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Definitely the best Action flick in the series from 2011
ivo-cobra818 October 2015
Fast Five (2011) is one of the best Action heist films of all 5. film series of all time. This film reunites all actors from the previous films. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster , Tyrese Gibson , Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, Matt Schulze, Sung Kang, Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, Tego Calderon and Don Omar, the gang are all here! They are all cast from the previous installments.

The Director brings all new actors in the cast crew: Joaquim de Almeida, Dwayne Johnson and Elsa Pataky. The script, the players, the action scenes, the story. Everything about this film is awesome! This film kicks ass. Is my second favorite best film in the series franchise. This film for me even beats Furious 7. Cause Furious 7 is not that good as this film is. The far of the highest best films ever. It's actually probably my favorite movie that I've ever seen. If you like any of the other fast and furious movies SEE THIS ONE!!!!! It's a Epic movie watch it till all the way to the end.

Fast Five picks up, literally, right where Fast & Furious left off. Dom (Vin Diesel) is on his way to prison when his partner, former undercover detective Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker), and his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) stage a daring (albeit highly unlikely) prison-bus break. On the run from the police, the FBI and the media, the three hightail it across the border and head even further south, all the way to Rio de Janeiro. There, they decide to lay down, lay low and avoid any unwanted attention. Nah, I'm just kidding. They do what any international fugitives would do: rob a train, double cross a local crime lord named Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) and his right-hand man Zizi (Michael Irby), put themselves on the radar of a ludicrously musclebound U.S. Diplomatic Security Service agent (Dwayne Johnson), and set out to steal untold millions from Reyes. That's right, it's One Last Heist for Dom and Brian. Not that anyone should be foolish enough to think this is the last we'll see of the led-foot duo; not after Fast Five revved up $600 million at the worldwide box office. (Be sure to sit through the first chunk of end credits for a nice little surprise.) Fast Five boasts incredible action scenes that are all varied and equally exciting. The film is full of clean, well choreographed shots that are easy to watch and the cast works great as a whole unit, making the film's running time breeze by. The heist in Rio De Janeiro was amazing An energetic, high-octane. The film was brilliant and smart it was action fun Entertained. The fight scenes between Dwayne Jonson and Vin Diesel was tremendous. I was happy that they put someone (Dwayne Jonson) in the movie that was so smart like Dom (Vin Diesel) was. Luke Hobbs as A Diplomatic Security Service agent to track down Dom and his crew was awesome! He did a brilliant job In this Action packed sequel film! Just Lin deliver us a high octane Action packed story filled with full of cars and shootings in his film.

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead this all-star all-action movie with outrageous stunts, incredible cars and beautiful girls that pushes the limits into the red and beyond! The legendary Dom Torreto (Vin Diesel) partners with outlaw cop Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) on the opposite side of the law in exotic Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hunted by ruthless Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and an army of corrupt cops working for a deadly drug kingpin. Torreto and O'Conner reunite the gang from previous Fast adventures to pull off one last job - an insane heist worth $100 million!

"Five Times The Action!, Five Times the Fury!"

I love this film to death and I love how they were planning to rob a Police Station. The first half was a little boring, but the second half was fast paced entertained filled with action. I love this film and everything about it. I love that it is 2.hrs long so that it can tell the whole story.

When developing Fast Five, Universal Studios deliberately departed from the street racing theme prevalent in previous films in the series, to transform the franchise into a heist action series involving cars. By doing so, they hoped to attract wider audiences that might otherwise be put off by a heavy emphasis on cars and car culture. Fast Five is considered the transitional film in the series, featuring only one car race and giving more attention to action set pieces such as gun fights, brawls, and the heist of $100 million. The production mounted a comprehensive marketing campaign, marketing the film through social media, virtual games, cinema chains, automobile manufacturers, and at NASCAR races.
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So far the best and most entertaining of this series.
tmm_870528 June 2013
This is the film that single-handedly got me to give the rest of the series a shot, for better or worse. It's a nice change of pace from the previous films where it abandons the street race angle (how far could you have taken that anyway?) and goes into the direction of a heist action flick with cars. Dwayne Johnson is a great addition and really adds to the series embracing the goofiness of its premise. So yeah, still the best this franchise had, and that's kind of rare for a franchise on its fifth film. The action for the most part is really handled well and a lot of fun to watch. The cast as an ensemble are very charismatic which no doubt makes it more fun for audiences to see a cast that has so much diversity and it's not done with generic stereotypes but just a bunch of people with a common interest. Overall a very entertaining action flick.
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Best Fast & Furious movie
MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
This is the best Fast and furious movie in my opinion. The franchise reinvented itself here and the series really benefited from it. This had a much better and believable plot and of course the Rock made the movie really good as well. 8.5/10
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Back together for round Five
Terryfan3 April 2015
Now when a long running series like The Fast And The Furious get sequels it is always a challenge to go out and try impress movie goers.

However the series always tops itself with the recent sequels and Fast Five proof that's anything is possible with the right minds.

The plot this time take place after Fast and Furious 4 left all with Brian O'Conner played by Paul Walker, Dominic Teretto Played by Vin Diesel, Mia Toretto played by Jordana Brewster head for Brazil to escape the law after a job with Vince Played by Matt Schulze went wrong.

Which leads to them being hunted by Luke Hobbs Played by Dwayne Johnson who along with Elena Played by Elsa Pataky begin to hunt them down.

Also returning are Roman Played by Tyrese Gibson, Tej Played by Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, Han Played by Sung Kang, Gisele played by Gal Gadot.

Reyes Played by Joaquim de Almeida who serves as the Film Main Antagonist.

Story wise the plot is very good because it features the return of many of the characters from the series which is very good and moves the series along. Plus the film requires you to pay attention or you'll miss something. Plus you see the characters grow in this film from the last films.

What drives the film like the other films is that the stunts from start to finish that defines The Laws of Physic and why I love this series because the cast and crew are always driven to push the limits and hold nothing back, Fast Five is the example of it.

There is just a lot for this film that I recommend seeing for yourself where you'll be amazed and how you can do a sequel with the right minds.

With awesome stunts, great action and plot you'll be glad you watch this film.

I give Fast Five an 8 out of 10
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I wasn't expecting much from this...but WOW.
mus_ne_1723 April 2011
I enjoyed the movie so much, that I came onto IMDb and registered myself just so that I can post a review.

The movie was packed with jaw dropping, eye popping action from beginning to end. The drama had a mix of sadness, comedy and seriousness which were all mixed in together so beautifully to give a consistency to keep the viewer starring at the screen and being involved in the movie rather than daydreaming about other things.

In my honest opinion I would say that it is the best Fast & Furious movie to date.

I want to go see it again!

(by the way, I realise that this isn't the best review in the world or might even be an awful review, the point is that I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and felt I should contribute to it's high average ratings).
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A shouldn't miss for "Fast and the Furious" fans!
lalitdevraj2 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly, this is the third "Fast and the Furious" movie I have seen but by far was this the best one! With an amalgamation of genres, this movie would possibly appeal to all types of viewers except those who love ROM-COMs! I loved how everyone came together to do the job; the same people I loved in the movies which I saw together made my day as there was so much to relate to! Not much racing as the others, but what is there truly keeps you glued to your seat. Screenplay was interesting, locations eye-catching and casting, already stated! It's one of those movies which you like a lot while watching it and then later think about what happened within it at random times. Yes, you may not want to give it a second view immediately or even soon after, but you just may replay those highlighted scenes, for example, when Vin Diesel and "The Rock" face off. That fight was intense and boy, was it gripping!

Overall, an enjoyable movie but the 9-10 band cannot include this movie. Why? You'll agree with your own reasons after you watch it. Simply a great movie, but great to that extent, not really.
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Definitely one of the best ones!
UniqueParticle26 January 2020
Amazing action, cars, solid story, comedic, and very entertaining! What more could you ask for except for epicness! I love all the badness in it and Tyrees Gibson is always a delight so is everyone else. Great Fast and furious for any fan of the series or not. Exhilarating as well too!
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Fast Five: The Big Climax Of The Franchise
CMTiago26 August 2013
Without a shadow of a doubt, The Fast And Furious Franchise reaches it's peak in this installment with breathtaking action and a sense of friendship and brotherhood shared by the lead characters. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker return and are joined by newcomer Dwayne Johnsson for the 5th Fast and Furious Movie, entitled ''Fast Five''. There's not much to say about this, the action movie of the year, except it's fantastic shots of Brazil, the heist plot that brings even more excitem«ent to the table and overall the continuation of the story of these characters we have come to love and support, as their bond streghtens over time.

In Conclusion, if you love the franchise then you can't miss it

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Sequels Are Getting Better Through Time
eric26200323 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Like a fine wine, "The Fast and the Furious" franchise just gets better and in "Fast Five" my theory reigns true. The first part of the installment was high-flying and vastly exciting. Then the sequel came out which was not up to hype as its predecessor was, and then I was starting to give up hope once "Tokyo Drift" was released, yes it was that bad. I really had lowered expectations when "Fast and the Furious" was released and to my surprise it rejuvenated my confidence in the franchise, but "Fast Five" exceeds all my expectations as one of the best movies of the bunch which is rare in the realm of tiring sequels and lazy remakes that the movie industry surreptitiously likes to promote. I mean "Lethal Weapon" has had very good sequels in its heyday and "The Terminator" not to mention "Rocky" as well. I never expected this franchise would survive the test of time; it's like an underdog in its own right.

The story on "Fast Five" is well above average. It's like a continuation from where we left off from the previous installment. The story involves Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and the gang conjures up a way to escape the seemingly endless array of escaping from the law and family issues. There's another subplot that centers on a drug kingpin and a missing computer chip. If you have a DVR you could fast forward those scenes because they're really not worth mentioning. Which is all good, but the main purpose to see this movie isn't due to the brilliant performances or a scintillating script. The hell with that! You're here for the exhibition of colorful, high-energized cars, the endless nonstop action and the attractive ladies. That's why you come to see this kind of movie.

As I mentioned before "Fast Five" won't win any Oscars or Golden Globes, but you know what? Who really give a damn? The performers like Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster and Sang Kang are all out to have a great time. And the chemistry within the characters is quite mesmerizing.

Of course it's all about the action in movies like these, which will leave you breathless. Such memorable scenes include the one where gangs confiscate cars from a moving train. Who in their right minds would do something so stupid and dangerous? Another is an awesome foot chase in the condemned slums of Brazil (the scenery is postcard perfect). It's where The Rock and The Vin embark in a battle that was one of the rare moments that was not dependent on CGI. Let's not forget about the climax but I won't give any spoilers away. Also be sure to stay around for the end credits to know what the next installment will be about.

Overall "Fast Five" offers exhilarating action, backed up with scintillating visuals, with a compelling story to keep you on edge and great acting for those who love action flicks.
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The Summer Begins Now!
cadillac2029 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Well, color me surprised. The Fast and The Furious has not been a series known for it's intelligence. Indeed, it's always been big, loud, and dumb. The original hit the right notes at the time of its release, appealing to many as a street racing film where few films has treaded before it. However, it's lackluster sequels failed to deliver. With the adrenaline rush of the original over and poor writing and acting all around, the sequels were nothing more than a series of poor imitations that could never recapture the thrills of the first film. So, it's with some surprise that Fast Five is arguably the best film in the series.

Fast Five ditches the street racing that made it's name in favor for being a heist film. In this particular case, we pick up right from where we left off, with Dom being busted out of his prison bus. They then flee to Rio where they take on a heist that goes haywire and eventually leads to the penultimate heist of the film. In the meantime, ruthless Agent Hobbs, who specializes in tracking and capturing people, arrives to catch out trio of outlaws. The film does a good job of not wasting any time and most of the serious moments are kept to a minimum in favor of heist scenes or action. And in the action department, the film delivers tenfold. Far bigger, louder, and more exciting than any F&F film before it, action junkies should find themselves thrilled by the impressive set pieces and testosterone-laced mix of car and foot action.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is still a F&F film. This means that the script is still pretty laughable and the acting leaves much to be desired. However, with that said, it's still a bit improved here. Vin Diesel still can't play up emotion very well, making his attempts at the more serious scenes here a bit laughable. Paul Walker doesn't fair much better and, unfortunately, even as a main character takes a back seat to Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. As action stars though, these three do a great job. In particular, the eventual confrontation between Diesel and Johnson is fantastic, with it being a brutal, WWE-esque rumble. The climactic scene alone is worth the price of admission. Though laughable, it's still an exciting, eye-popping scene that will leave you a little stupefied.

Certainly, you have to suspend much of your disbelief with your film. If you can't do that, you'll just find this entire film laughable and of poor entertainment value. For those who can though, this is a very entertaining film. And for fans, you'll certainly enjoy the film, with a well rounded cast from throughout the entire series coming together to pull off the impossible. It's definitely surprising to see that the fifth film in the series is the best, but I suppose that it's merely the evolution of F&F. With enough money, talent, and by pulling out all the stops, the franchise has finally capitalized on the over-the-top aspects that they had always seemed to go for. Suffice to say, action fans with enough suspension of disbelief will enjoy this immensely.
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Adrenaline pumping hardcore popcorn action done right
FuryoftheFilmFan30 April 2011
The weather is finally better, people are taking their clothes off all over the place and even though it is still spring time, summer movies are now officially kicking off and ladies and gentleman, we start this summer right with Fast Five. The Fast and Furious franchise is something of an acquired taste, a sort of guilty pleasure that hasn't really been shown the respect it has earned. It isn't known for any of the terms critics love to use when they complain about a movie, like intellectual dialogue, solid characterization or even anything remotely close to a thought provoking plot. No, what it excels in is another term that critics seem to have forgotten about. Popcorn, no that overpriced buttery stuff you get from a concession stand, I'm talking popcorn films! Energetic movies meant to entertain, a good solid waste of time! So what makes a good popcorn film? Well if this question is asked to the future filmmakers of tomorrow one need only to watch Fast Five to see a fine example of how to get it right. Director Justin Lin (who also directed the fast and the furious) makes a huge leap in directorial prowess by showing an incredible eye for action that every other director today should take note at. The man can film ACTION, and you know..In an action movie…that's kind of what you want and with that eye brings together an expendables version of the fast and furious franchise starring everyone's favorite fast and furious stars. Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) and his crew find themselves on the wrong side of the law once again as they try to deal with a drug lord and a federal agent that's hot on their trail. So , um…back to talking about the action. It is INNNNcredible. Oh man this is my kind of action, I seriously have not seen this kind of solid , non computer generated action in a very very long time and Justin Lins camera work is top notch. Every shot is deliberate and clean. Oh…so good. Aside from the action the other thing that makes this film work is the stars. Everyone from The Rock to Ludicrous play their characters great and have their own moments to shine. While the movie does slow down in the middle to what looks like Ocean's Eleven meets Fast and Furious, the stars are what keep this movie was falling apart. The movie at times felt like a parody of action films, filled with cheesy cliché's that are sometimes so subtle you'll miss it but Linn will toss another scene in there in case you did and often in hilarious ways . The rock is just so great, it's these roles he should be taking, not the flying fairy kind, he's so great in this film I would love to see a spin off with this very character of his, this cocky nonsense guy who just knows everything, and he really does know everything. Frankly, that's the only two things that this movie has going for it. Action and pretty people and in a popcorn film, that's all you need. So this one is easy folks, for those with their noses in the air looking for only citizen Kane caliber films to entertain them, you should know better, you know a fast and furious movie isn't for you. It's a vapid film that would have been unwatchable had it not been for its action and star power. But it pulls off being entertaining. So if you're looking for adrenaline pumping action , seat rumbling roars of the hottest cars , beautiful people looking beautiful even when being shot at then you got yourself the definition of a popcorn film, meant to entertain you in every single way and this is popcorn done right.
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A Nutshell Review: Fast Five
DICK STEEL2 May 2011
As far as franchise films go, The Fast and Furious series seem to be hitting the ground at top gear, with this installment not showing signs of slowing down, but prepping a new direction for future films to take, shifting gears from a film showcasing hot bodies (not solely just car chassis) and fast nox-enabled cars into the classic heist genre, given that it had that as its underlying premise from the first film, and now with a growing ensemble, are ready to give Ocean's Eleven a run for its money.

Rio De Janeiro provides the backdrop in which this installment takes place in (quite a popular location for films recently too), with the chief villain being Reyes (Joaquim de Almedia), a mobster with a businessman front, with his tentacles of vice and influence extending toward every part of the city. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) and the former's sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) hide out in the city as fugitives having broken Dom en route to prison at the end of Fast and Furious, and with the kind of money available for the taking to start a family of their own with Mia found to be pregnant, they decide to assemble a team, not to pass up the opportunity of robbing Reyes blind.

So in comes a whole host of characters whom we have seen in past films, such as Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Gisele (Gal Gadot), and even Han (Sung Kang) whom we know what happened to in Tokyo Drift, hence putting the chronology of the films at 1, 2, 4, 5 and 3, which is now sometime in the not so immediate future. Director Justin Lin takes on his 3rd film of the franchise and together with writer Chris Morgan have managed to introduce new elements to surprise audiences and fans up until this installment, keeping with the usual action laden elements, while bringing on new characters into the franchise, this time with Dwayne Johnson coming in as a no nonsense, dogged and persistent FBI operative Hobbs, with an arsenal of technology and attitude to aid him and his team in tracking down Dom and his crew.

And of course who cannot wait to see two tough guys in Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson go one on one with each other in a fisticuffs, especially since their time with family friendly films have taken a backseat to put them both firmly back into the action genre. It sets up new rivalry, while keeping the old between Dominic and Brian with the latter always keen to prove who's the better driver. And like most ensemble films, it's make or break given the character's appeal, and I'm glad to note they share this incredibly chemistry this bunch of highly skilled cons who each bring their know-how to the table in trying to pull off mission frickin' insanity, and everyone possessing a mean driver's license to power souped up vehicles.

And if it's action you're seeking, it's action you'll get in this film too, putting aside the rather rote and superficial theme of family and trust. There's no lack of races and wheels on the roads although I do note that there's not too much of signature cars to go around this time. Even a would be street race was unceremoniously cut off, although we do get it compensated with a four way race down two traffic lights amongst Roman, Dom, Brian and Han which was more of a fair competition since they were all essentially driving the same model. Then there's the big bang finale that you would have seen in the trailer, with Dom and Brian yanking a bank vault and travelling down the streets of Rio at top speed, in what would be a fittingly noisy last act destroying everything, and I mean everything, along their path, that has to be seen in a cinema to enjoy this guilt trip in sense surround glory.

Needless to say I am a fan of the franchise, and am excited about the direction this film would be going even if it would mean limiting the number of cars on the roads, since the film had already shown the potential of that chemistry between the cast and characters, and I'm eagerly anticipating more. From one fanboy and an action junkie to any other, this of course would be recommended fare.

Stay tuned while the end credits roll, and you'll be treated to a stinger that reaffirms and teases what's to come in the next film, with no less than two surprise appearances. But no, with the timeline, it'll take a while before Lucas Black will be able to link up with the guys. For an adrenalin pumping high octane entertaining film outing, Fast Five is that opener to a very noisy and crowded summer season to come.
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Best F'n'F yet
corey_dw19 April 2011
After varying degrees of success with the franchise, My faith that "Fast 5" could deliver on the hype was waning somewhat. However I am pleased to say the series has redeemed itself. Fast 5 pulls out all the stops this time around. It delivers on action, cars, quality acting and a decent storyline. It explores the character personalities showing more humor, fear, vulnerability and determination this time around which gives the movie strength and depth that was missing from previous Fast n Furious movies.

I found myself laughing out loud a few times at the subtle humor, and leaning forward for the action scenes which are truly amazing.

The Story is not predictable and will keep the surprises coming to the end. The Cast has matured and it shows in the quality of acting over previous F'n'F movies.


Good pace throughout the movie

Decent storyline and plot

Good Cast of actors/ actresses

Imaginative and inventive elements throughout

Plenty of "Wow" moments


Would be nice to have more screen time for the cars

a couple of cheesy moments ( but this adds to the humor of the film)

Overall: Highly recommended film, Just be sure to stay until the end of the credits!

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The fastest and most furious ride yet.
musanna-ahmed21 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Making a sequel to a film is never normally a good thing. They excite all the fans of the previous film(s) and then disappoint them with a production that is not better than the original. The same goes for a remake. Some films turn into a series where each film becomes worse – this has been the case with the Fast and Furious series. However this fifth film is one that outclasses its predecessors, read on to see why. Fast Five continues where Fast and Furious left off, with Dominic sentenced to 25 years in jail and the bus chase that was seen at the end involving Mia and Brian. The aftermath of their interception was that they managed to break Dom out of custody, dodged every authority, and have fled to Rio de Janeiro (where every Brazilian seems to be portrayed as a gun-toting thug). In order to break free, they attempt to pull off a 100 million dollar heist. It isn't long before they all become a few of the most wanted criminals. Their mission that rips through Brazil sees two on their tail – federal agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), who never lets anyone escape and corrupt drug lord Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) who wants them dead. That's not really a witty plot. And there aren't great performances guided by a witty script either so rule out suspenseful conversations and memorable dialogue. A merit goes to the Dwayne Johnson though – he was perfectly cast for his role and shows a lot more of his talky WWE side unlike his last film Faster where he was virtually on mute. But Fast and Furious has never been known for excelling in those aspects of filmmaking. It's known for the action scenes. And what spectacular action scenes there are in Fast Five. It takes it turn to be more of The Expendables instead of the previous films of the series by having a 'men on a mission' plot element and emphasising more on fighting than racing. There's more road rage in here than street racing, and for the record there's even an ex-wrestler versus action hero fight like there was when Stone Cold fist fought Sly Stallone. The first act of the film is fast and furious. It quickly takes the audience on a relentless train ride where we see a train robbery in process. This act quickly builds up a background for the story so the audience knows who, what, when, how and why the team are in Brazil. The second act revolves around the main plot element of the $100 million heist. The film decelerates slightly here when we see the crew plotting. Anyone who would have seen the details of the film beforehand would realise why – this lasts over 2 hours, longer than all of the previous films. The 10 minutes after a full two hours weren't really necessary but show us the aftermath of the third act, the hugely thrilling act. Any who feel frustrated at the pace of the second act – stay for the climactic scene in the third act. Think of Fast Five as the cinematic equivalent of a mindless muscular athlete. Can't talk a good game but can surely play a good game. We have all met that person, that guy who failed his exams but took the football pitch by storm at high school. Fast Five is as absent minded – plain characters and clunky dialogue. But the 'physical' side is where it amazes – the action scenes of course. It's like the men behind the camera decided to perfect the action scenes, the plot was secondary. Looking at this year's earlier films The Mechanic and The Green Hornet, it's safe to say that Fast Five has the best action sequences of the year yet, and is the best action film overall so far. Verdict: Forgive the simplicity of the script and get ready for the fastest and most furious ride yet.
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The BEST of the franchise!
AverageJoesReview8 April 2011
I've been a personal fan of the F&F series ever since the very first title was released. Once I saw that Fast Five was in production I immediately began hunting down a pass for its first showing, I was successful. Fast Five is everything we all love about the franchise, fast cars, beautiful women, and of course some nail biting action scenes.

Whether you're a long time fan of the movies, or a brand new viewer, this movie is a must see, you're guaranteed to get your moneys worth on this title.

Best movie I have seen in a long time, it even managed to remove the bad taste that was left in my mouth by Tokyo Drift.

This is going to be one of the biggest movies of the year, see it, or be left behind.

Rating- 10/10 -Average Joe
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A fun 'RIDE'
tilak7 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I had always loves the series and enjoyed all of them.This one ships with usual cliché and storyline.The chases are hair raising,dialogs are solid,and there are plenty of funny lines.All of this makes fast five a must watch although suspension of belief if always there in Hollywood entertainment movies.This film follows a tight script with lots of twists and turns although all of them may not surprise you.Plot is really convincing and carried forward by amazing cinematography and editing.Director cleverly choose between amazing camera angles,which editor had turned into a edge of the seat scenes. This film never misses the beat even when there are short emotional moments in the movie.
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The first sequel in the series that's actually worth your dollar
blackmambamark1 May 2011
Sure the original was something fresh, new, and somewhat original. But the sequels have been anything but. Yeah i know it's high octane fun, but you can say the same thing about Michael Bay films. Am i saying that these sequels are as bad as Michael Bay films? No, but each one offers nothing new, well, unless you count drifting, and that isn't saying a lot. Hopefull this new installment can bring something fresh to the table.

I never thought i would say this, but i actually enjoyed this movie. I went in with low expectations, and came out pretty damn satisfied. Sure the movie had a lot of the same moving parts, but what really made this one stand out is how it actually changed the pace of how they normally do things.

First, they didn't have a damn drag race every 10 minutes. In fact, they barely had any. Which really is a genius idea, because when the time did come to have an awesome driving sequence, you were begging for it. Finally, someone with brains stepped into this movie and said let's save all of our bullets and unleash them in the end.

So with a series that relies heavily on their driving sequences and less on their script, how do you keep your audience entertained? Well, the first step is to incorporate another major actor, enter The Rock. Next, you really need to buff up your script. Okay, here is where it gets both good and bad. It's good because the movie takes a ton of it's credit from the "Ocean 11" films. Yeah, it's stealing an idea, but it injecting more action into it, which is pretty cool. But the reason why i say it's also bad, is because it's still packed with bad cheesy one-liners, poor acting, and some really tarnished plot outlines. But does that take anything away from the fun.......not really.

Bottom Line, okay people, here is your first action movie worth seeing this year. No, i am not one of those people who hold these 'Fast and Furious' films on a high pedestal. Not since the first one have i given anything over a decent review. But i can say with confidence that this one is actually worth your hard earned dollar. Sure it's slightly cheesy, packed with impossible action, and sure it steals some plot outlines from other films, but i like i said earlier, it's still fun to watch. So with that being said, the question this the best one in the series? I still say no, but this movie comes damn close. Closer that any of the other ones, thats for damn sure. On a time line, this should have followed up the original
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Stop making these! Please
Instantdeath23 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
OK, You know when you're in trouble when the die hard F&F fans behind you burst into hysterical laughter at the movie's very first stunt, but then again,so did the whole cinema.

This film is the classic metaphor for the postmodern tripe that Hollywood has had the misfortune of ever getting into bed with since Get Rich or Die'd think they would have taken a lesson.

It also is the classic overly used unrealistic stunts, like the ones we would usually see in the 80's muscle films. Classic example, 5mins into the film, Vin Disiel drives a car off a train, but hits the ground square on the nose and you see the wheel blink and the car is back to pristine condition......? And it was boring, yes extremely boring, for a driving film, they're was about 15mins max, the rest seemed to concentrate on developing love interests and avoiding the occasional rabid mob.

In this case - get cars, get paid and get lost................(that's pretty much how grammatically fluid the script was).

Plot - Once AGAIN ex FBI agent and Vin Disiel go about looking for top of the range cars as they're still broke and off the Radar, only this time in Brazil, one last job etc etc etc. FBI sends they're best man, who happens to be a pro wrestler ( but out acts all in the film by a long shot) and his muscle bound team of trigger happy feds. But there's a Rio business man/gangster with all this cash just hanging about in safe houses (how convenient), which they proceed to rob. Yawn! There are many faults with this film, but my top 5 gripes are thus: 1. The script & dialogue. Seems to be written by a middle school kid who is flunking at English. 'You Family' 'We Hungry' ' did yo slap or tap that Excuse me? Scripts....and Films like this (using the term loosely) justify film piracy. If refunds where available, who honestly wouldn't demand one after this garbage.

We get all the usual propaganda about how it funds terrorism and the other political mantras. This Film justifies the murder of cops, stealing cars and excruciatingly bad acting. Please can we have a law in the future which states that actors have to be part of the actors gild or trained to an acceptable standard ( by acceptable, not hitting out with this urban degeneration of English).

2. The cops just switch sides.......yes the cops that have no other goal but to hunt down and bring these men to justice, just change sides and help the bad guys out...............seriously, now get lost. And more to the point, why does the female cop instantly fall head over heels for someone who is in the same circuit that killed her husband, I found it was cringe worthy as the two of them swaggered up to the beach house at the end.

3. The 'we need a team to pull off this last job' Cant we make films about someones first job instead, its exemplifies the person who is sick of their day job, in this case, nicking cars and getting paid loads of cash.....but you can see the hypocrisy there. The team..........totally being ripped from Oceans 11 and Gone in 60 seconds films. The fringe characters from the previous F&F films, (I never did watch Toyko Drift so I didn't have a clue as to who the Japanese guy was. I can feel my blood pressure rising as I type.

4. They manage to rob a police station with more troops on the ground than America has in Afghanistan and Iraq and not take one single causality. Dragging a 10 tonne high security safe along with two medium range size cars??????? Who the hell where the two Brazilian freaks who did...... well, what exactly? Jumped around spewing out jokes with would only appeal to someone with the IQ of a demented Badger. The indoor training to beat the cameras where they needed invisible cars. So the highest security office in Brazil doesn't realise that 4 of its muscle cars, ( yes that's right the Brazilian police instead of Fords have supped up NOS guzzling super cars as basic patrol vehicles) are missing? And then it transpires that they don't need them. But just to keep a low profile, they drag race them along Rio main intersection.......Yeah sure, trying to be inconspicuous.

5. The big happy ending for everyone,......... laughable. Once again the cinema was in hysterics, not at the badly time jokes from Tyrese ' His agent should be shot for war crimes for introducing him to Hollywood' Gibson and his obvious comic relief character as, quite Frankly, no one can take him seriously. The Japanese guy and the ex-military bird just speeding around Germany in a super-car. The two Brazilians gambling in Monaco........

For a team of people who wanted to just disappear, they managed to annihilate a whole squadron of police cars, assault Brazil's maximum security police station, destroy half of Rio, Kill about 40+ police officers and then for their retirement, buying the rarest cars in the world ( always the best way to lie low for a while)..........which government in the world wouldn't seriously just unleash the death squads against them after the above.??????? Hopfully, this is the end of this terrible franchise and hopefully the end of most actors careers in this steaming pile of you know what.

Watch at your own peril
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Best from its franchise
marius-jugariu23 April 2011
Yesterday night, watching Fast Five at the cinema, I was surprised to see a standing ovation at the end of the movie as well as loads of clapping during the movie for a series of scenes - this is the first movie that I've witnessed such thing.

People that paid for the ticket had high expectations and it was worth it. There was a bit for everyone: good comedy, nice cars, very dynamic and full of action, thrill and last but not least very good acting from Vin, Dwayne and the others.

All in all it was well worth the money, it was obviously the best from its franchise and I am really looking forward to the F&F 6.
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fraf-trowbridge14 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Having heard (when the trailer was first released) that this was going to be the last in the "Fast and Furious" franchise I went in expecting to see all the lose ends tide up but instead I found more were made than were tide. It's a great movie and I love all the characters (each one has a great story and depth behind them) but the fact that in the fourth one Letty is meant to have died whilst trying to get the man she loves - Dom - back into the US and is shown in a photo and believed to be alive in Berlin without telling her beloved where she is, is slightly confusing. Also at the start of the fourth it is meant to show what happened to Han before he wound up in Tokyo Drift (where he met his doom (weep)) and he as well as the audience seemed pretty convinced that he was heading straight there, but he somehow finds his way into Fast and Furious 5 because he hasn't quite made it to Tokyo yet - to confusing for my liking although I couldn't stop smiling when the whole gang is brought together - great idea and fabulous surprises - I can't wait the sixth one (confused that there is a sixth one though)!!!
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Fast Five (2011) - The Biggest Thrill in the Whole Series!
nickmesafilms7 October 2011
The fifth installment of the hit "Fast and the Furious" franchise, "Fast Five", is bigger, better, thrilling, amazing, and it's so entertaining. This story is set in Rio de Janeiro, right after the events of the fourth movie, where Dominic Toretto, Mia Toretto, and Brian O' Connor teams up with everyone from the previous movies, to plan a $100,000,000 heist from the most powerful hit-man in all of Rio, without being caught by Agent Lucas Hobbs. The action is exhilarating, and it kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting for more. The plot is remarkable, and it has a heart of gold contained with drama and action. The cast of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, "Ludacris", and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who stole the show for his new performance as Agent Lucas Hobbs, was all quite spectacular, and they brought thrilling and heartwarming characters. Justin Lin was the perfect director to arrange such a movie like this, with all the action, the timing, and the energy. The cinematography and editing is super challenging and enjoying, and the script by Chris Morgan is a heart of gold. The directing is top-notch, the action is exhilarating, the cast is perfect, the plot is excellent, and the finale blends with a perfect notch of surprise. "Fast Five" is known as an epic, thrilling, funny, heartwarming, and excellent movie that I was entertained with all that high non-stop thrills and chills. "Fast Five", in my review, "an exhilarating thrill ride, with a story to die for".
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Not a hint of realism...
Cowzilla1529 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Now, this movie had its strengths... and its weaknesses... First off, great acting. All actors were superb. Good action scenes, nice action shots and cinematography. The script was a bit shabby.. But I need to vent about my main issue with this title... It doesn't have any realism in the movie at all. None.

First example: A car drives in front of a bus, they were going fairly fast but it should not have had THIS outcome.. The bus hits the back of car. The bus is then propelled 20-30 feet into the air, lands, and is ripped to shreds. No fatalities either, and somehow they snuck an inmate out from the scene of the crime without a soul knowing about it. The bus flying through the air from a minor collision like that is what really angered me.

Second example: An all-terrain vehicle speeds along next to a train. Not only does it stay with the train for a good 10 minutes in the exact same spot without any trouble adjusting to the trains speed, but it is clamped on with enough stability that a team of 2 can use plasma cutters to cut a wall large enough to smuggle a car out of. I liked the idea, but it wasn't put together properly. To make things worse, after a few cars are smuggled out, a final car, with about 2 feet of room to gain momentum with, had enough speed to make an enormous leap off of the train and land perfectly with smooth sailing the rest of the way. This is followed by two men in the car flying off of a cliff large enough to kill anybody landing in the water below. In the real world, limbs would have been lost. They land like it was nothing.

Third example (this takes the cake): An armored vehicle plows through the walls of a police station.. I'm okay with this. Two Chargers pull up, chain themselves to this 10 ton vault, and have enough traction and friction to pull the entire vault off of the wall and out of the building. In a real world situation, the cars would make no progress and spin out, or the chains would break... and they take off! Speeding through Rio with a 10 ton vault, wrecking down buildings, smashing cars, dodging people, and smashing everything else in sight. This really irritated me. It even went through a large concrete building, the chain being strong enough to tear the building apart. I have no clue how this is even plausible. The vault then flies around smashing everything in its path again, still being pulled by these two wimpy cars. Eventually, the police catch up. The drivers suddenly have the dexterity to move the vault and fling it to their will. They smash some more cop cars, cause more collateral damage, and then decide they are going to split up. One Charger takes the vault on its own, and another takes off in the opposite direction. This solo driver suddenly has even more dexterity, and flings the vault around some more, taking out cop cars left and right, killing people exactly how he "planned it". Like I said earlier, if you are pulling a vault the size of a building around in a solitary car, the tires would not have enough traction to continue, and the car wouldn't have enough horsepower to drag that monstrosity around.

It goes on and on, I wish I could actually watch this movie without those three examples. It would be great. I loved the rest of it. But, save all this junk for a sci-fi movie... I can stand small amounts of movies being non-realistic, there are exceptions.. But not taking realism into consideration at all is a bit of a downer. Apparently physics don't apply to anybody living in Rio De Janeiro.
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Best since the original.
Troy_Campbell21 April 2011
"Home sweet home" utters Diesel's beefcake criminal Dom Toretto to Walker's baby-faced ex-cop Brian O'Conner as they sit in Toretto's souped up muscle car ready to race along the streets of Rio de Janeiro. There's more than a hint of irony in this; fans of the Fast franchise will know exactly what Dom means. The sequels spawned from the highly successful first film have been a mixed bag appealing to different tastes. Some have been mildly entertaining in their own way, but the one major issue they've all shared is a lack of recurring characters and follow-on narratives. 2009's Fast & Furious partially rectified that by having the main four from the original movie return, but it's this fifth entry that really starts to bring the whole series together.

There's supporting characters from every instalment featured here – Matt Schulze's Vince from number one; Tyrese's big-mouthed Roman and Ludicrous' Tej from 2 Fast 2 Furious; Sung Kang's charismatic Han from Tokyo Drift; and Gal Gadot's sexy Gisele from F&F – with a post-credits cameo to cap it off. Scribe Chris Morgan has obviously done his homework as, in addition to the 'who's who' line-up of co-stars, there are references to the previous movies (and characters that don't appear) and he introduces subplots that help build on earlier story lines. This integration of the Fast universe, along with the marvellously tongue-in-cheek mood, notches up a level of interest not before seen in the car-crazy franchise.

After taking a new course with Tokyo Drift, and failing to impress with Fast & Furious, filmmaker Justin Lin has well and truly ignited the series with exciting set pieces and lashings of well placed humour. He still struggles to effectively call the shots when exposition (or mere conversation) is required; however he clearly has a handle on shooting the various fast-paced action scenes. There is a spectacular heist of luxury cars aboard a train (with a marvellously ridiculous denouement); a Bourne-esque free-running chase along roof tops; and a bruising hand-to-hand melee between The Rock and big Vin.

Of the major stars, it's Fast newcomer Dwayne Johnson who shines the brightest. His epic bad-ass cop makes Toretto look like an absolute sissy, which is no easy feat. He also boasts many of the film's greatest lines and comes away looking the least corny – something Diesel and Walker are evidently use to by now. The chalk and cheese pairing of the two wannabe action stars brings with it a decent slab of shonky acting. Chrome-domed Diesel is especially silly and unconvincing when required to open his mouth, but he looks good behind the wheel of a car and adds plenty to the unapologetic macho atmosphere.

Thanks to Morgan's decent script, Lin's solid grasp on the action and Johnson's tough-as-nails turn, this latest addition to a franchise that appeared to be running on fumes has just stepped on the gas.

3.5 out of 5 (1 - Rubbish, 2 - Average, 3 - Good, 4 - Great, 5 - Brilliant)
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Fast, Furious and MORONIC!!!
jay-mail126 April 2011
I cannot think of a dumber film...just cannot! This film's plot, direction and acting are an insult to one's intelligence. I am all for action films, love them, but only if they can suspend my disbelief, in other words, take me into the film, get me involved, make me care about the characters and know everything I see is amazing but still possible.

This piece of cinematic and dramatic garbage had people in the audience laughing, not with the movie, but LAUGHING AT IT! Laughing at the awful dialogue and the corny, clapped out scenarios and character types, and groaning at the drivel that tried to pass itself off as classy entertainment.

Mabe the experts are right after all; the youth of today are getting dumber, maybe due to preoccupation with computer games...

If all you want is; violence, devoid of realism and blood, car crashes and 'gee they missed them again with that shotgun at close range' then this is the film for you! WARNING: If you have a modicum of intelligence, check your brain at the door, better still, go completely stonkered drunk, maybe then you will have some fun!
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Total braindeath
DaXia7 May 2011
I saw this movie with expectations. The IMDb score were at the time 7.9, so I thought that this movie would be pretty good, but trust me, its not! What bothers me the most about this movie is the extreme stupidity and lack of logic. For example, in the beginning of the movie the team is raiding a train to steal cars located in the last carriage. A few carriages a head there are some police officers. They don't hear when the team uses blow torches to open the wall of the train carriage containing the cars resulting in the whole carriage wall ripping of, but when 1 shot is fired inside the carriage containing the cars, they suddenly get aware of the raid.

Another example is when some characters are chased by police officers on some rooftops and vigorously time after time survives 30 feet jumps from rooftops down to the concrete street without a scratch.

However, the most unrealistic and stupid scene is a car chase in the end of the movie. I wont spoil it for you but trust me, you will laugh or cry as all the laws of physic and logic are boldly defied.
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