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When Brandon's car hits Bull, the windshield is visibly damaged. In scenes soon after this, the windshield appears undamaged, going back to damaged later in the movie.
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Revealing mistakes 

The Camaro and Monte Carlo SS seen in the film have mismatched vintage Texas license plates - both automobiles are mid-1980s Chevrolets. In the film the Camaro (a third generation 1982-87 model) has a 1974 Texas license plate (white background with red lettering) and the Monte Carlo (1983-86 model) a 1968 plate (black with white letters with the Hemisfair lettering commemorating Hemisfair '68). Vintage Texas license plates are valid on vintage automobiles based on the model year of the automobile since a 1991 state law has a vehicle registration for antique (non-daily driver) or classic (daily driven) automobiles over 25 model years old. License plates issued in Texas from 1975-94 were renewed annually with a validation sticker (introduced in 1976 since the 1975 plates had 2 indentations for the validation stickers - back in 1975 Texas became the 37th state to adopt multi year license plates which was signed into law by the 63rd Texas Legislature in 1973) which was phased out with the general public starting in 1995 with a windshield sticker based on a 1989 Texas Department of Transportation concerning revenue loss (from failure to register out-of-state motor vehicles including the renewal period for Texas residents, along with fraudulent practices e.g. usage of a valid license plate on another motor vehicle including theft (in this case where a validation sticker was peeled off and used on another plate, especially in the wake of a September 1991 state law where proof of financial responsibility (auto insurance) was required to renew vehicle registration - the existing state law was strengthened during the 80th Texas Legislature where insurance validation is now required for registration renewal); the validation stickers are exclusive to motorcycle and auto dealer license plates.
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