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Nearly each episode features a family dinner. This was at Tom Selleck's request to keep a sense of family. He also states that this scene is usually one of the longest ones to shoot. The family dinner happens always each Sunday around 17:00 to 17:30.
Although they play father and son, Len Cariou is only five years and four months older than Tom Selleck.
The actors who play Jack and Sean (Danny's kids) are brothers in real life in which Jack is the older brother and Sean the younger.
The home used to portray Frank Reagan's home is located at 8070 Harbor View Terrance, Brooklyn, New York.
Frank Reagan often states, "I'm the Police Commissioner. I know everything". In the Jesse Stone films, in which Tom Selleck also stars, Jesse Stone frequently states, "I'm the Police Chief. I know everything".
Commissioner Reagan makes a speech about "The big things in life being easy; it's the small stuff that's hard." Tom Selleck uses exactly the same dialogue as General Eisenhower in Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004).
Filming nearly relocated from New York City to Toronto because city and state tax credit programs had expired. New York State offers a program which provides qualifying film and television productions a 30% credit for qualified production expenditures plus an additional 5% if the production is made in New York City.
In Blue Bloods: Justice Served (2013) you can see that Jamie carries a picture of his late brother Joe tucked inside his police hat. This also appears to be the same picture of Joe that's shown in the beginning of the show's pilot episode on Frank's bureau while Frank is getting ready to attend Jamie's graduation from the Police Academy. The actor shown in the photo is uncredited.
Barney Miller (1975) was also the 12th precinct.
Shares cast members with the FX drama Rescue Me (2004). Andrea Roth, Robert John Burke, Bruce Altman, and Jennifer Esposito all appear in both dramas. Blue Bloods and Rescue Me both take place in New York City. Blue Bloods involves the NYPD and Rescue Me the FDNY. They come from a pool of "New York Actors". When watching any Law & Order (1990) episodes, one can see those same actors to include some of the judges and attorneys who are the same as on Law & Order (1990).
Often times that Henry talks with Frank, he refers/calls him by his birth name, Francis. He is the only one in whole cast to do it.
Each member of the Reagan family represents a virtue according with their age and daily life:

-Henry (Wisdom): As the retired Police Commissioner, he uses his experience as adviser for his family, contrasting the time when he was young to modern times.

-Frank (Temperance): As Police Commissioner, he struggles with protocol rules and internal procedure, mediating with problematic cops, as well as political affairs with other authorities like NYC's Mayor.

-Danny (Justice): As a NYPD Detective, he investigates high level crimes (murder, mafia, gangs, sexual abuse, drugs, white collar theft), sometimes related with important criminals.

-Jamie (Honesty): As a NYPD Police Officer, he investigates low-rate crimes at street level (vandalism, domestic altercations, aggression, assault, fights, blue collar theft), as well as he tries to ensure that other cops don't violate the law.

-Erin (Integrity): As Assistant District Attorney, she investigates possible fraud or corruption in police/judicial cases, in addition to get to condemn to the guilty by the crimes committed.

-Linda (Compassion): In the work she performs as nurse, she helps to heal patients from their diseases, in addition to trying to bring balance in any possible family discussion.

-Nicky (Idealism): As a teenager and high school student, she is a rebel who protests against the injustices of the world, criticizing them to her family.

-Jack & Sean (Innocence): As children, they question the adult world, the rules that exist in it and how they work, frequently during the family dinner.
In Blue Bloods: Flags of Our Fathers (2015) Henry Reagan claims to have met Frank Serpico. Serpico was an cop in the late 60s and early 70s and one of the first ones to report about the high level of corruption in the New York Police Department at those time. Eventually he was played by Al Pacino in Serpico (1973).
In Frank Reagan's office, on the wall at the right of the door can be seen a photo of the Twin Towers in silhouette with red sky and the sun between them at sunrise depicting a phenomenon called Manhattanhenge. This happens when sunlight matches exactly in a straight line with a street, avenue or between buildings.
In Frank Reagan's office, on the wall at the left of the door can be seen a photo of Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), 26th President of the United States for two terms (1901-1909). In 1901, as Governor of New York just before he was elected President, Roosevelt made some reforms in the NYPD to cancel the old Police Commission founded in 1845 in order to create the charge of Police Commissioner, the job held by Frank Reagan.
Commissioner Reagan shares a first and middle name with Hill Street Blues (1981) Captain Francis (Frank) Xavier Furillo.
Bruce Altman is credited under the character name "Mayor Frank Russo" throughout season 1, but the name is never actually mentioned in dialogue or shown in print. When he makes a return appearance in Season 3, his character is introduced as "Former Mayor Robert Levitt".
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Frank Reagan has four children, three boys and a girl: Danny, Jamie, Joe (who died in the line of duty months before the premiere) and Erin. The only non-cop in the family is also the only daughter. Erin works as the Assistant District Attorney.
Amy Carlson's character, Linda Reagan, is a nurse. In Third Watch (1999) Amy Carlson's character, Alex Taylor, is a paramedic.
The middle name of Joe, Frank's eldest son who was killed in the line of duty, is Conor.
During Season 2, episode 5 the ending theme music of the western Tom Selleck's character (Frank Reagan) and his grandkids were watching, was the same ending theme music to "Quigley Down Under" starring Tom Selleck .
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In Season 1, Frank Reagan is seen carrying a snub nose .38 Special with a 2" barrel given to him by his former commissioner father, who got it from his father. Upon close examination of high resolution photos stills, the revolver is a modified Colt .38 Special given the "Fitz treatment". Such treatment having originated with a Henry Fitzgerald who worked at Colt. The barrel was shortened from 4" to 2", the trigger guard opened, and the hammer cut down.
Not counting the Jesse Stone TV films, this is the third mystery/crime series for Tom Selleck after Magnum, P.I. (1980) and Murder, She Wrote (1984) (he repeated his role as Magnum in a crossover episode).
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While Will Estes (Jamie Reagan) acts as an NYPD uniformed Police officer on Blue Bloods (2010), he also appears as a Gotham City uniformed Police officer Simon Jansen in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Some of Gotham City's exterior shots were filmed in New York due to Gotham City being compared to NYC.
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Despite their last name, the Reagan clan are not a relation of Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), the actor who eventually became the 40th President of the United States for two terms (1981-1989).
In several episodes, Jamie can be seen watching CFL (Canadian) football. In "Personal Business" (2016), footage of the Montreal Alouettes playing the Toronto Argonauts can be seen in the background while Jamie talks to Eddie Janko.
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Danny's address is 1712 Amboy.
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All the Reagan names have four or five letters: Henry, Frank, Danny, Jamie, Nicky, Linda, Peter (Frank's deceased older brother) and Betty (Henry's deceased wife) with five, and Erin, Jack, Sean and Mary (Frank's deceased wife) with four. The only one exception known is Joe (Danny, Erin and Jamie's deceased brother) with three, although Frank's real name is Francis and Jamie's is Jameson.
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The actress who played "Nicky Reagan-Boyle" in the pilot is Marlene Lawston. That was her only performance in "Blue Bloods." The actress who plays Nicky for the rest of the series is Sami Gayle.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In Blue Bloods: Men in Black (2013) it is revealed that Frank Reagan had an older brother, Peter Christopher Reagan, who died at 18 months of leukemia. This loss caused Betty (Frank's mother) to make the decision to not have more children. It implies that both Henry and Frank have lost a son in the family after Joe Reagan (Frank's son) died in the line of duty.
In Blue Bloods: This Way Out (2013), Mayor Poole (David Ramsey) is shot by a developmentally disabled teenager, injuring his backbone and left him in a wheelchair, turning Poole in the only one New York City's mayor to be paraplegic. It's a nod for Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), 32nd President of the United States during four terms (1933-1945) and the only one to being in a wheelchair (due to the polio, a very common disease at those times).
This the second series for Tom Selleck and Len Cariou after Murder, She Wrote (1984). Selleck appeared in one episode as detective Thomas Magnum, repeating his role from Magnum, P.I. (1980), meanwhile Cariou was a recurrent character, CIA Agent Michael Hagerty. Therefore, they didn't share a scene.
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