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Nobody smokes anymore, Snow!
hitchcockthelegend2 September 2012
I was kind of inclined to headline this as being the movie guaranteed to make highbrow film fans froth with incredulity. That anyone could enjoy such a derivative, tongue-in-cheek, low ambition piece of schlock, is surely cause for venomous spleen venting from the serio film brigade. They call them guilty pleasures, but thing is, I just don't feel guilty about having such a wonderfully fun filled great time with the Luc Besson produced Lockout.

Plot? Well it's the future and basically Guy Pearce (Snow) is wrongly convicted of a crime and sentenced to do stir in stasis until whenever. But up in space at the MS1 prison facility, home to all the maniacs found in "Demolition Man", the president's daughter, do-gooder babe Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace), is suddenly taken captive and it's a big hostage situation. This looks like a mission for a serious hard bastard type! Well "Snake Plissken" wasn't available, so they get Snow, who is bulked up, full of wise cracks and has a point to prove. Guess what follows? Yep, complete popcorn frenzy as Pearce and Grace cut a swathe through MS1 and have a date with coolness personified.

On the way, via a truly gorgeous sci-fi affected Blu-ray print, we will tick off the homages and influences and compare notes with our viewing partners about how it's a "Snake Plissken" movie but with Shane Black type dialogue. While those who are partial to a bit of sci-fi design are well served here. Because even though there might be the worst CGI effects ever during a chase scene (that mercifully only runs for 50 seconds), the space ships, sets and Torsion System sequence, prove that you don't need Michael Bay type bucks to please the eyes. From the quite brilliant and hilarious opening interrogation beat down, to the big reveal and punch line, this Besson produced piece is serving popcorn with a smile to a certain segment in the film watching populace.

With bits of the "Snake Plissken" movies, "Fortress", "Die Hard", "Commando", "Demolition Man", "Minority Report", "Last Boy Scout" and any other quip laden dude/wronged man on a mission movie, Lockout clearly lacks originality. But seriously! Was anyone involved playing it as anything other than a sly homage movie? No, they wasn't. Pearce is great fun in the role, but he isn't trying to worry the highbrow crowd's votes for films of the year. Anyone viewing it expecting something cerebral should feel more guilty than those who stand up to say they had a great time watching it. Ingem Ferem. 7/10
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A lot of fun and did something quite unusual...
Rob_Taylor4 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Unusual in what way, you might ask.

Well, typically, films that do the celluloid equivalent of saying "Physics, Schmysics!" do not sit well with me. There is just something about abuse of the natural laws that really winds me up.

Lockout does this on a few occasions, most notably at the end with the re-entry scene, but at intervals throughout.

The thing is, I was finding the movie so enjoyably stupid, that it didn't annoy me! This is a rare event. I was entirely able to overlook the abuse of physics because the rest of the movie was.... fun! I won't pretend it is a masterpiece. It has plenty of flaws. But the film as a whole made me ignore its failings and just enjoy it.

There are some truly (and I mean this sincerely) god-awful CGI effects in the opening scenes that had me wondering if I had made a terrible mistake in sitting down to watch it. But once past that, the general "doesn't-take-itself-seriously-at-all" nature of the film reassured me to the point where I actually enjoyed it.

Some films take themselves too seriously and I am always ready to slap them down if they ignore basic things. But Lockout never did take itself for anything but silly entertainment and, as a result, it works. At least it did for me.

Part Taken, a lot of Escape from LA. Throw in larger than life characters and actors that are happy to ham it up a little and you have a fun little film.

At the box-office it did poorly, though I'm not entirely sure why. It will probably sink into obscurity in the years to come but, for now, its a fun ride.
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Thinks it's more fun than it is, but 'Lockout' is still effective
Movie_Muse_Reviews14 April 2012
It's fair to say Luc Besson has gotten a bit giddy ever since "Taken." The man who once upon a time brought us "La Femme Nikita" and "Leon: The Professional" has instead taken to lighter action fare, in this case recruiting amateurs James Mather and Stephen St. Leger to help write and direct his "original idea." Exactly—not a "story by" credit, but "original idea."

That's not to say "Lockout" isn't creative, but it's definitely not original. Some might dub it "Taken in space," especially considering it borrows that film's starlet in Maggie Grace, but it's much more akin to "Escape from New York in space." Either way, "Lockout" is another simple- concept action film from Besson, only it has a bigger ego that gets in the way sometimes.

"Lockout" is good for kicks, a fact of which it's very aware. Guy Pearce's Snow, the morally questionable and reluctant hero written so closely to the archetype he almost transcends it, weirdly. He has a sense of humor best described as abundant (though sometimes quite clever), and Pearce plays him especially wry; most actors (think Nicolas Cage) would've hammed it up too much or been unconvincing.

Snow is tasked with rescuing the president's daughter (Grace), who is stuck on a maximum security prison in space that has incurred a major security breach. These are the world's most dangerous criminals, plus they have been in stasis for any number of years, which has made them even nuttier. Joseph Gilgun as Rydell, one of two Scottish prisoners trying to run the uprising, is a particularly deranged fellow reminiscent of a demented Groundskeeper Willie.

Both Rydell and the other main baddie, Alex (Vincent Regan), have a cold-blooded edge that could have made for an effective R-rated ransom thriller reminiscent of late '90s films like Air Force One, but the devil-may-care attitude of the entire movie ultimately clashes with these darker moments, even though they do make you take the movie more seriously than you would otherwise.

After a little bit of context at the beginning to properly motivate Snow, both he and us are effectively shot from a canon. The story only slows down a bit toward the end, but it mostly plays out as a series of dominoes. The action doesn't satisfy so much as the pace and the threat of violence (now here's a good example of how you do PG-13 violence), but it's well done aside from an opening motorcycle sequence shot on green screen and outfitted with an effects job that really shows the budget.

Aside from that, the futuristic sci-fi elements stay pretty classy—nothing overdone or distracting. The gadgets provide some creativity to a number of the sequences and the script manages to inject some unpredictability into a story that could not have a more obvious trajectory.

Despite the self-awareness at points, with a lot of that credit going to Pearce, Lockout tries especially hard to be entertaining on too many fronts, aspiring to be the consummate popcorn flick rather than just identifying one tone and sticking with it. The final scene on the space prison strangely evokes the original "Star Wars" Death Star run, as if to make sure the audience gets to munch on some sci fi/fantasy before the credits roll.

It's hard to fault "Lockout" for aiming to please considering that that spirit seems to be the driving force behind the movie's strengths as well as its weaknesses. Although the number of attempts at humor might catch some folks off guard, "Lockout" offers what anyone interested in the film would expect, if for no other reason than its built upon tons of tropes from previously effective movies. In turn, "Lockout" is effective, but not too much more.

~Steven C

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Oh, what surprises we find in such unexpected places.
nikolobg20 November 2012
I believe that the enjoyment of a movie is directly proportional among other to your beforehand expectations about it. So with that in mind, let me tell you about this movie; It has a completely unoriginal story, terrible special effects and acting that will never be considered, even in a slow movie year, Oscar wordy. In short it's an action / science fiction that should leave you empty.

Yet, it is not boring, quite the contrary. It has a very special 'Je ne sais quoi' to it. I so wanted to use that in a review for which I want to apologies to you.

I enjoyed it more than most films I have seen this year. Perplexed to explain what makes it unique without spoiling it for you and considering my first sentence, I will say after much reflection, seeing it with very low expectations would be the best. It will allow you from the start to get into the world the directors are painting for you, couple that with a possession of a twisted sense of humor and you will find a gem of a movie in there.

In short, for what it is, it is a gem.
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Very fun and Entertaining for what it is
Foxbot19 July 2012
First off, Lockout is not meant to be taken seriously. It is a fun action sci-fi movie that breaks the boundaries of what it physically possible. Remember when you were a kid playing with your little action figures in the sandbox, well that is how they designed Lockout. They forgot about what is real and what can actually be done and simply had fun.

Guy Pearce is hilarious and teamed up with Maggie Grace the laughs just keep rolling. It is an action, sci-fi, comedy that is amazingly well crafted if you can take your thinking cap off and just have fun. There are a few plot twists, but nothing you didn't see coming. While Lockout doesn't really bring anything completely new to the table, it is very entertaining and well worth multiple viewings.

Due to mixed reviews I did not expect much, but Lockout really impressed me with its style and fast paced action. Other reviews has said that the special effects looked terrible, that is simply because of the style. One thing Lockout has is style and solid direction and cinematography. They knew what they were doing with this movie and they pulled it off perfectly.

The PQ & AQ were great on Blu-ray and while the special features were lacking, it is still a solid Blu-ray release.

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Good Fun
seany_c22 April 2012
Caught this late Friday night with my girl after the Drake gig and had a good night overall. After being on my feet for hours it was good to sit on my arse at twelve on the night and just switch off and enjoy a mindless bit of action. And that's exactly what 'Lockout' offers. If you've seen Luc Besson's Europacorp action flicks you know what to expect. I love all of them and this was no exception. Guy Pearce is the show stealer as Agent Snow, the John McClane of the space age. His wisecracks and mindless violence keep your attention. Maggie Grace is as good as ever as the damsel in distress and the supporting actors do a bang up job as well. Almost stealing the show from Pearce, but not quite, is Joseph Gilgun as the nutty Scot, sure to make you laugh once or twice, even if you're hating the film. The effects are well done, the action over-the-top and exciting and it's overall good late night entertainment. As with all these sorts of films, I'm sure critics and serious Sci-fi nuts are going to hate. But as I always say, for people who can switch off and enjoy a bit of brainless fun, this is a must. Let the haters hate and the watchers watch.

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Nothing New, but Highly Entertaining
claudio_carvalho19 January 2013
In 2079, in Washington, the ex-CIA Operative Snow (Guy Pearce) is brutally interrogated, accused of treason against the United States. The chief of the secret service Scott Langral (Peter Stormare) believes that he shot the agent Frank in a hotel room.

Meanwhile, the idealistic daughter of the president of the USA, Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace), is visiting MS One, a maximum security prison in outer space expecting to find evidences that the prisoners are actually guinea pigs of a huge corporation. When one of her bodyguards loses a hidden pistol for the dangerous prisoner Hydell (Joseph Gilgun), he subdues the staff in the central control room and releases the prisoners, including his brother Alex (Vincent Regan) that becomes the leader of the riot.

Now the veteran agent Harry Shaw (Lennie James) offers freedom to Snow if he succeeds in rescuing the president's daughter. But the idealistic Emilie does not want to leave MS-One without the hostages.

"Lockout" is a movie with a well known storyline and nothing new, but also highly entertaining. The story uses the idea of "Escape from New York" and "Escape from L.A" with "No Escape" ("Absolom") and other prison movies. The tough Snow is a cynical and selfish antihero visibly inspired in Snake Plissken and the stubborn Emilie has stupid attitudes, but at least is consistent. The haywire villain Hydell is funny. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Sequestro no Espaço" ("Abduction in the Space")
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Die Hard on a Space Station
christophershugg17 October 2012
Come on people, watch it for what it is. Yes it's silly, it's supposed to be. It looks great and slides down easy. Guy Pearce is a blast to watch as he struts and mouths off throughout the film in a manner I haven't seen since Bruce Willis in the Last Boy Scout. This is an 80's action movie at it's core set in space. One of failures of recent action movies trying to be an 80's action flick is that they forgot that the hero needs to go up against a memorable villain. In this we get 2 brothers that actually deliver the goods. Add in a fancy Star Wars inspired ending and you have fine Friday night escape.

Don't think too hard and enjoy the trip.
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Enjoy he ride
pgaucher68321 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
movies are entertainment right? so this is what Lockout is about

from the 1 st min, Snow (Guy Pearce) is punched in the face between lines , unfortunately for him the Cia director Scott Langral(P.Stormare)is convinced he is a traitor, he has seen it with his own eyes ...and want back some secret in a briefcase which are in Snow's friend - Mace's hands.

but Snow get some resources as a friend in the Cia , Harry Shaw (Lennie James), who's going to help him a bit

30 years in a cryogenic jail pending, the US president's daughter, Emilie( Maggie.Grace) is in trouble in a high security jail MS1, in fact there is a takeover by the convicts.

So if you can choose between 30 yrs frozen and save a weak woman in space? Snow choose 30 yrs until Harry told him, Mace is in MS1.

there is many funny lines and the alchemy between Snow and Emilie is really great.

then i prefer this by far than the boring Escape ^^
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Derivative, low-brained popcorn entertainment
Coventry8 April 2012
Summer must be coming around soon, as here come the popcorn blockbusters! Although … "Lockout" still might be a little bit "lightweight" to be considered a box office hit, in spite of the explosive and spectacular action sequences and a couple of familiar fresh faces. "Lockout", based on an original concept idea by the mighty respectable Luc Besson, initially feels overwhelming and imposing, but it's actually one of the most derivative action thrillers you'll ever see. The plot borrow its main story lines and characterizations from a series of world famous as well as lesser known Sci-Fi classics/gems. The setting of a (supposedly) inescapable maximum security prison floating around in space comes from the early 90's cult favorite "Fortress", the premise of a noble convict sent in to try and evacuate a presidential relative naturally comes from John Carpenter's legendary Sci-Fi monument "Escape from New York" and Guy Pearce's character Snow fires off as many witty one-liners as Bruce Willis did in all of the "Die Hard" movies combined. The year is 2079 and Pearce depicts an elite secret agent wrongfully accused of espionage and murder, but the only evidence that can set him free has gone missing. Snow is about to be sent to MS-1, a super hi-tech penitentiary in space, when all of a sudden riots break out. Snow is nonetheless sent to MS-1; not as a prisoner but as the last hope to bring back the president's daughter Emilie, who was there to investigate the effects of brain stagnation and accidentally caused the prison disorder. "Lockout" is definitely amusing while it lasts, but it's unmemorable and occasionally even too preposterous for its own good. The structure of the film is logical and most of the key sequences are easy to predict, but at least it's fun to behold the excessive violence and some of the over-the-top performances, like Guy Pearce and particularly the prototypical British scumbag Joseph Gilgun as the indescribably psychotic and maniacal inmate Hydell. The CGI-effects are surprisingly inane and laughable. There's one scene in particular that is quite terrible, namely near the beginning when Snow tries to escape from a crime scene on a motorcycle seemingly borrowed from "Minority Report". That sequence actually looks as if you're watching a video game. Premiered at the annual Belgian Festival of Fantastic Films.
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Mindless time waster
Ric-724 April 2012
If you are looking for a film to pass (or waste) the time and don't want anything mentally challenging, this film is for you. It's not nearly as gory as it could have been (and that's not a complaint). The film does not tell us much about the characters' backstories, but somehow you don't really care--this is a film about dueling stereotypes.

The point of the film is that the characters are supposed to get through a veritable obstacle course filled with villains, to arrive at a rescue point, but in the film, you never have any real idea if they are getting any closer, or indeed, where they are in relation to their destination. The film also sets up various time limits--a race against the clock--but never gives you a real sense of a countdown.

The actual means of escape is so preposterous and scientifically impossible it's not even worth thinking about.

The acting was adequate. The script and direction had serious problems. This might be fine for background noise on the TV at home, when you don't really have the time or inclination to pay attention to it. I would not recommend that anyone go to a theatre and pay money to see this, as it is on the low end of mediocre.
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tcbently20 April 2012
I loved this fun thriller, especially Guy Pearce as a wise-cracking agent sent to rescue the President's daughter from outer-space prison, where she's been making a charity visit.

There's lots of humour (especially in the first scenes - it's like Pearce is doing a Philip Marlowe impression) and the action is non-stop.

I was a bit puzzled that the inmates in America's top-security prison all seemed to be from Glasgow and that it seemed to be co-starring George Galloway, but the performances are great. Pearce is really cool and the psycho prisoner acts his socks off.

If you're used to watching thrillers, you'll guess a lot of the plot turns but overall I believe it deserves to be getting a lot better reviews. Overall, it was great fun.
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Besson Fan
wilbertng7 July 2012
When I watched Lockout, I didn't even know it was from Luc Besson until I saw his name at the start of the movie. This got me excited remembering how I like his past films especially "The Fifth Element". Besson's films seem to have that unique polish and style that places them in a class between A and B movies. They always have some ludicrous scenes and effects included similar to B movies but they are definitely justified in the end by how much "Class A" fun and twists the overall experience it generates for the viewers. If we measure this movie on those aspects, Lockout is no different from Luc's other films although this one is special in a way that it brought back fond memories for people like me who were already actively seeing films like this back in the 80's and 90's. Lockout is a modern version of those films with some new concepts added from this era.

Some of the non-Besson films/TV series that Lockout reminded me of are Army of Darkness, Cowboy Bebop, Die Hard, Escape from New York, Fortress, Firefly / Serenity, Minority Report, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I can see that Lockout, like most of the other movies I previously specified, can also have a cult following. So I truly hope the current generation will like this movie enough to give it a chance to have a sequel. Sometimes, you just need to relax your mind and allow it just the right amount of activity to enjoy a fun cruise like this type of films can provide. More power to Mr. Besson!
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Thoroughly enjoyable derivative nonsense
Bob_Arctor21 April 2012
I'd skimmed a few reviews inc Ebert's (avoid, even if you skim to the end, he spoils it) and didn't expect much.

Really enjoyed it. Yes it's a re-tread of Escape from New York but who cares.

Good pace, strong acting (Pearce is a given but Gulgun the real revelation - genuinely emotional stuff) Anyone who slates this movie has lost their inner child (or mid-teen) watch it for what it is, not for what you think it reminds you of.

Enjoy, and make up your mind before you let others do it for you.

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Lock It Up and Throw Away the Key
Michael_Elliott23 April 2012
Lockout (2012)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

A former CIA agent named Snow (Guy Pearce) is framed for a murder he didn't commit and is about to be sent to a prison in outer space when something bad happens. It turns out that the President's daughter (Maggie Grace) was on the prison for a humanitarian effort when the convicts broke free and have taken her hostage. Now Snow is offered his freedom in exchange for getting on the prison ship and saving her. Yes, this is certainly a major rip-off of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK but without the charm, excitement and great characters. It's really a shame LOCKOUT turned out so bad because it could have worked on many levels. Back in the early 80s there were a whole slew of rip-offs coming out from Italy, Germany and various other countries and these would play in drive-ins or low-rent theaters. LOCKOUT could have worked like those films but the direction here is just so poor that it's really hard to be caught up in anything going on. It also doesn't help that the film is burdened with a PG-13 rating, which takes away any possible sleaze aspect and you can tell that certain scenes appeared to be cut down to avoid anything too graphic. This is really silly because there are points in the film where people are decapitated and there are jokes built around such events and yet it's all editing down. Another problem is that the direction just never packs any punch in regards to drama, action and even the fight scenes are boring. The characters are all standard stereotypes and none of them are interesting. This is especially true of the Grace character who is just downright annoying, stupid and you can't help but hope something bad happens to her. Pearce at least turns in a good performance even if it is rather sad seeing someone so talented appear in stuff like this. The one thing the film does have going for it are some pretty funny one-liners and they're perfectly delivered by Pearce. LOCKOUT could have been something but what it turns out to be is a silly, low-rent action movie trapped in a PG-13 universe with direction that just keeps bringing it down.
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Guy Pearce owns this character
Calicodreamin15 May 2020
I loved Guy Pearce as snow, he was the perfect mix of quippy and action hero. The supporting characters were well cast and well acted. The storyline itself was unique and interesting and had a solid twist ending. The cinematography was well done on the still shots, but the CGI scenes played out weird. The main characters were lacking a bit of chemistry. But overall a solid action movie.
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An Hour and a Half of Pure Fun
The-Sarkologist22 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I originally wanted to see this film because I liked the concept of a prison in outer space being taken over by the prisoners and somebody having to break in to rescue the President's daughter, and I must say that the movie turned out just as I expected it to turn out. Granted it is not one of those twisted science-fiction movies that I really like, but it is still a pretty good movie nonetheless. Mind you, there is nothing much to really say about this film except that it is pretty much sci-fi action, though the opening scenes to the movie (with our hero being punched in the face after every sentence, and also the absolutely wicked chase scene, which is also a flash back) pretty much sets the scene for this film. One could say it goes down hill after that, but, well, I don't think so.

I guess it is interesting to note that this was actually one of Luc Besson's ideas, you know, the guy that made La Femme Nikita and The Fifth Element. Mind you, this film does not have the depth of both movies, nor does it have the outlandishness of The Fifth Element, but it is still a pretty good move nonetheless. As I said, it is basically about an ex-CIA agent (who has a bit of an attitude) having to break into a super-max prison that orbits the Earth to rescue the President's daughter. Okay, it is somewhat like (actually a lot like) Escape from New York, but seriously, who cares. It is one of those films that you watch simply for the mindless action and that is it.

As some people have said, you aren't meant to take it too seriously either. Sort of like how they jump out of the space station while it is still orbiting the Earth and manage to parachute down, only to end up getting arrested, or the fact that the space station ends up crashing with the International Space Station, and also that that is a police station orbiting the Earth as well (despite there being little suggestion that there is anything else in space) that is colloquially named the LOPD (Low Orbit Police Department). Oh, there is also a squadron of marines with their very own star fighters (though no evidence that there is anybody else in space besides prisoners, and police). This is one of those movies in which you could ask a lot of those 'but why' questions, and it is also one of those movies in which the answer to each of those questions is simply 'who cares, just enjoy it'.
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Just OK
quinnox-113 April 2012
Lock Out is a sci fi action movie with the familiar story of a rebel/criminal being tasked with breaking an important woman out of a high security prison facility. Though the story is clichéd, its a premise that I usually find interesting. The twist here is its the year 2079 in the future, and the prison is an orbiting huge structure above the Earth.

It wasn't as good as the trailer made it seem. The wisecracking got old after awhile, Guy Pearce's character seemed more like a video game character making tough guy jokes than a real person. His love interest in the film also was boring. I enjoyed the action scenes and the special effects of the orbiting prison but to be honest they were kind of routine. There was lots of macho posturing from sweaty neanderthal types who play the convicts and it was kind of amusing.

I liked this movie a lot more than my friend did, who thought it was terrible. I suspect that me being a "fanboy" of the sci fi genre makes me a bit biased to like it more than I should though. I would not be surprised to see this movie bomb at the box office to be honest. I enjoyed it as far as it went but its definitely not great, and unless you are a serious enthusiast of somewhat goofy scifi/action movies, then stay away.
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A Phenomenal Action Movie, in a world without them
metalgtrist1716 April 2012
I found this to be a great, fun, well-acted, funny, and "unique" take on the typical action films of our our past. I say "unique", because it is not, in any way, unique. I give that the setting is something new, but all in all, this movie pulls from great movies past, and in doing so, made off with a seasoned, enjoyable film.

Guy Pearce was flawless and oddly fresh as the standard "I don't care" action hero. The Snake Plisken-gone right character was the driving point of the whole film, and definitely the best part. Maggie Grace pulls off her best performance yet, even well above her LOST and Taken characterization, showing that a "Taken"-style damsel doesn't have to be in distress. The villains were all over the board in this film, with neither one taking complete center stage. All of them equally hold the necessary torch for the situation.

This is a story that has been told before, but in a new way that is fresh and fun. The acting makes this movie truly what it is, and with solid action, and excellent pace, I believe this subtle action film may be the best yet of the year (future films not comparable).
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What action movies once were, what they should always be
reisnersteven13 January 2016
The only reason I didn't rate this higher than 7 stars is a few scenes, especially the ending could have been done with more action. That being said if you don't enjoy this, you've either never seen a real action movie or are too high and might to take it for what it is. This is a homage to the old days, when action movies knew what they were and embraced it, those with knowledge of the old days should recognize most homages instantly. Guy Pearce was a good lead for this, was he perfect? No I could think of a few guys who could do the role but it worked. Pearce stars as Snow...a chain smoking, hard nosed , wise cracking ex-special agent with one chance to regain his freedom. The movie is worth watching for the banter alone, it's constant and it's funny. There are some very nice action scenes, I expect no less from a guy like Luc Besson. However my main complaints are from a lack of brutality, an R rated movie centering around a prison riot should have plenty of that. My other complaint is the most memorable villain in the movie didn't get a very memorable send off. Overall I've watched this twice now and will again, take it for what it is. A homage to the old school action heroes, in that sense the film is near perfect
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It's got a bit of charm
rivertam2620 September 2012
I really wanted to like this film in it's 90's esque action glory and inappropriate humor. And it's not that I hated it by any means it's just that despite some really good moments the balance is just too off for it too really work. It's a little too jokey in most scenes and the action is just a little too quickly cut in others and like most recent films it lacks a really memorable bad guy something all of those films had. Still I can appreciate a film that returns to those most entertaining roots. The film centers on a guy played by the sexy, charismatic but ill fitted for this role Guy Pearce who gets framed for murder but is pulled from his sentence when the presidents daughter gets taken hostage aboard a prison space ship. Maggie Grace is that girl and I think it's funny how from film to film she plays such a varying degree of different ages but she works here she's spunky and likable. The film has some good one liners when it works but it all becomes a bit much resulting in a eurotrash cinematic overkill with a forced twist ending. Despite the fun on screen there's nothing here that makes any of the proceedings the least bit memorable, it all comes across rather generically with a challenged budget to match. Still all in all you could do a lot worse it may be an overly mediocre violence fest but at least it doesn't take itself seriously giving it a bit of charm.
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What is Guy Pearce doing in this movie?
TheSquiss17 June 2012
What is Guy Pearce doing in Lockout? More to the point, what was I doing there? Alas, it was another pre-credits walkout from me. Life's too short to spend it watching the credits of poorly made pulp.

If you've seen Escape from New York or Escape from L.A., imagine them set in space and you've seen Lockout, albeit with Kurt Russell doing his best rather than with Guy Pearce taking the money and putting most of his effort into not smiling about the ratio of $$$ earned to effort exerted.

It's the 'near future' and the world's governments have decided the best way to deal with criminals is to spend millions (billions???) of dollars flying them thousands of miles to a high security, but lightly staffed, American prison in space whereupon they are put into stasis until their sentence is served and they are flown home. Quite why 1. stasis is a suitable punishment, bearing in mind it essentially pauses life without aging or loss of years, and 2. a costly space prison is a better place for comatose prisoners rather than a cheap, subterranean bunker is beyond me and directors James Mather and Stephen St. Leger never bother to explain. One is also left to wonder whether Lockout needed two directors just so the blame could be shared.

Unbelievably, the prisoners are released from stasis, overthrow the staff, seize control of the prison and do very bad things. Rather than nuke it and start again, a rescue mission is launched because the President's daughter is visiting it on a fact-finding mission. Really? And who do they choose to rescue her? Naturally, it's Guy Pearce's Snow, who's been wrongly convicted of very bad things, who is called upon to beat hundreds of violent criminals and rescue Emilie (Maggie Grace) in return for a full pardon. Yeah, right! So, the plot is, ah, flawed but what about the acting? Pearce gives a performance that makes one wonder how he possibly enthralled in L.A. Confidential and Memento. Prometheus cannot come quickly enough for him to redeem himself, although the virals show early promise. Grace is about as convincing as my front door although Peter Stormare and Vincent Regan are competent, if not memorable as we've come to expect.

The standout performance, however, is from Joseph Gilgun, who is proving to be a versatile and most enjoyable actor to watch. Having served his time in Coronation Street and Emmerdale (at 257 episodes it sounds like his first prison sentence!) he delighted in Shane Meadow's This is England series and quickly banished the memory of Nathan when his character, Rudy, filled the gap in series three of the fabulous Misfits. Yes, in Lockout he's on pantomime villain duties but goodness knows it's a welcome rock to cling to in the swamp.

Unfortunately, it's a swamp that is all consuming.

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jboothmillard13 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing the trailer for this film a couple of times, I thought it looked like a good idea and concept, and the cast certainly drew me to a bit more as well, so I watched and hoped for something good. Basically in the year 2079, ex-CIA agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is arrested, falsely accused of treason against the United States and the murder of undercover agent Frank Armstrong (Miodrag Stevanovic), by chief of the secret service Scott Langral (Peter Stormare). Meanwhile Emilie Warnock (Taken's Maggie Grace), the daughter of the President of the United States, Jeff Warnock (Peter Hudson), is visiting MS One, a maximum security prison in outer space, to investigate claims of a huge corruption, that the prisoners, in stasis, could develop mental instability. Prison warden Barnes (Mark Tankersley) allows Warnock to interview deranged prisoner Hydell (Joseph Gilgun), but he manages to escape, subduing the staff in the central room and releasing all prisoners, including his brother Alex (This Is England's Vincent Regan) who becomes the riot leader. Veteran agent Harry Shaw (The Walking Dead's Lennie James) offers Snow his freedom if he agrees to go on a mission, to infiltrate MS One and rescue the president's daughter, once he gets there and he does find her, Emilie being idealistic refuses to leave without taking other hostages as well. Also starring Tim Plester as John James Mace and Jacky Ido as Hock. Pearce is alright as the brash and wisecracking maverick government operative, Grace does okay as the pretty humanitarian and daughter of the U.S. president, and Gilgun and Regan are chilling as the insane adversaries, this is a near predictable jail breakout story where criminals take over and cause havoc, but the prison being in outer space gives it a bit more of a claustrophobic element, and there are enough violence and gun shooting sequences to keep you engaged, a relatively fast-paced science- fiction action thriller. Worth watching!
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one of the stupidest screenplays and scenarios ever drafted up
rightwingisevil18 May 2012
sending criminals into the space prison? do you know how much it'd cost, you moron? nasa couldn't even continue the space projects since every launch cost so much. space travels from earth are only for those who are filthy rich but not for those who are guilty criminals. do you guys know how much it would cost to maintain the existing space station in the present orbit? sentencing criminals into the space to freeze them up is one thing, maintaining the life system with prison warden, security force, making the space prison a normal operation, the logistic cost would be larger than the defense budget. sending the president daughter with some mysterious ailment into the space prison on a humane social mission? are you kidding me? and why all the most vicious criminals are British citizens? why mr. besson didn't put some french criminals into the space prison? and why America is still playing the world/global police and has the jurisdiction and obligation to administer the outer space prison? and why the space prisoners turned loose and on killing spree, all of the Americans could only find one person to do the rescue mission? the cgi effects were one of the worst so far i've seen. and why all the rescue missions of all the movies in such genre got to be carried out in the air ducts? handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, grenades, explosives, dynamites can be always used in the outer space stations, yeah, right.

yo, you guys writing such kinda screenplays, you guys directing such movies, yes, you, can you do me a favor? yeah? okay? here's what i'm humbly asking: GIVE ME A BREAK! enough is enough.
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To Get a Good Movie, You Don't Need Tons of Special Effects
politehere22 May 2014
I just finished watching this movie for the first time, and having seen Elysium, RoboCop, and Ender's Game in the past few days, I have to say this was way more enjoyable than all three of those movies combined. During the movie, I was making comparisons with Elysium's special effects. Compared to that, this movie looked more like a B-movie, although it really wasn't one. It almost had the atmosphere of a futuristic version of the "Prison Break" TV show. It proves that to get a good movie, you don't need tons of special effects, but rather a good story and of course likable characters.

I liked the way the main character was cracking jokes all the time. It put a smile on my face a few times. I suppose if the movie had a darker tone, it would've been every bit as boring as Elysium. The acting was good, the sound effects were good, and it was believable in the sense that the technology was not too different from today's technology; no magic med beds, no humanoids, no drones, etc.

I got bored twice during the movie and had to pause it, even though the movie lasted only 1:30 minutes. It's because many of the scenes seemed repetitive; the corridors, the walls, the doors, the colors, etc. I think this is a problem with most of the movies that are confined to the inside of a spaceship. I didn't like the space station's poor lighting,, which made me as a viewer have to bear with so many gray, and black and blue scenes, which is one reason why the movie started to get boring and look like a B-movie after about 1 hour. They could have used more wide shots, too.

Despite its flaws, I think the movie was enjoyable, but it could have been much better if it didn't have the aforementioned problems. In my opinion, it's worth viewing once or twice.

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