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Maybe the most hilarious episode yet
jimjo12166 May 2010
The "paintball" episode is hilarious! After the usual pre-titles opening scene, the entire episode is shot to look like an action movie. That's what's great about "Community": the sense of heightened reality. It allows for some wonderfully absurd satire.

In this episode ("Modern Warfare"), the entire student body at Greendale is engaged in a last-one-standing paintball war. Everyone wants to win The Prize. (The prize itself is a great satire on the college experience.) Armed with paintball guns, our heroes make their way through a war-torn campus, ever wary of the glee club who might snipe them from the trees.

The episode is filled with classic action movie moments: slow-motion moves, jumping off walls, sliding on floors, tragic "deaths", suspicions of betrayal, hails of gunfire, and Mexican stand-offs galore.

Joel McHale runs around in a sweaty wife-beater while his buddies wear battle gear. People are dodging paint pellets, ducking for cover, ambushing their enemies, and avenging their fallen friends. Not your typical day at school.

The hilarity is topped off by Senor Chang's (Ken Jeong) appearance toward the end as a bada** mercenary for the dean. (The music alone makes his entrance priceless.)

"Community" has proved over its first season that it's a fresh new sitcom that knows comedy. Each character brings something different to the table and the show is witty and absurd and full of satire. I like some episodes better than others, but I absolutely LOVED this wonderful homage to action flicks. This is "Community" at its most inspired. Brilliant.
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Outstanding Episode
vatosloco8924 September 2014
This is the first episode of Community that will later define and characterize typical Community-episodes.

The first few minutes start as usual. But then after Jeff wakes up, he wakes up in a post-war scenery....

This episode is depicted as a kind of parody, but also kind of an homage to action movies. It is not that much exaggerated as parodies are most times. Parody episodes are just about making fun of the clichés....but in this episode of Community it fits all in. The whole story of the Season arc is developing, you get the know the cast better, more important: you get to know the atmosphere and state- of-mind at the Community college better, and all these nice developing scenes are surrounded with brilliant action scenes. The plot is very well and it looks like they made right choices everywhere (Chang as the psycho Headhunter, the slow-mo scenes).

And then sometimes, you briefly leave the action scenery for a quick moment of reality "in a TV series" and find yourself sucked in from the happenings only to realize "oh it's only blood..no paint!" :D

One of the best early episodes, outstanding from the other episodes so far...in a different way. Community has more of these nice half-parody, half-homage episodes and all of them are good.

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In honor of "Community"- a review of every episode. (S1;E23- "Modern Warfare")
MaximumMadness20 January 2017
(This is the twenty-third part in an ongoing series, in which I am writing brief reviews of each and every episode of Dan Harmon's beloved cult- comedy "Community." Originally conceived as a response to NBC's cancellation of the series before it was revived for its final season on Yahoo.)

This is it. The big one. The episode to end all episodes.

This... Is... Paintball.

At this point, there's almost no introducing "Modern Warfare", the twenty-third episode in the first season of Dan Harmon's "Community." It's kind of transcended the series in a strange way. Having become sort-of a mythical symbol of not only the series as a whole, but all high-concept and themed episodes in television at large. It's famous. Beloved. Iconic. Every time someone talks about television and one- off episodes that stand alone, "Modern Warfare" is one of the first things to pop up. And it's definitely for good reason. This just might be not only one of the finest episodes of the season... it might be one of the best episodes of the entire series... And it also might just be one of the best half-hours of television to air in the past ten years.

A loving send-up to all things action and adventure, we follow Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) as he awakens from a nap in his car to discover that Greendale has degenerated in a sort-of post-apocalyptic wasteland. A result of a campus-wide game of paintball announced that afternoon by Dean Pelton. (Jim Rash) Jeff slowly begins tracking down other members of the study-group, who have become ruthless warriors in a struggle to attain the grand price of the tournament- Priority Registration that would allow whoever wins to pick and choose their classes for the following semester before anyone else. And they will be forced to fight against roving gangs of other students and corruption at the highest of levels in their attempts to win!

Part of the great appeal of "Modern Warefare" is that it is quintessential "Community" in virtually every sense... only dialed up to 11 on the insanity scale. The series is renowned and beloved for its wonderful postmodern meta sensibilities, and in every sense "Modern Warefare" is the most dramatic and hilarious example of this. It's one of the most dense and outlandishly hilarious episodes of the series, and virtually every scene... every line of dialog... every visual cue is a callback to something. Whether it be "Die Hard", "Warriors" or "Escape from New York", almost every single aspect in its 22 minute length is a loving homage.

It also doesn't hurt that the episode is helmed by famed action- movie director Justin Lin and written by the talented writer/producer Emily Cutler. Together, the two perfectly capture the essence of the action-adventure genre with ease and deliver laughs and thrills with great consistency. You'll be surprised by just how exciting the episode it, and how Cutler is able to raise the stakes while Lin thrills with dynamic camera-work and top-notch editing. The cast also shines wonderfully, and it's one of those great episodes that gives both Jeff and Gillian Jacob's Britta a lot of keen development and great moments. Which is always appreciated as they are my favorite characters in the series. There's also a few nice sequences with Yvette-Nicole Brown's Shirley, whom often is overlooked in the series.

There's really no other way around it. "Modern Warfare" is a triumphant and iconic episode in "Community" history. A benchmark for the series that came out of nowhere and thrilled audiences. And even to this day, it remains a favorite for fans the world over. "Modern Warfare" easily earns a perfect 10 out of 10.
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One of the best concept episodes ever! Aside from S3 E4
Brave_TraveIor26 May 2018
As I'm making my way through what is a insanely flawless TV series I stumble across a gem---a half parody with homage all rolled into 30 minutes. This episode is the grand slam of the season where you say finally, "Dan Harmon and the creative minds behind this series are truly gifted!!" Now I know what the list of the most creative things about this series and why paintball is so special! Since I'm just watching community for the first time ever, it took me around 5-6 episodes to get it and I wondered why the most unique-special-stand out episode was right towards the end, and after processing it I came to the conclusion that this season was paced perfectly. It grew and grew as you went along. Something began to happen where you started noticing all these high concept episodes and pop culture vibe about this show making it one of the best comedies I've ever seen!! I thought I had seen the last of all the great comedies since The office and arrested development. Sure, Brooklyn 99 is consistently great and you can count on having a good time watching the good place. Theres been funny series since I've binged the office a couple of years ago but nothing that filled the void and parks and rec couldnt do it BUT community does! It's a stand out comedy as one of the best and this episode is one of the best episodes I've ever seen executed in a series!!!

If you're having doubts about this show having just begun watching it, hang in there it turns into a complete monster and will you have you laughing like crazy and in awe at the creative juices! Joel McHale is essential to this and it's awesome to see Donald Glover before he created his own series. You will mark this episode "Modern Warfare" as the one episode to go with the mount Rushmores of best high concept episode of all time!
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