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Great Series
pammysinn-53-55228814 May 2011
Personally I love the show and was sad to read it has been cancelled. I saw the premier episode and was hooked right away on the characters. I love the tension between the Superintendent and the Alderman. It reminds of the few really good shows that have been on over the years - i.e., Hill Street Blues; NYPD Blue. A previous review stated the he thought Jennifer Beals accent was not genuine but I have seen her in an interview and she stated she was born in Chicago.

Waseki is a great character. Perhaps a problem with some people who do not appreciate the show is that they are not paying attention to the excellent one- liners that he delivers.
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Cop Fluff, But The Best Kind!
koivulag8 February 2011
I really enjoyed the premiere episode of this new cop series. Going in I had no idea what to expect and having very little knowledge of Chicago I had no bias.

Let's be clear; this is no hard hitting show. This is no Southland. It's not the opposite in complete nonsensical fluff and action scenes in Hawaii Five O either. It's a show based on the incredible power of great acting and the dynamic characters that are created because of it. It uses quick and interesting flashbacks that allow you to immediately connect with the characters, as well as establish unity amongst the rest of the cast.

The first episode started off the series in perfect fashion, grabbing my attention and initiating multiple story lines while throwing in a ton of action sequences and great dialogue. The main three characters are tremendous. Jennifer Beals is completely believable as the hard hitting, straight and narrow first female Superintendent who is transforming the entire force. Delroy Lindo was made for the role of Alderman Ronin Gibbons. Jason Clark plays the perfect intense Jarek Wysocki.

I can't wait for the next episode and hope this show gains a lot of heat as it was thoroughly entertaining and left me wanting for more.

Give it a shot if you're on the fence and enjoy shows based on solid characters and quick flowing episodes.
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Take the pledge, follow the code and don't miss this show!!
ppfclark22 February 2011
Police procedural drama at it's best! AWESOME!!!!!! From Sean Ryan (The Shield). Ryan's penned most of the episodes himself. Highly stylized, very commercial and easily accessible. Snappy dialogue, interesting use of narration and strong performances help elevate this show to programed viewing.

I felt the need to post this review (my first on IMDb) after reading the 1/10 review posted by a former member of the Chicago Police Force. Although I echo his sentiments that this show is not an accurate depiction of life on the streets of Chicago and I can see where real police officers might take offence; this is a prime-time network COP show. Surely this show is not nearly as offencive as CSI Miami is to crime scene investigators or how Michael Bay spat in the faces of WWII vets with his shocking "Pearl Harbor" (Thank god he's been restricted to playing with his toy robots and is no longer toying around with history).

Yes! It's highly sensationalized, over the top and not in any way true to life... BUT... That doesn't mean it doesn't rock. David Simon's "The Wire" was real political commentary that strove for gritty realism. It addressed real problems and suggested real solutions. THIS IS NOT "THE WIRE". High level corruption, the Irish mob and dirty cops are mere plot devices used to raise the stakes for our idealistic heroes. It's Hollywood drama boxed into 42 minutes or less a week. It's polished TV with great production value and lush exterior photography (filmed on location, unlike the creepy CSI labs that scream POORLY LIT STUDIO SET).

TV vet. and character actor Jason Clarke rocks! He embodies and breaths life into an otherwise over the top character. Jarek Wysocki (a man of true grit) is as unforgettable a character as Vic Mackey ("The Shield"). Sean Ryan is a great writer. His strength as a writer is in fleshing out overly romanticized heroes and anti-heroes. Realism and political commentary are secondary to character development. His dialogue and banter shine. Finally a network TV show that doesn't center itself around weekly licensed music montages (CSIs/Grey's Anatomy/Smallville/House = worst offenders).

Hair, make-up and costume departments need to tone things down. Cars and clothes are too new and far to expensive for honest, incorruptible public servants. A little more grit would serve this show well. The show's off to a great start. Let's hope they can keep the ball rolling.
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Chicago's Finest
tim-972-7380599 February 2011
My wife and I are very picky about the types of shows we watch, especially when it comes to crime dramas. They are a dime a dozen.

So, I went in to last night's episode with great skepticism and my finger ready to hit a different channel at a moment's notice.

But from the very beginning, this show grabbed us. Who cares if it is not "realistic" based on some anonymous Chicago cop review? It's a fictional drama. The show is well-casted, great dialogue, and a good storyline.

I love the narration by the different characters and the unexpected ending of the initial pilot that makes you connect with the characters and anticipate the next episode.

So far, so good.
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Best Cop Show EVER!
alkerfn-mw25 May 2011
This show has (or had) it all. The story lines in this drama series kept me on my seat week after week. The undercover cop, the death of Wysocki's brother, the infidelity, the strong woman as lead cop.... Enough with the same old Law and Order mindless, stolen from the headlines dribble. Finally a cop show with guts. I really don't care if the one time Chicago cop didn't find it real! Maybe he didn't get the memo. It's a TV SHOW! Not a DOCUMENTARY! It's purpose is to entertain you. Maybe Glee is more his liking! The final 2 episodes were the best I have yet to see on a TV series. I never knew what to expect and the plots and subplots were simply undeniably sensational and unexpected. I sure hope some other channel picks this show up. Before it is too late!
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binky817723 May 2011
I didn't watch this show much when it started but after I caught a few episodes here and there throughout the season, I wish I had watched the entire season. I found each of the episodes I watched to be very entertaining and exciting. I watched the last 4 or 5 episodes regularly, which was very easy since I was watching House in the time slot immediately before Chicago Code. While watching the final episodes, particularly the episodes during the last 2 weeks of the season, I couldn't help feeling extremely frustrated that the show had been cancelled by Fox. I think it had a lot of promise and that promise was thrown aside. I wish that Fox would have taken a chance on a show like this and ditched some of the stupid reality shows that seem to permeate every network's schedule now-a-days. Hopefully Fox will replace it with an equally entertaining or more exciting show next season and not more of that BS reality garbage. R.I.P. The Chicago Code
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Chicago cops struggle to stem corruption in the city.
einnoc109 February 2011
This show is just going to get better and better. How do I know that? Because Jason Clarke, who played Red in Johnny Depp's Dillinger movie "Public Enemy" and also played the "good" political brother on the series "Providence" is a wonderful actor and Jennifer Beals and DelRoy Lindo aren't too shabby, either. Plus, you've got Chicago, the city of big shoulder and beautiful skylines. As creator Shawn Ryan (who grew up in nearby Rockford) said: "Chicago is the center of the universe." And, as the script on Tuesday, February 7, premiere night, put it: "If you can't love Chicago, you can't love anything. This city survived the Chicago fire and ended up building the world's most beautiful skyline. If it's one thing Chicago knows, it's how to hit back." The city of Chicago is a big part of this storyline, as many of the scenes were filmed in the streets and alleys and byways (my son walked in on one in a Bridgeport bar last summer). Trust me: This series is only going to get better and better. The anti-profanity cop who changes partners almost daily. The crusading female police Superintendent who came up as a beat cop. The 114 real Chicago policemen who have appeared in episodes so far: they're all going to come through, as long as the writing continues to have lines like, "Why are you sweating like we just entered you in a spelling bee." (See my full review at Associated Content).
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Great fun, shot mostly on location in one of the most photogenic cities in the country
ron3-215 February 2011
There have only been two episodes so far, but I love the overall direction of the story line, as well as the writing.

I spent the first 6 years of my life in Chicago, and returned many times after that until I was around 30 or so. It's now been a couple decades plus since I've been back. Nonetheless, the city is instantly recognizable here--even though it seems to be shot so far mostly on the south side, and I've spent all my time there as a kid and young adult on the north side.

Chicago has a very distinctive visual personality made from a mix of fairly unique residential architecture, back alleys and of course, the omnipresent El, threading it's way through, and connecting together, various areas of the city. That so much of every episode is shot on location really helps give this story about the mix of corrupt politics with cops + robbers an anchor in reality--even if some reviewers here consider the plot line itself a bit light on reality, or even disrespectful to the real memory of the officers with whom they themselves served.

While I can't comment on that aspect, so far I love it for what it is--a thoughtful, fun and well acted action police drama with an exciting visual style. This one should be a winner for Fox.

Ron H
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First Impressions
ldrmd612 March 2011
Delroy Lindo makes it for me - he definitely demonstrates that a character can be both slithery and seductive (dare I say EVIL?), just like T-Bag in Prison Break.

I appreciate the potential for cutting character development between the prime detective and his (potentially) ever-changing partner, but I still reserve judgment on the female lead. She definitely deserves the chance to prove herself (JB needs to dissolve type-casting), but her physical presence so far does not match what her Chicago Code job description demands.

The plots are engaging, and the corruption believable. Thus far I am engaged, and I am sincerely rooting that the show continues to be WOWable.
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Great Cop Show
tracysearle8428 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am shocked to be watching the last episode ever of this great show. I have a tendency to become bored with a series very quickly but this one has kept me entertained... I have been wishing for certain characters to succeed & others to fail or fall. Very good TV. I can not believe its ending after just one series. Fox need a slap, good & proper. Its great getting these shows via Sky but am getting fed up of getting into some really good shows to only find out towards the end of the first or second series that they've been cancelled. Lie to me being another great show from the states!

Thanx for the chance to have a rant...
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Disappointed at first, seems to bet getting better...
casey3522 March 2011
Being from Chicago and a fan of cop dramas, I had high hopes for this show. I admit, I was initially disappointed. It seemed to be a bit cheesy and ridiculous, emphasizing things such as the "Irish mob" and other Chicago stereotypes. The last couple of episodes have gotten away from that and there are some promising story lines. If they keep it on track and don't stray off in too many directions, I think this is a promising show with a chance for renewal. As other viewers have mentioned, the accents do seem off at times. I think they were trying too hard and ended up making them sound worse. Overall, I enjoy watching this show and hope it continues to improve.
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FOX Dropped The Ball
Cuda11693 March 2013
It s too bad that they dropped the ball on this T.V. show not only did i think it was a Great show but every one that i have talked with also enjoyed it.

They not only had a perfect cast fr this show the creators had every role casted perfectly, As i can not think of any other actor or actress playing of these characters better then the cast that was assembled. As well as Chiacgo it's self becomes a character with stories and attitudes that can be anything from funny to terrifying to heart-breaking, never knowing which is coming next.

I am really sad that it was not picked up for more seasons, But i will say at least they did wrap up every thing in the last show and didn't really leave anything up in the air. so at least you got a full sense of a movie over the 13 Episodes. i for one could see at least 4 or 5 more seasons out of this great police crime drama.

too bad fox it was a great family show that will be missed can always hope it gets picked up again i guess :)
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another Fantasy from Fox
cpd149317 February 2011
As a Chicago Police Officer and longtime resident, this is a travesty. It is not just a little off, it is INSANE. Just in the opening sequence, the so-called Superintendent engages in a public showdown of sorts with the Mayor. The next minute the lead characters are driving alongside some thug and engage him in a conversation - at 80 miles per hour - while he is pointing a gun at them, asking him nicely to please drop the gun... This is followed by scenes in which the Superintendent shows up at various murder scenes, and tells our hero detective that he has her permission to take over any other murder investigation he feels like, which he promptly proceeds to do. She follows that up by barging in on an interrogation, and allows some gang-banger to sit there defiantly, pointing his finger in her face, telling her she'd better show him respect...

Combine that with the theme - that it's the "Irish Mob" that is crippling Chicago, and the use of the Chicago Police Memorial - bearing the names of more than 500 Chicago Police Officers who have given their lives in the line of duty - to be used here as a prop for this pathetic drivel... that was all I could take.

If you like fairy tales, keep on watching. If you want to know what it's really like to be a Chicago Police Officer, get the book instead: "Chicago Cop: Tales from the Street."
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Delroy Lindo is perfect, Jennifer Beals needs more power
SnoopyStyle13 September 2013
Honest Chicago police superintendent Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals) clashes with corrupt Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo). On her side is Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke) who's trying to clean up the city. About the only people Jarek can count on are his niece Vonda Wysocki (Devin Kelley), her partner Isaac Joiner (Todd Williams), and Liam Hennessey (Billy Lush) undercover in the Irish mob.

This was good.... for network TV. It was never going to have the violence or the grittiness of cable. So it suffers from the comparison. Not to be sexist, but Jennifer Beals doesn't have the heft to be the top cop. Delroy Lindo is great, and perfect for the role. Jason Clarke has good intensity. Overall it's a good attempt and deserves a second season. Too bad it didn't get it.
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Real to Life Series in my opinion
MarinePI11 August 2013
I grew up in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, and was involved in politics. I also come from Law Enforcement, and believe this show truly portraits Chicago Politics and the mechanics of it. Having traversed the halls of many of the public buildings: court rooms, offices, etc., The series does bring a reality to real life stories. My travels throughout the US have shown me that corruption can be everywhere, but Chicago did have the lead. I love Chicago, and appreciate all of the great Public Servants, both Politicians and Law Enforcement, that keep Chicago running. I also enjoyed seeing places I have been...some many times. I trust they will release a DVD of the Series, and hope the Series continues. I truly enjoyed Season One.
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Blast from the past
pablo5-562-25254623 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Still remember her in FLASHDANCE... . wow. what a revelation !! It was unintentional, but she changed the swagger and the countenance of the cinema for ever. I was a baby in the 80s , and watched the flashdance many times as a flash back in some Sunday afternoon. Which is typical in Argentina.

I like the series , and she look great. Time passed by and she is still great, and pretty.

Something funny, even if she acts in the most precious piece of Cinema Noir, And she performs the role of a perspicacious COP , she will be named as THE CHICK OF FLASHDANCE... funny in-it ??
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An Excellent Police Show
fordn129 December 2011
This show has to be absolutely one of the best police shows that I can recall. The lead was great in Flashdance and I was most pleased to see her return. The heavy politician is aptly played and acted as are the rest of the cast. Whoever did the casting in my mind did an absolutely fantastic job. Unfortunately 13 episodes I suppose was the unlucky number. Like Star Trek with James T. Kirk back in the late 60's the show was not renewed after several seasons but later in reruns was the seed that grew into multiple movies as well as later versions of Star Trek. While I hesitate to say that this will happen with The Chicago Code I would hope that this show in reruns will bring back both the critics as well as the advertisers to bring the show back to be again enjoyed. A great show that did not need to be discarded like an old smelly sneaker. A shame really.....
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One last (sigh) The Chicago Code to go
scarfaceprince17 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If there was any doubt that good drama on network television goes unappreciated, I urge you to go and check out the next to last episode of The Chicago Code at the Fox website. A series that was canceled by Fox this past week, The Code appears to be just reaching its stride as the series heroes, Superintendent Colvin(Jennifer Beals), and her former street partner, confidant, and Batman like hammer Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke), close in on bringing complicated, often effective, but positively corrupt Chicago city Alderman Ronin Gibbons' (the great and perfectly cast Delroy Lindo)crime syndicate to justice. And even naming Gibbons "Ronin," taken from legendary Samurais without Masters, is a subtle reminder of creator Shawn Ryan's genius here.

There is unfortunately only one more of these gripping episodes to be aired (May 23rd at 9 pm). Ryan, who gave FX the unforgettable cops of The Shield, Code had "keeper" literally written all over it, but fell victim to audiences who appear to only want cookie cutter procedurals and a not top flight serial drama that takes time to unfold. Thus Fox sliced off the series before it had a chance to expand its audience base.

But, in giving The Code the boot, Ryan was forced to complete the crime story arch quickly and, for the benefit of the show's fans, his writing turned out recent stories that had to be more crisp and urgent. For example, the drama flowing out of the pores of the confrontation between Wysocki and Gibbons at the close of this week's episode was magnificent. Lion against Tiger and face-to-face.

**Spoiler Alert** That clash between the titans, featuring Gibbon's offer to name the killer of Wysocki's brother, the premise on which the main character's story arch was based, was preceded by Colvin's interrogation of Gibbon's just arrested Irish mob kingpin partner (Patrick St. Espirit), whose daughter, his bookkeeper-of ill-gotten-gains, had just put a seemingly fatal round into Liam (Billy Lush)the series' intrepidly moral undercover officer, who had just saved the live of the crucial key witness against Gibbons and his gang, with said witness then immediately showing his gratitude by then decided to not testify after all. **End of Spoiler**

And this all happened in seemingly the last five minutes of the episode.

Next week The Chicago Code ends, and while my heart would like someone, anyone, who has the sense to see that The Code is the next The Wire, pick up this great tale and continue it on until Colvin, ala Tommy Carcetti in The Wire, becomes a Governor, or Senator or, hell even the first woman President of the U.S.)-- with Wysocki by her side (they are meant for each other as a couple), its probably over.

And that is going to be a shame. Maybe Ryan's premise did not have enough overarching drama. There was no assassination or terrorist plots to give the show the kind of meaning audiences want. For example, there was no use of Chicago's natural advantages, such as being the home of the current U.S. President, or current world President Oprah. And no scenes being out on Lake Michigan, and no reference to any of the films that have been shot there (such as the Batman films). In hindsight Gibbons should have been running for mayor all along, and what about tie ins to the juicy Rod Blagojevich scandal? Seems to me Ryan was not smart enough to use any of these symbols to better his product.

In not doing so Ryan did not give Americans outside of Chicago a reason to care about it or the characters. There was also just not enough messy conflict within each of the characters to make us give a damn. Wysocki's sister should have been a secret druggie, or anything other than squeaky clean. And maybe older brother Wysocki will turn out to be a hitter for Gibbons who just got hit himself. There's still a week to go.

The Chicago Code had promise but as compelling as it was, Ryan failed to deliver more pop, to distinguish the show from the plain vanilla.

And that is a shame.
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I'm just not sure...but leaning towards a no.
frcarvell1-27 February 2011
The Chicago Code is just's nowhere near as complex and personal as Detroit 1-8-7 with their spot-on character development and crisp writing or Southland with their in your face humanity but I'll still give it a second look-see next week for any improvements. Having fallen in love with her in her roll as Daphne Monet in 1995's Devil in a Blue Dress, I have a hard time with Jennifer Beals as police superintendent; it's just not believable...put thirty or so extra pounds on her and a stain on her uniform from the preceding days lunch and she'd fit much better. On the other hand, Delroy Lindo as the corrupt Chicago alderman is totally believable…and if we're going to involve the Irish mob, then let's some actors with that Southie "I don't care if you're dead or alive" attitude, instead of the fresh off the farm faces that we saw in the opening hour. More grit, dirt and under the loop grime would help this new Fox entry.
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Fantastic Series!
kingfriday-641-71511516 November 2016
This is one of the finest TV series EVER to run! I watched it a couple of years ago on Netflix, and I'm currently watching it again...and loving it all over again. The acting is superb and the story lines are both believable and complex; this is about six steps up from everything on TV now, and head and shoulders above all of the "made-for-pay" series running everywhere. This is a cop show, but also an excellent entertainment vehicle. I still can't figure out why it lasted just one short season, but I guess Fox TV figured it didn't fit their profile...and it doesn't, thank you very much! If you ever get a chance to see this, do yourself a favor and DO IT! Just don't be upset when you finish watching the series and are hungry for more, because you will have had a fulfilling experience, worth every minute.
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One of the best cop shows that I had seen.
americnprincss15 May 2015
I still remember this show and how amazing the entire cast was. I was shocked and upset that it was canceled when crap like American idol and keeping up with that obnoxiously famous for no real reason family or whatever it was, went and are still going on way past their time. All the amazing shows ALWAYS get canceled in the first or second season when it's obvious that the viewing audience isn't happy with the shows that re able to continue when amazing ones are canceled. For instance: Chicago Code obviously, continuum, Lue To Me, and a bunch of others that were great. It's too bad. I wish the networks would listen more to the people who are actually watching the shows. Another unfortunately thing about streaming services such as Netflix where a lot of people watch our favorite shows, don't get counted into the ratings. Most people don't have the time anymore to actually tune in when the show is being aired so they either record or watch it later via streaming services. Social media is a tool that networks should start using to listen to the voices of theirs viewers, instead of just the live ratings.
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Rupert Murdoch Strikes Again:FOX SUX
RealityTVBites1 September 2014
I cannot believe that FOX cancelled this show. It was a smart, layered police drama that took you places you didn't know you wanted to go. Crusading police detective teaming with the female superintendent of police to root our corruption in the city of Chicago. Jason Clarke as Detective Jarek Wysocki is brilliant. He is smart, action-oriented, a little dark and has a few personality issues. Delroy Lindo is almost too good to be true as the slippery city alderman Ronin Gibbons, whose own personal grease makes his neighbourhood run, he is conniving & ruthless while appearing to be generous, benevolent and caring for the people of Chicago. Jennifer Beals as female Police Superintendent Teresa Colvin is tough, uncompromising & doesn't take crap from anyone. Her own personal agenda for cleaning up the corruption in Chicago is just obsessive. Add in a few interesting supporting characters and some deep undercover cops and this show should have stood on its own merit. But somewhere somehow some "expert" decided it wasn't working, so pull the plug. This is my own version of Firefly. Except of course I am not going to get them to make a 2 hr movie to wrap the show. Rupert Murdoch has recently been exposed as the pond scum he is. I am with Dr Sheldon Cooper, he is definitely on the "list"
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss507812 December 2013
The creators of The Shield introduced an even better show to Fox in the Spring of 2011, The Chicago Code. You probably never heard of it though, because in their infinite wisdom, Fox only gave the show three months. The rating weren't spectacular, but they weren't bad either. In June, The Chicago Code became part of Fox's mass cancellation, which saw Dollhouse, Lie To Me, Human Target, and Alcatraz gone in the blink of eye. It begs the question, did the Fox executives ever bother to watch these shows? The Chicago Code was well written, fast-paced, and featured a tremendous cast of new and established talent. If it had been on cable, I have no doubt that this show would still be on the air and at the top of the ratings.

The Chicago Code features Jennifer Beals as Superintendent, Teresa Colvin, hired by the Chicago Mayor to help clean up the police force. Colvin has greater ambitions though, as she plans on cleaning up local government and taking on the Irish mob as well. To do this, Colvin covertly puts together a team, that has the power to choose it's own cases and make a case against their prime target, Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo). Gibbons has been on the city counsel for half a century and thanks to his mob connections, he is considered to be the most powerful politician in Chicago. Everyone knows he's dirty, but the hard part is proving that in a court of law.

Colvin's team is led by Detective Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke), who has a scarred past, that has led him to his own unique and chaotic way of doing things. Wysocki is paired with a young, ambitious, clean cut college boy, Caleb Evers (Matt Lauria), who tries to keep Wysocki in check, while putting everyone else to shame with his incredible good looks. The third member of the team is an undercover officer, who has infiltrated the mob and is trying to work his way up to the politicians.

Every episode contains different stories that follow the shady dealings, some case the pair is working on, the fallout for the Superintendent, and of course the undercover who has an in with the wrong crowd. The stories are edgy, intelligent, and really entertaining. A lot of shows get cancelled every year, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why this show wasn't given more of a chance. The chemistry the cast has, along with the terrific writing, and edge of your seat police drama made The Chicago Code one of the best shows to come out that year.

Two years after it's cancellation, the show is still on my mind and in fact, I just recently watched it again, as it's streaming on Netflix. The story of The Chicago Code teaches us one very important thing about network television, it's all about the money! You can have an original idea, a great cast, and the most entertaining show to come along in years, but if it doesn't make more money than it costs, it's as good as gone.
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The Chicago Code
ssr78814 February 2013
One of the best cop shows sense Shawn Ryan left his hit series "The Shield". Lets be honest here, there have been many cop shows out their like Miami vice, the wire, and of course the shield (which all of them i have seen) come nothing close to the producing and the directing of the series. Everything from the cop chases to the transition scenes with some music that we have all heard of. Although I did feel that the writing in the beginning episodes retaining to the story was shaken, but Over all this show is defiantly one of my favorites and I would have loved to see the second season if it not been cancelled. Defiantly one of Shawn Ryans great achievements and the story telling is great. Recommend it to anyone.
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Great 1 season TV series
Maniac-92 February 2012
The Chicago Code may have only lasted 1 season with a total of 13 episodes but what an interesting show while it lasted. The show was created by Shawn Ryan who was also the creator of The Shield and The Unit so you know that his qualifications are very high.

The show was canceled much sooner then it should've been and they could've easily gotten 4-5 seasons out of the show. But that's out of our control and the show at the very least being such a short series was able to be high quality from the start to finish. They were able to wrap up most of the important plot points so the network at least gave enough of a heads up to finish stuff up instead of giving them no warning and canceling the show being in the middle of multiple story lines.

Shame that this show didn't appear on FX, AMC or TNT so it could been given a longer leash and it didn't have to worry about ratings so much from the word go.
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