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Season 1

11 Jan. 2012
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Flashback a month and a half from an explosion at an Amsterdam bus with ten Dutch passengers. School buddies Nadir Bezouh and Omar Amezian, rascals of Moroccon descent, are fed up being dealt with harder then other knaves and as eternal first suspects. Charismatic Amstel river tour guide Dennis Koudstaal always enjoys life to the fullest. TV talk show host Klaas Kroon and anti-Islamic politician Thomas de Zwart hate being distracted from work, even for domestic life.
21 Jan. 2012
Vijf weken eerder
Five weeks before the explosion, Nadir and Omar's frustration peeks when bluntly denied any chance to do a school-assigned one week internship at the precinct. Clever Nadir makes a fake Semtex bomb, which Omar 'forgets' in Amsterdam city hall, while Nadir anonymously calls in a fake alert. National coordinator Philip van Henegouwen decides however to pretend the army dismantled a real bomb and starts a terrorist hunt. Slick Dennis makes a joyride with his girl and grandmother, who wants to select a spot for her remains. The politician makes a great guest on the TV ...
28 Jan. 2012
Vier weken eerder
Omar is afraid the police will find out he left behind the 'bomb' in city hall, hence too depressed to go out with Tamara. Cahoot Nadir is surprised to hear the increased security level caused his uncle (61) to be strip-searched in the airport, but he was released despite carrying an heirloom dagger and pistol. Dennis Koudstaal's latest stunt is sneaking into an abandoned villa to enjoy the hot tub naked with his girlfriend, but they actually find owner Thomas de Zwart in the master bedroom, OD'es. Hein van Vlijmen is disappointed that the anti-terrorism-coordinator ...
4 Feb. 2012
Drie weken eerder
The Moroccan knaves' bitterness grows as the 'bomb' worsens anti-Muslim discrimination. Uncle Ibn Hassan preaches moral fortitude like Koranic Yusuf (=Biblical Joseph) and Omar finds comfort in Tamara's bed, but Nadir secretly consults a grim Jihadist website. Detective Hein neglects another warning from his ex-coach. Dennis's girlfriend Pauline gets away with staying by the cardiac patient, being mistaken for his daughter, and later tells Dennis she expects his baby. The old couple's forgetfulness is now a constant danger for everyone.
11 Feb. 2012
Twee weken eerder
Nadir was fired from the rest home after a food-fight. Omar isn't amused by a mock terrorist call to Jihad staged by Nadir as birthday e-mail, but celebrates with the family. An imam's lesson on peaceful jihad is interrupted by a firebomb thrown into the mosque. Dennis takes his Pauline to a new experience, emerged bathing, which goes badly, but to his delight the reason is pregnancy. The forgetful crone cancels the nurse and fatally messes up her husband's dialysis. Detective Hein finds the 'bomber bag' was allegedly sent to Paris for forensics but no report arrived ...
18 Feb. 2012
Een week eerder
Dennis is determined to become a perfect family father, so he proposes marriage and plans to earn a living with an original bicycles shop. Ileligible for a bank loan, he accepts dodgy courier work, but panics when a motor cop arrives and looses the package. Hein can't accept being kept in the dark even after a new bomb attack in Paris and an illegally acquired tip from coach, but is sidetracked. Tamara's lawyer father tells her 'for an assignment' how hypothetical fake bombers should proceed. The politician's disguise backfires when his grime artist is attacked by ...
25 Feb. 2012
After loosing his courier package, Dennis gets a terrible beating from Mike, who demands 30,000 Euros compensation in a week, way beyond his means. So he loses his patience learning fiancée Pauline talked to suicidal Klass, not him, and plans to have an adoption as he advised. However Klaas now leaves to commit a failed suicide attempt and bequeaths Pauline a painting likely to fetch more at an auction. To Nadir's father's fury, his uncle the imam seems to drag the knave away from Dutch integration to Muslim fundamentalism, while in fact he still manages to pass for ...
3 Mar. 2012
Nadir is torn between his father, insisting he must invest in his future as integrated Dutchman, and his Islamist Moroccan uncle. Omar proudly hears his letter, deploring crypto-xenophobia, read out on TV when detective Hein uses the fake bomb's replica to expose his superior's vicious attempt to make the people believe in a terrorist threat. George has taken the gun from his shop while tailing Nadir, mistakes his innocent sports-bag for another bomb and accidentally causes the bus crash and explosion. It shakes the courthouse where De Zwart is testifying with ...

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