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Season 4

4 Feb. 2013
The Boy with the Dragon Skateboard
Milli, Geo and Bot are at the Skate Park with their friend Logan, who is showing them his awesome skate tricks! The TroubleMakers, Umi City's most notorious duo, use their Trouble Ray to break the skateboard into pieces, scattering them throughout Umi City! It's up to Team Umizoomi to get the skateboard back together and return it to Logan.
6 Feb. 2013
City of Lost Penguins
Milli, Geo and Bot are at the Umi City Zoo visiting the adorable baby penguins in their comfy new home. But the Troublemakers are back! They use their Trouble Ray to release the 50 baby penguins all over Umi City! Team Umizoomi springs into action on a search and rescue mission for the lost penguins throughout the city's most popular establishments. It all leads to a high-flying showdown with the Troublemakers at the hot air balloon festival. UmiFriends, it's time for action!
22 Apr. 2013
UmiCar's Birthday Present
Today is UmiCar's birthday party and everyone's having a fantastic time. But when The TroubleMakers crash the party and steal UmiCar's birthday present, the chase is on to get the present back.
13 May 2013
Robo Tools
The Team's friend Travis and his mom were on their way to his soccer game when their car got a flat tire. It's up to Team Umizoomi to get to Travis and fix his tire in time for his game. And with Bot's Robo-Tools, they can fix anything.
15 May 2013
The Sunshine Fairy
The Team discovers a secret door to a magical forest. Inside, they meet Sunny the Sunshine Fairy, who has the power of the sun. But when Grog, a jealous gnome, steals her sunshine power, it's up to the Team to help her get it back.
14 Jun. 2013
Little Panda Joe
Breaking news! A baby panda named Little Joe is missing from the Panda House! Milli, Geo and Bot set out to find him and take him back home to his mom and dad. Along the way, the Team takes good care of Little Joe when he's hungry, thirsty and needs a nap. It's a mighty math adventure that takes them through DoorMouse's mini golf course and has them swinging on flying trapezes above a pack of lions. Can the Team get Little Joe safely back to his home? All in a day's work for Team Umizoomi!
9 Sep. 2013
Stolen Lunches!
Milli, Geo and Bot are visiting their friend Jonathan at school when the TroubleMakers show up and swipe all the kids' lunchboxes! Team Umizoomi hops into UmiCar and the chase is on to get them back before lunchtime. The TroubleMakers have got quite an appetite, as they lead the Team in hot pursuit through booby-trapped avenues, down a winding river, and navigating through a giant grass maze. Can Team Umizoomi retrieve all eleven lunchboxes before the Troublemakers gobble them up?
11 Sep. 2013
Meatball Madness!
Team Umizoomi is visiting Chef Mario's new restaurant, where everybody loves his special dish, spaghetti and meatballs. But the TroubleMakers arrive on the scene and stir up some trouble by taking the stop button from Chef Mario's prized meatball machine! Now the machine is going crazy and won't stop making meatballs! Meatballs by the millions tumble through the city and it's up to Milli, Geo and Bot to get that stop button back. The Team bounds over mountains of meatballs that are stopping traffic, filling up the school bus and even the swimming pool! It all leads to...
11 Oct. 2013
Umi Grand Prix!
It's a day at the races, and Team Umizoomi and UmiCar are competing in the Umi Grand Prix alongside their best friend, Shark Car! The race becomes a villainous all-star event when Team Umizoomi's past rivals turn out as fierce contenders. Dump Truck! Shape Bandit! Squiddy! The TroubleMakers! Can Team Umizoomi finish the race with Shape Bandit stealing bridges along the racecourse? Is the Team any match for Dump Truck's wet cement traps? Will the Team and Shark Car pull ahead of Squiddy and his seaweed launcher? And who knows what kind of mischief the TroubleMakers are...
18 Nov. 2013
Gloopy Fly Home
Team Umizoomi finds a little alien named Gloopy who crash-landed in Umi City. Gloopy wants to go home, but his spaceship is missing the star crystals that make it fly. The Team helps Gloopy find the missing crystals.
20 Nov. 2013
Movie Madness!
It's a night out at the movies for The Team. But The TroubleMakers show up and make off with all the movie snacks! Milli, Geo and Bot chase The TroubleMakers through the cinema and transport into action-packed movies.
15 Jan. 2014
Umi Ninjas
Team Umizoomi wins the coveted Ninja Trophy, but suddenly, Squiddy the Squid swipes the trophy for himself! Milli, Geo and Bot break out their super ninja skills to track down Squiddy and get their trophy back!
17 Jan. 2014
The chief of police calls the UmiCops with a big case: to catch the 12 Stinkbugs who are on the loose and causing a stink wherever they go. Umi Police Car and the Team are on a mission to catch the Stinky Dozen and get them off
29 Apr. 2014
Umi Knights
Milli, Geo and Bot are brave UmiKnights today! Just then, the Princess calls with a problem. Max the Dragon lost his glasses and is flying around bumping into everything in the kingdom! The UmiKnights must help the dragon!
1 May 2014
Lost Fairy Tales in the City
Zeppo the Wizard's magic wand accidentally zaps a book of fairy tales and the characters are flung out of their stories and all throughout Umi City! Team Umizoomi is off on a fun-filled, madcap mission to find all of them.
Sleeping UmiCar
The team must find the ingredients for a wake up potion when Zeppo's sleeping potion makes UmiCar fall asleep.
10 Sep. 2014
Gizmos Gone Wild!
There's mayhem at the Umi City Mall when a group of little Gizmo robots malfunction and wreak havoc through the shops, food court and department stores. Will Team Umizoomi's mighty math powers be able to save the day?
16 Feb. 2015
Umi Space Heroes
When the Troublemakers break the moon apart and scatter around in space, Team umizoomi have to find the missing pieces of the moon before the Troublemakers stop them.
24 Apr. 2015
Umi Rescue Copter
The Team gets a distress call from way out in the ocean. Their friend Danny the Dolphin hurt his tail and can't swim. UmiCar transforms into Umi Rescue Copter and the Team sets out to save Danny and fix his tail.

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