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  • It is often reported that "five-0" is slang for "the police" but this usage post-dates the original 1970s version of the series and is probably derived from the show rather than the other way round. In the show "five-0" is the name of the police unit and was created by the original writers, almost certainly as a reference to Hawaii being the 50th state of the USA. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He is a bit of a mysterious character for the show. In the first season he was established to have been a senior US Navy commissioned officer who'd served as Steve McGarrett's commanding officer during Steve's time as a navy seal. Joe White is very shrewd, intelligent and with a no nonsense take no prisoners type of attitude and approach to life. As a senior officer at the rank of captain we can presume that he's seen combat in the gulf war and operation Iraqi freedom along with some "highly classified, clandestine military missions of the top secret nature. Besides his seal background Joe White most likely has loyal contacts in the CIA, DOD, NSC and other federal agencies which he won't discuss not even with Steve McGarrett. It is also interesting to note that actor Terry O'Quinn also portrayed a career naval officer in the CBS series JAG for many episodes. As Admiral Thomas Boone, a decorated naval aviator and Vietnam veteran who was a close friend and confidante of JAG's boss, Admiral Jethro Chegwidden. Both admirals served together for many years and knew each other quite well and the character of Boone was similar to Joe White though not quite as mysterious and quite a bit more likeable. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He has to end up with Catherine again at some point otherwise it's a TOTAL let down of the writers she is the one for him and just doing her job! Mind you the writers could've made it where her explanation still kept the secret of her op but left it where he understood she was just going for a job under orders, but of course there would be less drama and TV needs to get ratings. I think he will unknowingly start to try to move on dating after some time of grieving, then for some reason she will come back ...or he will find out why she was ordered to give him half truths about why she was ordered to go on this covert mission ...or maybe she is injured and the military contact him as she has listed him as next of kin and he finds out that she had no choice but to do her duty and follow orders to protect herself/others while being watched by those who would see her cover as blown ifshedidn't appear single for her op, then he will FINALLY tell her how he deeply feels and loves her & about the missed proposal and they finally get married with the understanding that she will have to be away at times for work. Officers like her and other types of special ops agents have to be away on covert missions all the time. Why are so many commenters and veiwers so sexist?!- when a male soldier or agent has to be away from his wife and family with no word to where he's ordered to go, then they think it's just "he's doing his duty" or "he's hardcore" but when a woman does it somehow she's flippant and flighty -its a huge disappointment that veiwers are so sexist and misunderstanding of soldier lifestyle. Don't can't portray her character as being so flighty! First of all- if it was a man that was leaving for an op then he people wouldn't be talking about his character like that! But because she's a female officer she's painted as insensitive or not choosing to stay with him...did any one ask if her op is to protect him and his character doesn't know it?! I would like to see them get married on the show and stay married and have a baby when her mission is over, then when the baby is a few years old she can go back to work and Danny's daughter can babysit while the boys are at work while Catherine is away on missions. The two actors and their characters do have chemistry, and any of the ignorant viewers on TV line are wrong -they do have chemistry! Heads up writers! Edit (Coming Soon)


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