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Bala's first failure
durgadada00119 June 2011
The National Award for Best Direction for the year 2009 was won by Bala, and as you may all know, he won it for Naan Kadavul, a morbid portrayal of some of the lesser known characters of our dirty world. It was a spellbinding drama with loads of black comedy and sarcasm and i personally regard it as one of the greatest Indian movies ever made. No kidding.

And after making a rock solid movie such as Naan Kadavul, Bala announced that he was gonna change gears and direct a full blown comedy - Avan Ivan (2011). I wasn't skeptical at all. The kind of talent this man has shown has drawn enough respect to make the audience trust the director's intentions, and i am sure most of you will agree with me here. But alas ! Avan Ivan is so contrived and haphazard that it makes you doubt if it was Bala who was behind the lens. This is by far his worst movie till date and as far as critical success is concerned, his first failure.

Most of the comedy is lame or poorly timed. The script lacks development and the movie wanders aimlessly into a gargantuan mess. The music department has not done its job well either. Yuvan Shankar Raja's discography can do better without the addition of Avan Ivan. A villain pops up from thin air, a college girl falls in love with Arya (just like that!) and the Police never show up when we need them the most, not even at a murder site in full public view ! Vishal's character is the only shining light in the film and the actor manages to save many scenes with his honest expressions. Arya has little to do and comes across as loud and boorish, a stark difference from his fiery role in Naan Kadavul. The female leads do not help the film in any way, though Ambika has some wonderful one-liners to deliver. Applause should also be directed at Highness (GM Kumar), the zamindar who befriends the half-brothers. Only recently, in Aadukalam (2011) this old fella had rendered a wonderful performance.

But largely, Avan Ivan is completely devoid of any real content. There are many moments where the acting is grossly overdone, including Vishal's. The blame rests on Bala, and i will say Bala alone. When you don't know what or where your script is, the actors can't do much. My expectations fizzled out within the first 30 minutes itself and i found myself staring at another Tamil dampener. Bala, of all people has let us down. I wish him better days ahead. For now, its Go Vishal !
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Expected a lot more from Bala
aakash_vasudevan22 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Bala is one of the few directors who is not afraid to experiment, take up any plot no matter how dark or unfamiliar it is and most importantly, tries to portray his characters as believable yet fascinating. He is the one director I thought I could always count on to come up with something entirely fresh and out-of-the-box as opposed to the commercial crap that is currently plaguing our Tamil cinema. Well, I am not sure anymore.

Avan Ivan has a very simple story line, a lot of irrelevant scenes, whole lot of forced comedy, many plot-holes, many unanswered questions and most disappointing of all, Arya's unnatural acting.

The story goes like this: G.M. Kumar, the village "Jameen" is like a father-figure to Arya and Vishal. He is brutally murdered by the villain and then, as expected the half-brothers avenge his death. There are many sub-plots but none of which are developed. In fact, 75% of the movie is irrelevant to the main story.

Just for the sake of completeness, here are some aspects that may be considered as positives: Vishal, considering his abominable acting in most of his previous movies, has done an impressive job. G.M. Kumar has also done a decent job. Yuvan, as usual, has done his bit with BGM. Ambika delivers some strong one-liners that might amuse some (disgust most).

Bottom line: If you are a Bala fan like me, you will be disgusted.
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Bala have broken my expectation
itsakthi20 June 2011
The good things in this movie are vishal,arya acting and yuvan's music.

yuvan's BG music was awesome. Vishal's intro track and is acting throughout the movie was awesome. arya's causal acting was good. Dialogues are extremely good.

But the movie has plenty of worst things. Comedy in few places was not good. Heroines doesn't help the movie. Arya's love is not natural and unbelievable. G.M. Kumar's death(which was one of the key part) in the movie have not impacted me. Songs in the album was too good but songs in the movie was worse. Arya is a thief in this movie but not even single scene supports that he is a thief.

Bala have not utilized yuvan's work. Bala have proved that film cannot be taken without story. I felt it has my failure.
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Avan Ivan- Bala's carelessness!
gauthamhits0821 June 2011
Wasn't like a BALA film! It seems Director BALA decided to take a break and has did this film just without seriousness I guess. He hasn't worked well with the screenplay(the van worth a crore inside it!). The direction just doesn't have the perfection required for the powerful characterization! And the characters had a lot of scope and no one did well. As if BALA was satisfied with the first take alone and didn't wanna go for another take. I mean there were situations where the actors could've given their best. for instance, when VISHAL performs on stage in front of actor SURYA...Did he really deserve that kinda applause? If you call that as some fabulous acting that brings tears to your eye, then what will you call the performance by VIKRAM in PITHAMAGAN after SURYA's death??? If you ask me I'll say that VISHAL did well in the climax and the opening song alone..since he risked his eye, does that mean that there's no need to put extreme effort in acting?He did well but should've done better! Aarya did not have much scope comparatively, He did his part. GN kumar and the rest of the cast definitely should have done a lot better. Music was sick!Unnecessary BGM results with inaudible dialogues and Yuvan should have played a bit emotional musics whenever necessary..so there's no feel for any! Editing was idiotic ending a movie just like that? It seemed to me like BALA knew all of the mistakes in the movie and just went with it! One thing is for sure, This 'll be the worst of BALA's .....HOPEFULLY!
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Poor execution..! Warning: Spoilers
Bala's "Avan-Ivan" touted to be the maverick director's first full- length comedy drama is a huge let down. Movie is boring , comical scenes make you frown while the last 15 minutes of the movie is anything but pathetic to say the least. Bala should understand that mouthing of filthy language or below the belt dialogs won't ensure a good laugh. And howsoever he tries , it is impossible for him to come out of "Pithamagan" hangover, so it seems.

Screenplay of the movie is very loose, careless one might add. Many scenes are disjointed lots of loose ends left untied with a wealth of unnecessary & pointless scenes spewed all over. It is a shocker from the director of the caliber of Bala.

The actors in the movie have done a stupendous job but all their hard work turn futile due to poor direction. None of the characters have a trait of themselves. The characterization is very much confused , in some scenes they act mature & in some others outright silly & even moronic .

Vishal's squint eyed act is praiseworthy. He also comes out with appropriate histrionic & appropriate places better than what we have seen of him so far.

Aarya once again proves his versatility , this time scoring with his comical act.

G.M.Kumar has a significant part to play & he has also done justice to his role though as said earlier his characterization leaves a lot to be desired.

Among others Janani & Madhu Shalini add up the numbers.

Cinematography of Arthur A.Wilson is as reliable as ever .

Yuvan Shankar Raja's music is average , his BGM below-average.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with a new genre . For Bala Comedy is not an unknown territory for his comical talents came to the for in "Pithamagan" . The execution here leaves a lot to be desired.

After a point of time , one gets the feeling of the movie being a tamer version of "Pithamagan" , following its template almost religiously.

On the whole , "Avan-Ivan" is not the type of movie one expects from Bala who i fear has become the victim of the baggage he carries.

Bottomline : Poor execution..!
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growing up, is a bunch of first experiences
stillblingbling4 May 2012
a rating is given as a token of appreciation or critique to any experience served. expectations influence this procedure just as every good meal only makes you want better next time.. this is the greed attached to getting the experience we want and not try something new.. an audience is also wanting to settle down and make Bala a regular name on the menu for any "certain" experience, but this man is simply 'growing stories in celluloid naturally' and not under any formatted procedure for daily entertainment..

this story has a whole hill town of characters come to life in various age and roles of society in situations that make them flourish and shine even in the direst of environments, only to end as prey to the same hunger to thrive, manifested in others in means of different nature..

i'll remember this and even share it..
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Avan Ivan(Bala falters)
nanduryder1124 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Bala unlike his emotional dramas he This time set the movie at the backdrop of comedy..Vishal and Arya are step brothers in the movie..first thing to tel s tat there s no story in the movie and its clearly noted tat Bala wants just to hit the box office and wants to create a buzz wit 2 rising stars vishal and Arya(multi starer)...but he has maintained his same formulas in This film also..one can say easily tat This s a Bala movie nu...thanks to the director for letting out the unknown talents of vishal..the ultimate performance of him s tat where he exhibits Navarasa on his face in the stage..Arya shines in his dialog delivery and his comedy tracks...but vishal scores kudos over him..nice tracks such as "avanapathi" "oru malayoram" are not seen in the film but yuVan scores in Bgm...g.Kumar performs a superb supporting role..villain suddenly pops into the story which s a big -Ve point in the movie..overall a film which has no script and has many loop holes in screenplay but the performances of actors from all quarters remains in our mind not the movie,especially Vishal character remains very long
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Avan(Vishal) + Ivan(Arya) + Bala = Not as Expected!!
shafi_awesome23 July 2011
Being a Bala Die-hard..All I would say is Satisfaction.The Movie has a weak storyline which begins half an hour before the movie ends. Excellent Start which gave me a stomach-ache of Laughing.. Usually Love is something we expect high from Bala was let down by his lose script and Disappointing Screenplay.Vishal was the Highlight,Superb acting by him led up the spectators.Arya once again gave some excellent Humours.Yuvan Shankar Raja's BGM's were Superb..It was disappointing to see 2 of the main songs such as Oru Malaioram and Mudhal Murai Missing in the Movie..Good Cinematography and Dialouges.. Overall Avan(Vishal) + Ivan(Arya) + Bala = Not as Expected!! Powerpack performance by Actors Led down by Lose Screenplay!!
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Another stone in Bala's Crown though not a Diamond but a Gold!
gskrocks25 June 2011
Last Nite I'd been to National Award Winner director Bala's "Avan-Evan", I can't say its amazing but it has its own elements to boast about! Note, here more Actor Vishal will be in the list of method actors, besides he deserve National award for his sensational acting in this flick! Its going to be proved again that whoever acts in Bala's movie will fetch a place next to the list of top celebs and leading actors in tinsel town so as Surya, Vikram and Arya and its now time for Vishal! From the unexpected opening scene in a song sequence to raging youth set out to avenge in the end its Vishal who captures every spectators attention and leaves everyone awestruck. And Aarya's role is just to be careless younger brother with humor and he justified it! And one more important character one can never forget after Vishal when after the movie over, it is GM Kumar who comes as "Highness", a Jamindar! He had an done an extraordinary performance through out the movie and he went on to go nude before the camera to add more realism for a particular scene, hope he would receive awards and recognitions for his performance.

Bala is highly praised for his unique characters presentation in his movies earlier. Well here too lead actors are portrayed in a strange way in fact little weird as the Vishal was presented with Squinted eyes and Arya with pot head hair cut with their job as part time thieves and of course they are brothers with different mothers but same father. Well rest of the supporting character have done their role as what Bala had in his mind of course justified!

As for the story concerned one has to wonder where the story goes until the beginning of the second half where you will get an hint of what shall be the climax. Story is based on the characters, one has to travel along lead characters and screenplay is wielded in Bala's own trademark manner. Though the movie is slow paced in second half and has scenes reminding Pithamagan, Bala has never let us down in entertaining! It was predictable where the movie going to end but not until the middle of second half. Commercial movie portrayed in a realistic way, interesting and never seen supporting characters, exotic locations, stunning camera works, neat editing, realistic slapstick humors, Vishal's exceptional and bedazzling performance, Aarya's fun, Yuvan's Extraordinary background score and heart throbbing climax well these are the factors will amaze and amuse you! And the end result is it did stand the expectations! Here is my honest ratting 7.5/10!
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