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Don't give up ...gets better!
donnie-geovanni25 July 2010
I've watched all current seasons of Moonlight, Blood Ties, True Blood, Vampire Diaries & Being Human. If you are a fan of any of these shows you will most likely enjoy 'The Gates'. The first episode sets up the story (which seems a little dull) but progresses quickly as episodes two and three roll along. Hang in there and you might be pleasantly surprised. Viewers who appreciate the 'in your face', slick blood and sexually driven 'True Blood' type of stories may be a bit disappointed here. The tone of this show in comparisons is very light. It focuses more on drama then on suspense, thrills and horror. I'll give you a spoiler free summary of the show if you have not yet watched it. It's a story of an enclosed community (surround by a gate ...surprise!) of super natural beings hiding their real identities from those who are human. Normal stuff (drama) of everyday human life takes place. Work, school, stress, love, hate and romance. The town sheriff (human) helps unravel the story as unexpected events require investigations. Through this slow process the secret identities of the characters are revealed to the viewer. There's much room for development so the possibilities are endless. I hope the writers can take it to the next level.
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fikamugg18 July 2012
When i viewed the 13 episodes of the first season, in a span of two days, i had no idea there wouldn't be a second season. I'm totally baffled over this decision by the ABC executives.

As a fan of the occult and vampires some of the basic elements for good entertainment were there, but The Gates were so much more than another show about bloodsuckers, for the same reasons HBO:s Walking Dead is more than a zombie series.

This quality production had a great storytelling and a marvelous cast that blended harmoniously together. Some classical themes from vampire movies were used but many ideas were also fresh and incorporated in the template for a good drama series. Without giving away any plot-info i simply state the obvious fact that the co-existence of vampires, werewolves, witches and humans in a gated community with all of the problems this could and of course would impose, would it be real, was nothing less than a stroke of geniality from the creators Richard Hatem and Grant Scharbo. The development of the plot is skilfully crafted and as some questions are answered during the final episodes new ones are raised and with the final scene in episode thirteen still in front of my eyes it's more than a bizarre feeling that this episode was also the last one.

To single out one actor wouldn't be fair, but with that said, no fan of this series probably won't deny that Frank Grillo was phenomenal as head of police Nick Monahan or that Rhona Mitras cold elegance served as a perfect contrast to Claires blood cravings.

I simply can't understand why this suspenseful show didn't appeal to an American audience. Maybe the world wasn't ready for another show about vampires, after True Blood aired in 2008, but compared to The Gates that show, though humorous, lacks suspense.

It's my firm belief that had the show aired in Europe, or Sweden for that matter, the success had been total. A Shame, and i hope ABC changes their twisted minds because I want more of this.
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Fantastic Show.(Love IT)
burden459 August 2010
Initially I watched the first few episodes, because there was nothing on in the summer months. I quickly got hooked. I think the time slot is perfect in that it follows True Blood and I get a double dose of vamparism on the same night. The show is a supernaturals dream and has everything that deals with the supernatural; Vampires, Wearwolfs,Succubus, and witches. It has the feel of Desperate Houseswives ( Another of my favorite shows) I love the plot twist and the characters are extremely interesting. This show has a lot of room to minipulate its plots and characters without the show ever getting boring and I hope ABC realize what a great hit it has on it's hands and keep it coming.
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I Am Pleasantly Surprised
el720 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
And that probably means this will wind up being canceled. I wasn't expecting any more than a supernatural soap opera as a summer diversion, and that element is there alright, but there's more going on under the surface. It's a really good sign that there's subtext as early as the Pilot, so I actually hope this show will last.

The Gates follows a Chicago homicide detective who moves his family to an affluent gated community to become its new Chief of Police. What he doesn't realize is that the community is really a sort of retreat/preserve for a variety of supernatural beings. There are subplots involving a handsome vampire couple trying to become well-adjusted participants in human society, a teenage werewolf pack trying to integrate a lone wolf into their group, and a witch trying to bring her rogue apprentice back from the left hand path. And that's not including the requisite teenage love triangle, only in this case it's looking like it's one of the teen boys who is the human in the equation.

This is a show posing the question about whether or not it's a futile effort to try to tame predatory urges, and it's not just the monsters who fit the theme. The cop also finds himself eager to hunt, his instincts tweaked by the mysterious goings-on. Each of the characters has a compelling reason to want to settle down, and an equally compelling reason to want to break free of the constraints represented by the stylized suburban setting.

I'm curious to see where these writers are going to go with this, but cautious, because ABC has not really been a long-term home to shows like this, with the notable exception of Lost. I hope they give this one a chance. Unlike the recently canceled Happy Town (also of ABC) this one is shaping up to be something more substantial than a guilty pleasure.
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ABC made another great show they take nowhere
stella-eversonoo20 December 2012
I loved the whole show, the dynamics of how wolves, vampires and others tried to live together without killing each other. The coolest part was to put an unknown in and get her to bring them all together. The witch doing things that people knew but could not prove was awesome. I want to know what Charlie is, what was Devon going to use him for besides just getting herself out of the situation she was in. Was Devon "Charlie's Master in a sorts because she brought him back"? Someone needs to pick this up and finish it because it could be a real hit. I know a lot of my friends talked about it so I finally watched it on Netflix and it was awesome. TNT, CW, Spike, USA, any one pick it up and use it and I can bet you will have a lot of followers. People are wanting someone to do something with this show, it was a great starter and we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for someone to do something with it.
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Getting better!
weileder12 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
With the first two episodes, I thought the show was giving away too much information, too fast. Then there was a rerun, due to the fourth of July holiday. When it came back last night, with the third episode, I thought, "now it's getting good." Last nights episode had a clever plot and went off with me asking questions. (What's in the box?) That's good. Questions make me want to keep watching. I'm glad it's moving in the right direction. It's a new show and may take a little while to get it's footing. I really hope the network gives it the chance to do so. If someone only watched the first episode, and decided it wasn't worth your time, you should really go back and watch it again. If you haven't watched any of it, start. I think it's going to be a fun show to be a part of.
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The Gates is a great show to watch.
BeBeDe15 August 2010
The Gates is a great adult soap style series like Desperate Housewives with a twist. If you like supernatural story lines and upscale settings in today's world then this is a great place to spend and hour enjoying a little mystery. Definitely a keeper. Too many peoples expect a big bang on the first few episodes instead of giving characters time to grow and develop relationships within the story. I can see potential for all the characters to grow and give lots of entertainment to all the fans of this genre of show. What is considered original these days? How can any show be condemned as unoriginal when television is bombarded with spin off crime dramas. I think this show has a lot of originality and hopefully will stay around for more seasons to come.
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Good combination of intrigue and Supernatural to last...
cjrmnf20 June 2010
Watching the pilot as I type. First impressions are good. Mysterious gated community. Security...seclusion...vampires.

Has decent character development and conflicts to make you want to watch the next episode and the next and the next. As long as it doesn't turn into a "monster of the week" series, I predict it will have long term success. And it doesn't hurt that it features beautiful women who aren't too overtly sexual.

It reminds you of the Best Stephen King novels and movies.

I find it intriguing even though to supernatural is overt. There seems to be a lot of potential for real dramatic development.

The "big bads" haven't even been revealed (or more than thinly eluded to) and I'm already hooked!!!
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Worth a series I think
zinglebarb26 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this enough to hope it makes a full series.

To JohnnyFenton and vampires in daylight ,well the husband works at a lab. You clearly saw her smother herself in some kind of lotion and you also saw a part of her burn in sunlight where she had not put said lotion.

Some people are happy to just pick holes when they have not even watched it properly.

Anyway I do like the idea of a group of different types of supernatural entities try to live normal lives outside of normal society.I also think the fact some find it hard and give way to instinct works
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a great show....
r-o-n22 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
if you want to watch a show that treats sci fi characters in a mature, modern and not exaggerated way, then watch this one. it is not a teen series like "true blood', and although we're all probably fed up with vampire shows, this one is really surprising, and most of the actors are great. it was nice to see that there are other options for sci fi characters like witches, wolf-men (not werewolves), and a succubus. lots of intrigues and subtext, but not in a heavy way, and the suspense is flowing. I think it would add if the writers would focus a little more on the witches. It is nice to see that the wolf-men are not puppet werewolves with that cheap look. all in all a good show and let's hope it won't get cancelled.
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Please do not cancel!
jschmidt3-634-90186021 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
At first this was a lovely summer diversion. Then I hated it. But about episode 5 I was hooked. (I cannot watch True Blood, too much graphic sex. I only made it to episode 3 or 4 and the DVD set is still in the shrink wrap and needs sold.) I do enjoy Vampire Diaries, and the Twilight series. However this show is Desperate Housewives with Vampires, Werewolves, a succubus, and a few mysteries. I love watching the episodes repeatedly for the details.

I like the teen angle, with their high school problems, added to their 'unique' status, this makes for an interesting twist. Then the evil twists, the sides, werewolves versus Vampires, and how they come together to protect their neighborhood, even when they are mortal enemies. I only hope the season finale is not the series finale, most TV lately is canceled before its time. I also do not look forward to jumping the shark, but I know they are all competing for our viewing so hard, I know its inevitable.

Either way, I am excitedly looking forward to the next show. "A place where no matter who you are, what you are, you can make a home."
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Vampire in the sun is explained just watch it!! REAL DEAL VAMPIRES, NOT LIKE TWILIGHT + other cool characters
ragingrosa17 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers friend is a vampire fanatic and hates Twilight because of how they make "vampires" or cold ones look, but she loves this show 2.This show makes it seem like your neighbors could be vampires! This is the only vampire show i watch because it has so many different characters and so much crazy stuff happens. 3.I know some people stopped watching once they saw a vampire out in the sun but if they stuck around to watch the rest they would know why she was able to be out in the sun (lotion/sunscreen type of thing) and that she does get burned by the sun if she is not careful. 4.Love that they have a Succubus and it's not just WW and VAMPS. Spirit, witches, girl with no heart....ah it is rich in characters finally something that is truly different. 5. I'm going to be sad if it is canceled because it is one of the best and doesn't just focus on vampires.
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I thoroughly have enjoyed this show.
mmsemer14 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was looking forward to this TV show from when I first saw the teasers and have enjoyed it ever since. It's quirky and in a very modern setting. Not as darkly filmed as most "vampire" and horror movies are filmed. I am getting attached to the characters and the different supernatural interactions. I am looking forward to a second season. It's fun entertainment, they are people, just like you and me.

I found it amusing when Clair and Dylan decided that they had better share their personal information with their daughter Emily. Sitting around the family table for the big confession, Mom and Dad sweating (if vampires could), and just as they tell Emily they have to tell her something about themselves Emily knocks them over with her knowledge and then proceeds to ask them very intelligent questions about their past. That was my favorite scene of a "normal" family meeting. Loved it. Please let there be more of "The Gates."
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I like it!
uniquemel31 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have read some of the other reviews about this show and felt compelled to give my opinion...

I am enjoying watching it. It may not be completely original with its format as some other people have pointed out, but then so what? with the amount of shows out there these days I imagine it is extremely difficult to come up with a completely unique and original concept.

Yes I agree Twilight has re-sparked the public interest in vampires but for me it was always Buffy and Angel that really paved the way for all the other vampire shows we have today. Also something to keep in mind is although The Gates does contain vampires it's not solely based on vampires.

I'm a little confused as to why some people are taking issue with the fact that the vampires can go out in sunlight? The explanation of them using sun cream is quite logical/believable and I find this much more acceptable than them being all sparkly like in Twilight lol

The Gates was a little slow to start with but has improved with every episode, I'm loving the tension and snide comments between the vampires and the were-people.

I am also liking Devon, it's interesting to see what evil plot she is trying to implement. And as another reviewer mentioned I'd also like to know what's in the box!

I think that you need to watch this show with an open mind and not be too quick to compare it to other shows in its genre and just enjoy it for what it is. It is worth a watch.
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Please don't cancel this!!
Tuzito6 February 2011
Yesterday when I got home I saw an announcement about "The Gates". I had no idea of what it was and waited for the show to start with an open mind. As it started I wasn't really sure I was going to like because of all that vampire fever that's going around. The show just went on that one road that I really like and really surprised me with all the variety of content in just that place. I got hooked to it in the first episode and only saw 4 of them until now. I just hope that this show isn't cancelled because when I really like a show they usually go on the one road... dead end! I just think that people nowadays just watch things with already made role models in their heads and so when something is really good, but not their way, they just say it's like this and like that and appoint to all the stuff they can to put the series down. I don't think people should be like this because mainstream is already full of crap. Just give the different stuff a chance, we may be all equal but our tastes are not that way.
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Summer fun
Beginthebeguine20 July 2010
Vampires have always had one thing in common, from their darkest days in Romania, to the Meyers chronicles of today: They are what we fear the most--us dead. You can coat them with glitter, you can make a soap opera out of them; but in the end they are us dead. That has to be the main conflict of the story. What makes the Vampire really interesting, to me, is not the Vampire themselves; but the living humans who are forced to deal with the consequences of the living dead among them. A story line, is just a story line after all: 'A police office and his family move into a gated community where many are denizens of the supernatural world'.What the writers do with plot and conflict will make the difference of whether this show is worth the investment of your time. Here Nick, a police officer --with a past-- is conflicted to begin with. Underneith the professional exterior he is driven to make up for sins of his past. It doesn't take long before he is confronted with the fact that he murdered a suspect in cold blood, and due to this, he is forced to make an allegiance with darkness. This, so far, is the main storyline.

There are werewolves teens (for the tween crowd) and there are other fringe supernatural characters (R.H. Macy's always said you must diversify if you are going to succeed at selling anything over a long period of time) even a succubus (perhaps she can eventually find a nice incubus, settle down, and buy a house in "The Gates"). They will, no doubt, be forced to jump the shark eventually, but for now it is great fun.

It is a beautiful cast and I have yet to see an unattractive person walking the streets of "The Gates". It is the Melrose Place of the supernatural. We carry a lot of baggage with us about Vampires and their kin the Werewolves. I like The Hammer Films of the 1950-1970's. I like the Werewolves of "The Howling" or even "American Werewolf in London" best. The egocentric evil of the Vampire or the Jekyll and Hyde conflict of the Werewolf is my genre home, but it is alright to leave the safety of your home and visit someone else's imagination for a spell. In the end, "The Gates" is summer fun and has something for every generation. A distraction from the heat of this summer. I plan to enjoy it for what it is.....
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Shows Promise
mweller-779-50785826 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Not a bad show when compared to the talent shows and reality / dating shows we are bombarded with on network television. Usually you have to go to the cable stations to get decent original programing so it is nice to see that broadcast programing it finally starting to get back to scripted entertainment. Only aspect I found fault with so far was the contractor was slightly more likable then you would want for a victim at the beginning of a show. However as the show goes on and the plot starts to unravel and pull you in, it becomes easier to forget about the guy. The underlying plots and interpersonal relationships within the town make it seem like this might be a supernatural Desperate Housewives. Impressive beginning, looking forward to what they have in store.
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The Gates (2010) AWESOME!!
warreng_online25 March 2012
I missed this on TV when it originally aired and THANK GOD for Netflix, I added this to my queue and came back to it. This is one awesome little series. Forget the little bio and such about vampires, werewolves and more.

The basis of this series is of a private community suburb with secrets and once you learn of these secrets, there are more secrets to learn. I can't really compare this show to any other show. The writing is not over the top, but is top-notch the further you get into it.

DO NOT think you are going to see GREAT transformation effects. This on the other hand has some awesome dramatic story telling that once you understand the 'rules', it is VERY intriguing. You'll love certain characters and hate certain characters. But what made this series stick out was the character Leigh Turner. for some reason, when she'd look into the camera, it was like she was 'looking' at me and as if I knew here.

I eventually looked up The Gates (2010) and learned Leigh Turner was played by actress/musician Janina Gavankar. Then I looked her up and learned she was Microsoft's project: Ms. Dewey. I was so shocked and surprised, I posted it on facebook and then on twitter and within 10 minutes SHE and one of her fans FAVORITED it! It was cool, but scary at the same time. The show The Gates is awesome and I honestly and looking for more and friends are too! 10 from me and friends.
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Amazing. Supernatural Desperate Housewives
danbayliss5 October 2010
We follow the new police chief move in with his family to the Gates. A very wealthy and very private small town with some supernatural residents.

What angers me about US TV is the lack of character development in place of giving you everything on a plate in the pilot. This is different. The character development and story is well written, which I haven't seen the likes of since Buffy. Even better, the police chief does everything right. You know how Captain Picard was believable, well so is this. Its supernatural and you wont find yourself saying "oh no way, this is just getting stupid now" like in Warehouse 13.

Unlike Desperate Housewives this has a much broader audience for both men and women. I would never compare it to Twilight despite the werewolves and vampires, as if I had to watch that again id kill myself.

Its glossy, its believable and I wont go into any more detail as you will enjoy the series more the less you know about it, but its a MUST WATCH
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Guilty Pleasure...???
Sweetnesstoyou19 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well if you like Vampires, Werewolves,and Drama on top of Drama.. well you will like The Gates. So I went into it with no expectations at all. many people said it was like the desperate housewives and True blood wrapped up in one. Well I HATE the desperate housewives so I was not sure what to expect from this show. The Gates is basically about Social cliques constantly at each others neck. There is a teenage drama that sometimes bore me to death. but as the season progressed. I cannot put my hand on it but it is getting really good. I have gone from a skeptic to actually liking it. it passes time when i am getting ready for bed. by no means is it a must see IMO. but good to sit and watch just for the heck of it. I would give The Gates a 7.5 but since the rating system does not go by half intervals an 8 will suffice. Now I am not sure if 2.4 million people will give this show a new season.. but it was fun while it lasted.
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Viewing with Caution
jetodd4021 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Granted I am only basing my Opinion on the Pilot. This show seems to suffer from an Identity Crisis. I for one do not buy into the theory that ABC is jumping on any bandwagons over True Blood (romance) Vampire Diaries (romance) or Twilight (... romance).

You really have 3 story lines going on, Gated Community with Dark Secrets (been there, done that). Police officer looking for a new start in a new place (been there, done that). And then the 'Kids Element' (90210, One Tree Hill ......) been there, done that. The Supernatural Elements don't define the Show, only the characters and that barely.

Does it have Promise? Too soon to tell, it will depend on which storyline they try to mature. It's only my opinion but if they try to keep all three running the show will not last a full season
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If you love soap operas then you'll love this.....................
Tyranthian28 July 2010
Seriously, this show is not the trashy, sci-fi, comedy, over-the-top, fantasy type supernatural shows that are usually served up. It's soap opera with a bit of supernatural thrown into the various plots. Pure and simple! And it actually works for those who are fans of soaps. I wonder why this show wasn't pitched as a daytime soap given the various plots and numerous characters. Nevertheless, I like that it doesn't have a lot of blood and gore but has a lot of plot and mystery instead! Great job allowing Nick to find out that Dylan is a vampire. This completely changes the dynamic between them. How exactly will the chief maintain his will to do his job knowing that he's surrounded by a creature who has committed murder? Dylan saved Nick's life but still........ Nick has a job to do! Nick and Dylan will have a tempestuous relationship from here on out for sure.
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Hold on this only gets BETTER!
KoolKate17 August 2010
OK Guys, unless you have been on the set or privy to the whole show you are being very mislead. I have had the pleasure of being an extra in this series and all I can say is keep watching because you haven't seen anything yet. This is an AWESOME series so stay tuned so I can say I told you so!! LOL!!! ABC please give us a chance !!! I don't think you will be disappointed with the ratings. I hope that I have inspired a few more viewers to tune in. The only way to keep good programming is to watch and let the networks know how you feel. Most shows get cancelled because the viewers don't show their passion for the show until it is too late. All of this season's episodes are in the "can". We can only hope for a second season.
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chelbiechaos25 July 2010
The Gates impressed me not only because I am from Louisiana and this series was shot in Lousiana, or I knew a few people who guest starred in this series. But, it is a bitter sweet mixture of Desperate Housewives, and Twilight. Although I hate the idea of all of these movies and shows who copied off of one of my beloved movies of all time, Twilight it's very original to me. No it is not one bit like Twilight but it does have vampires and fictional mythological creatures. It's interesting to watch the clash of this show with drama and supernatural. I also think it will be canceled unfortunately. But at least we got to taste and experience something new and original!!
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Like Dark Shadows
carrie4520 September 2010
Okay I'm old and can remember the original Dark Shadows. The Gates is similar in that it has a wicked blond witch. Dark Shadows had the beautiful Angelique who Devon really looks a lot like and their level of evil seems about the same. The main vampire in Dark Shadows was certainly not handsome but was a sympathetic character who did not want to be a vampire and spent most of the show's run trying to find a cure. Dylan is a very likable vampire, not as hot as Bill Compton but okay. I love Claire his wife. The only character I dislike is the Chief's wife. Anyway I would like to see this series return, there are so many different story lines possible and the season finale certainly contained many possibilities for next season.
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