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Not as horrible as expected
SnoopyStyle27 August 2013
Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) is unemployed and newly-divorced. She is completely broke and lands a job at her cousin's bail-bond business. Her first job is an ex-boyfriend wanted cop Joe Morelli (Jaason O'Mara).

This was critically panned and it has become fashionable to ridicule a Katherine Heigl movie. It's not without merit. However there is some good points about this movie. Heigl and O'Mara have some good chemistry. They have this love-hate relationship which is so vital in these kinds of rom-com. It is a little too cutesy at the start, but it gets slightly better later on. I do mean slightly. It's in that middling area and never gets that good.
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Total Mess
claudio_carvalho29 July 2013
In New Jersey, the newly-divorced Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) is a complete loser. She lost her job in Macy's and has no money to pay her bills. Her mother tells her that her cousin, who has a bail-bond business, is hiring a person to help him. Stephanie gets the position of recovery agent and is assigned to catch her former boyfriend Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara) that is a cop accused of executing a drug dealer. Stephanie finds Joe and he claims that he is innocent and was framed. She tries to find evidences that he is innocent and evolves with very dangerous people.

"One for the Money" is a total mess, lost between a comedy and a thriller. The heavy hand of director Julie Anne Robinson makes a movie unfunny and violent for a comedy and silly for a thriller. I bought this DVD on sale because of the name of Katherine Heigl, who is miscast in the role of a bounty hunter and can not save this movie, and I was completely disappointed. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Como Agarrar Meu Ex-Namorado" ("How to Catch My Ex- Boyfriend")
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nogodnomasters24 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
We have been flooded with bounty hunter movies. In this film Katherine Heigl plays Stephanie Plum who becomes a bounty hunter for her cousin Vinnie (Patrick Fischler). The action takes place in Trenton, N.J. Her first case is Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara acting like a young Mel Gibson). He is a cop accused of murder. He also took Stephanie's virginity and never called her back. In return she hit him with her car and broke his leg.

Stephanie has no experience as a bounty hunter. This fact and her doting mother (Debra Monk) and grandmother (Debbie Reynolds) supply us with some mild humor. Plum is aided by Daniel Sunjata, who looks like he could play Derek Jeter.

The acting was fairly decent although the writing is trite with gags and bits that are old hat. In spite of that Heigl brings new life to them. Her performance is what made the film.

No f-bombs that I recall, no sex, rear male nudity.
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A lot for the money
kosmasp5 June 2012
I had no idea, but the movie is based on a novel. Actually a series of novels and the female lead is in all of them. A friend of mine wanted to see this badly, because he knows the novels and loves them. He actually enjoyed the movie more than I did. I thought it was OK, but nothing special. Of course there are many Heigl haters out there who are wondering if she needs more money or if they might have seen the last of her. If you hate the woman, do not watch the movie. Do yourself a favor and just don't.

If you don't mind her, you can give it a go. It's not half as bad as the box office result might suggest, which might have to do with the books this is based on (I can only assume). Dialogue is neat and the story while nothing special, isn't really that bad. You have to like silly fun though, because it has a lot of that
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Felt totally uneven to me, maybe Heigl is the wrong actress to make this work.
TxMike29 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
DVD from my public library. We generally like Katherine Heigl but here, as an out-of-work sales clerk that decides to get some income by being a bounty hunter, she just doesn't have any impact. Whether the role requires that she goes for comedy, as when she is naked and handcuffed to the shower curtain rod, or for drama, when the car a co-worked pilfered from her goes up in a big explosion meant for her, it just never seemed to work.

We found out when watching the DVD extra that she is playing a somewhat well-known character featured in at least a dozen or more books. Katherine Heigl is Stephanie Plum. Essentially broke she gets reluctant permission to go after a cop on the run accused of murder and who had jumped bail. If she brings him in her 10% amounts to $50,000.

The cop is Jason O'Mara (recently the dad and cop of TV series Terra Nova) as Joe Morelli . To complicate matters when Stephanie and Joe were younger she had lost her virginity to him, at some time later she had tried to run him down in a car and broke his leg. So most of the movie relies on their interaction as they try to find the actual bad guys. When the bad guy has to explain everything you know it has been a confusing story.

Anyway the whole thing comes off mostly as a big, confusing mess. Just last night we watched "What's Your Number" with Anna Faris, a totally different type of movie, but Faris makes it enjoyable, she has a certain something that can turn a very mediocre movie into a very interesting and funny one. Heigl just can't do that.
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I had a pretty good time watching One for the Money
tavm18 July 2012
Just watched this on Netflix disc with my mom. I had to admit, I wasn't looking forward to watching this when I first watched a trailer back in January. The comedy to me seemed frantic and I don't think I was crazy seeing Katherine Heigl doing a Jersey accent. Having now seen the entire thing, I don't think this movie was too bad. Sherri Shepherd as Lulu was good for some laughs and Debbie Reynolds as the grandma was also pretty amusing. And I did get caught up in the plot so that was good. And Jason O'Mara as this cop who previously was Stephanie Plum's (Heigl's character) first time that she was intent on getting even with was also pretty good. So overall, One for the Money wasn't a bad film to watch. Maybe one of these days, I'll watch it again...
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A fun romantic comedy with a bit of action
Gordon-117 May 2013
This film is about a cash strapped woman who becomes a bounty hunter, hunting the rouge cop who never called her after a rendezvous years ago.

"One for the Money" is a romantic comedy mixed with a little bit of fighting and action. The fights are not so serious, and at times even comical, such as the way Katherine Heigl holds a gun or how she hits a crook with a purse. The romance part of the plot is rather contrived, as Stephanie and Morelli are supposed to be against each other, but their interaction is far too saccharine to indicate their adversarial relationship. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, as "One for the Money" is a romantic comedy after all. As for the action part of the plot, it is quite well developed for a romantic comedy, as we see Katherine Heigl trying hard to solve the cases. This is an enjoyable date film, light hearted and fun to watch.
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writers_reign29 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It is, of course, notoriously difficult to cast a movie which is based on material from another source - short story, novel, play, etc - but it's a safe bet that most casting directors wouldn't begin by casting an actor born and bred in Dublin (Jason O'Mara) as an Italian (Joe Morelli). So that's one strike. Clearly Debbie Reynolds insisted on having it written into her contract that she must be portrayed as a glamorous grandmother so that she, too, is nothing like the scrawny, wizened, plain-looking at best Gramdma Mazur that Janet Evanovich created. Add a verbose father - he never speaks in the novels - and a fairly clean-cut Vinnie (described as freakish) and you have the makings of a great and faithful adaptation. Of course, if you haven't read the books chances are you'll enjoy this one - if you're a fifteen-year-old popcorn movie addict.
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One for the Rental
zardoz-134 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Last Song" director Julie Anne Robinson's second theatrical feature "One for the Money" looks like one for the rental. This lukewarm but lightweight romantic comedy about a lingerie sales manager who becomes a bounty hunter lacks chemistry between its leads, momentum in its plot dynamics, and hilarity where it counts. Charming Katherine Heigl hasn't made a genuinely contagious comedy since "The Ugly Truth" (2000) with Gerard Butler. Meantime, bestselling author Janet Evanovich's fans may have other reasons to revile this fair but predictable thriller. Evanovich penned the first Stephanie Plum novel that "One for the Money" is based on back in 1994. Evanovich drew inspiration for her first-person crime sagas from the 1988 action-packed, buddy-picture, road comedy "Midnight Run" which paired Robert De Niro with Charles Grodin. De Niro played the bounty hunter, and Grodin was his quarry.

Sadly, "One of the Money" radiates none of strengths of "Midnight Run." Heigl emerges as a brunette Barbie with a gun. Further, this lethargic, 91-minute, PG-13 epic resembles a sex roles reversal of the 2010 Jennifer Ashton & Gerard Butler fiasco "The Bounty Hunter." In the latter film, a male skip tracer (Gerard Butler) picks up his bail jumping ex-wife (Jennifer Ashton), and their romance rekindles itself amid the chaos of conflict. In "One for the Money," our plucky heroine pursues a bail jumping cop who helped himself to her virginity on the floor of a bakery when they were teens in high school. Not surprisingly, they are still attracted to each other. The only thing good about "One for the Money" is that it surpasses "The Bounty Hunter." Unfortunately, Heigl's film—which she executive produced—never generates any kind of get-up-and-go urgency. Freshman film scribes Stacy Sherman, Karen Ray, and Liz Brixius screenplay cannot decide whether they are scripting a hilarious comedy or a bullet-riddled actioneer.

Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl of "Knocked Up") is wrestling with dire woes both personal and financial. Recently, she got a divorce. Stephanie's feelings about the opposite sex are clear. "I had a husband. I didn't like it. I don't want another one." Now, her creditors are mauling her. Mind you, Heigl always casts herself as a cheerfully downtrodden but sympathetic heroine, and "One for the Money" accommodates her own self-induced typecasting. Stephanie's hard times started when Macy's in Trenton, New Jersey, gave her the ax. She managed the lingerie department. Afterward, she finds an opening at her creepy cousin's bail bonding business. Technically, they call bounty hunters 'recovery agents.' She likes the kind of loot that bail bondsmen make, too. No sooner has Stephanie gone to work for her sleazy cousin Vinny (Patrick Fischler of "Twister") than she finds a handsome Hispanic hunk, Ranger (Daniel Sunjata of "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past"), to tutor her about the basics. No, Stephanie isn't a crack shot at the shooting gallery. She can hit the target, but she realizes superior shooting skills take time and practice.

Meantime, Ranger has her back whether he's tangling with assailants or unlocking her handcuffs. The handcuff scene is probably the funniest since it makes Stephanie appear plum helpless. This standard scene shows up in every Heigl movie. Nevertheless, Plum doesn't want to work her way up to the top dollar collars. She sets her sights on a renegade cop, Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara of "Resident Evil: Extinction"), who is accused of murder. The authorities want to charge Joe for shooting an unarmed drug dealer. Two innocent bystanders witnessed the shooting but they have vanished into thin air. Stephanie plans to locate the bystanders and help out Joe. Stephanie obtains her reliable information from a loquacious African-American prostitute, Lula (Sherri Shepherd of "Precious"), who takes a beating for it. Our heroine runs afoul of a vicious kickboxer, Benito Ramirez (Gavin-Keith Umeh of TV's "White Collar"), and his low-life trainer Jimmy Alpha (John Leguizamo of "Gamer") who makes a serious mistake when he calls Steph's shooting skills into question. Inevitably, Stephanie and Joe team up and everything comes up roses.

You can count the good movies about modern day bounty hunters on one hand and have fingers left over. "One for the Money" doesn't make the top five. 'Mediocre' pretty much describes this misguided Katherine Heigl effort. For the record, the solid Steve McQueen movie "The Hunter" (1980) served as the prototype for the formula. McQueen fetched fugitives whose use of deadly force escalated as the film's running time elapsed. "One for the Money" isn't prototypical as the first female bounty hunter movie because director Tony Scott's film "Domino" (2005) beat it to the punch. Most of the comedy grows out of Heigl's clueless ignorance. "Midnight Run" ranks as the best modern day bounty hunter epics. Unlike "Midnight Run," "One for the Money" provides only a modicum of combat situations and nothing about the characters is fresh and imaginative. The funniest modern day bounty hunter was Clint Eastwood in "Pink Cadillac." Unfortunately, what it lacks in "Midnight Run" type melodrama, it doesn't compensate for with enough "Pink Cadillac" humor. The funniest scene "One for the Money" conjures up concerns a nudist Stephanie must deliver. The villains are as forgettable as the action is bland. One of the few fun moments has Debbie Reynolds obliterating a cooked turkey with our heroine's service revolver.

Heigl generates more chemistry with good guy Ranger than bad guy Morelli, but Ranger and Plum don't ride off into the sunset. The prospect of Heigl parlaying a profitable franchise out of Evanovich's novels seems dubious given the uninspired quality of this one. Watching "Money" revived painful memories of Kathleen Turner's attempt to turn the Sara Paretsky novels about a Chicago private eye into a franchise with the ill-fated "V.I. Warshawski." "One for the Money" relies blatantly on stereotypes, some sexy as well as racist, primarily a loquacious couple of African-American prostitutes behaving like "Amos & Andy." Essentially, "One for the Money" emerges as a predictable fish-out-of-water comedy without enough laughs.
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Ladies' Night at the OK Corrall
neil-4761 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl), out of work for six months and in desperate need of some income, goes to work for her cousin's bail bondsman company - for every person she apprehends who has skipped bail she earns 10% of the bail money. So, of course, she goes for the big one - $500,000 bail on disappeared rogue cop Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara). Not that there is anything personal in it, of course - the fact that Morelli took her virginity in high school and never called her has nothing to do with it. As she pursues Morelli, however, she gets deeper into the reason why he is on the run in the first place.

This film is a most peculiar beast. As the opening credits hit the screen, I noted that it seems to have been made almost exclusively by women - female protagonist, scripted by women, based on a female character in a series of books by a woman, directed by a woman. And it shows. It unfolds on screen exactly as you might expect an action movie made by women to unfold (fumbling in your handbag for your gun being just part of it). There are some horrible mismatches in tone - Plum has a cheery "Oh well" demeanour after a man is blown up by a car bomb meant for her, for instance, and this goes on all the way through - there are some unpleasantly violently moments which jar when set against the mildly comedic tone of the piece overall.

There seems to have been some uncertainty on the part of the makers as to how the movie should be approached. It is a violent crime detective story, told in a very feminine and gently humorous (though not actually very funny) way. I was grateful that the romantic element which threatened to raise its head never actually did.

There is nothing wrong with the story, only with the way it is told. And Plum (played wide-eyed and voluptuous by Katherine Heigl) never really convinces as a character - she isn't hard enough and she doesn't learn quickly enough to be credible in this story. Heigl's screen presence continues to appeal as much as her physical appearance, and she offers more flesh than usual in a fully nude scene (albeit scrunched up in such a position that nothing naughty is on display, and only her squidgy places bulge out from assorted squeezeries. I'm making words up here). I suspect that this scene, and a number of cleavage scenes of the "If you've got it, flaunt it" variety, may have been there to reward the male viewers who had been dragged along by their other halfs.

This film is amiable. And I have a feeling that if it had a bit more edge to it, then it would have been less amiable but a better film. And maybe Miss Heigl would have stretched herself a bit, and perhaps even avoided the need to titillate.
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A Nutshell Review: One for the Money
DICK STEEL27 January 2012
The trailer would remind you of the forgettable The Bounty Hunter starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston with the former being the titular character whose target happens to be his ex-wife, having them bicker and run from various misadventures together. Reverse the roles in order to have a female bounty hunter going after an ex-boyfriend, and the stage is set for more of the same, no? Not quite. One for the Money has a lot more going for it, predominantly being a film written by and made by females for its intended audience, and being an engaging flick chick that wonderfully encapsulates a whodunnit.

Katherine Heigl seems to be on a successful roll on celluloid, and is in her element here in this romantic action adventure comedy as lead character Stephanie Plum, a rookie bounty hunter drawn to the profession only because she's desperate for a job to pay off impending bills. An ex-lingerie model, we follow her transition from girly girl to a somewhat tough cookie ready to hold her own in her cousin's business, where an added incentive is to hunt down and bring in her ex-boyfriend Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara), a cop wanted for the gunning down an unarmed felon.

Yes one would expect the usual laughs coming from her inexperience in a new field, her constantly being outwitted by slier opponents in the big bad town of Trenton, New Jersey, and having that pitch perfect sexual charisma with her mark since they share a common romantic history before in their youths. But to my surprise One for the Money has a little bit more depth in its story than I would have imagined, playing out like a mystery with a crime at hand to solve, with Stephanie stumbling her way from fact to fact, interacting with various interesting caricatures who don't bore, and plays out exactly like an 80s private detective film of old in spirit.

Written by Stacy Sherman, Karen Ray and Liz Brixius off the well received novel of the same name by Janet Evanovich, this probably accounts for a lot of female-centric focus on elements in the storyline, as well as director Julie Anne Robinson's ability to center this very much like a chick flick, wrapped around an old fashioned whodunnit. I mean, only in a story with an attractive female protagonist would you have other females in the story either old, or matronly, and having not one but two hunks - Morelli and fellow alpha-male bounty hunter Ranger (Daniel Sunjata) - involved at the crossroads of her life. Plenty of characterization goes into the lead character of Stephanie Plum, and Heigl brings a certain sass to the role, with little street smarts that cover for her lack of experience in the field.

Granted the mystery doesn't quite play out with that kind of tension and suspense as one would expect from a true blur genre film, but it does enough with its slight touch and managed to keep interest afloat. While there are 18 novels to date in the series of Stephanie Plum's adventures in bounty hunting, with each novel title starting with a number / numerically related, reality is that any subsequent film will have to rely on how much this makes at the box office. My bet is that it'll likely be something quite modest with a potential of 17 more films made only if Heigl wants to be stereotyped (if not already) or typecast. Still, One for the Money sits above average on the entertainment scale, and can be recommended fare if you'd give it a chance.
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Not bad for a chick flick
Mr-Fusion11 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not normally a Katherine Heigl fan (can't really blame a guy when his only prior exposure to her was "Knocked Up" and "Grey's Anatomy"), and I haven't read the Stephanie Plum novels, so I didn't go in expecting very much.

But it ain't bad. And most of that credit goes to Heigl for turning in a - dare I say - likable performance. Not really sure about the Jersey accent, but she works as a down-on-her-luck single woman who takes to skip-tracing to make ends meet. She feels at home with the one-liners that come off tailor-made for the female crowd, and excels as the tough- but-unlikely Jersey bounty hunter. It also helps that she's backed by a decent supporting cast (Jason O'Mara, Sherri Shepherd and Debbie Reynolds).

Apparently, it didn't perform too well at the box office (and I can't really say how it measures up to the source material), which is a shame, as I would like to have seen Heigl again in this role.

It's your standard origin story, and it's it offers no apologies for catering to the ladies, but it makes for some decent entertainment. I'm up for a sequel, which unfortunately seems dead in the water as this film didn't fare so well at the box office. But this definitely changed my tune on Ms. Heigl.

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No so much, but worth a watch for the eye candy treat of Katherine Heigl.
blanbrn30 January 2012
I know that Katherine doesn't exactly make the best movies around still I try to watch most of her stuff for the fact that I like her adorable looks she's sexy. Well with this recent work "One for the Money" it did please me in that aspect Katherine is the best thing about the film, and the story is okay and halfway interesting. Clearly not an awards contender still this picture is worth a feel good watch.

Set in northern New Jersey Stephanie Plum(Katherine Heigl)a newly single lady has just been cut from her job at Macy's of being a lingerie manager(wow great job!)and she starts to get behind on her rent and the next thing to go is her nice Toyota car! Now it's back into the arms of family for help, only to luck up she lands a job as a bail bond she's now looking for a few not so good men! And her number one suspect is an old high school crush now that's bad boy Joe Morelli(Jason O' Mara). Thru this film it's blended with comedy the chase and thrill of Stephanie's new job brings many laughs, yet mostly this film is driven by it's sex appeal. The most memorable scene is seeing Katherine in her sexy dark purple colored bra! Overall nothing great, yet a special appeal watch for any Katherine Heigl fan.
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Pretty lame comedy caper
wellthatswhatithinkanyway10 October 2012
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heighl) is a down on her luck woman, who finds work at the local bail bonds centre would suit her. Even better, her first assignment is ex boyfriend Jason (Joe Morelli) whom she split with on bad terms, and who is suspected of gunning down a heroin dealer. But when he spins her a different version of events, and she ends up doing some investigating of her own, she finds everything is not as it seems.

I don't think I've seen anything else with Katherine Heighl since she was in Under Siege 2 many years ago, not surprising since she only seems to have starred in a series of low grade romantic comedies since. So, it's a bit of a shock to see her here, a lot more grown up and with a much deeper voice, but not that surprising. Sadly, this dire piece of work is not a good vehicle to get re acquainted with her.

It's an uneven mix of detective thriller and situation comedy, and can never establish it's tone right, not that there are many laughs to be had anyway, with a woeful, obvious script that isn't helped by Heighl's total lack of comic timing and inability to be funny.

It's One for the Money, all right...and one for the review too. *
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The Vidiot Reviews
capone66618 May 2012
One for the Money The best thing about being apprehended by a female bail bondsperson is that your neighbors will finally see a woman coming over to your house.

Unfortunately, for the wanted man in this rom-com his bounty huntress is a former conquest.

Unemployed and unsatisfied, Stephanie (Katherine Heigl) asks her cousin Vinnie (Patrick Fischler) for a job at his bail bonds company.

Against his better judgement, Vinnie hires the inexperienced Stephanie to be a skip tracer.

He soon regrets it when she pesters him to be allowed to pursue Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara), an ex-cop wanted for murder, and her old high school flame.

Instead of cuffing her mark, however, Stephanie opts to help him solve the crime he is accused of.

Based on the popular book, One for the Money is a hapless concoction of rom-com clichés and slothful sleuthing.

Besides, women are only into bounty hunting for the fashionable dusters. (Green Light)
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Way more enjoyable than some of the reviews
UniqueParticle29 March 2021
Katherine Heighl and Jason Mara are so great! I love Patrick Flescher even though he's barely in it. Bounty Hunter type movies are so good/thrilling I always enjoy the adventure of trying to get a suspect. I've seen this movie years ago I forgot how much fun it is and glossy.
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Good enough
pennyelenabooks30 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A divorced and bank broken woman finds a job as bail bond and her first job is to bring in her ex, who doesn't want to be found. First of all, this movie tries to be too many things at the same time, without succeeding. It is a detective film, with some action, romance, and violence that forces a light mood in situations that can't be 'light'. The detective part though is good, and the actions scenes are not too much and more or less realistic. It might be seen as a drama also, as it portraits the character of its leader lady good enough, and her life is quite a drama by itself. The romance part is a little complex. I didn't get if they wanted her to have a love interest in Ranger or not, not to mansion the ending, which confused me all the way. So, because of the mixed up ending and the uncertain identity, I give this film a 5 out of 10.
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Really not all that bad
dfranzen7029 January 2012
As a heterosexual male, I am probably among the minority of those who have read Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books. I'm totally cool with that. I find the books funny enough without being degrading, intelligently written, and full of excellent, memorable characters. So I was more than a little leery when I heard that the first book in the series would be translated to the big screen, and even leerier when it was announced that perpetually petulant Katherine Heigl would play the lead role. I'm happy to report that she's not miscast, that she has the Jersey attitude and look down very well (although perhaps still a little too pretty for how I'd imagined Stephanie Plum). In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Heigl actually elevated the movie - which she needed to do, because it's not a plot-heavy movie with strong special effects.

Stephanie Plum is down on her luck when we first meet her. She's just been fired as a lingerie saleswoman at Macy's. She lives in a lower- middle-class part of Trenton, New Jersey known as The Burg. She has a hectic family life. Her car's about to be repossessed, and she's behind on her rent. Her mom suggests she go work for her cousin Vinnie (Patrick Fischler), who owns a bail-bonds company. The opening is for file clerk - up Stephanie's alley - but turns out that's a dead end. All they have is bounty hunter, so our glamour gal takes the job.

Plum's first skip is a cop named Joe Morelli, who's suspected of shooting an unarmed man to death. If Steph can bring Morelli in, she gets 10% of the bond, which is $500,000. $50,000 can go a long way if you have bills to pay. Trouble is, there's a history between Plum and Morelli (Jason O'Mara); seems that he took her virginity in high school and never called and that she ran him over with her car shortly thereafter. You know, normal stuff. Oh, but she's just in this for the money.

We meet some interesting characters along the way. One of Plum's coworkers is a freelancer named Ranger (Daniel Sunjata), who knows all, sort of a ninja who actually does use guns. And then there's Lula (Sherri Shepherd), the talkative hooker who can be bought off with snacks. For my money - no pun intended - the wackiest character in the book is Stephanie's Gramma Mazur, played here by the indomitable Debbie Reynolds, and although she's toned down a little for the movie, she still gets some of the funniest lines and scenes.

I think that, despite a fairly blah plot (and a sort of dumb ending - guts are figuratively spilled), the movie is indeed saved by Heigl. How this is possible is a mystery. I've never liked her on-screen personas, but here she seems to be more immersed in the role than ever before. Hey, I am from New Jersey. I know Jersey girls. Heigl hits most of the notes pretty damn well. At no time - and this is no small feat - does she come across as a smart-ass, sexier-than-thou princess. Stephanie Plum the character is supposed to be cute/sexy, but not a goddess and most certainly not one with high self esteem. The screen version of her matches the book version fairly well.

This might be a movie that people can wait to watch at home. It's not necessarily a big-screen adventure, and I'm glad the studio didn't promote it as one or insist on a lot of explosions (although there are some good ones). It doesn't deviate from its premise - cupcake takes on tough-guy job - and delivers exactly what it promises as a result. Heigl, for once, is much better than the script and keeps the movie afloat. Have to give credit where it's due. John Leguizamo and Fisher Stevens show up in small, but pivotal roles. O'Mara, by the way, is a dead ringer for a young Mel Gibson, complete with charm.

One for the Money is a flawed movie. Some might argue that it takes way too little time for the girly girl Stephanie to know how to handle bad guys, including firearms. Some might say that its ending is predictable. They'd all be right. But overall it's not as bad as I'd expected.
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Another bad Katherine Heigl movie
dar041711 February 2020
Another bad Katherine Heigl movie. She should just sit and wait for Knocked Up 2.
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OK film, but not worthy of the source
smatysia2 October 2012
Well, there is some credit due. It ended up being an OK (at best) movie, if you didn't have expectations from the Janet Evanovich novels which are the source material. Unfortunately, I had those expectations. First, about the casting. I suppose I could eventually accept Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli. But Daniel Sunjata was not a good Ranger. Ranger was not crew-cut, for one, and Sunjata never gave off the air of quiet menace that Ranger should. Katherine Heigl is far too pretty to be Stephanie Plum. A big part of Plum's appeal is how badly things work out for her, and how little respect she gets. I know it isn't so in every single case, but in general, things come fairly easy to women as gorgeous as Katherine Heigl. The world is full of people who want to help them. For that matter, Sherri Shepherd is much, much too pretty to be Lula. And she also played it a bit too intelligent to be Lula. And the worse thing is that they just missed the tone that Evenovich put into these stories. I may not be able to exactly define that tone, but I knew it by its absence.
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got into it
cekadah7 November 2012
when the movie started i was thinking - "just another hard nosed chick flick" - well that was a big mistake! what a ride i had with this story! i'm not going to comment on the acting as 'the story' is the star of this film. had no problem with the actors and plot line gets deeper and deeper.

surprise twist near end caught me! never saw it coming. love interest is predictable - but so what. the movie kept my interest from start to finish.

give the flick a look! good entertainment and not gross violence for violence sake.
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I walked out.
Blueghost28 January 2012
I had other titles for this thing; "Piece of Crap", "Crime can be flirtatious", "Junk", "Garbage" and a whole host of naughty and otherwise verboten terms that the IMDb would frown upon.

I'm not sure which was worse, the film or the ugly woman sitting next to me whose flirts were as phony as a three dollar bill. Probably the film.

I walked out on the thing. I slept through portions of the first half. I should have reminded myself that the Jan-Feb time for movies is the trough of technically competent films that otherwise go absolutely no where, and are otherwise just plain B-grade material (at best).

High school sweet-hearts reunite in a crime-ridden romp of quick-witted dialog that falls flat, and stunts and antics that posses all the style of a game show hosts checkered blazer and wingtip shoes.

Skip it.
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Can't say no to a cupcake
p-stepien23 August 2012
Katherine Heigl stars as Stephanie Plum, ex-Macy's lingerie attendant, rebounded-single and currently bankrupt. Job opportunities are scarce, hence when confronted with a freelance bounty hunter position at her cousin Vinnie's company, she reluctantly agrees. As she is in dire need of cash Plum decides to capture the big hit - Joe Morelli (James O'Hara), former cop accused of murder, who jumped bail and who also happens to be her cherry-popping teenage sweetheart (still resentful for his bailing out on her). With no professional training she relies on her savvy feminine traits, slowly but surely cornering her prey...

This lighthearted crime comedy daises along at a morose pace with little purpose. Set up on poor script foundation lacking wit, charm or humour it seems to base any potential success on the cupcake sweet Heigl and the brisk rough O'Hara, who admittedly do garner some undeniable chemistry. A wide array of backing characters, often with little plot purpose appearing and then disappearing with little consequence, additionally distracts as the story lumbers along to an unsatisfying conclusion. Basically a Heigl-centred comedy flick, that may find limited appeal with crowds who don't mind staring at her in admiration for almost 90 minutes. Anyone else looking for humour or action should look elsewhere for satisfaction.
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"Trouble in Trenton"
Kamurai256 November 2020
Good watch, probably won't watch again, and can't whole-heartedly recommend.

This is like a New Jersey version of "Bounty Hunter" with a lower production value and a less believable bounty hunter, which is part of the joke.

The story is pretty dark and lacks any uplifting sense of charm, but the story structure is pretty good and there is plenty of character growth.

There is some humor and decent action, but there just isn't much to return to when it comes down to it and there are much better movies to watch, "Domino" for instance.
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Wha Happened?
bob-rutzel-118 May 2012
Having lost her job at Macy's Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) takes a job in her cousin's bail-bond business. Her take would be $50,000 if she can bring in Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara), a cop wanted in the shooting of an unarmed man.

Normally, I make sure I see the next Katherine Heigl movie. Usually, they are fun, witty, engaging, good one-liners, good dialogue and banter, great facial expressions, some good sight gags, and come on: look at her, she is beautiful and has a very infectious laugh. What's not to like? Well, this movie for one thing.

So what happened? A bland movie happened. Nothing interesting happened. Not witty, not engaging, no great facial expressions, no good one-liners, lame banter, no good sight gags, but KH is still beautiful and I saw the movie was going nowhere so I star gazed . I prefer her as a blonde, but the script called for brunette. Too bad the script didn't call for anything else ………like a good movie.

You know Stephanie is out of her league in a bounty hunter job. And, you just know this will bring into focus many things that will go wrong and you will laugh like you did with other KH movies. So you wait, and wait and wait some more. Didn't happen. I am reminded of the last Kentucky Derby race where I am still waiting for my horse to finish.

To be fair all actors did respectable jobs. It wasn't their fault. They went through their paces in fine fashion…… as in a trance. They didn't write the script, but maybe they should have had some input. And, also to be fair Jason O'Mara, as Joe, did his level best to make this a more animated movie as it all should have been. But, he had nothing to work against. OK, he did, but the script wouldn't allow anyone else to become animated or funny. Bummer. And, there I was star gazing at you know who. Very beautiful. Story? What story?

So now what? What do I do now? Why wait for then next Katherine Heigl movie, of course. What's not to like? And, maybe it will be a better movie. Hey, she is beautiful, has a nice laugh and can act but in here she was definitely in a slump with a bad script. Good athletes go into slumps, why not good actresses? Can happen.

Let's just say this was a very bland movie good enough as a made-for-TV movie, which is to say: watchable, nothing more. Well, except for the star gazing aspect. That's something. (5/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: No.
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