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Predicable but well executed.
gregarious198713 August 2012
There are ups and downs to this flick. The story is interesting and unique. The cast is beautiful, the emotions are spot-on all through the film. Another plus is the humor. Every character has a situation that we can all relate to. A momma's boy, a player, a divorcée... All characters that we have interacted with at one point.

Kevin Hart does an exceptional job and he stands above the rest of the cast. The downer is the last quarter of the movie. It gets too sappy for a dude. The resolutions of the relationships become way too predictable. I mean, it's predictable down to the actual words spoken by the couples.

That aside, this is a movie suitable for a night in with your girl, or a date. It will set your chic in the mood :-) A better than average movie, and still worth your money.
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Amazing feel good movie
bynari-126 August 2012
Don't be put off by the low ratings. So far the movie has only been rated 6700 times which isn't really enough for it to shadow the minority ratings.

I suspect there's been a lot of men who aren't into these types of movies that have been forced to watch it with their girlfriends and have then given it low ratings because it definitely leans towards being more of a soppy romantic comedy than a gritty one.

It's definitely not a 'fairy-tale soppy romantic' movie by any means. I would class it as having a realistic amount of soppyness which is what makes it good.

The main cast are pretty diverse in their personalities so most people will be able to relate to someone in the movie, but even if you can't it's got enough comedy/fun in it to keep you entertained.

I think racially this movie is fantastic and it makes a lot of very positive statements. We have a mostly black cast with a very middle class Friends(TV series)'ish feel to them with 2 white guys in the group, 1 of whom has a black girlfriend.

There's a couple of light racially inspired jokes at the expense of one of the white guys in the group which further emphasises that race just isn't and shouldn't be a serious issue in the group.

It's really nice to see a movie like this with a nice intelligent middle-class group of African Americans. Too many movies focus on the gangster element of African American culture these days, so I think this is a really positive and refreshing movie.

I definitely recommend it to everyone except those who are put off by a bit of soppy romance.
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Brilliant movie! Absolutely loved it!
niovi_55528 August 2012
I watched this movie not expecting anything great, taking in consideration its very low IMDb rating. It completely proved me wrong, and it absolutely made my day. It was funny, charming, and full of really great moments. I loved the fact that the movie was following more than one relationship. It has a great storyline. The characters are great, and all the couples in the movie have great chemistry between them. Even though Cedric was the funniest character in the movie, all the others always had something pretty funny to say. I loved seeing Turtle in something else besides Entourage, he's a really great actor. The soundtrack is also amazing. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends.
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Can't believe the rating is so low
mohammed-helal-eng6 May 2012
Friend of mine referred me to this movie to go see with my girl. I saw the rating on IMDb and was hesitant. However, he insisted, so I went for it.

The movie is funny as hell. It may run for two hours but for me and my girl it passed by quickly; there's always something going on keeping you interested or making you laugh.

I don't need to write a detailed review. If you're hesitant, don't's worth it!

PS I'd really give this movie an 8, but I feel like the current rating is way too low.

Another PS: I'm not black!
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Ignore ratings, very good film!
riz_9414 September 2012
This film is much better than it's rating! Obviously it's not jammed full of amazing special effects and Oscar winning performances but it doesn't pretend to be either. The film is what it is a light hearted, feel good, comedy romance.

Strongly recommend watching if you're feel a little bored or want a movie to kill time with some great laughs provided by Kevin Hart.

The story line is a little predictable but no need to worry because the laughs make up for it. All I can say is just watch the film, you won't be disappointed, I'm certain you will be pleasantly surprised.

Great film 8/10 will be looking out for part 2 :)
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The Kevin Hart Show
cattjones21 April 2012
I am sure that a lot of folks will think that this is a film to plug Steve Harvey's book, but trust me when I say that the book does not need plugging since it made the best seller list (just wanted to get that off my chest). This is one of those films that I am going to have to watch again because the audience was laughing so loud and long that I fear I missed some of the jokes. That being said ….. Kevin Hart (Cedric) is a fool (in a good way). He had me (and the rest of the audience) cracking up. His comic timing and expressions are priceless. The relationship between Dominic (Michael Ealy) and Lauren (Taraji P Henson) was probably the most honest (compared to the others). I like the reference that they made to For Colored Girls (classic). I have always considered Michael Ealy to be very sexy and he did not disappoint in this film (Yum). Michael (Terrance Jenkins) was a true mama's boy almost to the point of being sickening, but Candace (Regina Hall) did what she had to do to rectify that situation. The longtime relationship between Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) and Kristen (Gabrielle Union) is one that a lot of couples will be able to relate to. Finally, Zeke (Romany Malco)…. What can I say, there are a bunch of you out there and I am glad that Mya (Meagan Good) stuck to her guns. The only negative thing that I would say about the film is that I am not sure that Alex (Chris Brown) needed to keep popping in on the scenes. It was kind of redundant since the film already had a "playa". Wendy Williams (Gail) and Sherri Shephard (Vicki) had small roles in the film, but it was good to see the talk show hosts represent. I think that a lot of people may see this film as a "chick flick", but I like to think of it as a great date movie. I think that the implied war of the sexes will appeal to all and if nothing else, Kevin Hart will keep you in stitches. This film is well worth the price of a ticket. Put down the book and get out and see this film because this will be the one that they will be talking about next to the water cooler on Monday. I am giving this film a green light.
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Pleasantly Surprised
ankitchens-160-73922819 April 2012
I have seen the previews for this movie & thought it was definitely one to pick up at Redbox, not pay $10 to see. Boy was I wrong. I walked out of the pre-screening pleasantly surprised. Not only is it hilarious from beginning to end, the cast is perfect. Kevin Hart made this movie what it is, he was great. The pairing of the couples couldn't have been more believable. It was above and beyond what I expected going into the theater. Not to mention i've never seen an audience so into a movie, nobody had a bad thing to say about it. I am so glad I got to see this early so I can be sure to let everyone know its worth paying to see. I would probably pay full price to see it again to be honest....DON'T MISS THIS ONE!! It's clear to me the people who rated it 3 stars definitely haven't seen this movie.
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A quality film in line with Hollywood's traditional romantic comedy formula
WydeOpen19 April 2012
Based off the Steve Harvey bestseller, the film "Think Like A Man"opens with the legendary sound of James Brown singing "It's A Mans World". Anyone familiar with the song knows the true message of the song is in the lyrics; "but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl".

That song choice serves as a perfect theme for this conventional romantic comedy that chronicles the timeless war of the sexes. Now I realize that the description "conventional" may come across as negative but that's not my intention entirely. I mean conventional as in "not a Madea" movie. This quality film falls more in line with Hollywood's traditional romantic comedy formula rather than Tyler Perry's "play adapted for film" approach to movie making. There are plenty of laughs interspersed through out romantic conflicts that are resolved without any significant twists or surprises.

The plot revolves around the love lives and relationships of six male friends who fall into very specific roles; the player, the mamas boy, the dreamer, the non-commiter, the happily married man and the happy divorcée.

For the most part these guys are blissfully ignorant of the dissatisfaction that the significant others in their lives silently suffer through.

That is until the women discover and read Steve Harvey's book "Think Like A Man, Act Like A Woman". Acting on the advice of the book, the women manipulate the men into becoming the type of man they each want and getting the relationships they desire. So can the "player" be tamed by the girl who keeps her "cookie" on lock down for at least 90 days? Can the single mom get the "mama's boy" to cut the emotional umbilical cord he shares with his overbearing, over nurturing mother (played pitch perfect by Jennifer Lewis)? And what happens when the fellas realize that they've been "betrayed" by Steve Harvey and then use the book against the ladies like a sports team with knowledge of the opposing teams plays.

Although the majority of the cast is Black, the story (due to Steve Harvey's source material) and the comedy (thanks mostly to Kevin Hart) is broad enough to appeal to almost all audiences unlike some of Tyler Perry's movies which tend to cater  specifically to Black women.

Every actor and actress does an adequate job in their various roles and move the film easily from scene to scene. There are plenty of cameos that make the film fun but Kevin Hart deserves special recognition because he absolutely shines! He redefines the term "scene stealer" by being the most enjoyable character every time he appears on screen.

Although many people will consider this a Black romantic comedy, this film is really too strong to be pigeonholed into that genre.  But if you must classify it as such, then know that this movie breaks Tyler Perry's stronghold and breaks out of the Madea mold of what Black entertainment is.
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More an Ode to Steve Harvey than a real Movie
TamPalm22 April 2012
Excruciatingly bad. That's my takeaway from this movie. As other critics have stated, this is just one big infomercial for Steve Harvey's book. I will go a step further and say it's a big ol' "that-a-boy" from Steve to himself. Gag me now.

The plot is non-existent. The "movie" is just an array of vignettes that sloppily intersect and form silly lessons from the "great one" (Harvey) about relationships. The characters are just there. There is no real development except the trite, predictable "I see the light now" that brings the manufactured happy endings to each vignette. The writing is HORRIBLE. The production is low-budget. The list goes on of things that make this "movie" forgettable.

However,there are small but significant peeps of light through the otherwise dark cloud that is this ode to Harvey. The all-star cast tries really hard and sometimes succeeds at making this horrible script entertaining. I will highlight Michael Ealy's character as a ray of sunshine. The combination of his looks including those piercing eyes and his acting chops make his character appealing and dreamy, despite his being mismatched with the older-looking Taraji Henson. Gabrielle Union does a decent job with her character and she and her beau have the most interesting, believable story line of the movie. The numerous cameos would be kind of cute if they didn't leave you with the impression that their inclusion is just yet another way for "the great one" to show he is "somebody" and that he "knows people." I digress as I find myself getting back to the negative even in the paragraph I had reserved to show the few positives of the movie.

Bottom line, this is an ego-driven "I love myself" fest of Steve Harvey. I am wholly disappointed in the Rainforest crew who produced it, as I thought they would have grown more in their movie-making than they have apparently. They are still putting out low-budget, poorly-constructed films. It seems the only difference is that they are getting paid more now to do so. It's a shame. They had the opportunity to make this movie a quality movie. It could have been so much more than it was.

You will not regret skipping this movie.
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Definitely one of the worst films of 2012 so far...
QStrum28 May 2012
I'm proud of this film's success. Will Packer and Rainforest work hard and they deserve it. But this film is weak on so many levels. Being based on a "self-help" book, this screenplay was crammed with nothing but on-the-nose dialogue that left me bored and fidgety for the most part. Outside of Kevin Hart, there wasn't a single thing funny about this film. Okay, maybe once or twice I laughed but one time it was at something I don't think was meant to be funny (actor Romany Malco singing with his guitar). You can't call a film a comedy where only one character was remotely, or should I say barely humorous. I found more humor in dramas like American Beauty, City Lights, and The Graduate.

This film seemed to just flat-line from beginning to end. When I say flat, I mean literally flat. Nothing happened until the guy-meets-girl moments, and that took a while to get to. Once the relationships started, the weak conflicts seemed to be limited to the superficiality of Steve Harvey's best selling book. No inner conflicts, not even conflict on the extra-personal level.

I could've done without most of the characters which can read like a list of players on a football team. They had no purpose and added nothing to the telling, like the married guy amongst them, Bennett played by Gary Owen. I know a lot of people loved this film. But can anyone seriously say they got to know any of the characters? Also, I had a hard time buying most of the relationships. The worst of them all had to be Jerry Ferrara with Gabrielle Union. It was like having to suspend your disbelief watching them together and that didn't even work for me. I didn't believe they even knew each, let alone them being in a 13 year relationship. At a glance, I would faster believe Union was Ferrara's babysitter or nanny, not her man. It was one big spoof to me.

The next absurd relationship was Regina Hall and the guy from 106 and Park, Terrence Jenkins. I didn't believe he and Hall went to high school at the same time. In fact, she could've passed for his mother as well.

Taraji Henson's relationship with Michael Ealy was also hard to stomach, as I had trouble believing a woman with her success in business wouldn't question Ealy's facade.

I liked the relationship between Meagan Good and Romany Malco but it was so contrived, like everything else about this film.

And the next black film made showing black friends discussing their relationships while trying to play basketball should have little-tree car re-fresheners hanging from theater ceilings for the sake of audiences. Why? Because such expository scenes are a load of steaming crap. Guys don't stand around on the court discussing such things, or play ball while having those kinds of conversations. I know they did it in The Brothers (2001) and it was b.s. then as it still is now.

The telling had no direction, no point-of-view. It could've been anyone or anything's story at any given time, which left me confused and disengaged. I was waiting for the fire hydrant's storyline eventually.

I really wanted to like it, but I couldn't. In the end, I was dissatisfied and utterly annoyed.
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Not bad; Not great. Kevin Hart made the movie.
beatrice-mcclearn22 April 2012
It's not bad, but it's not great either. I personally did not support the book because it was nothing more than a marketing tool used to make Steve Harvey more money. I'm not mad at him, I'm just not in his target market.

If I didn't like movies so much, or reviewing them, I would've passed on this movie too. Surprisingly it was hilarious...thanks to the awesome little short man that goes by the name "Cedric" played by Kevin Hart. Otherwise it was an average movie about women being ruled by a book on relationships and men playing into predetermined roles.

More power to Steve Harvey for turning pages, and heads, but it's not one of my favorite movies to date. It would fit perfectly in a sleepover blockbuster night for single women.
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One of the Worst Movies of the year
FFman-847-46012622 April 2012
Talk about overkill. With more than two hours of screen time, this drama looks like it has the potential to buck the Hollywood trend of stuffing too much into a short film. The problem is, they follow the relationships of six friends—from both sides. Trying to show more than ten angles in two hours is simply impossible. Still, they try. In the end, this movie turns into a mess of dialogue that wouldn't have been good even if the storyline was worth it (and it most defiantly wasn't). When you base the entirety of a movie off of stereotypes, the movie should be a comedy. In a drama, stereotypical characters are far too flat for the audience to care about. In the beginning of Think Like A Man, each character is labeled according to how they would be in described in the book. There's "The Player," "Mama's Boy," and much much more. Since there are so many characters on screen, you never get any more depth to these characters. By the end of the movie, you will find yourself hoping that they all end up alone so that movie ends faster. I honestly want to see how long the script is for Think Like a Man. The characters never stop talking—and often talk fast and over each other in order to fit everything in. This might be okay if the screenwriter we decent. Unfortunately, they were nowhere near. I cringed multiple times and found myself in awe that anyone truly believed certain lines would ever actually be uttered by a sane human being. How any of these actors looked at the script and thought it was a good idea is beyond me. This movie is also sellout. Not only is it terrible, but the product placement goes overboard. The men meet in a bar constantly and are always drinking Dos Equis. When they are on the basketball court, they always wear Air Jordan's (They even talk about Air Jordan a couple times as well). They reference a couple Tyler Perry movies for no apparent reason. How do they expect us to care about a movie when it feels like a commercial? Don't see this movie. Please. I laughed once—kind of. The dialogue is bad. The acting is lackluster. Even the idea is terrible. Every few scenes they cut to the author of Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man so that he can give advice to the women. Every time this happened, I found myself looking around the theatre—simply wondering if anyone else realized that this was a horrible idea. I hope they did. This goes down as one of the worst movies of the year.
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predictable and unfunny
LucyBonette24 July 2016
This is a terrible movie. It's supposed to be funny, but it really isn't. Full of stereotypes (both racial and sexual) and right from the beginning you know how it's going to end.

The acting is very bad, with Wendy Williams as Gail as an absolute low point. The only one doing kind of OK is Steve Harvey, but he pretty much plays himself.

At one point two characters realize they think alike when they correct the waiter on the pronunciation of French culinary term (en crôute) simultaneously. Only, the correction is all wrong! Not relevant to the story, but things like that just make the movie so amateurish.

It's also quite a long movie and scenes on nthe basketball court where the short guys have to play the tall guys could have been left out, as they are totally irrelevant to the story and are not funny either.
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Much better then I expected and one of the few chick-flicks that I really enjoyed. Very funny and good date movie. I say A-
cosmo_tiger23 August 2012
"There is no such thing as a perfect man." Four male friends think they have it made. The all have great girlfriends who make them happy. Four female friends all think that they have the worst relationship. When Steve Harvey writes a book for women about how they should act the tables in the relationship turn. The men think they find an answer, but like most everything we do that backfires. I have to admit that I am not usually a fan of these types of movies. Without sounding racist I am not a fan of the Tyler Perry movies (even though this isn't one) and this just looked way to girly for me. I can't believe how wrong I was. While the movie is formulaic and predictable it is still very funny and really entertaining. There were a few parts in this that I laughed really hard at and when it was over I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. While this is, and should be, considered a chick-flick this is one of the "girl movies" that I liked and I think most men will like it too. Don't base you seeing this or not off of past movies like this. This is much better then I expected. Overall, very funny and much better then I expected. I surprisingly give this an A-...I know.
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smbpaulsp27 September 2018
The actors are fine, the writing fine, the directing fine. What's not fine is that my daughter may grow up thinking like these women and my son may grow up thinking like these men. Terrifying. I had hoped we'd moved on but apparently not.

The general attitude of these over grown child-men is that women are conquests to brag about with their other child-men friends.

Women in this film 'need' men - it doesn't matter if they're misogynistic, manipulative and controlling - they are only complete with any man in their lives.

As if to prove my point Chris Brown (of physically assaulting Rihanna fame) even makes a few appearances as a sleazy lethario. I think we're meant to think he's naughty but harmless, unfortunately I can absolutely believe our 'heros' would behave exactly the same way given the chance.

I won't detail all the offensive and casual misogyny in this film, because it will depress me even more. Obviously it was written by a man and produced by a man.

I am so very depressed.
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Hilarious from beginning to end
sociallydisabled29 April 2012
I attended a near-midnight screening of this movie with pretty much the same expectations as I would have for Tyler Perry movies in general. I quite like Tyler Perry movies but this movie is beyond comparison.

Frankly, I've NEVER been to a movie where I laughed from beginning to end. It was HILARIOUS. Kevin Hart is an absolute scene stealer and almost none of the jokes in this movie fell flat. Yes, it does follow the conventional Hollywood romantic comedy formula. And the fact that all these beautiful women would seek romantic advice from a book is a bit contrived. But overall, the ensemble is beautiful and talented and at no point in the movie did it feel lagging.

I was disappointed by the low overall rating on IMDb so I decided to write a review. Perhaps the other voters didn't see the same movie that I did. This is hands down the best romantic comedy I've seen in recent years (emphasis on comedy), with original and unexpected quips. In my humble opinion, this movie should at least have a 7 out of 10. And let me add that I am Asian. Two days before watching this movie I tried watching The Science of Sleep - a movie that was annoying pretentious and frankly disappointing coming from the director of the fabulous Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That movie is rated a whopping 7.3 on IMDb which I think - pardon my French - is total crap. There is no way that Think Like a Man should be rated lower than this movie, thus Think Like a Man must truly have a higher rating than 7.3!

But definitely, if you enjoy witty and unexpected humor from a romantic comedy, watch this movie because you will not regret it! I think too many people judge movies based on the demographics that they seem to target which is a shame. You might really miss out on a wonderful experience.
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Pretentious and irritating to watch
KineticSeoul11 October 2014
This is a ensemble romantic comedy, without the comedy or real romance. Everything just seemed so forced and rushed to the point, it just took me out of the whole experience. I just can't see how people in their mid twenties can enjoy a movie such as this. I could understand teens that have altered realities, but this is too much. I don't necessary agree with a lot of the insight and perception on males and females. But at least it tried, and to a certain extent I could somewhat understand it. Even if the one dimensional characters ruins it. But with the running time, I guess they did what they thought was right. The climax was super rushed and just seem to happen out of nowhere. Overall, I thought this movie was pretentious and annoying. And almost not watchable, but since I didn't fall asleep while watching this, I give it a 3.5/10. Well at least it's better than "Grown Ups".

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Just. So. Bad.
djblues-945-1388587 October 2014
Just. So. Bad.

Insulting to both genders on so many levels. Does anyone believe that men (or in this movie's case, boys) sit around a table at a bar discussing their relationships and feelings?

And the women are so shallow and outright stupid it beggars belief that any man would be remotely interested in them, except perhaps for a one- night stand.

I know it's supposed to be a girlie flick and while my wife enjoyed seeing the boys with their shirts off, even she was laughing in all the wrong places.

Appalling movie.
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episodic bore
cekadah3 February 2013
no character development - outside of the obvious - which is to bag a man or bag a woman!

a one dimensional walk through a bunch of guys (who are suppose to be cute and charming but come across as sort of creepy) and a bunch of girls who all wear clothes so tight it looks sprayed on.

not that there aren't a few laffs and chuckles - there are - but few and far between. and each relationship is so predictable you can go to use the bathroom - talk on the phone - get a snack - then come back to the movie and know exactly whats happening.

and please what was the purpose of having the two narrators - kevin hart and steve harvey - it's the same story!

this had the makings of a good movie bad there are some serious problems with the final product!
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Think like a viewer
rrstrong22 April 2012
Think like a man was a very well written comedic drama that entertains till the end. The cast couldn't have been picked better to bring the story to life. The film's direction kept the scenes and plot lines moving to keep you interested at a comfortable pace with great doses of Kevin Hart. The movie did not have difficult events to understand or high octane thrills to keep you on edge. The dialogue drove the movie onto a smart savvy road of the confusing relationship highway, if that makes any sense. It was very well written and often fresh with well developed characters you enjoy to watch. It is definitely a must see movie of 2012.
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This movie is phenomenal!
superwomanproductions23 April 2012
I hadn't even read Steve Harvey's book, but knew from listening to him on radio that I already agreed with 99% of his views about relationships and "the games" men play if women allow them to. Going into the theater I knew some of it would be predictable as a result. This movie was a nice, shortened version of the book and hits the necessary points in a funny and entertaining way that will open the eyes of both women and men to how we perceive each other in relationships. Almost every type of dating scenario was represented, therefore regardless of age or race, movie goers have something to relate to. If movie goers go in with an open mind they may learn something about themselves or their potential mate. Kevin Hart was in rare form comically and there were heartfelt and realistic performances by the entire cast that I can definitely relate to or know someone (man or woman) who can. I recommend this movie for a first date, so you can find out what you're getting into early. *smile*
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This is an excellently hilarious movie.
And Kevin Hart knew what he was doing when they put him in the mix. Dude is hilarious from sun up to sun down. The entire cast flowed well together and it was just too sexy to see all of them on the big screen together (something some of us with sense wondered would ever happen) of course there will be those that are discontent with the dialogue since no one was shot, down on they luck singing baptist hymns, or being a crack head. Thank you Mr. Harvey & Cast, writers and all of you that was a damn good movie and I want another one asap! Please make another, and another and another we been waiting to watch, what y'all waiting on?
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Think Like a Man Act Like a Woman
cherie-boone21 April 2012
This was an excellent movie! But one thing...please add Morris Chestnut to the cast members; he was in the film too!

The movie was great; I could go see this again! There were some strong and powerful actors/actresses in this film, and I think the chemistry was awesome! Often you here stories where an actor/actress don't like sharing the spotlight, but in this film, that was not a problem at all!

Kevin Hart is truly a comedian! He really kept you laughing! Taraji, I loved her character!

I believe this was the first movie I've seen Morris and Gabrielle as supporting actors/actress!

I am giving this film an A+.
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No one wins this battle--ever.
jdesando20 April 2012
"No one will ever win the battle of the sexes; there's too much fraternizing with the enemy." Henry Kissinger

From early literature, at the very least Chaucer, the war between the sexes has been a topic of the best writers, notably Shakespeare in his Taming of the Shrew, among others.

Now Think Like a Man, based on Steve Harvey's best-selling Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, takes the topic for a modern spin, and a pleasant one at times, at other times just too long. The boys, really grown men but film prefers to keep them like adolescents for as long as possible, have varying degrees of difficulties with their women. The film has arranged the tale in episodes that feature each type, e.g., mama's boy, non-committer, and the player. The ladies have a secret weapon to win the engagement ring prize--the book, Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man, promoted by a smarmy talk show host played by Harvey himself.

Such tips as making a suitor wait for 90 days before sex and increasing standards are among the many strategies that help the women deal with intractable male slacking and avoidance. The episodes are sometimes funny and all devoid of scatological surprises as have come to be common in modern male-centered Hangover and Bridesmaids comedies.

It's not just the absence of crudity that makes this a pleasant film; it's that at times it has respect for the adults absent in comedies of late. Sure, the film has caddish men and pushy women, but they have a civility that sets them apart from the rest of the contemporary comedy scenes. Cedric Kevin Hart) is not classy but as the manic divorced one with stories to tell, he serves to keep the plodding sermonizing from sinking the film.

When the men learn about the book and turn that knowledge into weapon, the film gets interesting. After that strategy gets its challenge, the rest of the film trails off lamely into another Shakespearean observation: all's well that ends well.
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katerina_lp10 February 2017
I don't mind a good rom-com (which is indeed kinda rare),but this isn't one of them. I disliked the book,as i found it repetitive,rather sexist (not only towards women) and condescending. (Please stick to comedy Harv,stay away from life advice and beauty pageants). I expected a similar theme in the movie,but i thought,especially after seeing the casting,it could at least be witty,funny..instead,it was a "hangover" from hell, with a bunch of lads in unhappy relationships. Clichés,outdated stereotypes,topped with unnecessarily crude humour,and a bunch of guys teasing their mate for being,potentially,a victim of domestic violence. The successful woman who just has to be unhappy and lonely,while the successful man is perfectly fine,men being clueless and afraid of commitment,women being needy and cunning,etc etc.. A recipe that seems to work for years,but has gotten old.Kinda disappointed,as the cast is quite attractive and talented. In conclusion,nothing cool or original about this film,hardly a fan.
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