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Funny show that no one will know about unfortunately
cherronw6 January 2012
Don't get me wrong, the pilot episode left a lot to be desired. It was very forced and awkward. However, it got much better just by the 2nd episode. I don't find Modern Family funny, whatsoever and I am confused why people like it. This show deserves a second chance from NBC, I mean they had the Paul Reiser show for crying out loud! Not to mention 2 seasons of Outsourced, which was horrible! I think that if you like shows like How I Met Your Mother, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or the Office you would like this show. I also don't know why people dislike Olivia Munn so much. She is funny and pretty! I don't think she is really like the character she plays on Perfect Couples, she is just acting folks...
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Was Poised for a great 2nd season
cpthollywood20 June 2011
This show had potential to be quite good.

This and a similar program (Happy Endings) were both new this season. Thought this one was much funnier and entertaining. It is quirky and requires a few episodes to 'get' the characters and humour, but once you do, it really takes off.

I found the last few episodes to be great, and though I was on the fence for the first few, I was sold toward the end and would have stuck with it. Versus a flat, boring story line (like most new "couples" comedies) this one was slightly over-the-top and fun to watch. A show like that stands out from others that blend in with normality. This would have picked up a larger audience with every season it ran, whereas the others would have lost many to boredom.

VERY upset to see this was dropped. Bad move.
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Best show in years
xnailsx22 March 2011
I do not understand why more people are not watching this show. It is downright hilarious! In my opinion, this is the best show on TV since The Office or Arrested Development. The humor is great and full of wit and sarcasm. I don't think a lot of people understand that some of the character's actions and motives are supposed to be silly at times. This show is a C-O-M-E-D-Y, not some real-life take on the world. It is better understood if you watch it from the beginning to fully understand the characters and how they all relate (which can be viewed for free on NBC's site), but it is not necessary, just helps. The acting is good (again, it's a comedy, not Titanic), and the writing is fantastic. They are able to blend that fine line of silly humor with dry wit in a way that few other shows can. Do yourself a favor and check out the show as soon as you can.
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One of the best
selfobssesed5 May 2011
I had to register to IMDb only to comment on this awesome show. I'm so disappointed with NBC. I couldn't believe when i read that they are cancelling the show. It was an awesome show. Great characters and dialogue and it was so funny! I loved it! My Favorite couple was Dave and Julia, they had some really funny moments. I think this show deserve a second chance and that NBC really should reconsider their decision about cancelling the show. I really do feel that this show is much funnier than some of the shows that they have. I'm a big fan of this show and just waiting for the moment that this show gonna come back to air! only 10+!
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Fun show about people and relationships
foOki25 February 2011
I'm kinda confused by the negative reviews and low scores here so I thought I'd give my 2 cents. I'm thinking that a lot of people leaving negative reviews may actually find 2 and a 1/2 men funny. There are so many bad comedies around, and there aren't many based around couples that aren't sitcoms and that don't feel really forced, so for me Perfect Couples is exactly what I like watching.

It has great acting, fun characters that are appealing with characteristics that anyone can associate with, and snappy editing. And while Olivia Munn's character 'is' annoying, she is actually really good in her role.

Anyway, would love this show to stick around for a while, and if you're a fan of comedies such as Road Trip, Buying the Cow, or Tomcats, then you should like this. Otherwise, don't watch it, and stop whining.
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Great Show
baby_r_0522 February 2011
The Pilot didn't impress me much but i decided to give it a shot. I love it now it's one of my favorite shows!Its a great show worth the watch. The characters are very interesting. I love the fact that all the couples are different and also deal with issues differently. Anyone that has ever been in a relationship can relate to this show. It raises everyday issues that face couples. It is a nice comedy show to watch and relax with a nice sense of humor. People that don't find it funny clearly have no sense of humor. Every time it ends it leaves me wanting to watch more. The last episode "Perfect Crime" was the funniest one yet!. I actually watched it twice! and it was funny both times around. I really hope this show sticks around for another season because I will definitely be watching. Watch it!
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Much better after the pilot
livinlife4231 January 2011
The pilot for Perfect Couples was OK. It felt staged and the parts that could have been funny often weren't. Conceptually, I could see the humor but it wasn't coming through. But, I saw the potential in this show. The concept behind each couple is interesting and funny, so I gave it another shot. The second episode was hilarious! It had so much more depth, both in the characters and in the comedy. The whole episode came full circle with additional story lines for added comedy. The couples seemed natural and relaxed. I actually watched it twice. The acting in this episode was a lot better. Olivia Munn is surprisingly perfect for her character, Leign, who is hilarious with Rex. The actors come together as couples well. The show does a lot of comparisons between the couples, how things have happened between them, how they handle things differently. It adds a nice element to the show beyond the couples' interaction with each other. I would recommend giving it a shot, just look past the pilot. It seems like it will only get better.
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Best new show hands down
jdigitalseven18 February 2011
By far the best new show on television, using honest everyday humor. This may be the funniest show on thursday night (I know that sounds blasphemous, but really its true). I love the office but it is getting predictable and you can tell it has a short time left in it. 30 Rock is this shows only true rival as that show is still fresh. I fall asleep watching Community and Outsourced. This has a new take on couples and shows 2 extremes and one sorta in the middle. The acting is great and so far there's a lot of new stuff I've never heard ventured by a comedy. Much better than Modern Family, without family drama or homosexuals. I imagine fans of that show may feel threatened by Perfect Couples and write dishonest and misleading reviews for this show like previous ones here. This show is hilarious and very creative, they don't have to rely on gimmicks like a re-occurring gay guy in every episode (like Will and Grace, Modern Family). They actually rely on excellent writing!
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don't cancel this show!
ootooloo30 March 2011
Any bad review of this show has been of the pilot and though I found it funny, pales in comparison with the rest of the season. You may not like Olivia Munn but her character fits her perfectly. The same can be said for the rest of the cast, helping the show move along with fun energy. Now the network wants to replace it with the Paul Reiser show? a bootleg Curb your Enthusiasm? I just don't see how a show about dealing with how old and pathetic you are trumps a TV lineup targeted to college age crowds.

Hopefully its just the end of the season and it will return in the fall and I set up an IMDb account to cry over nothing at all.
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Excruciatingly unfunny! And Munn is the worst part!
jk90us28 December 2010
It's obvious this travesty is trying to cash in on the success of the Modern Family format by featuring the lives of three different couples. The problem is, while Modern Family features an incredible cast, terrific characters and wonderful scripts, Perfect Couples has NONE of those. Kill it and bury it before more people are accidentally exposed to it!

And who in the world told Olivia (I posed in Playboy but didn't get naked) Munn she can act?? My left tennis shoe has more personality and talent than she does. She brings the excellent Daily Show to a screeching halt every time she appears and does the same here.

Someone PLEASE take away her SAG card -- right now!! jk90
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Smart show - superb writing - consistently inspired performances from the entire cast
LeonardOsborneKael17 March 2011
Sadly, in today's loud, hot-sex, amped-up television environment, this wonderful program is too easily ignored! I know - because I almost didn't give it a shot, thinking it was just another "couples comedy", drab by comparison to its peers. Note that none of the actors seem to have the stereotypical "star looks" ... you know: giant cheekbones - cleft chins - big baby doll eyes - fabulous hair. Maybe the cast should wear more orange - or hot pink? The characters DO mostly keep their clothes on and DON'T indulge in a lot of outrageous slapstick gags. But just pick up on the characters and listen to those inspired line readings and you will be partaking of the delicious entertainment this show has to offer. The characters are all fun, quirky, and real. The comedy frequently reaches genius level. Wow. There ARE no better actors than these anywhere. They get a sparkling, intriguing, truly original script every week - and then proceed directly to virtuosity! If you happen to record the show and if you truly appreciate great comic delivery, you will find yourself playing the best scenes over several times. And anytime ALL the performances in a show are fantastic you have to give a huge nod to director, casting director, and producers - without whose top-rung participation, this simply cannot happen. This is a SMART show - intelligently conceived and never talking down to its audience. Now I know what it must have been like to view FRASIER before the rest of the world caught on. Watch it ONCE and you will be hooked.
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great cast good story lines cant wait for more
g82390521 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I had little hope for this show but was pleasantly surprised. Some rough spots but some very funny lines and stories. Loved the scene with the therapist. Also the banter between Dave and Julia was precious. The cast seemed to have good chemistry and the stories flowed well. The sets were terrific. the opening music and clips were good. The writers seem to have a good idea how to make this couples show stand out from the others. I am sure that it will fit in nicely with the Thursday lineup on NBC. Given enough growing space to grow I believe this show can be an anchor in the future for the Thursday lineup. I hope NBC will give this show the time it needs to grow an audience
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How did this show get canceled?
panther71395 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I laughed so hard at this show. I can't believe this show got canceled. This is the perfect cast. I love the whole concept. I watched the TV show on Netflix and breezed right through season 1. I was really hoping for a 2nd season. I can only count a handful of comedy shows in the last 10 years that had me laughing the way this show did. The reason I started watching this show was because 2 of the guys from this show were in the movie She's Out of My League and I really enjoyed it. I also really like Alice Eve and wished she was in this TV show. A couple of the cast members have already had their own shows and also been canceled. It'll only be a matter of time before all of these cast members are all successful; especially the guys of the show.
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Great Show!!
krissyw2224 March 2011
I absolutely love this show! My friend just showed me it yesterday and I have been hooked and also got my boyfriend hooked too. Its a hilarious comedy with great characters. I feel like the show is a new version of Friends. I admit the acting at first wasn't great but if you continue to watch, the show just gets better and better. I am really impressed with the character development and the witty script. The couples are unique and their relationships have been well thought out. I am honestly shocked it is not rated higher on this site. Its a great show to sit around and watch with friends! You should definitely give it a shot!
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BEST Comedy on TV!
ragoode121 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
NO NO NO...I can't believe NBC has canceled this gem of a show. It was completely different from any other show on TV! It was fast moving, had great cuts and editing, but best of all were the actors and writing. Each one brought a wonderfully wacky character to life. The lines were so witty and snappy. And each couple was so unique. From Rex and Leigh - the perfect couple, to Amy & Vance - the wacky couple and then Dave & Julie - the normal couple.

Vance was my favorite character - he was a riot. I'll miss him!

I had gotten a bunch of my friends to watch this and now everyone is a great fan. BOOOOOOO to NBC!!!
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The perfect chemistry of funny
dominicdom14 September 2018
There is a reason why NBC is in a constant struggle... it's passing on shows like this. Amazing writing plus a cast that delivers each scene flawlessly makes this the perfect 30 minute sitcom comedy. Worth buying the season as each but episode has been watched repeatedly.
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love the actors but mix of characters off
SnoopyStyle13 July 2015
It's the lives of three couples. Dave (Kyle Bornheimer) and Julia (Christine Woods) are the relatively 'normal' couple. His best friend Vance (David Walton) has a volatile relationship with Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis). Julia's brother Rex (Hayes MacArthur) has a new-age relationship with Leigh (Olivia Munn) and consider themselves the superior couple.

I really like all the actors and I want to like the show a lot more than I actually did. I think that the mix of characters aren't exactly right. It's too much to have everybody acting wacky. I think Christine Woods should play more normal and transfer her craziness to the other two girls. The 'normal' central couple shouldn't be so wacky. They should derive their comedy through other ways. Olivia Munn is not the problem especially if she can act against a normal character. The jokes seem funny but they're not really hitting me right.
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Best TV show of the decade!
leevesy22 April 2012
Found this show on Channel 4 and got into it right away. The writing is very sharp and the characters are perfectly cast. It is the best observational comedy that I have seen this decade, maybe ever.

The episodes are all very strong and the characters so likable that it seems like the writes don't even need to give their characters lines. The characters simply generate comedy. Julia has given me 2 out of my all time top five 'laughter' moments in television history. Rex, Vance, and Dave all have amazing moments. Leigh is very amusing. The one minor criticism that I find when watching the show is that Amy doesn't seem to be very likable. However, I have often found that a show needs one character that isn't entirely likable for the show to work.

I can't believe it was cancelled mid season as I felt that the characters were so strong that the show could run and run. So thank you to the writers, the actors, and anyone else involved in the making of the show for creating a comedy that has truly made my wife and I love TV again!
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A Funny Comedy
BloodGuts22 November 2011
I absolutely love this programme, along with Big Bang Theory, this is the highlight of my week. E4 comedy double yet I don't understand why it has not been kept on! When TV execs want ratings wars they will never win with a half hour comedy slot! Money comes over substance as it (NBC) never even aired the season finale! With great acting, genuinely LOL scenes and a love for all the characters, even Leigh and Rex. I watch this with my fiancé and at last a comedy we can both find the funny side of it. Everyone can relate to it and even know somebody like these characters.

I'd love for this to continue however I think the big bosses have made up there minds and with a large fan base (3 million in America and then there's the rest of us around the globe) that will now be replaced by another attempt to replicate some old material like 2 and half men in favour of something fresh.

Shame on you NBC!
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NBC-We can cancel all the best shows
dukes_696 November 2011
I signed up for an account only to comment on this title and to berate NBC for dropping this show. This was a terrific show, I was hooked from the "Perfect Health" episode on. To see some of the crap that was retained while this show fell by the wayside is preposterous!!

The dialogue and interactions between the characters were witty and semi-realistic which is more than I can say for many shows that did make the cut and evade cancellation.

I often wonder who is responsible for making the final selections for cancelling shows, I wonder if perhaps they are the same half wits behind IMDb's insistence that all reviews are of a minimum length of 10 lines. As if length denotes quality.
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I feel better after watching this show.
kristans-131-73574011 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It took me an episode before Perfect Couples grew on me and I loved it. My husband and I could not relate to any of the characters but we found the show hilarious due to the mundane to extreme situations and witty jabs. I think the writing is great and I get the comedy. I do relate to their ages and childlessness. Even though I can't stand arguing or sarcasm (much of American TV), all of the couples still retain respect for each other. This may add to the feel-good charm, similar to Modern Family. I couldn't believe they canceled it when there are so many bad shows on TV. I am not an experienced review writer and am not sure if this can help someone decide if they want to spend 30min. on this show... Bottomline: it was very relaxing to "get away" for a half hour.
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A very funny show
jim-laymon11 June 2011
I don't usually get attached to a sitcom (unless it is Seinfeld), but I can say that Perfect Couples was really an extraordinary show. The writing, acting, and editing were all Perfect. Kyle Bornheimer, who was also on Worst Week (which I liked as well) was terrific. This is one of those shows that, even if the ratings weren't great, they should hold onto because it will catch on. Weren't Cheers and Dick Van Dyke Show like that too?

The show was a very funny and smart show about relationships. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship can relate to it. The plot lines were realistic with simple twists that brought out the humor in all the characters. I loved it.

This is really a loss for TV and shows how some executives are able to do their own colonoscopy.
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The Worst Show NBC Has Ever Produced
Comediator31 March 2011
There are some shows that are funny to some and offensively unfunny to others (see CBS Monday Night) but Perfect Couples is so unimaginably unwatchable I find it impossible to believe that any positive reviews for it are not employees of NBC or their relatives.

The dialogue is so uninspired, poorly written, and monotonously acted it's hard to believe that it is intended to be a comedy at all. Plots are of the most intellectually insulting variety imaginable; characters are so childish and inconsistent it seems as though the show wasn't written, but improvised by people who have never been on a stage or screen before.

Unlike many who have reviewed this show, I don't lay the blame at the actors, Olivia Munn in particular. No cast that has ever existed could salvage this god awful experiment as its mediocrity flagrantly insults Community and The Office, in what must be the luckiest and most undeserved time slot in TV history.

In short, if you like this show, you hate comedy.
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This is a great show; please continue!
amberleec8166 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I actually love the show. It's humorous and the episodes are very cute. Every actor brings something special to their character. The friendships and relationships are great. I'd like to watch them when they first come on, but I always miss them. This is a great series, and I like how each episode has it's own fair share of problems. Please keep up the great work! I read somewhere I think that this was canceled. Is it true? I really hope not. Please, please, please keep this show going. My favorite character is Vance- his personality is hilarious. Him and Dave are the perfect friends; the sixth episode was my favorite, where it showed the flashback of their past "break-ups". Vance: You know how I'm allergic to peanuts? Well I just ate a whole bunch. Dave: I'm on my way! (Vance hangs up and smiles triumphantly, chugging a can of peanuts.) Please keep up the good work and continue this series. :)
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Different than the usual..
npwins18 March 2011
This is one of my favorite new comedy shows. I found the first couple of episodes to be weird, but now I'm used to this style of show.

It seems like a low production show, but its very entertaining to watch. The cast is really great, and the 3 main couples are all different in their own ways. Characters have good chemistry, and their friendships come across as genuine.

Its very different from the usual comedy shows on TV. The characters seem/behave like everyday people so its easier to relate to them. They seem to tackle relationship issues in a fun quirky way, which makes the show very fun to watch.
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