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MPAA Rated R for violence, language and some sexual material

Sex & Nudity

  • Not severe as compared to other movies. A few scenes implying sexual activity, indicating a pre or post sexual encounter. The only nudity was at the end of one of these scenes where the woman in the scene is sitting on the edge of the bed with the camera behind her showing her bare back. While sitting with her back to the camera she puts on a shirt with no visibility to the audience of further nudity.
  • One scene shows couple laying on bed, covered half way. Other scene with women changing and shirtless man about to have sex but they stopped when the phone rings.
  • A female terrorist seduces a journalist in an effort to further a bombing plot.
  • We see them in his apartment in bed.
  • They kiss and joke about his inability to last very long.
  • She gets out of bed, topless, though her back faces the camera, obscuring anything that would qualify as explicit nudity.
  • Shortly thereafter, they have sex again.
  • The terrorist, Maggie, hates the physical intimacy with him, though.
  • When a compatriot ribs her about the experience, Maggie snaps that next time, they can perhaps "set up a gay magistrate" for him, before announcing she's going to take a shower.
  • Liam is having an affair with a woman.
  • We see the two in bed together, apparently naked (though both are mostly covered by sheets).
  • They smooch both there and, later, in a nice restaurant.
  • Another sex scene-this one incestuous- between two other characters involves clothes being removed (though, again, without nudity) as well as explicit movements and sounds.

Violence & Gore

  • Scenes of graphic realistic violence including two bombings. While these are realistic scenes, to label it as severe I believe is harsh when compared to other movies. This did not show blatant gore as compared to something like a Quentin Tarantino movie, and I believe they made an effort to keep it from being graphic.
  • A quick skirmish in the woods has a man stepping in a nail trap (some blood), another being shot by a crossbow bolt in the leg (brief and very little blood). Quan is shot in the hand with a gun with a some blood splattering.
  • A man is shot in the head (gunshot heard but it's offscreen). Later a we see a glimpse of the corpse with blood pooling around it.
  • Several bombings leave many injured and dead. Brief shots of grizzly injuries. One death in particular is very upsetting.
  • People are shot and beaten. Blood is visible, but brief and there is no gore. Some more severe scenes include the implied torture of a woman (she is later killed on-screen with several gunshots and blood is shown), a man has his neck partially stabbed with a makeshift wooden weapon (a little blood), a woman is killed via a point-blank gunshot to the head (blood is seen briefly) and men are beaten and have bones broken in hand-to-hand exchanges.
  • A bomb rips through downtown London, killing 12 and wounding 38 others.
  • We see many of the dead and wounded, covered in blood.
  • Quan is caught in the blast, too, and his face is pierced by dozens of pieces of glass.
  • We see him hold the lifeless body of his daughter.
  • Another bomb later goes off in a double-decker bus, killing more than a dozen people and injuring twice as many more. (We see the blast, but only hear about the aftermath.)
  • Quan, a former special forces agent, knows his way around explosives as well.
  • He plants a bomb in the bathroom of Liam's offices, rocking the building but killing no one.
  • He rigs another in Liam's car-a crude affair that he only crafted in order to prove to Liam that he could get to him there, too.
  • A worried Liam takes Mary off to their mansion-like "farm," which in turn is rocked by a series of violent but non-lethal explosions.
  • Quan attacks Liam's legion of henchmen, too.
  • Some he simply knocks or chokes out.
  • Others step on nail-laced booby-traps (bloodily piercing their feet) or get shot in the legs with crossbow bolts or thwacked in the face with branches.
  • When Liam discovers his dog lying lifeless in his study, he assumes that Quan killed it.
  • Quan later professes the dog is only drugged and "sleeping." (Indeed, we see the pooch later, alive and healthy.)
  • Quan doesn't relish taking lives, but he and others do kill.
  • Several people die in a vicious gunfight.
  • A man is shot twice in the leg (to get him to talk), then finished off with a bullet to the head.
  • Someone gets strangled to death.
  • thers die with point-blank shots to the forehead as well.
  • People fall from painful, but not fatal, heights.
  • This being a Jackie Chan movie, we naturally see plenty of frenetic, martial arts-flavored fights featuring fists, feet and unusual bits of weaponry as well.
  • n flashback, Quan fights a boatful of bad guys, doing his best to save his daughters before they're carried away. (We later hear that both of them-ages 11 and 8-were raped and murdered.)
  • An explosion rocks an airport.
  • Quan is shot in the shoulder.
  • We later see Quan shirtless-old scars covering his chest-as he cauterizes the fresh wound with a hot knife.
  • He passes out from the pain.


  • There is a lot of course language throughout. The following is a detailed list of the exact words used, give or take a few which may have been missed. There are at least: 24 blasphemies (irreverent uses of the Lord's and God's names); 19 F**ck(in/ing); 4 Bl**dy, 3 Sh*t; 2 B****rd; and 1 of each Tw*t, C**t, B*lls, A*s, and W**ker.
  • About 25 f-words, four s-words and one use of the c-word.
  • e also hear people say "a--," "b--tard," "h---," "wanker," and the British profanity "bloody."
  • God's name is misused five times, and Jesus' name is abused a whopping 22 times.
  • There's a crude reference to the male anatomy.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters drink beer, champagne and whiskey.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Foreigner is about a man named Ngoc Minh Quan (Jackie Chan) who has his daughter killed in a IRA Bombing. Looking for revenge, he turns to former IRA Member turned government official Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) for the name of the bombers. When that doesn't help. He looks for revenge against the people that killed his daughter.

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