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A Breath of Fresh Air
Le_Docteur968 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well; the last episode was a bit dark, wasn't it? The Effy/Freddie drama continued, reaching a climatic peak. This episode (some would say thankfully) takes a side-step away from the high-stakes drama to focus on something more relatable to everyone. JJ (played brilliantly by Ollie Barbieri), despite what people say, is just an ordinary guy, trying to win over a girl. And even though he does it in his own unique style, this is why we love him.

From the moment he turns up in his Lyle & Scott cardigan and Fenchurch bow-tie, we get the understanding that he is dressed to impressed; and while at first he tries too hard, his natural charm wins Lara over.

This episode isn't without its own drama; JJ, Cook, and JJ's family all contribute in making chaos, not to mention Lara's violent ex-boyfriend Liam. But in a scene which should make anyone smile, and show that Skins isn't all drama, JJ wins back Lara with a ukulele performance of Spandau Ballet's "True".

Above all, this episode shows the true (see what I did there...) magic of Skins, and is a delightful breath of fresh air from the heavier aspects of series four.
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A blow of fresh air
greenylennon9 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I already said before this season is quite gloomy and, despite his high quality, the irony lacks. This was a refreshing episode on this point of view, because it started in a very light mood, showing the best and most human side of JJ, one of the most underrated characters in the series but one of the most lovely. Then, suddenly, the atmosphere started to darken a little bit as the episode analyzed a sadly popular phenomenon in England nowadays, the teen moms (it was previously slightly touched in the last part of second season): who could ever imagine the punkish-pink-haired Lara was Albert's mother? By the way, nice choice for her role, I liked Georgia Henshaw. It is not the best episode of the series, but it was sweet and lighter, and there were some scenes just well written, such as the dialogue between JJ and the heart-broken Emily, which I particularly liked. The series is nearly completed now, but I feel next episode will give us some shivers!
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