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A comedy with interesting insights
bijan-matin22 October 2010
This is not a typical slow moving French movie, although there is nothing wrong with those when they are good,it is relatively paced and full of comedy overtones and witty dialogs. Sophie is beautiful and charming as ever so I definitely recommend it to her fans. She delivers a solid performance with a nice supporting cast although maybe the characters are a bit clichés...alright, alright very clichés...

However, clichés are clichés for a reason and they convey loud and clear messages as intended to all public. The movie and its story remain quite original and combine wit, imagination and a lot more depth than the characters do. Although it is mostly a comedy it has the right scenes to create a roller-coaster in the emotions and manages to get some tears in the audience's eye in the proper moments.

What I liked most of all in the movie is its ability to push you to rethink your life and the way you live it. It forces you to reconsider if you have been paying the right amount of attention to the deserving people in your life, if you have settled from your ambitions, if you have sold out or stayed true to yourself. It also refrains from making harsh judgments and lets you ponder on your own, does not make the call for you. The world needs all kinds of people to go around...

Overall it is a good movie that manages to entertain and get you thinking about your existence as it intends to do. I recommend this to people who feel they might still be searching for themselves or are having second thoughts about their important decisions.
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Barely known but should be
eyeintrees14 February 2016
A gem. If this had been made in Hollywood they would definitely have ruined it at every angle, guns blazing, until it was just a common, boring idiotic romantic comedy.

However, as I've come to expect of foreign films, this was anything but dull and most certainly an utter delight.

Different to anything I've seen, this wonderful story takes us on a journey that's fast and clever, steering us to a satisfying conclusion devoid of sentiment but still heartfelt.

A successful young woman reads letters to herself from her childhood and becomes her true self.

I will watch this again and again.
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