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Mila Kunis: Jupiter Jones



  • Jupiter Jones : It's like my internal compass needle points straight at Mr. Wrong. Maybe it's my genes. Maybe I have defective engineering, too.

    [moving closer] 

    Jupiter Jones : And if that's the case... is there anyway to fix it?

    Caine Wise : [backing away]  You are royalty now. Im a Splice. You don't understand what that means but... I have more in common with a dog than I have with you.

    Jupiter Jones : I love dogs. I've always love dogs.

  • Caine Wise : It can be difficult for Terrsies, or people from underdeveloped worlds to hear that their planet is not the only inhabited planet in the Verse.

    Jupiter Jones : Has to be the anesthesia. I mean, it's gotta be a dream.

    Caine Wise : The Protocol actually says that most Terrsies will say that this has to be a dream.

    Jupiter Jones : Yeah, because a dream is the only way any of this makes sense.

    Caine Wise : Compared to what? The idea that you're the only intelligent species, on the only inhabitable planet, in a universe so full of planets that you don't even have a number to describe how many there are.

  • Balem Abrasax : [sitting on his throne with his back to Jupiter]  You should have stayed dead.

    Jupiter Jones : [angrily]  I am not your mother.

    Balem Abrasax : [scoffing]  No, my mother never cleaned a toilet in her life.

    Jupiter Jones : Maybe that was her problem.

    Balem Abrasax : My mother... My mother taught me what was necessary to rule in this universe.

    Jupiter Jones : By killing people?

    Balem Abrasax : [throws up his hands]  *I create life*! And I destroy it. Life in an act of consumption, Jupiter. To live is to consume. Now, the human beings on your planet are merely a resource waiting to be converted into capital. And this entire enterprise is just a small part in a vast and beautiful machine defined by evolution, designed to a single purpose... To create profit.

  • Jupiter Jones : Are those flying boots?

    Caine Wise : They use the force of gravity, redirecting it into differential equation slopes that you can surf.

    Jupiter Jones : Yeah. I heard "gravity" and "surf".

    Caine Wise : Up is hard. Down is easy.

    Jupiter Jones : Thank you. Wow.

  • [first lines] 

    Jupiter Jones : Technically speaking, I'm an alien. And from the perspective of Immigration, an illegal one. My parents met at the University in Saint Petersburg, where he taught Astrophysics and she taught Applied Mathematics. My mother fell in love with him when she found him almost frozen to death on the bank of the Neva, staring at the stars.

  • Kalique Abrasax : [steps out of her rejuvenation pool]  Each of us has a code for our optimal physical condition. The problem is our genes have an expiration date which is transferred to our cells. A long time ago, someone figured out how to replace deteriorating cells with new ones. Today, it's as easy as changing a light bulb.

    Jupiter Jones : Where do you get these light bulbs?

    Kalique Abrasax : You grow them.

    Jupiter Jones : Like clones?

    Kalique Abrasax : No. Clones lack genetic plasticity. Several million years ago, a gene plague caused by cloning, nearly annihilated the entire human race.

    Jupiter Jones : I was told that the House of Abrasax seeded the Earth. Is that where you get it?

    Kalique Abrasax : Your earth is a very small part of a very large industry... Feel my skin.

    Jupiter Jones : [touches Kalique's hand]  Oh, wow.

    Kalique Abrasax : In your world, people are used to fighting for resources... like oil, or minerals, or land. But when you have access to the vastness of space, you realize there's only one resource worth fighting over... even killing for: More time. Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe.

  • Diomika Tsing : If there's anything we can do to make the journey easier, you let us know.

    Jupiter Jones : Actually, you know what, I'm feeling a little over-dressed, so if you have something I can change into. By myself. While I'm awake.

    [Jupiter looks back towards Caine] 

    Caine Wise : What?

  • [repeated line] 

    Jupiter Jones : I hate my life.

  • Jupiter Jones : Where's my family?

    Chicanery Night : Well, we can all only hope that they remain unharmed.

    [chuckles with an evil grin; Jupiter throws her weight into a punch to his face] 

    Chicanery Night : I see you have the standard issue Abrasax temper.

  • [last lines] 

    Caine Wise : You ready?

    Jupiter Jones : Watch this.

    [jumps off the Willis Tower wearing hover boots] 

  • Seal and Signet Minister : Now, here is your Code and Conduct Guide... and your Royal Ways and Means Commission. And file this with the Legion Administrator for your Royal Guard appointment. Yes?

    Jupiter Jones : Okay.

    Seal and Signet Minister : Well, congratulations, Your Majesty... and my deepest condolences.

    Jupiter Jones : [her smile drops]  Thank you?

  • Jupiter Jones : I don't care. The more you care, the more the world finds ways to hurt you for it.

  • Jupiter Jones : [narrating]  The problem with Astrology? Total bullshit.

  • [Caine saves Jupiter from getting killed] 

    Jupiter Jones : Who are you?

    Caine Wise : Caine Wise. I'm here to help you.

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