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Season 1

7 Feb. 2011
Teresa Colvin, the city's first female superintendent, lobbies for a city corruption task force to investigate Alderman Ronin Gibbons, a building-magnate-turned-politician. Meanwhile, Colvin's ex-partner and larger-than-life veteran of the Chicago Police Department, Jarek Wysocki, investigates a suspicious murder in Grant Park alongside his new partner Caleb Evers. Also in Jarek's charge are his niece, Vonda Wysocki; her hotshot partner, Isaac Joiner; and Liam Hennessey, an Irish thug who blends in with the gritty world of local crime. Together, these cops stop at ...
14 Feb. 2011
Hog Butcher
Covin and Wysocki try to connect the shooting that killed Betz on Alderman Gibbons, but the investigation takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Betz's family may not get help from the city because he was not wearing his vest.
21 Feb. 2011
Gillis, Chase & Baby Face
Wysocki is frozen out by his fellow officers who object to his cozy relationship with Colvin, which almost costs him his life. Meanwhile, Gibbons uses his clout to bully the Irish mob and plant a mole in the chief's office.
28 Feb. 2011
Cabrini Green
Alderman Gibbons befriends the teenage boy who tried to shoot him so that he can get the name of the gang leader who issued the order. Meanwhile, Wysocki discovers that a bombing may be connected to a 1970s radical group.
7 Mar. 2011
O'Leary's Cow
Wysocki is stonewalled by a neighborhood boss while investigating a murder in Chinatown, Colvin's brother in law asks for a "favor" to help a businessman, and Liam gets more than he bargained for while infiltrating a team of arsonists.
14 Mar. 2011
The Gold Coin Kid
While Colvin tries to secure new police radios, she puts Wysocki on a case involving the son of a powerful Chicagoan who is in a coma after a drug overdose. Meanwhile, Vonda nearly gets killed on her first day in her new position.
21 Mar. 2011
Black Hand and the Shotgun Man
Wysocki captures a drug boss, only to find out that his son has been kidnapped and the feds want him for themselves. Meanwhile, Liam discovers that Alderman Gibbons knows his secret while serving as his driver for the day.
11 Apr. 2011
Wild Onions
It's the hottest day of the year, and Wysocki takes over a case involving a murdered ice cream vendor, Colvin finds a new driver, and Alderman Gibbons asks Liam to help him help his constituents beat the heat.
18 Apr. 2011
St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Wysocki investigates a massacre at a restaurant in Lincoln Park just as Colvin faces a crucial vote from the F.O.P.. Meanwhile, Isaac and Vonda are deposed in a lawsuit.
2 May 2011
Bathhouse & Hinky Dink
After a corrupt city official buys off a juror to guarantee a mistrial, Liam stumbles onto a clue that could connect the official to the Irish mob and perhaps alderman Gibbons.
9 May 2011
Black Sox
Following a murder that appears to be a hate crime, Teresa risks tipping Gibbons off to her big-picture plan by boldly taking on the Chicago Police Department's corrupt "meritorious" promotion system. Meanwhile, Jarek is forced to face his own reality when Vonda receives an anonymous package that reveals more about the Wysocki family.
16 May 2011
Greylord & Gambat
As Colvin tries to convene a secret grand jury against alderman Gibbons, both sides try secure a key witness, which leaves Liam in a position that could get his undercover status exposed.
23 May 2011
Mike Royko's Revenge
Colvin thinks she finally has Gibbons when Killian agrees to testify before the grand jury. But Gibbons is not going down without a fight, he smears Colvin, and tells his mistress to do something, and he tells Wysocki that his brother was killed because he went bad. He even sends Wysocki proof which he sets out discredit but only gets more verification.

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