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I could watch an infinite number of re-worrkings of beloved Austen, this one is cute
inkblot116 December 2013
Elinor Dashwood (Ashley Williams) and her more flighty sister, Marianne (Marla Sokoloff) get the most terrible news. Their father has been accused of running a ponzi-type investment company and is hauled off to jail. Used to many luxuries as "rich gals", this is harsh. Mother goes to live with an aunt, taking cancer stricken younger sister Margaret along. Her medicine alone is costly. Thus, our two Miss Dashwoods have to get jobs. Unluckily, their last name is a detriment to employment. Finally, Eleanor gets a lowly position as a spa girl-of-all-tasks while Marianne lies about her last name is snags as a job as the copy woman for a large firm. Still, paying bills is difficult. Making things worse is their vehicle, a rundown truck, which often leaves them in a bind. Also, Marianne's boyfriend of many years is away in Switzerland, making her lonely. But, silver linings arrive. Elinor meets a handsome lawyer, brother to the grumpy spa owner, while Marianne starts to become friends with a bright young executive colleague. Most importantly, an herbal cream that Marianne has invented becomes a hit at the spa, with women buying bottles left and right. Caution, ladies! Someone is still out to make major trouble for you both! This lovely update of Austen's classic is nicely done. Then, again, I could watch an infinite number of variations of such a great book! Williams and Sokoloff are fine as the indomitable Dashwood gals while the men in their lives are handsome and talented actors. In fact, all of the cast does good work. Then, too, costumes are terrific, as are sets, script and zesty direction. By all means, romcom and Austen fans. It just makes sense to seek this one out!
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Weak and utterly boring
GPSJane9 November 2012
Based on the novel by Jane Austin, "Sense and Sensibility" the movie does not actually capture the characters and does not even attempt to address the philosophical question, sense vs sensibility that makes the book what it is.

All the characters are there but the acting is insipid, the dialogue stilted and the directing amateur. Whoever did the costume should find another job because the dress of women who "grew up going to golf tournaments and garden parties" looks like it came from Walmart.

Watching awkward scenes with people who don't seem to have any feeling about what they are saying is embarrassing to say the least and I only left it on while I was busy in the kitchen or I would have had to switch it off. My husband already switched it off 5 minutes in after watching a character have a secretive conversation about her boyfriend while sitting a hand span away from him.

Don't waste your time.
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Adorable Hallmark-like Clean Movie!
MCallis411 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Williams and Sokoloff are adorable as sisters who have to fend for themselves after their Dad is sentenced to prison for being involved in a Ponzi scheme. They have to each take undesirable jobs to survive, until someone shows special interest in the homemade lotion the younger sister makes. Amusing and unfortunate quirks happen along the way, including complicated romances.
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Loved watching the movie..can't complain
peter-ryan830 August 2016
The start of the movie is a little lousy and drastic however as you move further into the characters, the movie starts to gain momentum and catch your heart.

Especially after the entry of the two male characters, the movie picks a nice touch romance and misunderstanding..nothing too innovative but well handled.

The acting of all the main characters is very good. Although Nick Zano does not have a lot of role to play in the movie, he does make an impression with his acting, especially in the scenes in the copy room, showing confidence of a successful professional and awkwardness of someone who just started dating.

The climax of the movie could have been a little elaborate, although it does its job. I would highly recommend watching the movie at leisure.
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Drab and Dull
ksa-gooding14 June 2013
Anything resembling Jane Austen was purely coincidental. This is really a goody-two-shoes Hallmark knock off. The characters were not completely or even partially developed. The costumes were a joke. The music was annoying.

The acting is at an atrocious high school play level.

This film is an extremely drab and slow moving version and only a hint of the real story peeks through.

Even if you don't know the original story, this over simplistic script

blatantly telegraphs the outcome.

I gave it 2 stars because the only interesting aspect is the beautiful Utah outdoor scenery,

otherwise this is a waste of 89 minutes of your life.
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Painful to watch
sward-7743214 September 2016
I probably should have rated this even lower, except it's subjective, I'm trying to compare it to other bad movies I've seen. I'm a huge JA fan, both of her books and many of the movie/TV adaptations. Lost in Austen is an example of a good modern adaptation of JA story. Anyways, my complaints with this were many. The acting was poor, the writing was worse. Yes, problems like costumes are bad and distract from believability, perhaps miscasting. I found the story was offensive and poor choices were made. There is such a thing as taking a story too far from its original subject matter (and still claiming it to be an adaptation, or even based on an original story). I agree with others that having the father's circumstance be changed so drastically was an insult in itself. Also the fact that his entire family just writes him off and seemed little distressed over his fate other than how it directly affected them, even Eleanor who has classically been the loyal and dependable sister/daughter. This story is significantly changed also in that the mother and younger daughter (whose story is also significantly different) are seen in the beginning and then pretty much disappear for the remainder of the story. Yes, the main players are mostly visible, but don't expect this story to run parallel to the original much at all. Many of the scenes are so ridiculous, they are laughable. I would call it "very loosely based" on the original S&S. My recommendation would be, skip it unless you have a strong stomach for the ridiculousness.
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A good cast but nothing given for them to work with.
m2dad30 December 2014
When I saw this movie listed on Neflix and saw who all was in the cast I had great hopes for this movie. The lovely Marla Sokoloff, the well-seasoned actress Ashley Williams, and the likable Nick Zano being in the movie pushed me to set aside time from my busy day and check this movie out. What a disappointment it turned out to be. The acting was flat. But, you can't blame the cast. The writing was quite uninspired and the only thing that would have saved this movie is if the cast was allowed to have free reign to ad lib their scenes. There is no doubt in my mind that they could have come up with better material than was presented in this drab movie. Did the Director even read through the script before taking on this project? No one in their right mind could've thought that the screenplay could be salvaged without a major over-haul. The title should have been "Keep on movin' folks, nothing to see here." I wish I'd been warned first before I took a chance on this disaster. My deepest sympathies to the cast. I hope your careers did not take a too big of hit for being associated with this perfectly forgettable screenplay.
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A solid 8
brianhd7117 November 2020
A great story about two sisters dealing with adversity. The direction is solid, and the acting is good. I was entertained from start to finish.
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cathed14 April 2020
Forget Austen. If you're looking for her brilliant work, it isn't here. What is here is a poorly written script and inadequate acting. How can someone turn a smile into a negative I don't know, but Williams makes it happen with her oversized and overused grimace. The male lead would be good in a better project.
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Not so bad
majoq8 October 2018
Even if the film is predictable and nothing to do with JA¨s book, it has its moments of fun. What I found most distracting in the movie is that Ashley Williams wears a necklace with an A THE WHOLE MOVIE, when her character¨s name starts with an E. The dialogues are unbelievable put in the mouth of grown ups, which by the way, behave like teen agers.
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