to his killing of a federal officer. Just when Peter is about to kill her, Sam impales Peter through the torso with a large rotisserie skewer. Sam and Molly are finally safe.

    Two weeks later, Sam and Molly board a plane heading for Paris when they see several people getting removed from the plane. As the plane takes off, Sam overhears from a stewardess that the boy removed from the plane had a vision that the plane was going to explode (Flight 180). Sam looks out the window and sees an engine explode, tearing off the side of the plane's cabin. Molly is sucked out and her body smashes in half against the wings of the plane. Sam is roasted alive as fire races through the cabin and the plane finally explodes, projecting a wheel off into the distance.

    Nathan is attending a memorial for the coworker who died at the factory and finds out the coworker had a clogged blood vessel in his brain that was going to burst at any time. Realizing that he could die any second, the wheel from the plane crashes through the building, crushing Nathan, leaving no survivors of the bridge collapse.

  • It was shot in stereoscopic 3D.


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