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One too many
kosmasp28 December 2010
The fact that I have seen quite a few movies, not only with a similar story(line) as this one, does not help while watching it. The fact, that it tries to be earnest and thinks of itself as serious psycho-thriller add to the odd feeling that something has gone terribly wrong. It is neither as great as it thinks it is nor is it simple romp. It is somewhere in between.

It tries hard to please to groups of people. The people who like to have a heart and mind to those types of movies, but also the people who like the horror and terror in that situation. Unfortunately the characters are not fleshed out enough (no pun intended) for this to happen. A little bit more of a back-story would have been helpful. But then again this might have been bad for those who were just waiting for the "juicy" parts.

The matter that is being handled here, does deserve a better movie (imo). A shame that this movie does not handle it as it should
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Sub-Par french Horror Movie
dschmeding20 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well, OK... been there, done that. Three doctors stationed for humanitarian help in Kosovo take a detour and get lost (Yawn!) and then captured by what at first appears to be militia but then turn out to be some evil thugs harvesting organs for a living. Pretty Hostel and Severance but way too serious and uninspired. From the wannabe opening scene introducing a childhood trauma of the female lead to the following arm wrestling scene in a pub you know everything that is coming up and its unfolding in most clichéd ways. Like in nearly all latest french horror movies the heroine saves the day and kicks some ass. Anyway... ass-kicking is not the point here. Most of the movie tries to create a threatening atmosphere of the isolation of the captives in their cells. The evil doc is not missing, checking their heartbeat regularly and caring for their wounds but every thug is of course most evil just waiting for a call to cut out organs (grotesquely starting with they eyes) and make some cash. For two thirds of the movie nearly nothing is happening. You are just watching the captives in their cells growing desperate and plotting botched escapes. Anyway... then you get what you have been waiting for in most uninspired ways (except for one creative kill and a nice hide and seek in a corn field). Movie over. I see no character development in this movie, I see no creativity in this movie, I see no plot in this movie and I see just too little atmosphere and thrill in it to carry it to the end. For the serious tone of the movie its pretty annoying to have the characters act out in most dumb horror clichés by making noise and forgetting to keep the weapons lying around everywhere... At least there was no cellphone without signal here! All in all a big let down amongst all the great horror movies from France in the last years. Just as big a letdown as Vertige last year which at least had some stunning mountain shots and suspenseful mountain climbing scenes.
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I Do not Know How Many Similar Movies I Have Recently Seen
Claudio Carvalho22 February 2012
In the former Yugoslavia, the French medical team formed by Carole (Zoé Félix), Samir (Arié Elmaleh) and Dr. Mathias (Eric Savin) is returning from Kosovo to Paris by truck. They find a road block and the soldier tells that the army had found mines on the road and is deactivating them; therefore they should wait three hours to follow their journey.

Dr. Mathias suggests Carole to drive through a secondary road and they get lost. They ask for direction in an isolated house and sooner a van intercepts their truck in a lonely road. They are abducted and arrested in dirty cells but fed. When Samir is removed from the cell, they find the true intention of the kidnappers.

I do not know how many movies similar to "Captifs" that I have recently seen. Only in Brazil, three different films have been released with the same Brazilian title in the last years ("Captivity" (2007); "Captifs" (2010); and "Open House" (2010)). I was discussing with a friend of mine about the lack of new ideas and screenplays in the cinema industry, reason why for so many remakes and films with the same storyline.

Back to "Captifs", despite the well-known storyline, the film has good acting, make-up and keeps the tension until the very last scene. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Cativeiro" ("The Captivity")
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A Hostel rip off from France
Warning: Spoilers
I am disappointed by this movie. The story begins rather in a good manner but everything begins predictable. The characters are convincing, the editing quite fairly made but, I repeat, you can feel the ending a thousand miles in advance. And there also too many improbabilities. Such as when the lead - Zoe Felix - kills the mad surgeon, or when the bomb explodes, in the forest, just between her and the dogs. The beasts are killed and Zoe Felix is not even wounded, not a scratch. Or, how the hell could any one find some body in the middle of a corn field?

You can feel that the director scamped his work. The screenplay is dumb and needs more retouching.

But it's a good time waster.
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Under-rated and solid. This shouldn't be kept caged!
Maz Murdoch (asda-man)15 January 2013
So Caged might not fit up there with the other French greats quite so much due to its unoriginal set-up which we've all seen before. However this has a twist because it's French! The French tend to do everything right what the Americans do wrong. Caged undeniably has the similar set-up and themes to mediocre films like Turistas or Hostel (although Hostel is better than Turistas) but it manages to keep things incredibly tense and have characters that you can care for so that you actually care about the film itself.

Right from the opening you know that Caged is going to be a superior horror as it features a childhood flashback of the main character. American slasher-type horror films probably wouldn't bother doing this, but it really does help us to get more in-depth into the character so we can care about her more. Furthermore it helps that the victims aren't annoying/stupid teenagers or twenty-somethings. They're mature adults who you can respect and it's a feature that a lot of slasher films forget to do. I liked all of the main victims and I was sad to see them go because it was clear that they had a strong bond with each other.

I also liked how Caged didn't take an awful long time to get into the action. We have just the right time to build up the characters and then we can just sit on the edge of our seat for the rest of it as we see them become crushed! I don't mean that in a vindictive way (nasty, vindictive and rude, rude, rude!) just in the slasher formula way. In case you don't know the characters get kidnapped by foreigners and are taken to a Martyrs-like prison (though less high-tech) where they await there turn to the operating table. There's a great claustrophobic atmosphere as we're not allowed to see the light of day, just like they aren't. There's a sense of entrapment and you can't help but root for them to break free.

You might think that watching a film where people are caged for the majority would be boring but it's not. The directing and acting are lively enough to keep you focused and become involved with the characters. The film's second-half (I don't want to spoil anything) is also a complete thrill ride! It's highly suspenseful and incredibly tense. I was shouting at my TV and found myself becoming very involved in the narrative, even if it does seem familiar! There's also a fair amount of gore to enhance the entertainment value, and of course some nasty scenes are put in place which heightens our knowledge of how ballsy French films are.

I also really liked the cinematography in Caged too. There were some great long shots of the corridor of cages and the film also had a great look to it which made it feel dirty and raw, which is what you want in a horror film. I also really liked the suspenseful directing which keeps you on your toes the whole way through (especially the second half). All in all, Caged is an unfairly over-looked horror film which oozes style and tension. It's far better than American offerings that generate more profit than this does (unfairly I might add!) Yes Caged might not be the most original horror film, but it's certainly one of the best of its kind and I can't urge you enough to go and seek out this solid tiny gem!
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Who the hell is produced this propaganda garbage of "movie"
dobermanus-4382212 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
IMDb summary:"A group of medical aid workers in Kosovo is kidnapped by a non Slavic gang of organ traffickers". Only non-Slavic group who lives in Kosovo are Albanians,so what are you wrote in summary makes no sense at all to what happened in the movie. Whoever signed this piece of satanic propaganda did a awful job anyway.First read the Trivia. For a second forget about all that,in this movie Serbs are abducting French people and other Serbs to sell their organs to Albanians.WTF! Little girl in captivity is Ana,that is Serbian name,and cant be Albanian by any case.One of bad guys with big tattoo on his back "God Save Serbs" speaks Croatian,and when he start to run towards cornfield he magically turns into Russian,speaking their language.Is this done on purpose? Second guy,one who gets a rock in the head in same cornfield is Croat,earlier in conversation with another evil "serb" he mentioned that he cheers for soccer club "Dinamo".That is Croatian soccer club,and there is no Serb on this planet who is Dinamo fan. So,moron who tried to alter the truth and make a mockery of victims from the "Yellow House" is so stupid,that he was unable to do a very simple task.
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Like Someone Said, "Good Time Waster."
redrobin62-321-2073112 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Darn it. I blame the French. I do, I do, I do. They create "events" like 'Irreversible', 'Baise Moi', 'Martyrs' and 'Inside' then turn around and release 'Captifs' onto the movie-going market. Well, it's not a high school production; it's just that it's not in the same class as the others I mentioned.

The reason for that is the originality in the film - there isn't any. You've seen all these scene before in one movie or another. And, of course, that means you know what's coming. For instance, you knew the injured doctor was going to stop running from the dogs and tell the ladies that he's too weak so they need to continue running and just leave him behind.

And, I must say, this is some strong heroine. Lying prone and saddled to a gurney, she grabs a scalpel and kills a man by stabbing him once in his neck using her left hand. Maybe that's believable, but finding a sharp object in the corn field strong enough to jab through another assailant's leather boots to make him scream and drop his gun seems a little unbelievable.

Also, I was shouting for her to "STEP BACK!" because she was standing way too close to a landmine that was about to be triggered by the snarling dogs. And lo and behold, she survived the blast - from three feet away. Sure. Okay. Whatever you say, director.

Oh, and remind me: next time I'm being chased through a thick corn field by a man with a shotgun, make sure I yell out so he'll know where to find me. I wouldn't want him to search in vain, you know.
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Surprisingly very creepy...
TheBlueHairedLawyer28 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What could be worse than being cut open and having your internal organs removed while you're still alive? Well, in Caged, which I saw with English subtitles, it takes it to an extreme.

When a French medical team ends up abducted and locked up, one of them, Samir, is dragged away, and it turns out that the team has been abducted for illegal organ harvesting.

This type of plot has been used countless times, but in most movies organ harvesting is never so graphic. Caged shows it in great detail, making it a truly disturbing and scary movie to view, which was their intention, and they pulled it off extremely well. The acting wasn't very good and the soundtrack was pretty boring, but if you want to see a scary movie, look no further than this.
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Message in a Cage
zuhairvazir27 January 2014
The film starts in Yugoslavia, crosses borders into Kosovo and ends at the back of a UN jeep.

War is perpetual. That is obvious and that is also the message in a cage where there is no mercy, no compassion or respect for life when the rush of war takes over. It is an imperative that it be so, such is the obstinate nature of war and 'Captifs'.

Director Yaan Gozlan's first feature length moves you with atmosphere, sound and baffling and hypnotic camera work. sometimes it moves you inside out and you can also watch it happening (derealisation in films).

'Captifs' is like a kid casually telling a story and suddenly everything gets very serious, extremely uncomfortable and horrific. Some scenes make you want to look away, but you don't; such is the pull of this film.

The film has it's faults but I'd rather stick to the film as whole; I'd rather tell you the good and you figure the bad for yourself, or maybe not. That's why.

In the end it is, in my opinion, telling you how it feels to be at war. How it must feel to not be forgiven, to see madness in the oppressor's eye and then, eventually to start relating to the look.

It left something back. Something that cannot be shed or shaken off.
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Nothing new, but well justified
DhariaLezin26 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am not going to go deep into the movie, but it was "OK". Recently in horror or thriller movies, housewives know how to use knives or to hit someone to dead, ordinary people defeat trained soldiers and on and on and I hate the lack of credibility. This movie was different. First: the acting was quite decent and second: Everything was justified, for once. So at least I didn't see fake heroes or people that seems immortal. Carole, the main character, has a very well justified phobia for dogs, that will make things complicated for her later on in the movie. It is justified how much she loves and cares about children, so when she tries to rescue Ana, the little girl, she is not a super hero, but that's what she does. She is a doctor, so she knows how to use surgery knives in a very precise way, and it is not pure good luck that she does what she does later on in the movie with a surgery knife. Besides that, the movie doesn't give anything new. Organ traffickers, innocent people being killed, and of course, only one character (the main one, and the weakest-Carole-) and a little girl survive. Why can't they ever work together to kill the bad guys and so all of the good ones (or most of them) survive? It is a good movie if you just wanna jump on your chair a couple of times, and get a little bit uncomfortable (due to the organs) and scared, but yet, not much. For a Sunday night when there is nothing to do, it is perfect.
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