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A good concept that was done right
siderite21 July 2012
This is a true sequel: it expands on a previous story and makes it better. American Pie was never a great film and the many reincarnations of the same story did not do it good, but American Reunion almost fixes everything, giving it a true human dimension. In my opinion, it is this film that makes American Pie a classic. I just hope they don't turn it into another franchise. Let it rest, people! You got it right, don't mess with it.

Other than that, the same crazy antics, part felony, part madness and the same awkward situations, but with a more adult touch. Everybody is married, with children, but at heart, they are still kids. That is what this film is all about.
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The Best Since the Original
Michael_Elliott9 April 2012
American Reunion (2012)

*** (out of 4)

The fourth film in the series brings back all the major players from the first film for their 13th anniversary. Jim, Oz, Kevin, Finch and Stifler decide to have some fun during the reunion even if each one of them are facing dramas of being adults. It's really a shame that most people will probably stay away from this due to two weak sequels and a whole slew of direct- to-DVD cash ins because American REUNION is certainly the best film since the first and it's also one of the better "reunion" movies that has been made over the past few decades. I think the film made a good decision in not going for 100% gross-out humor like the two sequels and instead it tries to put in some characters just like the first movie. Needless to say but the entire cast fit back into their roles so perfectly that you don't have to worry about any weak performances. All of them do an extremely good job and especially Chris Klein who is back after missing the previous entry. Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Tara Reid, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Seann William Scott are all perfect as well as are a few of the new people. I think the movie gets off to a somewhat shaky start but once everything dealing with the reunion kicks in we get some extremely good moments. Not all of the laughs are are loud as in the first movie but I think they're more natural and just around more fun. The entire film had a smile on my face and I thought there were some tender moments as well that worked out nicely. There's also some drama thrown in dealing with some of the characters disappointments in where they are in their lives but this here works very well. American REUNION still has plenty of raunchy sex and dirty jokes, which one has come to expect but like the first film this here also has a great and great character development. The movie is an extremely good one so hopefully people will give it a shot even if they were disappointed in the previous two sequels.
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Still Funny After All These Years
cadillac2023 March 2012
I was 16 when the original American Pie came out. It was a film that spoke to me greatly. It was my generation's Ridgemont High, you might say. The sequels too, were enjoyable. But to say that the series didn't wear itself thin might be an understatement. And don't even get me started on the direct to DVD creations. However, American Reunion surprised me with a couple entertaining trailers, and nostalgia grabbed me by the balls. Having had the opportunity to see an early screening, I am happy to say that this is the series I remembered it being.

There's nothing too outside the norm for an American Pie series film. We find the original cast living life over ten years after the original film. Jim and Michelle are having a few marital issues and raising a kid. Stiffler is working a job as a temp, dealing with an a-hole boss. Finch has become a mystery of sorts. Oz is a big shot sportscaster with a supermodel girlfriend. And Kevin is a stay at home husband, slash architect. The group returns for their high school reunion and reconnect with each other and their fellow classmates. But this is a film that is as much about the audience seeing it as it is about our favorite foursome. As stated, the film isn't remarkable in the plot sense. Unlike the previous films, there isn't a big endgame to cling to. There's no goal of losing virginity like the first film, finding true love like the second film, or having a successful wedding like the third film. Instead, these characters just deal with being back in their hometown and their own individual issues.

If anything, the film is highly nostalgic. It's filled with characters and situations reminiscent of the previous films. It still manages to surprise with many of it's shenanigans, from the boys having to get out of some awkward tight spots, to Jim once again finding himself in extremely embarrassing situations. Heck we even get a few truly surprising moments that are also very laugh out loud. But for the audience that grew up on these films, it will be like a trip down memory lane. It's fun seeing all your favorite characters return, from the underused ones to all of the main cast. Even seeing characters like Oz or Vicky, whose real life counterparts haven't had much of a career since the American Pie film, are pleasant to see again. And they all do a great job of reprising these characters. Best of all, the film is hilarious, with plenty of laugh out loud moments.

My biggest qualm with the film is it's lack of a strong central plot. Nostalgia only goes so far and there's really nothing to cling to here in terms of something these characters are working for. By comparison, there was the ever present goal of the guys losing their virginity. Here, their personal issues seem meager. Yes, Jim and Michelle are having issues, but you never really feel like it won't work out. Knowing these characters, you already know they love each other. The same goes for most of the others, whom you always feel will come out on top. This despite a few surprises. And with the whole movie revolving around the up coming reunion, an event which doesn't seem to have much affect on the direction these characters take, there's never a real sense of character growth. Instead, you're just hanging out with the boys again, watching them get into trouble.

But this is okay. It's okay because the movie is funny. Much of what happens resembles the kind of humorous situations from the other films. There are some truly laugh out loud moments and the surprises will have you howling. Despite my nostalgic interest in the film, I found some genuinely fun and surprising moments. For fans, this should be a no brainer. The film is definitely worth the watch.
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A Nutshell Review: American Reunion
DICK STEEL5 April 2012
It was 1999 that American Pie launched what would be a series of teenage sex comedies, given a relatively cost effective formula loaded with nudity and toilet humour, that exploded at the box office and made everyone sit up to take note which of its cast members would go on to make it big. The film spawned two more films that would culminate in a wedding, before going direct to video in the many spin offs lie Band Camp, Naked Mile, Beta House and Book of Love that had very little links to the main characters. It's almost a decade already, and it's perhaps time to put those spin off films to rest, and bring back the original cast and their characters to the big screen in a logical reunion. And why not, given that the individual cast members never really made it to the big league, that coming together in a show of unity may rekindle memories of an audience who grew up with them from 1999's original, and in some ways provide one last shot in the arm for their individual careers.

And so it's a warm hello to old friends with whom we have last left off without much of a closure for all the characters, and like a real reunion, we discover just what our friends have been up to during the course of their absence in our lives. Some are successful, others not, and some are depending on what definition you're using. There's Jason Biggs as Jim Levenstein who's still married to Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) with a kid in tow and having trouble with their non-existent sex lives, Oz (Chris Klein) being a successful television sports anchor and celebrity with a model girlfriend (Katrina Bowden), Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) who's also happily married but dreading a very routine lifestyle filled with TV and more TV, who would have thought Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) being very much of an all round adventurer, and Stifler (Seann William Scott) the jock who, well, according to unwritten rules, finds himself in between jobs, getting really nowhere in his career, and still bearing a grudge towards Finch for nailing Stifler's Mom (Jennifer Coolidge).

Some things never change too, as we usually find out during meet ups with old friends, old flames and once rivals, that when we rekindle the past, we'll at times tangent into the what ifs. And there are plenty of such situations that make up the narrative of Reunion, with Jim having to fend off the advances of his neighbour Kara (Ali Cobrin), whom he babysat a long time back and is now a nubile 18 year old eager to lose her virginity to Jim, and both Oz and Kevin discovering old feelings with their exes Heather (Mena Suvari) and Vicky (Tara Reid). Stifler faces challenges at work especially that threatens to cancel his attendance at the school reunion ball, while Finch seems to get onto a real relationship with Selena (Dania Ramirez).

There's also the return of the evergreen favourite, Jim's dad (Eugene Levy), now a widower but still finding time to talk about sexuality very openly to an always embarrassed Jim, and that of a slew of supporting characters from the earlier films that I will not name to contain the surprise. But it's a full reunion as the filmmakers pulled out all the stops in order to make sure of a proper representation rather than a half-hearted event, in order not to short change the audience. And surprisingly though that directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg seemed to have restrained themselves a lot from their Harold and Kumar days, and like touching a holy grail of teenage sex comedies, treated the material and characters here with a lot of respect rather than going for the jugular because getting the team back together again with a valid excuse will seem like a long way ahead.

But when the jokes came, they came fast and furious since we have Stifler in the party and ensuring that his posse of friends get the best deal out of their short weekend stay in town, and this balances out with more dramatic moments which can be seen coming from a mile away. Stifler's party forms the centerpiece where the you-know-what hits the fan, and for all the amount of nudity in the earlier movies, American Reunion would win for being the tamest of the lot, toning blatant nudity down by a lot of notches, and keeping things in relative PG mode as the narrative chugged along drama rather than comedy, for the most parts of the second half anyway.

The first American Pie film garnered an R21 rating here, and this one, although having full front male genitalia on display, male on male kissing, the requisite foul language and subject matter that will earn it an R21 easily, its M18 rating perhaps also reflected a relatively loosening of ratings here in Singapore, although this remains to be seen whether one off, or gets sustained and gradually loosened up even more as time goes by. Still, American Reunion, whatever the rating, is definitely for franchise fans (whether considering the direct to video titles or not), and I really enjoyed how it went full circle in the group's reunion in their final scene together. If you're a fan, then what are you waiting for?
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Surprisingly Awesome Movie
simonthm9 March 2012
Caught a preview screening of this movie tonight in NYC. I am 26 years old now, so I was in 8th grade when the original came out.

Thought the first two were awesome but thought the third noticeably drifted away from what made the first two special.(A little too much Stifler).

For American Pie 4, when I saw the preview I was excited to see them all back together, but I didn't know what to expect. I know Hollywood loves destroying sequels and I didn't know how they were going to create a story line out of characters that really haven't been together in forever.

Fear not. I though this movie was almost as good as the original. Two hours of non-stop cracking-up, but none of it was forced. They brought back all the characters, but in a way that didn't seem thrown together or in-genuine. It was about 2 hours and 15 minutes long, but not once did I think this was dragging. They did a nice job explaining where everyone has been and it didn't really seem awkward.

The best part of it is, the story is about all 5 of the original guys, and their relationship with women and sex at their current juncture (31 years old). Each have their own issues (too married, have kids, hate their jobs, hate their lifestyle, etc.) and the movie is kind of about them all resolving their that over the course of a reunion weekend. It's the American Pie which is most similar too the first one. All the old couples from high-school (Oz/Heather, Kevin/Vicky, Jim/Michelle) re-hash their past feelings.

Another great thing about the film is that Stifler's character is written back in the style of American Pie 1 and 2, which I loved. His part is not over bearing like the Wedding. Kevin, Finch (and Oz) play much bigger roles than they did they did in the third.

There a couple new characters but none of them are annoying or take up too much of the story, all those parts are well cast. Jim's Dad and Stifler's Mom are hilarious on screen together. Jim's Dad is the funniest he has ever been- but again- not in an over the top way. All in all, it's a well-written, well-rounded film with some good plot twists. Tons of references too the old films. Literally, all of the obscure characters from the first two make an appearance at some point.

BOTTOM LINE: 9/10. If you are a fan of the American Pie films (especially 1 & 2) your going to LOVE this movie. Worth the $.
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It was worth the wait
kosmasp15 July 2012
The in-between movies didn't really do anything for any American Pie fan (talking about everything that was tagged with the American Pie title after the American Wedding aka Part 3), but this one will satisfy the fans of the original. Even though (or because) they have grown up, many will remember them. While I think it works for newer viewers (without previous knowledge of the original trilogy), I think the full viewing potential/pleasure will only emerge if you have seen the others too.

While I was a bit skeptical about the fact that Stifler (played exceptionally again by Sean William Scott), went "back" attitude wise in this one, it made more than sense and doesn't take anything away from his arc in Part 3. I would even say, his journey is fulfilled now for sure! The others have their problems too (even if some seem small in comparison to others) and they play it as straight as the first time. Many familiar faces will show up, even the ones who didn't have an actual character name in part 1. A nice touch.

The movie may be (largely) predictable, but apart from some major surprise towards the end, it is done with love by everyone involved and you can feel that through the screen. A really fitting end (?) to a series, that defined a generation of movie-goers
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A reunion I was so glad to attend!
DJRMewzique4 April 2012
There is really not much to say here except that the return of Stifler and his posse....and just about every single memorable character from the first three films...are welcomed back with open arms in "American Reunion." After three absolutely sensational, immature-but-awesome comedies about sex, masturbation and fart jokes (somewhat ignoring the somewhat mediocre offshoots "Band Camp," "The Naked Mile," "Beta House" and "The Look of Love"), I really did not know if, over a decade later, with all the actors and characters older, they could recapture the crude magic that made the first three instalments such comedy classic.

Guess what? They did.

It is now thirteen years later and the crew converge upon their high school, all grown up now, for their, you guessed it, high school reunion. And yes, the film relies heavily on nostalgia and clichés about friends, sex and lost love, but the writing here is so great, it really doesn't matter. The film continues the series' reputation of being politically incorrect and walking the line of taste while still managing to present it all in a way that makes the audience laugh out loud despite themselves. All the main characters returned, played by all the original actors including Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Sean William Scott, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Eddie Kaye Thomas. Jennifer Coolidge is still as much a MILF as Stifler's mom while Eugene Levy, the only one to appear in ever single incarnation of these films, continues his signature role of Jim's dad. Even Tara Reid and Mena Suvari are back in the mix.

Loads of ridiculous situations, a disgusting hijink and fantastically hilarious comedy ensues as the gang gets back together, having aged stupendously (Klein's body has gotten even more porn-worthy) and making this long-awaited return well worth the time and effort. And if this film makes the box office it deserves, we may just get invited back to the party one more time. And I'll be there with bells on.
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Still fun
muamba_eats_toast21 July 2020
Doesn't quite reach the highs of the originals but extremely nostalgic and just about enough laughs to make it worth the watch.
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Surprisingly sweet
Leofwine_draca5 April 2014
Although I hate the lowbrow comedy genre ever since its inception in the late 1990s with the likes of THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, for some reason I consider myself a fan of the American PIE franchise. This is the fourth in the series which takes the expected route of catching up with the characters as they deal with adulthood.

The story is surprisingly sweet and sentimental if you take out all of the puerile humour. Crucially, for fans of the series, the producers have managed to pretty much reunite the entire cast, including Chris Klein, who was missing from the last instalment as I recall. So watching these characters mingling again after all these years is a great deal of fun, and the camaraderie and humour that flows between them is pretty decent.

Yes, there are some obnoxious jokes here, and situations that scream facile; typically those involving Stifler. Nonetheless, Seann William Scott is undeniably charming in this part, and I notice that his character has deliberately softened a little, less jarring, more humane this time. The same goes with the others and I think that's why I like this series so much: despite the gross-outs, these films are all about warmth and friendship. American REUNION is a lot of fun.
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American Pie at its best
JaxTellerr3 April 2012
Going to keep this short, because it's my first review, and I don't wamt to bore people.

Saw an early screening today in Amsterdam, and I was really excited because the trailer promised a lot. And you know what? It was amazing!

Simply because they made it as good as the original and the second movie. (I liked the first two but I personally think that the third one drifted away from the original theme a bit)

I also liked how they made Stifler return to his original state. Crazy as always, doing things the way he wants to do. The other thing that I found good was that they briefly showed what everyone does after high school and at what position they are at the moment.

All in all, great film (what else could you expect from these guys), I'd say go see it, definitely worth your time!
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American Reunion Screening Review
ironman200823 March 2012
I was lucky enough to catch an advance screening last night at the Mall of America in Minnesota. This movie will not disappoint anyone who is a fan of the original movies or the characters. It has all of the gross-out humor, sexual tension, and most importantly the heart. It doesn't break in any new ground, but gives great closure to all of the characters. The laughs also are spread out well from start until during the credits. In face, I think the first 3 minutes was the funniest I've ever seen in a movie. Even my wife who is just a casual fan laughed more at this movie than any other comedy I've taken her to. Stifler is back!!
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A Funny Reunion!
namashi_119 May 2013
The fourth installment in the American Pie theatrical series, 'American Reunion' is indeed A Funny Reunion! High on laughs & gags, this 2012 Box-Office Blockbuster is surely worth watching!

'American Reunion' Synopsis: Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion.

'American Reunion' begins & ends, smoothly. Its got the attitude, the rudeness & the vulgarity, the American Pie movies are known for. Even the clever one-liners are damn good. Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg's Screenplay is adult-rated & hard-core. Their Direction, on the other-hand, is decent.

Performance-Wise: Seann William Scott is awesome. Once again, he steals the show! Jason Biggs is very much in the mood, while Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas & Thomas Ian Nicholas are wild. Alyson Hannigan, Tara Reid & Mena Suvari are efficient. Eugene Levy is fantastic.

On the whole, 'American Reunion' is certainly a delight.
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Seems like the series has lost their relevance and is simply being surpassed by other movies now days.
Boba_Fett11389 April 2012
Really, it's important to say that I actually was a big fan of all of the previous American Pie movies but this latest establishment did absolutely nothing for me!

The first "American Pie" movie, made back in 1999, was one that changed the genre, or at least sort of brought back the teenage sex comedies, by making it fun and daring again. The series, in my opinion, continued in good form, until this movie. Out of all the American Pie movies, this is the absolute most redundant and less innovative one.

It's maybe also partly because of it that ever since the first "American Pie" movie, tons of similar movies got made and the bar got actually raised- and the genre reinvented again by a couple of other genre movies. This movie does absolutely nothing to try to raise the bar again, or become a relevant movie within its genre. Or maybe I'm just getting too old for these sort of movies and type of comedies but I highly doubt that, since I actually do like to watch genre movies like this one, from time to time, such as most recently "Project X", for instance.

The main premise itself actually sounded quite good and promising; having a reunion with all of the characters from the first movie in it, 13 years after the first movie and 9 years after "American Wedding". But the thing is; the movie does absolutely nothing with its concept.

I don't feel that any the characters have progressed at all. They are still all the same and don't look to have matured very much. It would had been interesting to see how their lives progressed and eventually ended up all but the movie really doesn't know how to handle this. What's the point of having the characters look back, while they haven't changed one bit. It already makes the main idea and concept of the movie an incredibly flawed one but there are far more problems with this movie.

It just simply isn't a very well written or made movie. One of other problems with its story is that it wants to have far too many subplots in it. It also makes a movie called "American Reunion" shockingly little about an actual reunion. It doesn't even ever look or feel that some of these guys hadn't seen each other for years. It's just the same old, same old, with as a difference that we get to see a bunch of 30-year old's doing teenage stuff, which isn't all that compelling or tasteful, in my opinion. It certainly also makes the comedy of this movie more lacking as well.

And because the movie tries to focus on so many characters and their story lines, none of them ever work out well enough. The movie doesn't develop or resolve any of them properly or satisfying enough, while the movie obviously did had some good ideas in it.

Another thing with this movie is that you first need to have seen at least the very first movie. This is not a standalone movie. It very much is a sequel that relies a lot on it that its viewers are already familiar with all of the characters and what happened to them in the previous movies. It actually is important to watch the previous three movie, just prior to this one, or else you will miss a lot. Literally almost every character from the first "American Pie" movie pops up into this one, even if it's for just a couple of seconds. And even while I was a big fan of the first movies, I had absolutely no idea any more who all of these people were, or why they were relevant for this movie at all.

A disappointment really and that is coming from a person who loved the first American Pie movies!

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The boys are back
jaywalker9207 April 2012
Being an American Pie fan since the beginning, I was excited about American Reunion. The boys are back for another crazy, sexual, and over- the-top adventure.

Since the last film in 2003, I thought they wouldn't be able to perform as well together. But from start to finish, they played their roles as if they never left.

This movie will definitely keep you laughing, especially if you are a long time fan. Not to mention Jim's dad finally got the screen time he deserved.

Now, I don't think it was as good as it could have been. The plot, as mentioned in other reviews, was plain. But all in all, It was an amazing sequel to the series. Better than the first? I don't think so. But as good as the first? YES!

I do recommend watching the last three American Pie movies before going to see this. You will understand the movie much clearer, and not to mention the little surprise(s) will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Cons: It wasn't dirty enough. The jokes were hysterical, but I wanted more! I wanted more F bombs, sex jokes, and pie humping! But I guess that is what the previous Pie films were for ;)

If you are a fan, you will enjoy this film. You will NOT be disappointed.

10/10 stars
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A Welcome Return
jsummers8821 March 2012
My school was handing out tickets for a special screening for American Reunion tonight, I just got back from the screening. I was never a die hard fan of the American Pie series, but I've always found them to be quite enjoyable. I still feel the same way when I was watching this film. I'll be honest, I thought this one wasn't going to be any good and I thought it would be toned down, I'm glad to be wrong this time around. I'm not going to go much into the plot except that it's simply a reunion as all the characters are here to return, which it what you'd expect coming into this. It's just as sweet and crude as the previous three. Just like the other films, Seann William Scott is still the best part of the film. The rest of the cast did just as good as they did with the previous films. If you're a fan of the previous films, you'll still find something to enjoy. If you never were a fan, this isn't going to change your mind.
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The best American Pie Movie
kwon234ioud129 March 2012
American Pie was great. The sequels weren't so good. They were juvenile and fell flat because the humor was too obvious and dumb. But American Reunion was awesome! It had great believable storyline, character development, and well-placed physical humor like the original American Pie. It brought back the nostalgia of the high school years of the '90s while commenting on current times.

I brought a friend who has never seen the American Pie series, and she laughed throughout the entire movie. Seann William Scott aka "Stifmeister" carries American Reunion just as he did in the original American Pie.

Sometimes you can tell a movie is going to bomb when you see the trailers. If the trailers are really funny, chances are the comedy is going to be a dud because all the funny moments are shown in the trailers.

Trust me. The trailer does not do this movie a justice for a reason. You can not fit all funny moments in the trailer.

***Movie contains graphic images*** Word of advice: wait until the credits end for a nice surprise
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One of the best comedy's of 2000's the gang returns for some of the funniest times yet
NightmareOnElmStreetFan12 September 2019
What can I say? This is really one of my favorite comedy's of 2000's. It is one of the best movies of 2000's all the gang returns from the first two movies. Yes American Reunion is the fourth installment in the American Pie franchise. It is my number 1 personal favorite American Pie film in the franchise. It is an awesome movie with awesome dialogue, very funny scenes, especially the taking a dump in the beer scene.

I love this movie to death all the characters from the first two movies return and are hillarious. Stifler (Seann William Scott) is one of my favorite characters in the franchise of all time. Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) was excellent but I think in American Pie 2 he was much better. Jim Levenstein was always my favorite character, Steve Stiffler is my second favorite character. Chris Klein as Chris "Oz" Ostreicher was too me MILES way better than he was in the first movie. He was also in comedy Say It Isn't So with Heather Graham. Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas) was a good heart man with a beard and he is likeable guy I like him. Eddie Kaye Thomas as Paul Finch was likeable I love the guy so much he was awesome. Than we have other characters returning like Jessica (Natasha Lyonne) she only had one cameo role, she was a lesbian in this movie but still suprisingly good. Vicky Lathum as Tara Reid was also likeable she was beautiful and really sweet as Vicky. Tara Reid was a gorgeous babe too bad she is not my sexy girlfriend. I love the actress to death Tara I love you, your biggest fan. Eugene Levy as Noah Levensteine as Jim's dad is the regular member who appeared in all 8 movies.

There were spin off movies: (Band Camp, The Naked Mile, Beta House and The Book of Love) and Noah Levensteine appeared in all these movies. The film also shows adults, high school was awesome and the coolest place. I am an adult not a high schooler anymore, my life as high schooler was exciting and awesome, but studyng was hard. Adult life is hard real world, that's what this movie shows. The writing in this movie is awesome, it is about friends, sex and lost love.

Alyson Hannigan as Michelle returns in this movie as Jim's wife, adorable sexy Jennifer Coolidge as MILF Stiffler's mom also returns. Chuck Sherman The Sherminator who absolutely adores, idolizes and loves Terminator 2: Judgment Day is also here. Chris Owen was only regular as Sherminator in the first two movies, Band Camp and this one.

I miss this kind of films to day, the plot is about reunion from the first film 1999 20 years ago now and that was also my first film I saw in high school. I still have the VHS tape home of the first American Pie movie. East Great Falls returns for their 10 year old high-school reunion the gang now adults are experience a weekend they will never forget. Couples like Jim and Michelle get serious and tie the knot. Oz and Heather went their seperate ways. Paul Finch still looks with lust at the perfect evning, he spent with Stifler's mom.

Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg both perfectly directed nad shows this film, it is rated - R it has nudity and sex which I like. American Reunion does not hold anything back and I'm glad this movie finally got made, it really did give us fans closure that was much needed.
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Not overly fresh or witty, but enjoyable all the same.
Troy_Campbell4 April 2012
Disregarding the countless straight-to-DVD duds that tenuously hailed themselves as "sequels", Reunion is the fourth instalment into the ultra-crude and hugely popular American Pie franchise. The cast are all 13 years older, but that adolescent giddiness they possessed back in 1999 when making the original (and by far the best) Pie thankfully hasn't been lost. It's a shame then that the material they're working with is half-baked. Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg's screenplay is lacklustre and derivative, relying on rehashed gags and goodwill toward the familiar characters to tickle the funny bone, rather than anything fresh or witty. Still, it's a major bonus to have basically everyone from the first movie return, including MILF guy #2 and the Sherminator, and veteran comedians Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge are fantastic as Jim's Dad and Stifler's Mum (their end credits gag is the funniest of the film), so I couldn't help but watch this with a smile on my face.
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Average part four, or above average part eight?
"American reunion" is the first film I've seen the minute its came out for a while (I mean I haven't even seen "The Avengers" yet) but it being a friends birthday in all (He loves the "American pie" movies) means we ended up going to see this disappointing forth outing for the proper cast of these flicks on its opening weekend.

"American reunion" (Or is it "American pie - the reunion?" Who knows?) sees the entire cast from the original movie getting back together for a high school reunion. Now as sequels go I don't think this flicks entirely un-necessary. A reunion for all these characters seems appropriate after all the frowned upon straight to DVD efforts, but the film just wasn't that funny.

The first half actually seemed promising, but when the best part off a film is its opening, you know the rest is just going to go down hill, and the second part off this one really does. Its nice to see all these characters together again but overall the movie lacks the memorable laugh out loud moments off the older ones, and is overly sentimental, kinda disgusting, and even a bit off a drag.
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Couldn't have asked for a better reunion!
travsta_9224 March 2013
I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film from beginning to end. Now, of course this is a bias opinion coming from an immense fan of the series. Although I just couldn't help but be impressed with how well the reunion turned out and here is exactly why I think this:

It was a very great move to have professional writers that were already passionate fans of the series get on board for the reunion. It perfectly depicts the concept of growing up and the realization of where their lives have become at the age of 30. There are a lot of sequels these days that end up just trying to rehash what the original possessed but offering nothing further. Thus I was very pleased that American Reunion presented as a tremendous movie in it's own right whilst having everything that made the first 2 movies lovable and providing a lot of interesting story lines that make plenty of room for great jokes and heart felt moments.

All in all I highly recommend anyone watch the movie. I understand that some people have different opinions and have certain boundaries when it comes to gross-out humor but I definitely think the heart felt moments certainly outweigh the rest while still being wildly hilarious and clever. It is a brilliant nostalgic throwback that provides everything that you would have wanted as a fan of the franchise.
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The Pie is past it's sell by date (but only just)
bowmanblue29 May 2014
Like many, I loved the first American Pie film. It was daft, silly, immature and totally funny. Its two sequels did their best to stay true to the original and, in my opinion, did a decent job.

Now comes the reunion. Set just over ten years after the guys graduated high school. The first thing I have to say is that it is great to see them all together again. They still have the endearing chemistry which made the previous films such a success (and on a side note, they barely seem to have aged a bit - for that I can only hate them). However, for all the nostalgic enjoyment I got from seeing the whole gang together again, I felt this one was the most strained.

In short: I didn't laugh as much as any of the previous entries in the franchise. Not saying that it wasn't funny - I laughed more times than with most comedy films. Plus it was hardly an Adam Sadler movie, it just didn't have as many laugh out loud moments as I'm used to with a 'Pie' flick.

I didn't feel like I'd wasted my time, but it is nearly two hours and the jokes were starting to come few and far between. Instead, they were replaced with predictable sentiment which, although sweet, just wasn't much of a substitute for gross-out humour.
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No Point
Treyroo24 November 2012
I normally begin these reviews with a question. My only question for this film, the fourth in the series, why?

All our favorite sex-obsessed high-school students are now 13 years older and experiencing varied levels of disappointment with the current state of their lives. Jim Levenstein (played by Jason Biggs) is married to the same girl he's loved since high school and they have a two-year old son. They are completely out of sync romantically. Jim's (Biggs') sex life revolves around his laptop and Michelle, his wife, (played by Alyson Hannigan) is dependent on mechanical devices. Chris "Oz" Ostreicher (played by Chris Klein) is a TV sports anchor living with a supermodel. I said he was unhappy with his life, I didn't say I could explain why. Kevin (played by Thomas Ian Nicholas) is a married architect who works from home in addition to running the household. Lastly, Steven Stifler (played by Seann William Scott) is still carrying an attitude big enough to fill most rooms and some buildings despite working as a poorly-paid office temp and living at home with his mother. Even though they missed the ten-year mark by three years, Kevin, Oz, and Jim decide to plan a reunion and "forget" to invite Stifler. But, somehow, he shows up anyway.

I didn't catch any of the spin-off films, e.g. American Pie presents The Naked Mile, Beta House, or The Book of Love. I did see Band Camp, and will regret it till the day I die. Having seen the original film and both the canonical sequels, I can say unequivocally that there's nothing new here. Embarrassment, obscenity, and nudity from people who really have no business being naked anywhere, let alone on screen.
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a good time but not really for non-fans
Special-K886 April 2012
Those bawdy teenagers are back again, only this time they're all adults dealing with the pangs of work, marriage, parenthood, etc. Despite life's anxieties, they all return to East Great Falls High School for the reunion and a chance to pay homage to the Class of 1999. Encountering dear friends, familiar faces, old flames, and some unexpected results, they have to wonder are they really grown-up, or are they doomed to remain stuck in the past? Not as sidesplitting as you'd like it to be, and as often sophomoric as you'd expect it to be, but compensated for by that likable, spirited cast of the original and an ingratiatingly nostalgic feel throughout. Fun, but of little significance for someone who isn't a series devotee. ***
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The Gang is Back
SnoopyStyle11 September 2013
This is the fourth installment of the American Pie series. The gang is back and that's half the battle. Almost everybody makes a cameo; the MILF guys, Stiffler's mom, Shermanator, and even Nadia. Jim and Michelle are knee deep in childcare, and their love-life is in a rut. Jim's mom has passed, and Jim's dad has trouble dealing with it. Oz is a big time sports TV commentator, and has a flirtatious girlfriend he doesn't trust. Kevin has become the Mrs of his home. Finch is mysterious with wild tall tales. Stifler is stuck in a lousy job living at home making all the effort to recreate his wild high school ways.

The gang's chemistry is back. It's great to see all the kids grow up and not grow up. The best part is the film's ability to incorporate all the franchise's history. And Jason Biggs shows the bits, somewhat squished.
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American Reunion was another fun movie in the American Pie series
tavm14 April 2012
Having seen the previous American Pie movies when they were originally released and really enjoyed them, I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch this latest one. So yeah, I laughed just as much at this one as the others. I mean, all those memories of those previous ones were fondly recalled when certain scenes were mentioned especially Jim's initial encounter with a nude Nadia in the first one. But it wasn't only the gross out scenes or the ample nudity of certain actresses that was the attraction for me, it was also the heartwarming scenes between Jason Biggs and Eugene Levy as father and son that was also something worth seeing with, of course, the embarrassing way Levy brings certain subjects up that provide undercutting of humor to keep things from being too sentimental. Also welcome were the return of Alyson Hannigan as Jim's wife Michelle and especially Sean William Scott as the lovable obnoxious jerk Stifler. In summary, me and my movie theatre-working friend highly enjoyed revisiting old friends in American Reunion. Oh, and the cameo of a certain somebody involving a dance contest TV show was a real treat to me!
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