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The basics are there, just needs improvement.
xox_rachy_xo22 October 2010
To even begin enjoying this show, you need to have an enjoyment and interest in all things to do with the American law and order system. So if you don't enjoy Law and Order than it is highly unlikely you will enjoy this.

I however do and so enjoy this show every week. I like the lead characters of Brogan and Peale and especially enjoy their interactions together. At the moment I will admit a lot of the supporting cast are much more stereotyped than they should be but that is usual of any show that is just starting out.

The one part of the show I most enjoy is that as the viewer we aren't told whether or not the person committed the crime or not. We are allowed to wonder throughout the whole episode. It actually makes you feel kind of like a juror.

I can't comment on how realistic it is in relation to the reality of criminal law but what I can say is that it is an enjoyable hour of escapism with a lot of room to grow and improve.
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The Truth
killer1h23 September 2010
This show much like many of its predecessors has been made in the speed through the motions fast and get to the trial phase. The major difference is the time line of how this show seems to go. Unlike most other shows where we have the prosecutions move and the defenses response it give and entire side of first the prosecution and then the entire side of the defense, the only thing it leaves is really the closings to be symbiotic at the very end of the episode.

It's actually done in a very nice fashion, we get to see what evidence each side unfolds on their own and how they intend for it to play out in court, there aren't too many sidewinders just a few mostly at trial which is the way real lawyers would duke it out in court. All and all I like the cast and the plots, 8/10 for a nicely put together legal drama.
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Really enjoying it!
jennyl135721 October 2010
I usually just like the medical dramas, but I'm really taking to this show. Okay, I love watching Maura Tierney back on TV (first saw her on ER -- yes, I know, a medical drama).

It's pretty cool seeing both sides of the case develop around the same evidence, and then see how it plays out at the end. I also love the banter between the new main lawyers, but hoping that they don't hook up anytime soon. Although I am curious about their law school history.

This last episode (the kid confessing to killing his parents) was the best one so far! Hoping they keep it on the air since it's a nice mid-week treat.
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seriously engaging and as for the rest, who cares?
someofusarebrave19 October 2010
Maura Tierney or no Maura, I'm enjoying every bit of this show. Please don't cancel this show!!

I realize that aspects of this show need improvement. The banter between the two leads is confusing at best, because it is unclear where their relationship is going i.e. romance? friendship? enemies4eva?.

I absolutely adore every bit of this show, with its interesting premise, its well-thought-out cases, its fearless take on aspects of the world that few shows, even 'legal dramas', dare to take on. Elder abuse? Rape? I'm amazed so many people--if, you know, TV critics actually qualify as "people", and I'm a doubter as of late--have so many problems with this show. There's worse TV on television, people.

As far as I'm concerned, 'Dancing with the Stars'--which many people bizarrely seem to love, which just goes to show the U.S. public has horrible and uneducated taste in everything--ought to be the first to hit the chopping block, if we're talking 'shows to be canceled.'

'The Whole Truth' is at least trying to do something real, and good for all humanity, not just those of us whose lives are so dull we require constant distraction. That's a lot more than most shows can say--and it's more than enough to earn my unending support.

You go, Maura, whose name I'm probably spelling wrong here. I'm sick of people who don't know a thing about the profession featured in a television show critiquing the "reality" of the way said profession is presented. Shut it. Write your own TV show, leave this one alone.
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Overly contrived, annoying
coffeeparty26 September 2010
I love a good courtroom drama and was looking forward to this show after seeing the ads. The concept, in which only the audience knows the true guilt or innocence of the defendant, is an excellent one. I also have really liked Rob Morrow in other TV shows and films and thought he and Maura Tierney would be terrific. Then I watched the show and I could barely get through the pilot. I found the writing to be extremely contrived and overly slick. I was disappointed in Rob Morrow's acting and the character he plays. The character is smarmy and unlikable and Morrow's acting is way over the top. The banter between Morrow and Tierny's characters is embarrassing. These two sound more like bratty high school rivals than professional lawyers. Real lawyers don't act like this--they strategize and focus on how to win their cases, rather than engage in a childish game of "gotcha," constantly trying to get the better of one another.
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standard legal drama with gimmick not really work
SnoopyStyle22 September 2013
Kathryn Peale (Maura Tierney) is the prosecutor, and Jimmy Brogan (Rob Morrow) is the defense.

It's a pretty standard legal drama procedural. There is a lot of quick banter between the leads. Rob Morror is playing a fast talking guy. They're both very high stress characters. The gimmick is in the last part of the show after the case is done. They show what really happened. They show 'The Whole Truth'. While I appreciate the attempt at something new, I don't think the gimmick works. It feels very arbitrary as if it could work either way. They may as well film two 'The Whole Truth' and flip a coin.
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Not convinced
florinmax23 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Usually in this type of shows there is presented just one side of the legal coin: prosecution or defense. And the star character is so brilliant that he/she wins the cases in spite of the evidence (or lack of- depending on the side). In this show we have both sides presented and both are very good at what they do. Therefor the amount of evidence should be balanced. In the first episode unfortunately there was very little evidence against the defendant: a witness who may or may not have seen the defendant, phone calls which may or may not have been a build up to the crime and Chinese symbols on the victims body for which the prosecution provided no evidence that the defendant had done them. That was it! And he was found guilty. How come?! The answer is because he was guilty, as it is shown at the end. That's not good enough for me. The first episode contains the underlining message that the justice system will work even though the police does a lousy job of searching for evidence or potential suspects. And that is a LIE! I like the format of the show and I will watch the second episode to see if there is an improvement on how justice is served but if it will be with the same idea that justice will work in spite of the evidence I will not watch it again.
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Glad they got cancelled!
cratthe1 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I concur with florinmax's review, I saw 4 episode, and EACH time the defence dig out serious flaws and doubt in the prosecutor case, and in a proper justice system that should prevent a guilty verdict.

Full of circumstantial evidence and lousy job. This series is like an apologetic argument for the prosecution to win at any price, even against an innocent. A Right-wing dream, the final "confession" is just a way to reinforce lousy logic for the quick to judge. Without it many would still wonder if the verdict was right.

Not surprising from a country that still love the death penalty even after having executed innocent (verified post-mortem with DNA testing).

Seeing the appreciation from other viewer, I think I would restrain myself to travel through the USA, in fear of being mistaken for a criminal and finish my innocent life in prison due to a lousy job by the police and prosecution.
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Love Maura
starlicious_5921 October 2010
but the dude who plays her antagonist??? can we say OVERACTS!!!! I like the overall concept of the show and love a majority of the players but this guy really makes me want to just turn the show off. I miss Maura and enjoy seeing her in this role but that guy needs to tone it down. So many of the fall show line up have succumbed to bad ratings that I certainly hope this one is not in line to be dumped. The concept is a great one but the constant "Lost" like back and forth make it a bit annoying for me. They have pretty relevant subject matter and that alone helps make it more motivating for the viewer but I can't say it enough, please don't go over the top with the enthusiasm.
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