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Didn't like it
seanbreeden31 December 2011
This seemed like a first attempt to make a movie similar to Kevin Smith's "Clerks" (which was a really good movie!) This is an example of having a good movie idea then executing it poorly. I can kind of see where the director was wanting to go with this but it was very boring to watch. I thought that the actor's performances were good but the story just wasn't funny.

The synopsis on IMDb states that this movie is "a mix of ultra-realistic vérité and stoner comedy." None of it was realistic and stating that its vérité is misleading. This movie was "real" in the sense that it covered some real-life situations but it made me feel like I was in a waiting room watching a looped public-service announcement. I didn't even get a chuckle out of anything anyone said or did. Calling it a comedy was a bad choice of words.

Stoner movies are usually off-the-wall and goofy because face it, most people like watching these movies while they're high. I can't even recommend it for that quality. There was nothing enjoyable in it at all and when I thought it might start getting funny the movie ended.

I hate writing negative reviews but when I saw the rating of 7.8 I had to say something.
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Nearing its Potential
connoisseurdjv25 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Potentially an indie hit, the characters indulge in an all out buffet of paranoid inducing brownies, not your average family film. The viewer must be at a certain mental state to understand the characters' paranoid thought processes. The plot broke down in the last 20 minutes of the movie and the cast's acting skills seemed to lose their luster like Greek bonds and retired Playboy blonds. The movie started to get tedious around the point when the prude brunette decided to knee Jenkins where it hurts. The following scenes of couch lock dialog seemed somewhat convincing but dragged out, but after finding out what happens to Jenkins the ensuing twist was extremely predictable by the average moviegoer. The fact that this movie was filmed in black and white knocked it down about a point for me. The artistic touch of using color to tell a story was completely absent from Bad Batch. Music was appropriate and occasionally tension-building, but not exceptional throughout.
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