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A sobering look at the homeless community and one man's attempt to help them
balhoff20 October 2010
This haunting tale of one man's desperate quest to solve the murders in a homeless community is also a journey of self discovery . Characters are well cast and developed.

Though production quality is compromised at times (due to probable budget constraints), the end result is nevertheless powerful and thought provoking. .

A sobering look at the marginalized among us and how we as a society fail to help them ('Some Will Fall') or worse--to recognize their humanity. This film is one that will stay with you.

I look forward to more from this talented writer/ actor/director.
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A compelling story that leads you and keeps you engrossed.
b-iovino6 October 2010
This is a story of two reporters attempting to expose the underbelly of the homeless in a large city, but there is a twist, there always is. The story follows the reporters attempting to expose the plight of the homeless and to aid the police, since they have no leads as to who is 'killing' the homeless.

The writer/director who are one and the same and also the actor (one of the reporters) has composed a story that keeps you engrossed in the story line. I enjoy Indie film because so much of the time the story does not get lost and is more relevant to the viewer. This film succeeds in both areas.

I highly recommend this film.
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thought provoking with charm and ingenuity
christie-852-24228123 September 2010
An interesting indie film which sparks thoughts and views outside of our normal realm. There are a few of the actors to note (i.e., Billy, Himself, Doc), who all perform superbly. The characters are intriguing, with depth.

The plot line takes a surprising twist.

While evident that this film was not produced with a "Hollywood" budget, it successfully creates a mood and draws you into the plot.

This film is not your typical cops and robbers story. It goes deeper into the lives of the homeless and the problems that face our society today.

I give it an "A" for effort and look forward to more productions by this talented writer/director.
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Entertaining, thought-provoking, very well done!
bill-908-70350926 November 2010
Rarely does any movie keep me so fully engaged as does this one. Based on true events, the story line could not be more relevant, interesting or compelling. And that would have been more than enough for me, but I found it to be very entertaining as well!

As a person who has taken an interest in the plight of the homeless this film brings much more depth and dimension to my personal current view. I challenge anyone to watch and not be moved and inspired.

And I can't say enough about the scripting, casting, acting and overall production quality! Really quite impressive for a film of this genre.

As a fan of indie films this is one of the best I've seen! Highly recommended!
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