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MPAA Rated R for violence, language and some sexual material

Sex & Nudity

  • One scene shows couple laying on bed, covered half way. It is an implied affair and he suggests making a week of it. The woman gets out of bed nude, putting on a robe but no nudity shown
  • Other scene with women changing and shirtless man about to have sex but they stopped when the phone rings.
  • A man and woman seen having sex, he finished and proceeds to get dressed, his rear was briefly shown. He asks her if she came. She soon gets up in the nude with a bare back but no nudity shown. There is a reference to this sexual encounter later.

Violence & Gore

  • Scenes of graphic realistic violence including two realistic bombings, though neither shows blatant gore.
  • A quick skirmish in the woods has a man stepping in a nail trap (some blood), another being shot by a crossbow bolt in the leg (brief and very little blood). Quan is shot in the hand with a gun with a some blood splattering.
  • A man is pistol whipped across the face before being shot in the leg and then the head (second gunshot heard but it's off screen). Later a we see a glimpse of the corpse with blood pooling around it.
  • A group of men ambush Quan in an apartment room, and he fights them off and climbs into the attic, where they chase them. He continues to fight with them, getting onto the roof and sliding down a flagpole. He then brutally fights them on the stairs, and he and another man tumble over the railing. Quan then tackles the last man through a window and escapes.
  • Quan and another man engage in an intense knife fight in the woods. A tree branch is also used as a weapon to hit Quan but no one is killed and Quan subdues his opponent.
  • Quan activates a small homemade bomb in a bathroom, destroying a large chunk of the building but not injuring anyone. The bomb was meant as a warning, not as a weapon.
  • Quan knocks out and ties up two men.
  • There's a large explosion at a house, and a car crashes and a man is seen injured. His leg is seen bloody with some of his pants fused to his large bloody wound.
  • There are some brief flashbacks of Quan fighting pirates on a boat.
  • Quan sets a tripwire and kills or knocks out a man after he trips and he goes face first into a pointed tree limb most likely impaling his skull based on the loud crack. No blood is seen but the crack is clearly audible.
  • The violence is bloody, realistic, and upsetting with realistically simulated wounds and bloody results.
  • (At the first terriost site) A woman on a stretcher has a large cut on her head exposing skull and blood. A man has a large piece of metal impale his skull off-screen put the aftermath is seen. A woman's legs and chest are severely injured with her chest being bloodied and one of her legs completely missing.
  • A young woman is seen with her insides outside her body briefly and someone tending to her.
  • Quan is shot through the shoulder and the bullet flies in and out of him.
  • Quan takes a burning knife and cauterizes his wound. The wound is seen searing and Quan is shown wincing.
  • Quan is using a sub machine gun to remove the unwanted pests in his own apartment.
  • Jackie Chan the action hero is always using a gun and many different types of weapons in this action movie.
  • Quan has held a sub machine gun in his hand and He's hiding behind the kitchen wall and he's seeing the enemies entering from the front door. He would take an open fire and shoot to kill the enemies.
  • Quan killed the first enemy.
  • Quan using a knife and He wiped out the remaining band of enemies. Graphic violence.
  • There is a lot of gunfire & fighting throughout including hitting kicking, hitting with weapons, headbutting and with whatever force necessary to survive.


  • 19 uses of 'fuck,' 4 uses of 'bloody,' 3 uses of 'shit,' 2 uses of 'bastard,' and 1 use each of the words 'twat," 'cunt,' 'balls,' 'ass,' and 'wanker.' Also, 24 blasphemies (19 uses each of "jesus "christ" and "oh my god."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters are seen drinking. No drug use.
  • There are a handful of scenes with alcohol use in homes, restaurants, pubs and business offices. A man is also seen smoking a cigarette on a balcony.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Two scenes of interrogation and torture may disturbing for some viewers.
  • The opening bombing scene is very intense and at times graphic.
  • The scene in the woods in which Quan systematically takes out attackers is intense.
  • The apartment fight/chase is brutal and intense.
  • The fight in the forest between two men with knives is very intense.
  • This entire movie is intense because it revolves around terrorist bombings and revenge.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A bomb goes off in a crowded public area in the beginning, with lots of death and destruction occurring. Many grisly or not as violent injuries shown, and among the casualties is a young girl, who is the main character's daughter. He cradles her corpse and cries.
  • Quan ambushes and manages to kill all of the terrorist group, managing to shoot one woman, and fight and incapacitate the other men, smashing one of their heads with a TV.
  • A woman is shot in the head, offscreen.
  • A bloodied Quan is seen holding his daughter who is grey with ash and has a bloody wound at her head.
  • Hugh McGrafth is shot twice in both legs (one for each leg) he is pistol whipped which leaves a big bloody gash on his cheek and it's implied he is shot dead offscreen.
  • A woman who is one of the terrorists is tortured by the police in order to reveal the next bombing. After the police are able to locate the bomb and avoids casualties at an airport, she is executed with an assault rifle to avoid any loose ends.

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