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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence including grisly images, sexual content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman ties a man's hands, sits in front of him, slowly lifts her dress, and begins to masturbate as the man watches silently; nothing is shown as she is fully clothed, but we hear her softly moan and briefly see her face as she climaxes.
  • In a brothel, a woman guides a man's hands to her crotch, and then up her skirt; it is implied that another woman is watching them; but it's revealed that she is actually watching three men in jock-strap underwear pose and flex (partial buttocks shown).
  • On a few occasions we see shots of what appears to be a brothel, with women in various types of lingerie.
  • Some incestuous undertones between a woman and her son(s). Infrequent, moderate sexual dialogue.

Violence & Gore

  • The dead body of a 16 year old prostitute is seen covered in blood with some thick blood splashed against the wall, though the shock effect is toned down due to faded lighting.
  • A man's bloody mutilated corpse is seen. His head has been crushed and we see large bits of bloody skull lying about. His eyes have been gouged out and half of his face has been torn off. But also due to the faded lighting, these details aren't very visible.
  • A man's arm is sliced off with a sword offscreen. We later see the stump wrapped in cloth.
  • A man has a glass smashed on his cheek (no blood). The back of his knee is then kicked and he is dragged down a hallway by the roof of his mouth.
  • A man is stabbed twice in the back. His throat is then slit with blood briefly coming out of the wound.
  • In an illusion, a man's arm is sliced off with a sword. Blood spurts out of the stump and we briefly see bits of bone protruding.
  • A man has his chest sliced open. His ribs and (for a split second) organs are seen. Blood spurts out.
  • A large crowd of people are mowed down with automatic weapons. We see some bloody gunshot wounds.
  • We see from a distance a man having boiling oil thrown on his face. He is then beaten down with a frying pan.
  • A man has two pairs of metal chopsticks driven through his arms and legs. His right eye is then sliced with a knife with blood streaming down. The knife is then driven into his left eye socket offscreen. The brutal sequence cuts away just as a blade enters his ear.
  • A person is stabbed in the throat with a sword. Blood spews out.
  • A man is beaten in a martial arts fight. His bloodied and bruised face is then seen for some time.
  • A person is shot offscreen multiple times. Some blood sprays on a person's face.
  • A dead woman has her stomach sliced open with a sword and a man sticks his hand inside the wound.
  • A man (supposedly) has both his arms chopped off with a sword. The scene cuts away before we see or hear anything.


  • 7 uses of 'fuck', 2 of 'cunt', 2 of 'cock', and 1 of 'bitch', 'fag', 'cum-dumpster', 'nigger' and 'Goddamn'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman hands a man a small packet as they appear to be exchanging money, implying a drug deal.
  • A woman offers a man "five kilos of coke" for his participation in a crime. A woman tells another woman that her adult son (the woman's date) sells drugs to make money and then describes that the man sells heroin and cocaine.
  • A few instances of cocktail drinking. A woman smokes for some time.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Official ratings are listed above.
  • The interrogation is grisly and unflinching. Another character gets undeservedly maimed and killed.
  • Other instances of violence may disturb, but they are rarely unexpected.
  • The movie, in general, has a dark and eerie atmosphere.

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