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Hawaii Five- O WOW !
janus-201 March 2011
I LOVE this show, LOVE it, its just the shot in the arm TV needs, its the complete antithesis of most of the other American shows we get here in the UK and its such a welcome contrast.

There are some superb TV shows on offer at the moment, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, genre shows like Dexter, Tru Blood and Walking Dead, all diverse, all excellent top draw entertainment.

Its the success of these shows that makes Five-0 such a great alternative, its fast paced, funny, has plenty of crash, bang, wallop and it looks great.

A guilty pleasure you say ? NO, this exactly what TV should be doing, offering choice, i hate reality and talent shows with every fibre of my being, but they cater to people who do like them, so i feel that i deserve an action packed cop show now and again.

Choice is the key factor in everything we do for recreation today, TV like it or not is a big part of peoples recreation, so its right that it should be offering a diversity of shows that appeal to all tastes.

As to the issue of remakes/boots, whatever, this tired argument ran out of steam on Battlestar Galactica, i ranted against the new one, then sat and watched it and realised that, you can like both, the hypocrisy cops are not going to kick your door down. If you like it, good, if you don't like it, good, but ranting about the revisiting of classics is like arguing with the weather. I used to watch the original Five-0 here in the UK (Saturday nights, ITV, late on) loved it, but i can find some room for the new one too.

This show has to get a second series, this is flat out brilliant TV, in the middle of a worldwide recession, political and social upheaval rife, the upbeat, take no prisoners, ass kicking note of Hawaii's favourite Five-0 unit is just the tonic.
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I enjoyed the pilot episode, it's got some heart to it
cdn moviebuff21 September 2010
Actors: Main 3 are cookie cutter, nearly identical birth years. I like that they're in their 30's and not all 90210 on viewers. Storyline: Definitely an action show, and it's done adequately. Script: Solid. Some cheesy stuff, some wow stuff, some well acted scenes. A few roll your eyes moments, but that keeps in part with the way the original was.

Pros: The script writing. The acting. The actors aren't Hollywood good-looking. But they are a good match with the scripts. Subtle little moments of humour, that you have to see visually and/or hear. Something ha ha will be thrown in there when you least expect it. The building of the characters. You find out little bits here and there and already starting to get a better understanding of how a character is the way he or she is.

Cons: The filming of a fight sequence, taking on the bad guys was terrible. That's not a spoiler. You'd fully expect to see one, seeing as it was in a huge amount of TV commercials. It sucks because you can see the distance between them, when they are at blows with each other. The editing is a shambles, it's so crappy in the action sequences. Could be much better. Hire more qualified people, it's worth it.

The believability of some legal situations are a bit dodgy. That detracts, and makes it a little hard to buy into it. But then again it is not a documentary. It's a TV show that's there to entertain you. Watch yourself a reality show like Cops if you're going to harp on it.

Summarily. My take: I like it because it's fresh. The camaraderie reminds me (a little) of: some Starsky and Hutch, a dash of 21 Jump Street, and yes the feel of the original Hawaii Five-O is there. It's on location on beautiful Oahu, with little studio time in it. Outdoors: That's just how they roll on that island.
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A refreshing dose of action-packed escapism
quarrellator4 January 2011
This show feels like the antidote to all those forensic, gritty, supposedly realistic crime dramas out there today. Hawaii 5-0 2010 is no crime drama, and it's not meant to be. It's also not its father, and anyone looking for a straight remake of the original classic is setting themselves up for disappointment. It's an old-fashioned cop show, the concept updated for today's audience, but with story lines that Starsky & Hutch would be proud of, providing a few more car chases down box-strewn alleyways were thrown in. It's Die Hard for the small screen - John McClane would fit right into the new 5-0 unit, fighting all the terrorist/ninja/crooked cop types that Hawaii seems to be attracting like a magnet. Excellent action sequences, great gun fights, some entertaining relationships developing between the characters, and you know what? Sometimes things just go boom. Pure entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.
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Best show I've seen in years!
Deana_197720 September 2010
I was a huge fan of the original Hawaii Five-O, so when I heard about this attempt at a new show, I was excited but skeptical at the same time. Would it be just another CSI, or would it be different? Would it deserve to be called 'Hawaii Five-O'? Well, I must say...

I LOVE it!

First of all, the show is NOT just another CSI. It's different...it's funny...all in all, it's refreshing. Steve and Danno's bantering with each other is hilarious...very normal and realistic. There are some differences regarding the character's lives, but that's fine, as long as every episode has the spirit that it's had so far.

As for the actors...Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan are perfect. I can't imagine anyone else having their roles. Daniel Dae Kim is fine in his role...the only problem I have is with Grace Park. It seems unbelievable that her character would land a job like this, fresh out of police academy and with no real police experience...not to mention that she looks 15 years old. Oh well.

I haven't missed a single episode, and eagerly await it every week!
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Storyline gone to hell
Marine_Grandpa1 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I really liked Five-0 but the last episodes have been really stinky. Freeing the elephant? (fake CGI elephant!) was terrible. I said to my wife what will the crazy PETA-type radicals want next? To take our pets? And sure enough within a week I saw a story that PETA wants to "free" all "captive" animals. Then the crazy "run through the jungle" chase with Hannibal eating the bad guys! And now the last episode makes SCREAM look like Oscar material. Minutes of nothing but psychotic, paranoid, hacker takes over the home electronics? The show used to have a good stories of difficult plot lines that made examples of good police work and tie ins with Hawaiian culture. Now it just sucks.
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CSI-Hawaii want a be---- and fails miserably Some spoilers
hatari-129 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was not a major fan of the original 50, but spent enough years in Hawaii to appreciate its cast, their relationship and the many places that make Hawaii unique and Hawaii. The current cast of actors seem so out of place, and so vanilla like so many other shows that there is nothing special about this show. Throw in a few mispronounced names and places and you have a cop show in Hawaii? Don't think so in my opinion--- which is what a review of course is. Others may have liked it, but I give few shows a 3, but I will say for lack of character interaction, very bad plot lines, and little of what makes Hawaii unique in a show about Hawaii. What is it with 3 day old growth that seems to make a hard nosed guy so hard nosed and tough? Where is the grown up directing traffic for this group? I like far out plot lines with the rest (big fan of the far out Burn Notice), but a haole from the mainland is your star hacker--- locals weren't available? Plane comes in and no backup emergency power for the tower and you don't think the military would have jets scrambling in minutes--- planes are tracked across the Pacific. So little plot development, yes the show is early in its inception and delivery, but there is a history and local flavor that could have been added to the show. There are some good cop shows out there, unique plots and places, unfortunately unless the writing and poor direction on this show improves quickly, this will not be around to be one of them.
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Terrible. Why won't Hollywood stop these re-makes and allow us to enjoy our memories?
hitherejimbo-121 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
An abomination. Whoever came up with the crazy idea of trying to make what is basically a conventional cops-and-robbers shoot 'em up blow'em up show special by linking it to one of the classiest shows ever produced should have his membership card in the scriptwriters union revoked. Did they think the nostalgia factor would attract new viewers? Why call the two leads Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams when their age, appearance, mannerisms, behavior, and above all their relationship bear no resemblance whatsoever to Jack Lord and James MacArthur? Why change the sex of Kono? Why include an abbreviated version of the original theme music? Hawaii is an exotic backdrop for any show but the original Hawaii Five-0 introduced it naturally as the action took us from the mansions of Kahala to the slums of King Street and to such places as the campus of the university, Kapiolani Park, the Iolani Palace, the Punchbowl Cemetery, and the hotels of Waikiki. The new version just gives us periodic quick flashes of scenery some of which look like they are not real shots but artificially created ones. Finally, there was the plot of the new show, - confusing, conventional, and not comparable to the thoughtful, suspenseful plots of the original that dealt with such issues as the theft of art work, espionage, child kidnapping, and con jobs performed on servicemen enjoying R & R from Vietnam. I remember with particular pleasure the the three part series on the Vashon crime family and the attempts of first Harold Gould as the father and then Luther Adler as the grandfather to destroy McGarrett because of the death of the grandson. There were great guest stars too, including Hal Holbrook, Ed Asner, Hume Cronyn, and even Helen Hayes. The original Hawaii Five-0 was unique. I resent the attempt to use it to gussy up an otherwise conventional show that on its own might not last a year.
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Poorly done, supremely unrealistic, slightly funny
cdrridg21 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This remake is fine, in theory, yet the story-line is completely unbelievable. The idea that an active duty Naval officer (SEAL) can simply depart the Navy whenever he feels like it is truly beyond reality. The idea that the Governor can simply make this guy a gun-toting police officer with zero police training or procedural knowledge is laughable. The idea that a police academy cadet can simply punch out a fellow surfer with impunity is pure insanity. Sure, the show had some funny or interesting moments - but it goes way beyond suspension of dis-belief into the realm of WTF? From the very beginning of the show it screamed silly - I don't hold out hope for much better as it goes along.
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Sucks. Jack Lord would be turning in his grave.
paul-317821 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
So corny. Danno story? What kid tries to say their dad's first name before learning daddy? McGarret shows up and the governor just gives him carte blanche to do whatever the hell he wants no matter if it is legal or not? Beating a prisoner to get information out of him? Other guy is kicked out of police force because they say he took bribes, but he says he didn't then McGarret just let's him back in? Guy who's been convicted of taking bribes has a cousin who is now in the police force? How could she pass a background check if her cousin had been kicked off the force for taking bribes? My ten year old daughter could write better stories than this. I bet money that one of the story lines down the road is where Danno's ex-wife's husband turns out to be some kind of crime figure and Danno busts him and get's his wife back.....Watch and see, I won't be watching...
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Shows Promise but...
jodogo5920 September 2010
Let's start with arguably the best and most recognized TV score of all time. If the producers want to use the original theme song, then why shorten it? It reminded me of the truncated TV tunes of re-runs in syndication.

Now for the pilot episode. I thought it odd that Hawaii 5-0 would open with a scene in South Korea. It's like stumbling out of bed in the morning not exactly sure what you're going to do that day.

There are also seemed to be to much gun play and not enough acting. The dialog and some of the background setup (Danno's family situation, for example) was a bit too cliché. Some of the personal background could be better developed over time rather than cramming it into one episode while chasing the bad guys.

The overall storyline for the pilot was excellent, though. It gave background to 5-0's beginnings and it maintained a certain consistency and plausibility with TOS while adding the dimension of McGarrett and his father.

Some of the dialog resulted in an approving chuckle from me.

The episode began to gel about 2/3 in and by the end of the show, I felt comfortable with the main characters and looked forward to the next chapter.
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"Get them off my Island"
wright770020 December 2010
I can't say enough good about this show and its actors. All four of the major characters were well chosen and show a great range of emotions, allowing for considerable character development. In one episode, we learn more about where all four of them than we did in the original series from 1968-80. Their acting ability and range would allow for big screen versions of the show.

Instead of the squeaky clean and unrealistic, monotone characters of the original series, all of these people have "issues" related to the complexities and problems of modern life: long distance moves, job stress, living away from family members, political problems.

The plots of each episode move very quickly, and I am able to pick up new things watching an episode a second time.

While the pilot and first few episodes didn't take advantage of the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii quite enough, they sure have made up for that over the season. Molokai, Kauai, and rural areas of Oahu have all been displayed in a beautiful radiant fashion. Having been there twice myself, I believe that every American should see this true paradise.

I had never seen Alex O'Loughlin in anything before this series, and he knocks the ball out of the park with his modern, over the top, somewhat Neanderthal McGarrett, who pushes the law to the limit to win. His chemistry with Scott Caan makes the series. They deliver without turning this into Baywatch.

It would be interesting to see Jean Smart, the governor, a bit more, but that might politicize the cases a little too much. The writers and producers have a long way to run with this thing.

"Get them off my island."
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First Rate Reboot!
Glfpro3-128 September 2010
The new reboot of Hawaii Five-0 is first rate from start to finish. The fresh takes on the original characters are a breath of fresh air. It's very interesting having the tension between McGarrett & Williams. The idea of making Kono a girl is also a great idea. The Hawaii locations look great in high-def and it's interesting to see how much Hawaii has grown since the original series went off the air. It's a great cast and so far the story lines are very good. The only thing missing is the persistent over-acting from Jack Lord, but that's a good thing. If you never watched the original series, give this one a chance. If you were a fan of the original, you won't be disappointed at all. It's great to have the series back on TV and I can't wait to see where the new producers and writers take us. Book 'em Dano!
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Hawaii Five-O Nice!
Right-Wing-Man28 September 2010
I was around for the original series, although I was only about 5 or 6 at the time, but I still watched it with my folks and liked the original series. Now as I look back, I find that the original I can't even watch anymore... how the times have changed.

Now we are introduced to the new Five-0 and what a pleasant surprise! The 4 main actors are excellent and they have a good chemistry together. Grace Park is absolutely gorgeous! A stunning beauty and great actor as well. One of the other things I enjoy about the remake is the edge of the new show. This thing feels more like "24" then the Five-O of old, which is great! Keep up the great work guys and you've got a watcher here!
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astro196629 October 2016
I was watching the episode about the motorcycle hijackers and it is so unrealistic. They have a motorcycle jumping from one building to another when the first building has a ledge and no ramp. Then they're doing unrealistic stunts on the road while blocking traffic. With what is going on in this country right now somebody would run through them. Also they show a motorcycle lowering the landing skids on a trailer while it's moving which can't be done. You have to hand crank the handle down which takes about 2 or 3 minutes. No reality to this show at all. They also had a part where a motorcycle rode an elevator up to shoot somebody. this is before the motorcycle jumped from from one building to another.
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Really funny
larcra16 November 2017
This is one of the funniest shows I have seen. The writing is sooo bad it becomes totally comical. The acting is slightly better than the writing but not much. Most of the scenarios are so far out that not even a total fool would believe them. The 'actions' scenes are mostly pure fantasy, some times the good guys hit everything within miles, sometimes they can't hit a barn with a machine gun. Keep up the good work.
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Exciting television with a fair bit of eye candy
HelenMary7 February 2013
Love this show! I was a fan of Alex O'Loughlin in Moonlight (guilty pleasure), and he's just delicious in this; cool, calm and collected, fast, good with a gun and awesome looking in uniform. Add to that, brilliant other characters in this Hawaii-50 remake including the iconic Danno (Scott Caan) and also lovely and determined Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and gorgeous and kick-ass Kono (Grace Park). Each episode is part of a larger story arc but is an exciting and gripping adventure or case, where the bad guys are brought down, they often go undercover and use technology, contacts, and a few good smack downs to get what they need done. The scripts aren't always A1 but the dialogue is sufficient and often funny, but without the over-cheesy CSI lines that make you want to throw things at the TV, and it's not predictable or overly stylised with set pieces. There's also great stunts and car chases, it's exciting television that isn't mindless or pointless. It's also nice because despite the violence, it's not gratuitous in other ways and is good (older) family entertainment set in beautiful Hawaii with gorgeous vistas and scenery, beaches and surfing; pretty good advertising for the island actually!
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Not your mama's Hawaii Five-0
moonhawk6420 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
So the original series was a crime drama about a state police unit designated 50, headed by former naval officer and police officer, Steve McGarrett, whose second in command, Danny Willams was also a close friend. The new series has the same title, opening theme, character names and the fact that McGarrett was in the navy. That's it - the only similarities. The new series is an action series about a sanctioned vigilante unit headed by a current naval officer on a vendetta, and he and his second actively dislike each other. They even changed one of the original male characters into a female character, as in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. (Hey, wait, Grace Park was in Battlestar Galactica and is in this new Hawaii Five-0, too. Things that make you go hmmm...) Anyway, if you remember the original series - don't expect it here. Which doesn't mean it's bad, exactly, it's actually pretty good. Just...not the same. And...more violent. If that's your bag, fine. I like action and I'll keep watching, but if you wanted the original crime drama, go elsewhere.
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Series started with promise but has sunk to the abyss of TV.
will-mclean4 February 2013
Initially the series showed real promise. Characters were a little stilted at times, but overall not bad.

But season 2 started drifting into bad story lines and ridiculous contrivance.

Season 3 has been even worse. I watch cop shows so I am used to them taking liberties with reality, but good shows do some research before filming. Who is supervising these scripts and why haven't they been taken out and shot. The absolute bottom has been an episode starring and directed by Peter Weller, of Robocop fame. The writing was atrocious, the acting amateurish, and the direction was terrible. The final scene was such sentimental slop that it was embarrassing to watch. I am done with this show. It needs to be canceled and replaced by a higher quality show, like reruns of the Teletubbies. Seriously, this show is BAD.
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Another remake failure...
gizwiz111 October 2010
OK, I have to say first off that I like a ton of people was a huge fan of the original. Does that taint my opinion of the remake.....it could but I tend to give a few kicks at the can of remakes from my memories hoping that I can find magic again. A good example is Galactica where the remake was actually better than the original.

In this case with Five-0 though it has completely missed the mark. Of the four main characters only Scott Caan is close to believable in his part. This is the first part I've seen Scott play that I really enjoy his work. I have to admit he reminds me a lot of is father in this role and I don't mean that to be derogatory at all. He has subtle edge here which is what I always loved about watching his father. Feel like your extraordinarily interesting...without ever actually looking like your extraordinarily interesting. Hard to pull off and I think Scott has this. But the rest of the main characters miss the mark entirely. While putting a female in to a historically male role worked in Galactica, Grace Park just is completely out of place in this role. For the role of McGarrett, who the hell is this guy Alex O'Loughlin? The producers, directors or who ever the hell it was that was casting this totally missed the mark. The whole idea here is that the McGarrett character should be seasoned....experienced....older at least than the team he leads and have insight beyond anyone else in order to be able to solve these crimes. This actor cannot live up to the roll and admittedly without any exposure to his previous work I have to question whether professionally he has the depth to be able to be subtle enough to exude excellence that the character should be dripping with in this environment the way Jack Lord did in the original.

All in all the writing is predictable, formula and uninspired for such an awesome environment to write in. The casting misses the mark by a long shot even if 75% sounds high in a 3 out of 4 main characters.

Oh, I suppose I should mention Daniel Dae Kim.....but why? The way this part is being played it could be an extra. Is this character important to the story thread? It seems the writers are trying from time to time to invent some reason to give a crap about this character but I'm not sold and the acting is shallow. I can't blame Daniel, he's acting the material he's given so is this character pointless because of the writing or the skill of the actor. In the end I have to say....I don't care. How sad is that for both the character and the actor? I've seen Daniel before but not sure in what but he seems intriguing. I suspect he can do better given better material, but not in this vehicle.....or at least not what he's been given so far.

In the old show I was always intrigued by these ancillary characters and wanted to know more about Chin Ho and Kono. The fact we never did made them more interesting but the way the writers and producers have set the characters up in this series is forced and uncomfortable. The biggest worry for them is I don't really want to know more about hem. In fact I've lost interest entirely and what a shame. In comparison to the old series, I always wanted to know more, always couldn't wait for the next... anything. This version not so much.

Not to be racist or anything but two people of Korean heritage playing Hawaiians? The producers think we're stupid or what? When they do have native Hawaiians in an episode Park and Kim look totally out of place playing natives. This is reminiscent of whites playing Chinese in the 30's like Charlie Chan played by Warner Oland who was from Sweden.

I want to love the show but every week so far it has let me down in spades. Rats..... If nothing else the remake of the theme song is dead on and it still gives me a rush to hear it. The remaining 40 minutes or so doesn't live up to the first 40 seconds. I couldn't be more disappointed.

I look forward to seeing Scott Caan in something better in the future.
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Disgrace to the original series
Aivas24 October 2010
Too much action...no substance. Typical network re-make: (1) use name(s), title, and theme; (2) use standard action formula and hack writers. Formula: Show horrible murder is committed by someone (or group) who are too much for the Hawaiian Police. Governor calls an unofficial Five-O in (yeah right, how many governors have this kind of time). The Five-O team, which apparently only has to work occasionally, assembles from their diverse personal enjoyments. A laptop accesses unbelievable resources. Grace Parks dresses sexy. Unshaven Alex O'Loughlin shows off tattoos. Civil rights are violated en-masse. Crooks and henchmen suddenly become stupid and are taken down by 2, 3 or 4 members of Five-O. "Book'em Danno". The stories (sic) are full of holes and mostly unbelievable. Cartoons generally go better than this. If this is what the public wants/likes today, my condolences. Leonard Freeman and Jack Lord are turning over in their graves. Prediction: 1 season at best...followed by the new "Law and Order: Hawaii" where we see every one of these cases thrown out of court.
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So Silly, it's a crime
afijamesy2k22 September 2010
The Remake of the theme song is the only reason to see this idiotically, godawful, disjointed remake of the great 1968-80 television classic, Alex McLoughlin delivers a very bad performance, the rest of the actors are woeful, scott cann is embarrassing, the rest of the scenes are just so pointless, the action is over the top, the writing is embarrassing, the teleplay is a mess and the only things that save this disasters are the beautiful scenery of Hawaii, the theme songs and the cinematography, otherwise this is a pointless, useless exercise in stupidity that deserves to be on my list of the worst TV of 2010.

truly awful.
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Highly entertaining cop show
Mel J8 February 2011
I have never seen an episode of the original 'Hawaii Five-O' (although I will certainly give it a go if it is ever repeated on television) so I have no preconceptions of what to expect with this rebooted version. However, I do love American cop shows and have been looking forward to this since I first heard it was being produced. For those unfamiliar with the premise, the show is set in Hawaii and centres on a newly formed police unit consisting of ex-Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett, New Jersey detective Danny Williams (who has grudgingly moved to Hawaii to be with his young daughter), wrongly disgraced Hawaiian detective Chin Ho Kelly and his rookie cousin Kono Kalakaua (who, apparently, was a guy in the 1970s version but is played by Grace Park in this version).

'Hawaii Five-O' is very much a light, fast action show and doesn't pretend to be anything more. To watch this show, you are required to sit back, relax and suspend your belief. since the characters and story lines are the television version of 'Bad Boys' and 'Lethal Weapon'. As a fan of shows like 'LA Heat' and 'Fastlane', it is refreshing to see the car chases, cop banter and beating up of bad guys that is found in 'Hawaii Five-O'. If you are wanting realism and dark story lines then watch 'Criminal Minds' or 'Blue Bloods' instead, both of which are also good for different reasons to why this show is enjoyable. There is so much realism on television today that I do like something that is pure and simple fun although I do hope that as the show progresses, we will see the characters develop and strengthen.

It certainly a show that deserves a look-in. Even if one doesn't like the characters or the story lines, it's worth watching just to see beautiful Hawaii and the wonderful sun (for British viewers, this is probably the only chance we'll get to see the sun until June, if then!).
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The new Five-O series is greatly disappointing.
dwaskes11 October 2010
I was very disappointed with this new sequel of Hawaii Five O. Poor Jack Lord must be spinning in his grave. This new show's writers have obviously never had any contact with any real law enforcement agencies. The two protagonists look like a pair of skid row bums badly in need of a shave. The only time you would look like this in real life is when you went under cover. This new show is some clueless writer's fantasy of what an elite arm of LE should look like. The show's plots are too sophomoric and inane. It's too much CGI and special effects, and the banter is straight out of high school. The grade school set should love this new incarnation. Any resemblance to real life law enforcement is purely coincidental. CBS shouldn't let any modicum of reality interfere with this new offering. If they did it might cause enough interest for more of us to then watch it. Having been in LE most of my life I therefore give this show a big two thumbs down for a huge lack of credibility. Excuse me, I think I'm going to be sick.
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Hawaii Five-A
schappe121 September 2010
Firstly, I'll identify myself, as every reviewer should: I'm a 56 year-old who was a fan of the old show. So I'm n going to inevitably view the new show from that perspective. If I were a 20 year old who didn't know there was an old show, I'm sure my perspective would be quite different.

The producer called this an "homage" to the old show in TV Guide. And yet his premise is that the old show never happened. Hawaii-Five-0 was not created when Hawaii became the 50th state. It's now being created on the 50th anniversary of it's becoming a state. McGarrett is a naval commander with a background in intelligence as before and he reports directly to the governor. But as he's perhaps 30 in this one, he was born about the time the old show ended. Danny Williams is a Jersey cop who relocated to the islands to be near his daughter and argue with his ex-wife. Chin Ho Kelly is a 30ish ex-cop who left the force when accused of taking a bribe. And Kono is a bikinied surfer babe.

Five-0 is not a highly respected wing of the state government. It's a sort of vigilante organization of misfits who operate outside the law. The governor authorized it's creation "with full immunity" to deal with the crisis, (if that's what it was) that resulted in the murder of the new McGarrett's father. Yet it's going to be a permanent organization. What will be it's assignment? The old Five-0 was a sort of "major case squad" that worked on cases involving general emergencies, battled spies and dealt with things that represented PR problems for the island's tourist trade. They worked on an even basis with military, the FBI, the CIA, etc. and well as the Honolulu Police Department, (HPD). They had the full respect of those organizations who knew that if you were operating in Hawaii, it was McGarrett's turf. It's hard to view the new group in the same light. The men are grimy-looking commando-types and the woman's job seems to be to appear in a bikini or her underwear and deliver a few karate kicks. The governor, who was clearly held in high esteem by McGarrett in the original, is here a political and bureaucratic antagonist, not to be fully trusted. This far more resembles the "A" Team than the Hawaii Five-0 I remember.

The old program was beautifully produced, photographed and edited. There was heavy emphasis on suspense and character development. There were occasional chases and action scenes but the shows were mostly conversation, with the good guys methodically closing in on the bad guys, setting up an exciting ending. The new show is like a modern action film. It's got to keep moving from one action scene to another with 2-3 lines of dialog devoted to fleshing out character a bit, usually when they are driving to the next battle scene. The editing is jumpy and kinetic. It's reasonably exciting and sexy but it's not Hawaii Five-0.

Going in, I could not see why they didn't just present stories of who's running Five-0 now, with a picture of McGarrett on the wall. Give us new characters with new names. After seeing it, I think they should have called the whole show something else, because that's what it is.
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The Wrost show on TV poorly made with bad actors
airlinecapt17 April 2015
The Show is weak in script, Scott Caan is their because of his father, not a good Dano, Alex O'Loughin is a extremely weak Steve Mc Garrett, no leadership in the show, it looks like Dano is his boss. The Scripts are very bad, too short intro very cheesy graphics. The stories are all over the place. Grace park and Daniel Dee Kim should play the main roles, don't waist your time watch this very poorly made show. The show is made very poor, where is Jack Lord when we need him. The people who made this show never watched the old Hawaii 5-0, skip this show its really bad. CBS must be shooting this show on a shoe string. Avoid this show at all costs, watch the old Hawaii 5-0 show's if you really want to watch a good Hawaii 5-0 show
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