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MPAA rated PG for thematic elements and some peril

Sex & Nudity

  • Mrs. Whatsit briefly sheds her clothes, seen only from the shoulders up, before transforming into a plant creature.
  • Calvin and Meg are attracted to one another, but the closest we get to them being a "thing" (apart from a few lingering looks) is a hug here, some hand-holding there and a few compliments regarding Meg's hair.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Murry kiss, with each expressing love for the another.
  • We hear vague speculation that Mr. Murry "disappeared" with another woman.
  • A beach scene includes some women in bikinis and shirtless guys.
  • Mrs. Whatsit and the Happy Medium are an item, though Whatsit says that, after a billion years, they avoid labels.
  • They compliment each other on their outfits, and Whatsit calls the Happy Medium "cute."

Violence & Gore

  • A girl who is being bullied by another girl hits her in the face with a basketball and pain is felt by the bully who was pelted by a ball which was specifically meant to cause injury to the her face.
  • A girl is shown to be in pain after magically transporting to another realm. A woman who doesn't have much experience with humans lightly kicks her to see if she's still alive in a manner which causes you to think,"Hey! That is not normal."
  • Meg suffers the brunt of the movie's sometimes perilous battering.
  • She's hoisted, pulled and thrown about by strange vines or tendrils.
  • She and Calvin initially flee what seems to be a sentient storm, but then climb into a hollow tree trunk so that the storm (which transforms into a mighty tornado) can hurl them over a gigantic wall.
  • Meg has trouble tessering, too, often coming out of this curious state of travel in serious pain and unable to move.
  • Mrs. Whatsit kicks her once afterwards, to confirm that she's still alive
  • She and others get pulled down a dark hallway by some unseen force.
  • Meg smacks someone in the face with a basketball.
  • Calvin falls from an incredible height, saved from certain death by sentient wildflowers.
  • A character seems to sport glowing cracks in his face for a time, for some reason.
  • The entity IT is referenced once as "the Happy Sadist."


  • Bullies use name calling, "Shut up", "Stupid", "Loser" to insult and demean a child.
  • Ms.Who says "Dang"
  • 21:18-oh g**
  • Calvin's father berates him for a poor report card, calling him an "idiot."
  • Ruffians make fun of an apparently homeless guy and rifle through his stuff.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scene where children and their mothers act in unnatural unison is creepy.
  • Violent tornadoes and Hellfire covering a planet that is an evil planet. Monsters and people with red eyes scaring them.
  • One girl suffers from an eating disorder (her "eating rules" are posted on a bedroom wall).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Two parents starts kissing in front of their kids.

Violence & Gore

  • Meg gets attacked and drag down by scary tentacles, but she is okay and not injured and there is no blood.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A boy becomes possessed by an evil spirit and starts to say and do many hurtful things to everyone else. He is saved by his sister.
  • There is a scary moment when three people were dragged to an evil overlord.

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