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KissEnglishPasto7 November 2022

Well, noting that BEYOND is a Brazilian Production... I thought to myself.... "Hmmmmm.... I have seen a number of Brazilian movies... and they usually reflect high production values and tend to be entertaining... So... I decided to watch! With 2 Hours invested, I was handsomely rewarded with a heartwarming 8* Star experience, with its own unique signature spin!

However, I certainly wish I could say that the Brazilian actors who participated were familiar to me and therefore could be compared to performances rendered in other films. Sadly, that is not the case. But based strictly on my viewing of BEYOND, here is my sincere evaluation:

First off, I am completely baffled that as I author this, a scant 3 reviews have been posted! Mine will be ONLY the fourth! To the very best of my recollection, there is nothing else available on NETFLIX with such a paltry selection of reviews available to read! IMDb shows a 6.6 rating. I am honestly surprised it is not rated OVER 7*!

Usually, I prefer to watch material in the language in which it was produced and released. However, In the case of BEYOND, I chose to view it in SPANISH. (Just didn´t feel like 2 Hours of dealing with Subtitles!) Here, everything revolves around 2 central characters. Gabriel (Henrique Zaga), a Resident at a local Hospital, and Nina (Jiulia Be), a budding Concert. Pianist, who suffers from a chronic serious medical condition! Interestingly, the only other substantive role is fleshed out by Director Diego Freitas, who has cast himself as Gabriel´s amiable gay roommate, Vlad.

Without giving too much away, You can easily imagine how these 2 characters meet and get acquainted in the early scenes of the film. BEYOND provides the viewer with a credible, unforced window into the professional trials and tribulations of both of these protagonists! We are witness to a beautiful and endearing cinematic depiction of their growing romantic entanglement.

Certainly I found This film quite enjoyable,,, With a slightly bittersweet aftertaste! Hopefully, what I have shared with You here will motivate You to see BEYOND Yourself! I am SURE You will be glad You Did! ENJOY!!!
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How About a Revised Ending?
akasof-0372813 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
How about a really happy ending to this beautifully directed and acted movie. Perhaps Gabriel's father realizing how beautiful and talented his son's girlfriend is immediately offers to donate his own kidney when he discovers he is a match. She gets the operation, is cured, they get married in a lavish beautiful wedding... with lots of music, singing and dancing. The entire hospital staff is there to celebrate. Nina later gets to perform with the Symphony Orchestra and then as husband and wife, the couple climb triumphantly to the top of the mountain and embrace their love for one another. 💕 In addition, I was so impressed by the chemistry between Nina and Gabriel that a revised plot by director Diego Freitas could easily be followed by a sequel movie or a Netflix series following their married life (her career, perhaps her getting pregnant or their adopting a baby). Then there his medical career or any of the the other characters in the movie. There is a lot to draw on. Not sure if a remake is even possible? I sure hope so!
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Giulia Be as singer acted very well
imatthenry31 October 2022
Revelation for this new generation of good brazilians directors. Diego Freitas is awarded in short films and in this second long he did well enough to deserve to be on Netflix and reach the top 10 ranking in 43 countries in the first week.

Giulia Be as singer acted very well.

When the goal is dramatic romance, I think it's too risky to involve comedy. And this movie did that. I thought it could be much better, you have to know how to do it.

The soundtrack was almost a disappointment because of the comedy soundtrack. Those little effects that look like you're watching an episode of "Malhação" (brazilian tv show). It gets on your nerves! MPB (brazilian popular music) and classical music saved the film's sound design.

Excellent photography, Brazilian cinema is finally adapting to major international productions... But look, one thing that Brazilian cinema is still learning is color grading. Why the hell did the colorist work with vibrant colors and high brightness throughout the movie? It lost a lot of the film's dramatic narrative with that childish choice.

Good script, not bad and not great. Since they decided to load the film with predictability and romantic clichés. But it brings a beautiful moral to the story... That on a boring day, it will make those two hours worth it.
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Great plot and awesome production
lucasdillenburgg2 November 2022
Tbh, I wasn't expecting much from the beginning, it seemed like another cliché love story, but as the plot evolves and you get to know a little bit about the characters the whole thing starts to set/connect. Basically the story introduces Nina (interpreted by Giulia Be), that has a disease called lupus, and shows her struggle to follow her dream as a professional piano player due to the effects of such illness. After a while we discover that the lupus affected her in a much stronger way and now she has to go to the hospital every couple days. And there is where she meets Gabriel ( interpreted by Henry Zaga), a somewhat special resident who helps a lot his patients.

The production was awesome, the soundtracks were a great example of the diversity of brazilian music, and the actors also did a great job.

Definitely recommend it!
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A deep, sensitive and honest love story
hcgonzaga2 November 2022
The movie delves into atypical themes of many YA dramas and has a very mature approach to storytelling. The main theme is the lupus disease, fought by Nina, a classic pianist who struggles to improve when her joints start seizing up with the disease. Once she meets Dr. "Resident" Gabriel, she discovers her dreams aren't as unachievable as she thought. Beyond The Universe is beautifully told, impeccably acted and photographed, as well as having a powerful life changing message. One message powerfully instilled by Nina is one of compatibility, and how it means to differ from the other person, completing the other person and finding yourself.
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