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functional start
SnoopyStyle15 January 2020
Angry villagers attack Gomez and Morticia's wedding. The family escape to the new world where they settle in a dark mansion up on a hill. Margaux Needler is a disapproving neighbor who has her own show selling her perfectly planned community. Wednesday befriends Margaux's daughter Parker who tells her about junior high school. Wednesday decides to abandon home school for the public school.

This is obviously trying to tap into the Hotel Transylvania fandom as well as the nostalgia. This does remind me of Addams Family Values in one way. In both movies, Wednesday is the most interesting character. She has the most personal growth and her adventures are the most fish out of water. The movie goes overboard with Margaux. It would be nice to have more Parker with Wednesday. The family remains the funniest when they are forced to adapt to the regular world. There is not enough of that. When Wednesday starts dressing girly, Morticia could get more laughs by dressing the same to get in touch with her rebelling daughter. This is a functional start but it needs to go somewhere new if the franchise continues.
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Funny and Entertaining
claudio_carvalho20 January 2020
Gomes and Morticia Addams move to a derelict mansion in New Jersey surrounded by a marsh and hidden by a fog in the top of a mountain to raise a family. Thirteen years later, Gomes is teaching his son Pugslay the saber tradition of the Addams family while Wednesday is questioning her mother about the world outside the mansion gate. Meanwhile a community is raised by Margaux Needler, who is the responsible for the sales of the house, and the marsh is drained. When she sees the old mansion on the neighborhood, she decides to get rid of the Addams Family.

"The Addams Family" is a funny and entertaining movie for the family. The plot is silly but works in an afternoon. The residents acting like puppets manipulated by fake news and the teenage rebellion are the best moments. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Família Addams" ("The Addams Family")
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Won't you be my neighbor?
nogodnomasters21 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The family gets run out of Europe and exiles to New Jersey. A model town is built nearby . Gomez was made to look like Peter Lorre. The story centered on Wednesday and Pugsly. The theme is diversity. Being different is okay. The best part of the feature was Lurch's choice on the pipe organ. They obtained a lot of top named actors for voices, I just wish the story had been a little better.
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Animated ... evil
kosmasp5 October 2021
The Addams Family ... it's been a while since I saw the live Action movie. And I think I only saw the first movie and not the show or anything else. Still the music is quite iconic ... and it gets introduced here in a very funny way too.

The Addams Family may be morbid, but never too scary for the viewer ... as crazy as it may sound ... like a house yelling at you to get out. Of course for the Addams Family this is music to their ears. But as they are not something anyone would call normal .. they have issues. The moment we meet them ... and later on too. Btw. The latter part of the movie, where mayhem ensues is the one that is the most fun of it all (imho).

A nice little movie that apparently was succesful enough to warrant an upcoming sequel ... great voice/acting talent too.
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always be yourself
lee_eisenberg16 October 2019
I didn't go into this new version of "The Addams Family" expecting anything profound. I figured that it was some nice silly entertainment (with an obviously spooky bent) and I was right. Much like how the live-action versions addressed the fact that the Addamses were seen as weird for being different but were a perfectly decent family, this one features them resisting pressure from a developer/reality star who wants to create a monoculture (and has a thing for both surveillance and over-the-top hairdos).

Nothing special, but enjoyable.
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This was actually very enjoyable...
paul_haakonsen3 January 2020
Sure, I grew up watching The Addams Family on both movies and cartoons, so the concept of this odd family was nothing new to me. But for an animated "The Addams Family" movie that came to see the light in late 2019, I must admit that I wasn't really overly sold on the idea.

But still, I sat down with the family to watch it, as my 9 year old son wanted to watch it.

Turns out that this animated movie was actually rather entertaining. The story was straight forward, if not actually simplistic in terms of what you'd expect for such a movie. But it worked out well enough, especially since this was more of a character driven animated movie, than it was a story driven one.

The CGI animation was really good. I was amazed with what the CGI team mustered to do here. There were so many details in all the scenes, even small things that have no impact on the story, but just add atmosphere to the entire movie. That was definitely something that pulled the movie in the right direction.

I loved the character design. And again, the CGI team really worked their magic with the characters, just as they did with the setting and atmosphere. But not only was the character designs good, I also enjoyed the art style quite a lot. It was very much in the essence of The Addams Family, and you might throw in some classic Tim Burton inspiration as well, because it was there.

Now, the characters would not work without proper voice acting, since this was an animated movie. And yes, they had opted for a great ensemble of casted performers to do the various roles and voices throughout the movie. This was also working well in favor of the movie.

This 2019 "The Addams Family" CGI animated movie is definitely well worth watching, regardless of if you are familiar with the family or not.

My rating of this movie is a solid six out of ten stars.
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Fun film
BandSAboutMovies31 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Conrad Vernon started his career as a storyboard artist on Cool World but may be best known as creating and voicing the Gingerbread Man from the Shrek movies. He also co-directed Sausage Party before starting work on this reboot of Addams, who you may remember from the Charles Addams newspaper strips (which started all the way back in 1938), the 1964-1966 TV series or the three films made in the 1990's, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values and the direct-to-video Addams Family Reunion.

There's a cute origin story at the beginning of this film, as Gomez (Oscar Issac from the new Star Wars films) and Morticia (Charlize Theron) escape the old country thanks to help from Uncle Fester (Nick Kroll). As they travel to New Jersey, they soon meet Lurch (Vernon). In truth, they move to Westfield, as that's where creator Charles Addams grew up.

As we move forward a few years, we meet their children, Wednesday (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Pugsley (Finn Wolfhard, who must have the Richard Moll in the 80's deal to be in nearly every movie that comes out). Pugsley is about to enact the ritual of the Mazurka, which is a sword dancing exhibition that proves that he is man enough to defend his family. It's kind of like the Addams version of a bar mitzvah.

Meanwhile, reality TV host Margaux Needler (Allison Janney) is creating a town called Assimilation down the hill from the Addams mansion and wants to rid her perfect town of the family.

The message here is that everyone should be unique, which is nice for kids to hear, and that even strange people like the Addams can be a family that loves one another.

There's plenty of fun voice talent in this, like Snoop Dogg as Cousin Itt, Bette Midler as Grandmama and Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara as Morticia's parents.

I really enjoyed how the look of this film appears more like the actual comic strip than the TV show, although the end, where the cast appears in the original credits, is a delight.
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A nice introduction to The Addams Family
studioAT1 November 2019
I knew of 'The Addams Family', but had never seen the series/films, so this was my introduction to them.

I had low expectations going in, but came out having enjoyed it.

There's some good vocal performances from the cast, and the story had some nice themes of acceptance, loyalty etc.

It's not up there with Disney/Pixar level of animation, but I was pleasantly surprised by this film, and will now watch the older live action ones.
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Fairly Entertaining
view_and_review4 October 2021
After getting a couple of live action versions of "The Addams Family'' in the 90's (which I loved), we get an animated version. Gomez (voiced by Oscar Isaac) is still crazy in love with Morticia (voiced by Charlize Theron). Wednesday (voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz) is still a monotone harbinger of doom and Pugsley (voiced by Finn Wolfhard) is still the frequent object of Wednesday's experiments to get rid of him.

This movie could be considered The Addams Family origin story. It begins when Gomez and Morticia are just getting married and also being ran out of town by an angry mob. They find Lurch (voiced by Conrad Vernon) and also find an old asylum at the top of a spooky hill to be their new digs. For them it was perfect. Life was spooktacular for them for thirteen years until a "Flip or Flop" type TV show led by a woman named Margaux Needler (voiced by Allison Janney) decided to renovate the town below the Addamses. This new town of Assimilation was everything antithetical to the Addams: it was clean, colorful, cheery, and full of Stepford people. A town such as this would not have a good value while being under the shadow of the Addams Family's dark derelict lair.

While Margaux plotted to make the Addams conform, Wednesday was going through a rebellious stage and even put a barrett in her hair, and Pugsley was having a difficult time learning the Marsuka (an Addams Family sword dance that was a right of passage). The Addams were facing a crisis of sorts. "The Addams Family" was mildly amusing and fairly entertaining. I don't think there needed to be an animated version, but that's Hollywood now: animate what was once live action and make live action what was once animated.
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evanston_dad22 November 2021
A generic animated film that lacks everything that made the T. V. sitcom charming. The original Addams Family were bizarre, but they weren't psychotic.

Grade: D.
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There Goes The Neighborhood...
azathothpwiggins22 October 2020
THE ADDAMS FAMILY isn't for everyone. It's not for those insisting on it being an exact, animated version / copy of either the original 1960's TV show or the films from the 1990's. This is more for lovers of both, who are also acquainted with the source cartoons by the darkly brilliant Charles Addams. In fact, this movie is like having his illustrations come to life!

Of course, his forte was creating stand-alone panels, and a movie needs a plot, so we have the Addams' finding themselves up against modern, cookie cutter, suburban society. The smart bet is on the Addams'! The nearby town's name is "Assimilation", which says it all.

While it's great watching the various members of the family being their bizarre, loveable selves, the story itself is a bit sparse. It seems to just get going, and it's over. In spite of this shortcoming, it's good fun for fearful, family viewing. The voice characterizations are also quite good, with Charlize Theron being a perfectly glum Morticia, Oscar Isaac making for a very lively Gomez, and Chloe Grace Moretz as a wonderfully cold Wednesday!

P.S.- There's a fantastic homage to FRANKENSTEIN -involving frogs- that is perfectly ghoulish!...
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has its moments, but too few
cherold17 January 2020
This version of The Addams Family takes its look from the original Charles Addams and it characters and many gags from the TV series, but it doesn't seem to entirely understand either, resulting in a movie of broad, often juvenile humor without a consistent vision.

The original cartoons were essentially about odd people with odd tastes. The TV series built on this, creating a fully fleshed-out family of cheerful iconoclasts. The Addams Family was a bunch of friendly people completely aware of how little they fit into their suburban American world. The people they met seemed odd, and they never thought they themselves might be the odd ones.

The movie starts with the Addamses facing torch-wielding villagers. They are hunted and hated and dream of a peaceful life. So a series whose main joke was that its characters thought they were the only normal ones because a story about people who know they are the freaks.

This wouldn't be a fatal flaw if the movie was funnier. There are genuinely hilarious moments, like the frog-dissection scene, but in between hilarity there are all these familiar gags unlikely to appeal to anyone older than twelve.

This is unfortunate, because a distinguishing feature of the cartoons, the TV series, and the live-action film is they all were the product of smart writing. Making this movie the first dopey Addams Family production I've encountered.

Perfectly watchable, really, if you have the patience for it, but not the Addams I know and love.
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Edvis-199725 December 2019
Well I really wanted to see this movie because it was highly promoted but the best parts are in trailer and nothing left in movie. So really average, kind of disappointed, too childish.
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Mostly Older Viewers - Surprisingly Funny
westsideschl28 January 2020
Wednesday, "Ah, now I understand." (Hint: First day of school.) "This is a children's prison." Current timely & often intelligent funnies, "I believe in everything I read. If someone posted it, it must be true. "Fake news ... they don't belong here." Could also refer to Europeans, using advanced weaponry, that stole from the Indigenous peoples. I liked the composing of the Addams theme song as well as Lurch's version of "Green Onions" (Booker T version). Only negative is the animation quality was one level lower than the best it could have been.
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They are back
Numberis612 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Even in animation people are enslaved to the media. The believe what they read.

The Addams family is an iCONIC and gold family, show, movie and series. From the 50s to present day the Addams family has been around for a long time entertaining me.

I adore the Addams family because it doesn't take its self seriously, and they are spontaneously funny. It's violent without violence. It's Dark with some light.

Now they return in 2019.

The story is a kind of an origin story of the Addams Family. Wednesday is curious about "what's on the other side" and gets to experience it. It's a duality, polarity movie. What happens when 2 opposite sides collide?

Other than that it Subliminally references the surveillance state. There are other subliminal messages that only a few people will notice.

The animation is okay. It's No Toys Story. Its not bad though.

The characters each have somewhat of the same personality of old. Exception to Pugsley. Pugsley is indifferent compared to past reincarnations.

Colour feel: black and bright

Overall a good movie. It's nothing like past versions still it's a good movie. Is it made for children? Despite subliminal racial quotes and fruits if the child has tough skin and is smart then he can handle this product. If they can't then they have a condition.

I Would have given it a 9 but the Addams Family integrating with everyone was a slap in the face. I fumbled at 8, 7 and will settle for 6 because the ending stabs a rainbow into the Addams Family... I mean that literally. A sharp Rainbow stabs the Addams Family.

Verdict: imagine girl scouts can now have a Sunday Afternoon picnic with the Addams Family. Maybe even go to the spa and a baseball game.
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"I'm not locked here with you; you're locked in here with me."
Bored_Dragon8 December 2019
Today we took the kid to the movies to see the latest adaptation of the Addams Family, which I love very much. For the sake of the child, we had to watch a version synchronized in Serbian, which itself is quite a nuisance. To the animated characters, the voices are borrowed by the pretty famous cast, but instead of their, I suppose, at least good, if not great performances, as usual, we got the lousy domestic synchronization. It is sad that we cannot make at least a little effort to act that synchronization properly. So, the acting I cannot judge. Dialogues and witty replicas ... I don't know if that was well translated or in the rank of usually bad domestic subtitles, and even if they did this part properly, the word games and the original charm are certainly lost in translation, so I can't judge that neither. The animation is good, although it's also debatable since we watched the movie in 3D, but I didn't particularly like the look of the main characters. They all have those stupid toothpicks for limbs and huge heads, Morticia is not seductive as she should be, they turned Gomez into a fat freak, Pugsley resembles a gargoyle, and Wednesday, Fester and some others can barely pass as human beings. Instead of an eccentric but sympathetic and primarily human family, the Addamses are portrayed as disfigured semi-humans. Only Lurch made a somewhat positive impression with his appearance and manner in which we synchronized him. And finally the story. I can not say it's bad. It's fun and keeps attention. But it is totally unoriginal and has been seen so many times ("Hotel Transylvania", "Edward Scissorhands", "Beauty and the Beast" ...) that even my eight-year-old was like - meh, it's nothing special. All in all, if you are not a fan of the original series from the sixties and have not watched too many films, you could easily like this, but for me, who has watched thousands upon thousands of movies and the original Addamses were one of my favorite series, this is mediocre at best.

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Half-baked and empty
briancham19949 April 2021
This was quite a disappointment compared to the previous Addams Family films. The characters were depicted as pale pastiches of their former selves without much charm, just macabre slapstick. Not to mention they are very out of character at times! The three storylines - Wednesday trying to fit in, Pugsley failing at the Mazurka and the property developer - were set up with a lot of promise but went just about nowhere. Each has their own desires conflicting with their family and the community around them, but it is all resolved too neatly, story elements are glossed over too quickly (e.g. The school bullies or the secret cameras) and there is too much filler (e.g. Introducing all the extended relatives).
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Unimpressive animation and a boring reboot.
cruise0122 January 2020
The Addams Family (2 out of 5 stars).

The Addams Family is a boring and dull reboot to the Addams Family movies. The gothic and supernatural family is back in this animated feature. Although, it really lacked the spirit of the original movie. From a lackluster script and direction. Surely, kids may enjoy this movie more than adults. The humor and jokes are old and feeling outdated in this movie.

The plot follows Gomez and Morticia getting married and chased away from their homeland from villagers. They find an abandoned asylum in New Jersey where they settle in too. They meet Lurch, an escaped mental patient (who looks more like Frankenstein). As years go by, their son Pugsley is preparing for a family coming of age tradition. While Wednesday, their daughter wants to experience the world. Away from there sheltered house. Which there town is growing with new neighbors. And a reality tv host Margaux, who is trying to build a perfect neighborhood and wants to rid of that old house.

The plot is decent about a story of a family trying to keep to themselves. Wednesday is wanting to explore. And meets a friend who is tired of hiding who she wants to be with her lifestyle. It is a cute and charming story. The script and direction lacked in making any of these interesting characters fun to watch. They are all dull and forgettable. The animation is dreadfully boring. It is no Tim Burton's style. The directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan failed to make their film stick out.

Overall, The Addams Family is a bad film. The reboot on turning it into an animation failed terribly. With dull animation. Boring and outdated humor. The script and direction lacked in making this film worth watching.
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Look who decided to go back to the movies!
filipemanuelneto5 March 2020
This animated film resurrects the Addams Family to the cinema, which is a recurring appearance in the seventh art ... and thank goodness! They are fun in all their weirdness and bizarre ways. In this film, which begins with the wedding of Gomez and Mortícia and the arrival of the new couple to their decadent mansion in the middle of nowhere, the family's peaceful unhappiness will be disturbed by the construction of a model urbanization on a neighboring lot. Is this how the Addams will adapt and integrate into society? I really liked the movie, but I've been a fan of the Addams for years, so my view of things can be a little distorted by my personal taste.

Designed for young people and adults, it presents a very simple and easy to anticipate story, which makes the entire film undermined by predictability. But as much of the film is based on the strength and charisma of the main characters, who are limited, in part, to being themselves, this turns out not to be a problem. The voice actors' work is quite good, and we can find, among them, names as well known as Charlize Theron, Snoop Dogg and Chloë Grace Moretz. The soundtrack fulfills her role very well. With regard to the sound part of the film, I especially liked the scene where Lurch plays, on the organ, the main theme of the old series, but there are several moments when the silent butler offers us with his artistic and musical gifts.

I think the film is visually beautiful, with good drawings, appealing light and color, reproducing in a very perfect way the house, the clothes and the characters we get used to seeing. Of course, most, if not all, of the work is CGI animation, and of the best quality. The gloomy atmosphere of the house has been reproduced to the smallest detail and radically contrasts with the "mainstream" style of the new neighborhood below. The film explored all these contrasts to the fullest, with good results.

The most original and strangest family ever did not return to the cinema, if I am not mistaken, since the distant "Addams Family Values" of 1993. It was a long absence! But it was worth the wait. This film, carefully done well, is truly worth it.
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his wasn't perfect from a storyline standpoint, but it was fun and very entertaining. We definitely will go watch the sequel.
kevin_robbins9 July 2021
The Addams Family (2019) is a movie my daughter and I watched together as soon as it came out in theatres. The storyline follows our favorite family as they start getting harassed by a neighbor who wants to clean-up the town and start a reality show. She feels the Addam's family ruins the entire landscape and look of the town. She quickly finds out it is pretty hard to get the Addam's family to do things they do not wish to do. This movie is codirected by Greg Tiernan (Sausage Party) and Conrad Vernon (Shrek 2) and includes the voices of Charlize Theron (Monster), Chloë Grace Moretz (Se7en), Bette Midler (Hocus Pocus), Martin Short (Three Amigos) and Snoop Dogg (Baby Boy). The animation for this was awesome and brilliantly depicts the Addam's Family home, surroundings and lifestyle. I loved the depiction of both the family and the neighborhood and how it all worked together on a larger scale like we've never seen before. They also had a good concept for the protagonist. This wasn't perfect from a storyline standpoint, but it was fun and very entertaining. We definitely will go watch the sequel. I would score this a solid 7/10.
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Not bad, but it could have been better
Rectangular_businessman22 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
There are a couple of clever moments there and there, and there were also some interesting plot points that could have been more properly developed, but the overall result is just so-so, both from a technical and narrative standpoint.

The jokes were a mixed bag, some of them worked, but the large majority of them (Especially those focused on "topical" issues) were just meh.

The "Everybody Hurts" sequence was awful, the same kind of forced sentimental garbage the Addams movies from the 90s would have mocked.
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Thanks For Nothing Thing.
southdavid28 October 2019
Seemingly unpopular since its announcement, an animated version of "The Addams Family" seems like it should have been a relatively easy to adapt - but its insipid, unfunny writing hamstrings the movie from get go.

Looking for somewhere free of rioting mobs to start their family Gomez Addams (Oscar Isaac) and his new wife Morticia (Charlize Theron) settle on an abandoned asylum in New Jersey. Years later, and now with two children, Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz) and Pugsley (Finn Wolfhard) - the Addams' macabre ideal is threatened by the redevelopment of the local town by Home Styling Guru Margaux (Allison Janney).

Positives first, it looks OK. I actually quite like the look of the principle characters - though I acknowledge that this has been divisive for some other people. The rest of the CGI is fine, it's very much in the style of "Despicable Me" and when it has to move for a bit of an action scene, it's all nicely done. I felt that Wednesday was the most rounded of the characters, so it's at least fortunate that she is probably the driving force behind what narrative there is. There weren't many laughs, but what there was were usually generated by Nick Kroll's Uncle Fester.

The problems with the film are all with the script and story. It's a lacklustre tale, lacking in set pieces or any real tension. It sets up bits of side plots a couple of times that don't actually end up going anywhere, Wednesday taking over the school, the tension between Morticia and Grandma, for example. It feels like the script was written and rewritten over and over again until it's just a loose collection of scenes with a narrative pasted over the top. Worse than that though, it's not funny. I don't think even the younger kids in the cinema where I saw it found it amusing and there's certainly very little for any adults, or older kids in there.

Just about managed to stay awake for the run time, but I don't recommend you try it.
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Ooky October Fun
matthewssilverhammer18 October 2019
We seem to be at a plateau with Hollywood animation. While Pixar and Disney continue to push the boundaries of what computer-based animation can do both technically and artistically, most have figured out how to do the bare minimum to get in theaters. Normally this would be considered purely lazy and cheap, and I suppose it is. However, this inability, or lack of desire, to advance the technical part of animation has caused some of them to lean more into the style and messaging. This was the case with Abominable (though unsuccessful, to me) and is also true for The Addams Family. The main difference is, with its "dead"-pan wordplay and gentle ribbing of American norms peppering its kind and content characters, Addams is just much more up-my-alley than the faux-sincerity in most kid's films. We find our fiendish friends learning how to assimilate into their new neighborhood, only to experience some predictable pushback from the status quo. There's no real surprise of any kind in the plotting, and some of the voice-casting is less-than inspired (Kroll as Fester is especially obnoxious). However, there's some unexpected social critiques here laying a foundation for the spooky schtick. Government-wielded assimilation, media manipulation, comparison-based capitalism; it's all clearly there if you want it from your children's entertainment. In the end, this is just a great property. Unlike the Hotel Transylvania franchise, the Addams aren't just playing around the edges of the macabre, but are diving right in. The family at the center clearly care for each other, but because of the darkness in the humor, it rarely comes off as saccharine, providing inoffensive yet entertaining October fun that'll really make you screa-um.
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addams family
marmar-6978014 October 2019
Fun for kids but they picked wrong actress to play wednesday and it has cliche villain
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Not bad
lisafordeay7 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The Addams Family is a remake of the 1991 live action film about the gothic Addams family who live in a normal suburban town. This time the film features the voices of Charlize Theron, Oscar Issacs,Chloe Gracie Moretz and Bette Midler. If you liked the original then you may like it. Alot of it reminded me of Hotel Translvania with the whole eccentric family befriending humans.
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